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PONTYPRIDD. JOHN EVANS & CO., DRAPERS SII-AI MERCERS. will make a SPECIAL SHOW OF NEW GOODS FOK. EARLY SPRING- os WEDNESDAY NEXT, APRIL 5th, 1899. THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN DRESS MATERIALS, ILLINERY, ^[ANTLES, JACKETS COSTUMES, JILOUZES, SKIRTS, & LEATHER BOAS. ALL DEPAItTMEN" 1 S WELL STOCKED WITH NEW GOODS FOR THE SPRING SEASON! DRESSMAKING UNDKK COMPETENT MANAGEMENT. 1.cJ' t\ X L r. ') L J.L L. ,f .LÅJ.ÙV I..t: 4652 ^Sp^GLEvuM'^ii^ 'ALBERT': FU1UR. GATE K^VOi f3RS,, «!,»„ WHEAT K8w Praesss. w c a i E8d 1 jS. w F0R leaner Tie. i1! jStfV-r;pinmntum Fines. OigBSllVB piofn Tip hkL_rr" •« -n*- ,-i Kill REGISTERED TRADE MAKK. For Full Particulars address— J. REYNOLDS AND CO., GLOUCESTER. THE POltrrlf COTTAGE HOSPITAL SISTSBSFQIS (SEMI-NATIONAL— Vide Prets) Will be held ON WHIT-MONDAY AND TUESDA J 1899. ..4djudÙatoTs :-L. C. VENABLE. Esq. London; P. C. JENKINS. Esq., Llariellj Rev. F.. GCRNOS JO-NP, Pyle; Mr Evan Evans, Hafod. CHIEF CUOR L-" BE NOT AFRAID" (from Elijah). First Prize, £ 60; Second do., £ 10. SECOND CnnR.\L-" TEYHNASOEDD Y DDAEAR" (llo tld) First Prize, zE20 Second X5. MALE VOICE COMPETITION—" DESTRUCTION OF G-IZA {De-liiUe;. First Prize— £ 30; Second do.. ;E[(). JUVENILE CEOIR COMPETITION — GW'ISG DY GLE:>DYF (0. Edwards) F»r<t Prize, £ 7 E3. PRAS3 BAD COMPETITION—"AT i'lL A" (VYrigltt & Round). First Prize, £ 18 Second, £ 8; Third, £ 4. Marching Contest Open Si-lection, £ 2 2s. Grand Prizes also given for Vocal, Harp, Violin S.Jos, & &c.. A handsome volume of Oratorio ,'t1sic will be presented to every < ondnctor of Chnirs that compete, on condition that the entry is recived on or before the lsc April, 1899. Programmes, lid per post, from Jones & Jones. W. L Janes. D. Williams, Hannah Street. Portli. EDGAR THOMAS. Green Dill, Porch, Assistant Secretary. 4o53 B. WILLIAMS, General Secretary. THE CHIEF COMPETITIONS AT THE TONYPANDY CRSwn EISTEDDFOD On EASTER MONDAY AND TUESDA Y, 1899. Proceeds to the Mirl-Rhondtia Cottage Hospital and the Tonypandy and Trealaw Public Library. CONDUCTOR TOM JOHN, ESQ., LLWYNYPIA. Adjudicator of Chorals and Pianoforte Solos, W. G. MeN A UGHf. Esq Mus. Doc., F.R.A.M. Adjudicator of Preliminaries and Finals in Solos. Duets, and Trios, IVOR FOSTER. Esq., Exhibitioner R.C M., Gold Medallist. Adjudicator of Literary Competitions. Hev. K. D. JOHNS (Periander), Clydach Vale. Adjudicator of Brass and Drum & Fife Hands, J. ORD HUNI; Esq fine Grove, Fleet, Hauts. Accompanists, Messrs. D. LLOYD, Tonypandy, and J. LLEWELYN, Penygraig, Chief Choral Competition—" Rp not Afraid (from Elijah). First Priz •, £ 60 & a GOLD CROWN Second Prize, £ 20. Minimum number of voices. 100; maximum, 150. Second Choral Competition—"Clyctiau" (Gwilym Gwent). First prize, £ 20 second prize, £ 5. Minimum 50, maximum 70 Chief Male Voice Competition—" Night asd Day (Dard). First Prize, i30 second prize, £ 10. Minimum 60, maximum 80. Second Male Voice Competition—" The Little Church" (Becker). First prize, £ 20; second prize. t5. Minimum 41), maximum CO. Ladies Choral CoTrretition-(a) "You >t >ie my Lave (Jfacfarren); (b) G venith Gwyn" (I). Fmli/n Evans). First prze, £ 12; recond £ 3 Minimum 30, i-,iaxi.iiuin 40. Juvenile itioti-" Cyssc,r"a,(t (Tom Price). F')r S.C. under 16 years; no Bass allowed. First prize, E7 second prize, £:3. Minimum 3(). maximum 50. Brass Band Contest (Section A)-" N'rii" (IVriyht J- Round). First, prize, £ 10 second prize, XO; third prize. 14 fourth prize, 1:2 Brass Band Contest (Section Hi-" Gems of Modern Melody" (Wright <$■ Round). First priz", £ 10; second prize, £ 6 third prize. 4-3. Drum and Fife Hand Contest- il Trovatore" (Wrijht <f Round). First Prize. 17 second, S3. Valuabl" extra prizes given to Conductors. Grand prizes for musical compositions, solos, duo s, trios violin, pianofort", and other solos. Programmes, containing all information, post free for 2d. from the 4536 Secretary—G. EVANS, Eisteddfod Otiice, TONYPANDY. aqdis prepared undsr t ?$ OMJ'HEY! WlLL,vmKT M, A "a J TfJEE GOT fiJ TH £ Z JACK?" jj LL VJHY THE B £ 57 EVER HAD FOR UNDERGROUND OR FAMILY V 5 FREE SAMPLES F^m-Cocoa sent on application to the j TROE NLARK pp 0 BRIT.AIN'S B'ESIZT ICYCL STANDARDS TEN GUINEAS. M. & c. j SPECIALS FIFTEEN GUINEAS. Head Office -COVEfgTRY. j CYCLè R K S. I, Pnce Llt i r -e,)il AP1)1¡c:1tlO! I r ;A:;I ¡. 'nR;: fq ). '111 4G30


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