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Rabbit Coursin"g.


Rabbit Coursin"g. To the Editor of the "Rhondda. Leader." Sir,—Kindly allow me a little space in your most valuable paper by way of con- tradiction to a paragraph which appeared in your la.st week's issue re Rabbit Cours- ing Match at Mid-Rhondda Athletic Grounds on Monday, March 1st. In the nrst place I want to say that it was not a. match at all, but a. benefit sweepstake got up to alleviate a few workmen and their families from the pangs of Hunger. In the second place re brutality to animals. As I was referee, and knowing my position, I, for my own sake, would have stopped all brutality to tlie animals being liable to be prosecuted by the N.S.P.O.A., and an Inspector of that society waa in attendance on that day. In the third place, the intellectual or moral abilities of pe'rson& attending rabbit coursing, not knowing your abilities ex- cept as a critic, if you are a Christian, as your letter would lead one to believe you to be, I should think it would be your duty to visit these places, and try and get the men enlightened, and lastly, re the law on these things. You should know that the law protects the animals from cruelty, and that if I .allowed any such thing, it would prosecute me for my action. I am, yours, etc., ALBERT GREGORY (Referee). 12, Bush Houses, Cwmclydach.


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