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Liberal Jottings.


Liberal Jottings. BY Y.L. It is refreshing, after meeting such a man as Lord Chas. Beresford, to come across an officer of the type of Sir R. Bed en-Powell. "I am no politician," said the latter at a meeting recently. I was asked by somebody at the last General Election to stand for a certain constituency, and I telegraphed back, 'Delighted, which side?' Lord Charles on the other hand is al- ways attacking the Liberal Government, more especially Mr. R. McKenna. It is hoped that he is more of a success in the Navy than in the political arena. He generally gets the worse end of the stick when he stands up to Mr. Asquith or the First Lord of the Admiralty. Indeed, he is so accustomed to the sea that he is all at sea when he is on land. Sir Baden Powell's naive enquiry, "Which side?" reminds me of the great Thomas Carlyle. Many years ago there was a strike in Glasgow and the military were called out to put down the mob. Carlyle was walking the streets when he met a lawyer whom he knew carrying a rifle. The lawyer was bent on assisting the soldiers in shooting the workmen. "You should have the likes of this to-day, Mr. Carlyle," said he. "Yes," drily re- plied the sage, "but I've not quite made up my mind on which side to use it." Mr. Keir Hardie's persistent talk about running two Labour Candidates in this constituency, is causing quite a flutter in Liberal circles. Some of our sturdy, irre- concilable Radicals have long been advo- cating two Liberal Candidates, even when Labour did not aspire for more than one seat. It is more than certain that if the Merthyr Labour Representation Associ- ation bring out two, the liberals will not burke the issue, but will take up the gauntlet and make it a straight :fight be- tween two Liberals and two Labourites. In that event, should the Conservatives keep out, the fight would be an extreme- ly interesting one. A subject debated in the local League a few weeks ago was: "Should Munici- pal Elections be fought on political lines?" I commend to their notice another topic, equally interesting: Should municipal elections have a place in our religious services?" In Taber-


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