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f i I. E. T^^S,^M.P.S., Medical Hail, Aberaman. Sight Scientifically Tested. No Fee for Examination. Attendance daily. 6 V" SODA WATER Is occasionally required by everyone, so see that you get McLaren's Red Cross" Soda Water, A Brand far above the average Soda Water (vide Analyst's report). Copy of Analyst's Certificate. Analytical Laboratory, Liverpool, Feb. 28, 1910. i hereby certify that I have submitted to chemical examination samples of water and soda water made from same manufactured by_Mr H. McLaren, Aerated Water Manufacturer, Trecvnon, Aberdare, and find them to be of excellent purity and quality and entirely free from contamination. The quality has been proved by laboratory examination to be of the best possible description and eminently suitable for production of High Class Aerated Waters, and I am also of the opinon that the samples are far above the average that come before me, and quite suitable for all and every purpose, and especially for human consumption. The soda water has a bright and sparkling appearance, complete seration and with admirable palatabilty. Yours faithfully, J. W. CLAYTON, Ph.C., F.C.S. McLaren's Red Cross Brand Soda Water is sold in syphons and bottles, also put up in bottles sealed with the Goldy Hygienic Stopper, thus ensuring I absolute cleanliness. WHOLESALE FROM- H. McLAREN, Trecynon, Aberdare. J_- —— ANNUAL —" -J FURNITURE SALE NOW ON AT HALL & SONS, THE LEADING FURNISHERS, 9 Cardiff St., Aberdare. Genuine Reductions. Immense Stock. Inspection Invited. J. HOPKINS, IRONMONGER, 4 Canon Street, Aberdare. For all class of Ironmongery at lowest prices. Colliers' Tools a Speciality. We have been requested to insert the following WARNING for the protection of the] Public The public are hereby warned against ignorant men calling at people's houses, falsely representing themselves to be Dentists, or Agents for Dentists, and offering to extract Teeth to obtain orders for False Teeth. Such men have had no Dental Training; in almost all cases they are quite ignorant of Dentistry, and without any fixed address, so that people they injure cannot trace them. In addition to this, extortionate charges are made for rough, common False Teeth. On no account should the Public have anything to do with them, many persons having been cruelly treated and defrauded. People allowing strangers to interfere with their teeth expose themselves to v MANY DANGERS. T-Y Blood-Poisoning, Hemorrhage, Disease and life-long Disfigurement often result from the dirty instruments and ignorance of travelling teeth quacks. For their own safety, the Public are strongly advised not to allow anyone, except established Dental practitioners, to interfere with -their teeth, and only to patronise respectable practitioners known to them. Persons requiring any dental operation should have nothing to do with men who canvass or those employing them. PRINTING WE pR|NT PRINTING! PRINTING YOU PROFIT. Coloured Posters a Speciality. "Leader" Printing Works, Market Street, Aberdare. RING UP 136 NAT. L a Latest in Millinery. I am now making a Special and Attractive Show of all that is Newest and Best in Millinery, Straws, Flowers, Feathers, &c., For the Early Spring Season. I cordially invite a visit of inspection. Joseph Thomas, an 1 & 2, Margaret St., Trecynon. 6 A. d. PADDOCK, Plumber, Gasfitter, Sanitary Engineer and Electrician. Large Assortment of Sanitary and Gas Fittings kept in Stock. Prompt and personal attention to all orders. Estimates Free. 24, Cardiff Street, ABERDARE. NAT. TIL. 147. Merthyr Board of Guardians. To the Electors of the Gadlys Ward. Ladies and Gentlemen.