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PONTYPRIDD DISTRICT COUNCIL. The fortnightly meeting of the Pontypridd Council was held at the Council Chambers on Tuesday, Mr P. Gowan, J.P., presiding. The attendance included Councillors James Roberts H M. Rowland, W. Jones-Powell, F. G. Ed- wards, Edward Williams, H. Bramwell, W. Lewis, W. T. Leyshon, R. L. Phillips, Watkin Williams, W. H. Gronow, Hopkin Morgan, with the surveyor (Mr Edward Rees). A letter was read from the Pontypridd ? chamber of Trade asking the Council to fix swing gates on the Graig Helfa pathway past Hendre Prosser Farm. The matter was re. fcrred to a committee. The Taff Vale Railwuy Company replied that the work of improving High street Bridge was not being delayed through any fault of theirs, and the work would be usbed forward f1, rapidly as possible. The Overseers replied to the Council stating that they had increased the assessment of the Recreation Ground (People's Park). Mir W. H. Rees, science master at the County School, wrote saying that he had had a case of diphtheria at his house, and on the 28th February the Sanitary Inspector visited the premises and condemned the drainage. On enquiring he founj. that, no notice had been served upon his landlord until Saturday lest, the 13th inst. This had caused him great in- convenienoe, and it appeared to him to be a serious neglect of duty. Mr Rowland, the inspector. was asked for au explanation, and stated that the contractor bad been engaged to carry out the wcrk. Mr W. Jones-Powell: What about the delay in serving the notice from February 2Sth to HOW? Mr Rowland: The thing is not so very ser- ious as all that. Mr Jones-Powell: A case of diphtheria is Serious at any time. Mr Rowland: This is a very mild cas*. Mr Powell: Mr Rowland seems to think when instructions are given him at a Council meeting that it will do if notice is served a day before the next Council meeting. Mr Fred Edwards: Personally, I think it is better to err on the other side, and serve a notice the day before the meeting when the Case warrants it. The Joint Sewerage Board gave notice that iDr Friday their precept would be issued for a rata of 2Id. in the £ for the half-year. On the motion of Mr James Roberts, secon- ded by Mr Fred Edwards, the seal of the Council was fixed to a petition to Parliament in favour of the rating of ground values. The Surveyor reported having accompanied the County Surveyor over the Rhondda Road "ith reference to a contribution from the bounty Council towards the maintenance of that road. Mr Edwards was satisfied as to its Condition, and asked him (the Surveyor) to Submit plans to the County Council. He suggested that an application be made to the Merthyr and Aberdare Sewerage Com. mittee for the land required for the approach to the proposed footbridge over the River Taff ■at Cilfynydd.—This it was decided to do. The Surveyor also reported that the seats On the Common were constantly being damaged four of them were now past repair, the cast- 'ings being broken and the wcodwork taken away. Mr James Roberts would like to see a man engaged to look lfter the Common. It only required the lat s;raw to bring down the large rocks OVl rhanging- the public road. They should be pinned and made safe. If a pathway Were made on the verge of the Common, it would be acceptable to many people who went that way for a walk. The appearance of the Common could, be improved, and the whole place could be kept in proper order if a man were engaged to look after it. Mr Jones-Powell suggested that the Public Works Committee should visit the place, and report to the Council on the matter.—Mr R. L. Phillips seconded, and the motion was agreed to. Sanitary Inspector Rowland reported that he had not been notified of a single case of infectious disease in his district. The five cases Of typhoid at the People's Park were now practically convalescent, and the instructions given by the Medical Officer had been carried out. At present there was no further out- break cf the disease reported. He had visited the fish frying premises adjoining the Colliers' Arms, Mill street, and found that the most im. proved appliances were used for the business, and he received no complaints. Mr L. G. Lenox wrote asking the Council Dot to delay the work of making the road for carts through his field to the old ford. This Was referred to the Public Works Committee. The driver of the steam roller was, on his application, given an increase in bis wages. Mr James Roberts reported that the Fire Brigade called their attention to the fact that the telephones of the Fire Brigade were con- siderably interfered with. The wires had been taken down and put back improperly. The Telephone people refused to listen to any remonstrance on the part of the officers of the 'fengade. The firemen fcad been called up several times owing to the carelessness of the men in relaying the wires, and on other occa- sions the wires were out and left so overnight. This was a very serious matter, and might be the means of causing a great deal of trouble. He moved that the Clerk write to the Tele- phone "people" on the subject agreed to. The Public Works Committee reported that Mr W. Jones-Powell had refused the offer cf the Council for the alterations to Mr John ■Evans' (draper) shop), and they bad therefore deferred the further consideration of the mat- ter. Tenders were rrm, ved for the construction Of a cabstand in Market Square, and that of Mr William levies, Hopkinstown, at £ 65 15s W63 accepted. Mr W. G. Gale's (Pontypridd) tendor of £23 2s for 44 yards of iron railings for tho Trallwn Bridge on the overflow on the canal. as accepted. Tenders were also received for corrugated '*ÏJ'On rocfmcy for the retort and other 'hou i-It the Gas Works, and that of Mr W. G. Gale at L25 2s was accepted.





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