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Rheumatism and Paralysis,




Treherbert. I Looking for the black side was the title of a very powerful and ,stimulating sermon given by the- Rev. J. N. Elias at the monthly young people's service held at Emmanuel on Sunday last. Much good must surely be the outcome of these special services, which strongly appeal to the young people at the church. The R,ev. J. O. Hughes preached his last sermon at Bethany on Sunday even- ing last. Bethany has lost R good man, and many members thereat have lost a sincere friend. We trust that the empty pulpit will soon be occupied by another such a ,pastor. At the Co-operative Hall on Thursday night last, under the auspices of the Ton Co-operative- Society, Mr. G. H. Bibbings, B.A., of Leicester, delivered a very fine lecture on the subject of « Co-operation." Mfy E. R. W]<iod, Ton, occupied the chair. The lecturer dealt with his sub- ject with much power and eloquence, and clearly demonstrated that co-operation was historically great, numerically great. and great in its democratic aims. At the close of the lecture, the Rev. John Morgan proposed a, vote of thanks to the lecturer, which was seconded by Mr. W. Cook, and heartily accorded. A paper against Socialism was read at a, meeting of the Emmanuel Young I People's Mutual Improvement Society on Monday evening by Mr. Jesse Gardner. Mr. Tyler preisided. In connection- with the Treherbert' Branch of the St. John's Ambulance Brigade, a general meeting was held on Sunday levening at the Temperance Hotel with a view of getting men who hold first-aid certificates to join, for at pre- sent the Division is at a very low ebb indeed. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided to form a committee to wait upon influential tradesmen and others of the locality connected with the different lodges. For the purpose of meeting these people, there will be another meeting held on Wednesday this week, when it is hoped that something definite will be decided. The Treherbert Division is one of the best equipped in the Valley, and it is disappointing to see the good work neglected for want of interested and en- thusiastic members.. All who are quali- fied are urged to join and set to work so that a team to represent Treherbert may be selected in view of the coming visit of H.R.H. Princess Louise and the Sir Charles Warren's Shield Competition. Last Saturday evening, a combined meeting of the Treherbert, Blaenrhondda, Treorchy and Pentre branches of the Young Leaguero' Union was held at the Treherbert- English Wesleyan Chapel. The principal speaker was Sister Jessie Button, organising secretary of the Y.L.U. In a very interesting speech she outlined the work of the Union, and gave many in- stances of the great good done by the Children's Home. The chair was taken by Miss Tdvey (Dunraven Schools), whose brief but pithy remarks gained the applause of the audience. The .following also contributed items —Solo, Miss Nellie Twigge, Treherbert; quartet, Messrs. H. Shepherd and H. Davies, Mrs. Shepherd and Miss Jones, Treorchy; recitation, Miss Pritchard, Blaenrhondda. The suc- cess of the Treherbert branch is due to the untiring efforts of Mrs. T. W. Webber (secretary), Mrs. Galloway (pre- siden;t)A lend i\|r,s:. S. Thomas (trea- surer). (C) --+-- A cantata, entitled Christ and the Children," was performed by the Sunday School Choir at Ebenezer, conducted by Mr. Ben Jones, who did his work admir- ably. The cantata was preceded by a short miscellaneous concert. Solos were rendered by Mrs. Squires, Miss Ed.ith Griffiths and Mr. Arthur Jones. The best item was a duet between Mr. Arthur Jones and Mrs. Squires. The chief vocalists in the book were: Misses Sarah Saunders, Gwen Squires, S. J. Davies, Mrs. Squires, Messrs. Edward Todd. Arthur Jones and Ben Smith. Mi". Jonathan Davies presided. (C) 0. On Wednesday of last week, a, very successful pictorial concert. was held at the Hope (E.B.) Chapel. The following programme was gone thi,aiitgli: -Solo, Daddy," Miss M. Sarah ltees; duet, I j "Larboard Watch," Messrs. T. and A. Jones; solo, "Holy City," Mr. Tom Jones; recitation, h The Fireman's Wed- ding," Miss Sarah Barnes; recitation, Road to Heaven," Miss Beatrice Strad- ling. A lecture and views of the Franco- British Exhibition by Mr. Evan Rees was also an interesting feature. The proceeds of the concert were given to the Sunday School fund. Mr. W. J. Varker presided at the piano. The chair was occupied by Mr. E. Rees. (C)


Rhondda Place Names.

Ynysoedd y Rhondda.




Ynysoedd y Rhondda.