—Allow me to heartily thank you for successfully return- ing me a member of the Board of Guardians. I am deeply grateful to those who worked on my behalf. I shall make every effort to serve all, irrespective of party. Yours faithfully, E. OGWEN WILLIAMS. Gwersyll, Aberdare. Aberdare District Council To the Electors of No. 3 Ward. Ladies and Gentlemen,—I beg to tender my warmest thanks to those of you (over 1100 in number) who were good enough to support my candidature by rendering per- sonal service, and voting for me, at the recent Eleotion, and thus securing my return as one of your representatives on the District Council. Yours faithfully, A. P. JONES. April 6th, 1910. Board of Guardians Election. No. 1, or Llwydcoed Ward. To the Electors. Ladies and Gentlemen,—I respectfully beg to thank you for your renewed ex- pression of confidence in me, by returning me last Monday as one of your repre- sentatives on the Merthyr Board of Guardians. I feel doubly grateful for your consideration, particularly in view of the fact that illness prevented me from personally conducting my campaign. Not that I would have done anything in the nature of canvassing had I been able to visit the Ward, as I strongly maintain that the electors should not be hampered in the slightest degree in the disposal of their votes. While assuring you that no effort shall be spared on my part in order to merit the continuance of your confid. ence in me, believe me to remain Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, DAVID EDWARDS. Post Office, Cwmdare. Aberdare Urban District Council Election, 1910. To the Electors of the Gadlys (No. 2) Ward. Ladies & Gentlemen,—Allow me to thank you most heartily for the renewal of your confidence, in again electing me with such a thumping majority as one of your repre- sentatives. 'Yours sincerely, THOMAS LEWIS. -¥- Aberdare Urban District Council Election, 1910. To the Electors of Aberaman (No. 5) Ward. Ladies and Gentlemen,—I desire to heartily thank you for the renewal of your confidence in again electing me as one of your representatives on the Urban District Council of Aberdare. Yours faithfully, E.'M. HAHN. April 6, 1910. — —. Pontypridd Board of Guardians Election, April 4th, 1910. To the Electors of the Penrhiwceiber Ward. Ladies and Gentlemen,—I beg to thank you most heartily for the renewal of your confidence, and for the honour you have again conferred upon me, by-returning me as one of your representatives with the splendid-majority of 350. I also wish to thank all those who worked so hard and well, to secure my return. I shall in, the future, as in the past, do all that I can at all times to merit this renewal of your confidence, by dis- charging my duties in a consistent and impartial manner. Again thanking you, I beg to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours very faithfully, JOHN WILLIAMS (Draper). Fair View, Penrhiwceiber, April 5th, 1910. I The ABERDARE LEADER has theI guaranteed largest circulation Of any newspaper in the Aberdare Valley. Merthyr Tydfil Board of Guardians Election. To the Electors of Llwydcoed (No. 1) Ward. Ladies and Gentlemen,—Please accept my sincere thanks for the honour you have conferred upon me in electing me as one of your representatives. I hope to prove that your confidence has not been misplaced. I remain, Yours obediently, ANN NORA JENKINS. Glamorgan County Council. To the Electors of the Llwydcoed Ward. Ladies and Gentlemen,—Please accept my sincere thanks for the honour you have conferred upon me in returning me un- opposed to represent you on the Glamorgan County Council. During the past three years I have endeavoured to faithfully discharge my duties as your representative, and I promise you that during the coming three years 1 will do all in my power to safeguard the interests of the town of Aberdare, while I shall also try and see that justice is done to all parts of the ad- ministrative county. Again thanking you for this renewed mark of your confidence in me. I remain, Yours faithfully, MORGAN JOHN HARRIS. Green Hill, Trecynon, April 6th, 1910. Glamorgan County, Council Election. NO. 3 OR ABERDARE TOWN WARD. TO THE ELECTORS. Ladies and Gentlemen,—I beg to con- vey to you my most sincere appreciation of the honour which you were good enough to bestow upon me last Monday by returning me unopposed as one of your representatives on the