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Late Councillor T. Davies…


Late Councillor T. Davies (Windsor). A Noted Philanthropist. An interesting and lovable personality has passed away in the death of Coun- cillor Thos. Davies, Windsor Hotel, Ton- Pentre, which took place on Friday, 28th ult., after a short illness, at the age of 78. Deceased was taken ill with an attack of influenza, when heart failure super- vened. At the time of his death he was surrounded by all the members of his family, except 01% married daughter who resides in Italy. Deceased was a grandson of the late J. Davies, Cwmsaerbren, who sold his estate to a former Lord Bute for the,- at that time—large sum of £ 13,000. The same estate to-day would realise almost as many hundreds of thousands. Coun- cillor Davies was horn at the Ynyswen Farm, Treherbert, and the only living representative of the old Owmsaerbren family is. Dr. Davies, Bryngolwg, Aber- dare. His early days he devoted to farming, and the love of the soil never deserted him, as up to the time of his death he held the tenancy of the Ton Late Councillor THOS. DAVIES. and Bwllfa Fårm, although for the last 30 years he was mine host of the Windsor Hotel. In earlier days he was an en- thusiastic follower of the chase, and was associated with the Ystrad Hounds, of which his brother George was master. He was best known as treasurer of the old. Cambrian Miners' Association, in which capacity he acted for more than a quarter of a century, and to show their, appreciation of his many kindnesses the miners made him many valuable presen- tations when he relinquished his post. He Was spoken of by the miners' leaders in the most eulogistic terms, and as one who in times of stress and trouble had financed the Association and brought it out of. many difficulties. In that capacity he brought into constant touch wTith Mabon, for whom he cherished the highest regard, and his greatest regret on his deathbed was that he was unable leave the house to vote for his old and one-time colleague. Eleven ars ago, when the redistribution of the fyards took place,, he was returned as a to the Rhondda Urban District Council, and held the seat up to the time of his death. He was at one time managing director of the Rhondda Aerated Water Company, and piloted that undertaking from a condition of insolvency to a sound dividend-earning concern. He also acted for some years as a director of the Welsh Economic Building Society. He was very charitably disposed, and by the bulk of his acquaintances his memory will be fondly treasured because of his large-heartedness and unbounded generosity. To every tale of woe and distress he lent a sympathetic ear, and no one was turned away from his door empty-handed. It is on record that at the end of the big strike in 1898 he went round his tenants, and with character- istic generosity, tore UP their rent books, and told them to start afresh, as it was impossible for them to wipe away the arrears after such a prolonged strike. At every Christmastime he made a present of a goose to each of his tenants. He Was looked upon as a model landlord, Proof of which is to be found in the fact. that there has been no change of tenancy In one of his houses for the last fifteen Or twenty years. He was thrice married and had issue of 15 children. The funeral took place, on Wednesday ^rtemoon, for interment at the Old Parish Churchyard, Ton-Pentre. The Rev. — ..d | iii Canon Lewis officiated at the house and graveside. There was a large attendance of the public, and there were general manifestations of grief and sympathy. The chief mourners included Mrs. M. Davies (widow); Messrs. David, Tom, George and Evan Davies (sons); Mrs. Pugh Jones, Aber (daughter); Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Jones (son-in-law and daugh- ter) Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Williams (son- in-law and daughter); Mr. and Mrs. H. A. George, Ystrad (son-in-law and daugh- ter) Miss Christie Davies (daughter): Mr. W. J. John, Aberystwyth (grand-I son) Mr. Martin John (son-in-law); Mrs. John Davies, Aberystwyth (daugh- ter-in-law) Mr. John Davies, Gelli, Tonypand- Mr. T. Davies, Imperial Hotel, Porth; Mr. W. Davies, Court Villa, Tonypandy: Mr. Davies, Melrose Hill, and Mr. T. Evans, Wyndham Hotel, Maesteg. Representing the Rhondda District Council were Messrs. Thos. Thomas (chairman), Ed. Jones, D. R. Jones, D. C Evans, Walter Williams, W. T. Jones, Alderman W. H. Mathias, Mr. W. D. Wight, Dr. W. E. Thomas, and Mr. W. | P, Nicholas (the Clerk). Among the general public were the Revs. A. Williams, Nebo Ystrad; E. W. Davies, Hebron, Ton; L. Ton Evans, missioner; Alderman E. H. Davies, J.P., County Councillor E. T. Davies, Dr. E. Hughes, Dr. J. D. Jenkins (Medical Officer), Dr. Meyler (Schools Medical Officer), Dr. Washington David, Dr. Ivor Morgan, Alderman Wm. Morgan, J.P., Tynewydd; Messrs. D. L. Treharne, Edgar Cule, D. W. Jones, and T. Mill- ward (solicitors); Messrs. Jacob Rees (architect), T. G. Jones (secretary to the Rhondda Education Committee), J. Hop- kins (accountant), F. Read (assistant surveyor), Thos. Williams, Cowbridge; W. and T. John, Cowbridge; D. Tre- harne, Pentre House; Albert Treharne, Ynysyfeio; John Morgan, Tynewydd; Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Edwards, Ystrad; Mr. and Mrs. W. Gould; Messrs. John Williams, Penrhys; Williams, Part- ridge; Geo. Williams (registrar); D. Morgan (contractor); Llewellyn, Park Farm; Edwards, Hendreforgan; Wil- liams, Gilfach-yr-rhyd; Rhoderick, Aber- ystwyth; Percie G. Smith, Maindy Hall; W. D. Morgan (architect); W. Parry (builder); H. Harris, Ystrad; E. Wil- liams, Fairfield, Trealaw; L. Smith (draper); A. Cule, Ystrad; Jacob Ray, Treharris; J. Davies, Gas and Water Office: B. Edwards, M.E., Ton; T. Morgan, Maindy Farm; D. Griffiths, late Foundry; O. Llewellyn (gas rate collec- tor) Evan Llewellyn (general rate col- lector) LIew. Jones, Pentre Higher Ele- mentary' School; WVoth James, Ocean Offices; Jos. Jones (relieving officer): W. Willis (contractor); T. A. Thomas, Foundry; T. Morris. Swan Hotel, Peny- graig; Alban SRfichards (builder); Wil- liams, late Pandy Hotel; W. Mason (Guardian). Gelli; Wm. Thomas, Bwllfr; E. Hall, M.E. Major R. C. Dyke: Messrs. Octavius Thomas, Porth; J. Evans, Ton Schools; T. James (cashier), Gelli- F. Dyke; T. Towy Thomas (sani- tary inspector); F. Green, New Inn, Ton Evans, Pontrhondda; T. Holmes, Ton; T. Thomas, Estate Offices; Geo. Evans; W. Vinesse; Ed. Mills, Ton- Evan Mor- gan, Bailey Street; W. Davies, Pentre: Jenkins, Ynyscorrwo' Kingsbury, Aber- aman; W. Morgan (auctioneer): R. povd, Ystrad: F. Watkins, Gelli Farm; J. P. Williams, Ton; Williams, Tyntyla T. Morris: J. H. Davies, Pantyglas; T. Thomas (bookseller), Pentre. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Alban. Richards and Sons, Pentre. The coffin was of plain oak, surmounted by one wreath, from the family. -¡-


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