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Uantrisant. A grand concert was held at the Penuel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel on Wednesday when the following eminent artistes took part: soprano, Miss Eleanor Jones, R.A.M. contralto, Miss Cassie Rees, R.A.M. tenor, Mr Richard Thomas, I.lanelly bass, Mr Gabriel P. Williams, Treherbert accompanist, Prof. T. D. Edwards, Pontypridd chairman, Mr P. Dunn, Crofta Hall. Appended is the programme:- overture. Prof. Edwards song, Lend me your aid," Mr Thomas gonir, Revenge, Timotheu9 cries," Mr G. Williams, encored, responded with an effective rendering of Hiraeth song, 11 Vainka song," Miss Jones, encored, and sang Lieiii y cariadau song, The voice of the, Father," Miss Rees. encored, responded with the beautiful solo from Elijah, But. the Lord is mindful of his own": duet, "Hywel Blodwen" Miss Jones end Miss Thomaq, encored; pianoforte solo, Professor Edwards, and was vociferously encored. He responded with one of his own compositions and was greatly appreciated; song, "Tears," Miss Jones, encored, and sang Gwlad y Delyn": son, "True to the last," Mr G. Williams; song, "Queen of the Earth," Mr Thomas, encored, and gave a line rendering of "Mary Lee"; song, "A Summer niciht,' Miss Rees, encored duet, Love and War," Messrs G. Williams and Thomas: quartetf, "In this hour of softened splendour.' Misses Jones and Rees and Messrs Thomas and Williams Great p.aise is due to the committee in organ- ising su, i-I a grand concert. The programme was a very classical one and 8,11 tV* :,r,istes acquitted themselves in a most, creditible manner. One of the artistes, Miss Casaie Rees (contralto), was the wiuner of a gold medal at the Royal Academy on March 13th out of 28. After the usual vote of tltanlf to the Chairman, the concert cam" to a close in singing. "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau," the solo boiog taken by M as Jones.

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