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IOtympia Skating Rink, Pentwe.


Otympia Skating Rink, Pentwe. The first grand gymkhana was held at the Olympia Roller Skating Rink, Fen- tre, on Thursday evening. There was a good list of entries for the various in- teresting and exciting competitions. The evening's entertainment was well organ- ised by Mr. F. T. Studd, the manager, assisted by capable omcials. The nrst event was extremely amusing—a. gents' quick lunch race, in which there were seven competitors. The two-lap race was preliminary to a lunch, which was by no meana a- meagre, one. Mr. F. G. Hop- kins, 57. Bute Street, Treorohy, proved an easy winner or the handsome dressing case awarded as nrst prize. There were only live couples ready for the 3-lap couple race—the winners, after a keen race, being Miss M. A. Hopkins and Mr. E. W. Lewis, Treorchy, a nice dressing ase falling to the lot of each prize- winner. A ladies' balloon race proved extremely dimcult, and the conditions of the race had to be altered before com- petition could proceed very far. After several attempts the race was hnally run, and Miss Katie George, Pentre, fully deserved the prize. A very tight struggle for supremacy was witnessed in the 10- lap handicap race, run off in three heats and a hnal. The nrst prize-winner was Mr. Mel Evans, Treherbert, and second prize-winner Mr. E. W. Lewis, Tre- orchy. The next item was a hockey match between Pontypridd and Pentre, each) team consisting of five members. This half-hour proved intensely exciting, as the play was very fast and clever. The final score of 5 goals each is a fair indi- cation of the even play. A ladies' 4-lap handicap for a handsome dressing case as prize was won by -Miss Alice Phelps, Teorchy. The tit-bit of the evening for the onlookers was the gents' obstacle race. the prize being a set of fish knives and forks. Mr. F. G. Hopkins, Treorchy, proved an easy winner. A gents' back- ward race over 3 laps was won by Mr. Mel Evana, Trehorbert, the prize awarded being a handsome set of carvers. A bladder hght between Beds and Blues proved very exciting and interesting. The final contestants were the respective cap- tains, Mr. W. Johns and Mr. F. J. Studd, who fought valiantly for a long time, neither side succeeding in knocking off his opponent's hat, while the stock of armaments, namely, bladders tied to sticks, ran short. The match was renewed on Saturday evening, when an exciting Tussle tor suprerna-y ended in a win tor Captain Johns. the music during the evening: was given by the hand, under Mr. Blaker's conductorship, one of the special Items on the musical programme being a waltz song, Rinking." This song has been composed by a promising young musician, namely, Mr. Frank StuÔ a son of the popular manager at the Olymnia Rink. The music is light, catchy and effective, and Is sure to become exceedina-lv popular in the Valley. The prizes were presented by Mrs. Wight, of Ystrad, who congratulated the prize- winners upon their well-earned success. The oiBcials were:—Judges, Messrs. H\ G. Hill. Tom Williams. D. Rees and F. C. Davies:. starter, Mr. W. A. Fyfe; handicapper. Dr. CosteIIo: stewards, Turner, and Messrs. J. Foster and W. Johns.



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