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The late Mr. Wm. Davies, Court…


The late Mr. Wm. Davies, Court Villa, Tonypandy. Interment at Ystrad. Last Friday were laid to rest the -remail)s of the late Mr. William Davies, Court Villa, Tonypandy, who, as we briefly announced last week, passed away -at his residence, at the advanced age of 83. Deceased, who was born at Ynyswen, Waf¡ the son of the late Mr. Will. Davies, Danyrallt, Pentre, the first Registrar of Births and Deaths in the Rhondda, and a brother of the late Mr. Geo. Davies, at one time M.F.li. of the Ystrad Hunt-, before that celebrated pack was merged into the Ystrad and Llanharran Hounds. Deceased was one of the pioneers of the Rhondda Valley Brewery. He also built the De Winton Hotel, Tonypandy, brewed his own beer, and amassed a large sum of money, so that lie was enabled in a few years to retire from the trade with a handsome competence. It is interesting to note that lie was the first Person to whom a goodwill was given for a public-house in the Valley. On his retirement he built Court Villa, where he resided up to the end. He was also deeply interested in public He was a member of the Local Board for a number of years, and retired the formation of the Urban District Council, He was also a member of the Board of Guardians for the Llwynypia and Clydach Vale Ward Un to six years when he was succeeded by Mr. J. Richards, chemist. It was, however, ais a huntsman that bo shone. Whilst his brother, the late ueorge Davies, held the post of M.F.H. to the Ystrad Hounds, deceased acted as y P- He hunted for years with the i strad pack, and was equally prominent 1n later years when under the master- fibip of Thfr. Blandy Jenkins, the squire ,of -Llaiiliai-,i,aii that pack was amalgamated with the Llanharran Hounds. As may be expected, he was no mean judge of a borse, and could dilate upon the peculiar yirtues of equine stock with all the grace n the world. His death will remove an interesting personality from our midst, and the one-time great but now dwindling Gloran family to-day mourns another in its meagre ranks. The funeral on' Friday was strictly Private, being attended only by imme- diate relatives and friends of deceased. f short service was held at the house, after which the remains were taken by bearse to the Parish Churchyard, Ton- centre, to be interred. The burial ser- Yce was brief but impressive, being con- ducted by the Rev. Canon Lewis and the -Ilev. Anthony Williams, Nebo, Ystrad. Mourners and friends present were as follows :—First coach—Messrs. W. R. Dayies, F. Hopkins, Thomas Davies (Windsor Hotel), and W. J. Davies (Ben- second coach—Dr. Washington David, Messrs. W. P. Nicholas (soliiitor), • Bevaji (Pencoed), and W. R. Davies \Cardiff) third coach—Messrs. J. D. Williams, J. P. (Clydach Court), Evan Williams (Trealaw), George Williams ^registrar), and John Davies (Gelli, Tony- Paiidy); fourth coach-Messrs. Thomas John (Pentre), W. John (Cowbridge), J. W. Richards (chemist), and Alderman W. Morgan (Tynewydd); fifth coach—Messrs. T. Old (Tonypandy), U. Edwards (Ystrad), Morgan Morgan (Llanharran), H. Llew- ellyn (Trealaw), and John Davies (Pen- coed). The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. J. Griffiths and t>ons, funeral directors, Tonypandy.




Impending Retirement of wnon…

Theatre Royal, Tonypandy.

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«'i■iii<"■——— Tonypandy's…

Rheumatism and Paralysis,




Rhondda Place Names.

Ynysoedd y Rhondda.




Ynysoedd y Rhondda.