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«- L WHEN LAMED BY SCIATICA Dr. Wilhams" Pink Pills made her well. To understand the tortures that can be inflicted by Sciatica one need only note the effects of that malady on Mrs. Annie Billingham, of 49, Burton Road, Brixton. S.W., who states that she was positively crippled by the pain. "Some years ago," she says, "I had domestic 'troubles which completely upset my health, and aftcr suffering tortures with acute headaches -and neuralgia, the Sciatica began to afflict me. "At first the Sciatica was felt around my right ankle then it shot up the leg to the hip, the agony being like dozens of hot needles thrust through my flesh. Warmth made the pains worse, and in bed the pain was as acute as though my nerves were being dragged out. "A doctor said that the Sciatica was the result of bloodlessness and a chill on the nerves. I had to remain in bed for several weeks taking medi- cines. I got about for a time, but relapsed and then received treatment at hospital. But did not get rid of my trouble. I really felt afraid that I never should be cured. amrnaniam iimmmimumil!i'uiumiann&>8!3&mr*mBI Mrs. Billingham 1 from a photo). -1 One day, I was told to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and when I had finished the first box I felt more cheerful and had gained a little strength. As I continued taking the Pills the twinges of Sciatica ceased to dart through my limbs so acutely, and in time the pain disappeared. The leg was painful when I walked, but as I continued ta-king Dr. Williams' Pink Pills my strength increased and all tenderness and swelling passed away. "I slept restfullv at nights and awoke in the mornings bright and ready for a busy day. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills supplied me with new blood, and steadied and braced my nerves, and since they cured me of Sciatica, I have felt stronger, younger and better in health than ever before." Ill-nourished nerves are not only the cause of Sciatica but also St. Vitus' Dance, Neuralgia. Nervous Headaches and Paralysis. By creating Good, New Blood, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cured many serious disorders, including, also, Anaemia, Influenza's After- Effects, Indigestion, Rheumatism and ladies' ills. Of dealers, or direct from the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, 46, Holborn Viaduct, London, post free, 2s. gd. for one box, or 13s. 9d. for six boxes. When dealing at shops always be careful to say Dr. Williams' Pim3[ Pills

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