Glamorgan Coun- ty Council. It :LS scarcely neoessary for me to state that it will always be my earnest aim and constant endeavour to identify myself with my duties in such a manner as to justify your confidence in me, and to promote and protect the claims of the Ward. Believe me to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, WM. THOMAS. Solicitor, Aberdare. Workmen's Hall, Mountain Ash. Monday, April 11, 1910. A GRAND PERFORMANCE of the Operetta, entitled, Queen Flora's Garden Party, (By A. L. Cowley), in Full Character, will be given by the CWMBACH CO-OP. SOCIETY'S United Ladies' Choir. Characters: Queen Flora, Miss E. M. Lewis; Dame Durden, Miss S. A. Lewis; Sweet William, Master Sydney Davies; Sir Roger de Coverley, Master D. Jones; Rose, Miss Maggie Butler; Violet, Miss Annie Davies; Lilv, Miss L, A. Davies; Jack, Master Robert Edwards; Kitty, Miss Diana Davies; Punch, Master Han- del Davies; Judy, Miss S. A. Phillips. Conductor: Mr. G. EVANS, Aberaman. Stage Manager: Mr. T. C. Edmunds, Aberdare. Accompanists: Mr. Gurnos Jones and Miss Gladys Jones, Aberaman. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7.30 o'clock. Front Seats, Is. 6d.; Second Seats, Is.; Third Seats, 6d. The above Choir competed at the Crystal Palace, and distinguished themselves for their high standard of singing.—Vide Press. To Rheumatic & Sciatica Sufferers. SOONER YOU CONSULT WILLIAMS, Rheumatic Specialist, 23 Pembroke St., Aberdare, Sooner you will be cured. He has recorded a wonderful success. Testimonials from all parts. Consulting hours from 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. every Thursday, and from 2 till 7.30 p.m. every Saturday. Welsh Girls' School, Ashford, Middlesex. SUMMER TERM COMMENCES MAY 2ND, 1910. A FEW VACANCIES for Girls whose father or mother shall have been born within the Principality of Wales, the County of .Monmouth, or the Parishes of Oswestry, Selattyn, and Llanymynech, at the reduced fee of X32 per annum a few children not qualified as above can be admitted at X36 per annum. For form of application apply to DEAN BROWNRIGG, 127 St. George's Road, London, S.W. smog T. F. Hayter Daviestown Bakery, Aberdare. Fresh Bread Daily, VAN TO ALL PARTS OF TOWN Pikelets, Crumpets, & Muffins to be had fresh at the Bakery daily. Shops supplied at wholesale prices. TRY Hayter's Bread Public Baking Daily. Prepaid Small Advertisements. Inserted at the following specially low rates. One week 4 wks. 18 wks s. d, s. d. a. d SO words 0 6 1 6 ..J 3 6 28 0 9 2 8 5 3 88 „ 1 0 8 0 7 0 Remittances may be made by Postal Orders or half-penny stamps. If not prepaid double rate will be oharged. Advertisement and Publishing Offices. Market Street, Aberdare. SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED at once, an experienced gen- eral.—Apply, Mrs Lloyd, 17 Com- mercial street, Aberdare. A RESPECTABLE Boy wanted. One Z!L newly left school preferred.—Apply, Wyman, Ltd., G.W.R. Station, Aberdare. WANTED. YOUNG Lady desires situation as Nursery Governess or sewing maid.— Apply, B. LFADER Office. WANTED House and Shop, or suitable private house, for opening business in busy thoroughfare, Aberdare, or Aber- aman.—Apply, c/o 15, Gadlys street, Aber- dare. FOR SALE. WANTED to 3ell, New Silk Hat, size 6g, and new leather case. Cost 25/ Also New Frock Coat and Vest, silk lined. Owner has no use for same. Bargain. Cheap.—Apply, c/o 10 Dean street, Aberdare SHARE in Abernant Building Club. House situated in Fothergill street.— Apply, Share, LEADER Office. TO LET. TO LET, Comfortable lodgings for two gentlemen. No children.—Apply to W., LEADER Office. TO LET. 15 Montague terrace. 6 rooms, and bathroom. Immediate posses- sion.—Apply, J. Williams, Hairdresser, Aberdare. TO LET or For Sale. All those large commodious Premises and Shop known as No. 2 High street, Aberdare, and now in the occupation of Mr Handley. A lease for 7 or 14 years can be arranged. There is a side entrance and a very large, dry and light cellar. For further particu- lars, apply, W. Winstone Rees, Auctioneer. LODGINGS for two respectable working t J men, near town.—Apply 4, M., LEADER Office. TO Let, comfortable board residence, for respectable young gentleman. Use of bathroom.—Apply, 5, Elm Grove, Aber- dare. MISCELLANEOUS. ADVICE Free for Stamp.—Mrs Stuart's Famous Female Remedy never fails. —Address, 9, Guinea street, Bristol. HEALO.—If you have a Bad Leg, Ec- zema, Old Sores, Wounds, Ring- worm, Cuts, Burns, Scurf, or any skin affection send to Maurice Smith, Ph.C., F.S.M.C., Kidderminster, for a free sample of HEALO Ointment. It costs you nothing, and you will not regret it. HEALO allays all Irritation, reduces in- flammation, prevents festering, soothes and heals all bad legs. Don't say your case is hopeless without tryihg HEALO. Boxes Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. Local Agents: Evans, Chemists, Victoria Square, Aber- dare; Williams, Chemist, Abercynon; Chapham, Cwmaman; J ones, Chemist, Penrhiwceiber. WALLPAPERS from lid. per roll. W Any quantity, large or small, supplied at Wholesale Prices. Our stock exceeds 250,000 rolls of all classes. Write for patterns stating what class you re- quire.—(Dept. 147) Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester. BAZAAR Goods.—Special, Id. a-nd 6d Greatest variety and value in trade Wholesale only.—SALMON and MAT ITHEWMAN, LTD., Plough Buildings, (3-Ioncester street, Birmingham. Mention this paper. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every Mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, Beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 4id. and 9d. Postage Id.. George W. Harrison, Chemist, Reading. Sold by all Chemists. Insist on having Harrison's Pomade. Agent for Aberdare: —Emrys Evani;, chemist, 9-10, Victoria Square; Aber- iman, 1. E. Thomas. U R 5 OIKANQEMEMTS OP TH8 URINARY ORGAN. j Superior to Copaiba, CwHebs and Injections. No nauseating ettects with these Capsules. Thousands use them with universal success. WILCOX, 49. Haymarket, London. Post free, 3jo, Mr A. Ainsleigh's Farewell. On SUNDAY NEXT, APRIL 10th, A GRAND CONCERT will be given at the GRAND THEATRE, ABERAMAN, For the Benefit of Mr. A. Ainsleigh, late Manager. The following artistes will appear, with Pictures kindlv given by Mr. John R. Poole (Poole's Myriorama): The Aberaman Serenaders, the Aberdare Orpheus Glee Party, Mr. Eben Powell, Miss Marion Lewis, Mr. Gwilym Phillips, Mr. Watkin Phillips, the Grand Theatre Orchestra (augmented), conductor, Mr. Bert Phillips. Tickets can be had at Mr. Arkite Phillips' Canon-street, Aberdare, and Mr T. Howells, printer, Lewis-street, Aberaman. The Royal Institute of British Architects. TO ARCHITECTS. THE Council of the Royal Institute JL invite practising Architects or qualified assistants to apply for nomin- ation to the new class of Licentiates which will only be open to candidates for twelve months from 23rd March, 1910. Nomination papers may be obtained on application to the undersigned, or to the Honorary Secretary of any Society allied with the Royal Institute. IAN MACALISTER, Secretary R.IB.A. 9 Conduit Street, Hanover Square, London, W. MEMORIAL HALL, G.F.S, ROOM, ABERDARE. — Madame Lowther Knights, England's Premier in Fit, and Inventress of the New European Hygienic System, will give one of her interesting and instructive demonstrations on Mon- day next at 3.30 p.m. Ladies interested in the education of girls are specially invited to attend, and all dressmakers who do not work from system. One lady will be fitted during the meeting. At the close classes will form and will be taught personally by the Inventress if sufficient names are given in. Madame Lowther Knights claims perfect simplicity and perfection of fit. She has bronze, silver, and gold medals to show; also two letters from Royal Ladies. Every one should see this really wonderful system. Ad- mission Free.


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Guardian E. Ogwen Williams.

Mrs A. N. Jenkins (Guardian).

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