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Public Notices. HOUGHTON'S Electro-Hydropathic Establishment, STUART HOUrfE, EDWARDS TERRACE, CARDIFF. SPECIALTY RLiKUMATISM, GOUT, ———— SCIATICA, and if NEHVOUS AFFECTIONS. Circular on application. 4541 UP-TO-DATE IX MEDICINE! When everything else has failed. YOUIR TOOI'HAC14E 'VUTE,9. NEUBflLGIfl. Drive away the gloomy NERVOUS fo«b=cirlgs 4 melancholy 0 £ pRESS|QN. Fill up all red corpuscles A WOPM J Q of the Elood and give »»»I a 11 £ LI vitality in The first dos" given immr-dia'e relief. A month's c. urse will thoroughly set you up. IN BOXES 1/1], TREBLE SIZE 2/9 Of all R'HCM^STS or TREE by post from the Proprietor, 4520 SANDERS, City Pharmacy, Cardiff STOPS COLD I use a co. d deal in W'ni- r, giving it to servants and othtra, an;1, invariably hear of JJCKXI results. My brother, *ho liul Whooping Coupti. and could not rest, found it the greatest reluf."—K.M.D., The Elms, Faringdoii, Berks, Juuc, 189S. A co p C04,D A C- H Mrs A. S. BAl.l.IN. Ksl'tress of Biby." Feb.. 1898, says: B ,):<nm has earned an excellent reputation. 1 *ve 1 riert It myself, nnd found it give immediate relief. 1 hud it e^remUy ansil* serf, and it, can be 11>1 safely for vonug children and infants." CURES" COUGH 15 Tenders. TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the erection of JL Ainon Baptist Chapel, Treorky. Plans and specifications te be seen at No. 3, Bute Street, Treorky. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted Tenders to be sent in not later than March 27th. 1 £ :>[), to the Rev. Morgan, 3, Bute Street, Treorky. 4642 Public Appointments. YSTXADYFODWG SCHOOL BOARD, WANTED.—A Boy Clerk for the office, T-alary 7/- a WNEK. Applications must be made on a form which will be supplied by by me on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope, and should reach m on or before Tuesday, the 2Sth inst. Only residents of the Parish need apply. W. G. HOWELL, Clerk. School Hoard Offices, Pentre, It. S.O., 14th March, 1809. 4050 PONTYPRIDD URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE above Council are prepared to receive Applications for the appointment of a Blacksmith, who shall make himself generally useful, at a salary of '24/- per wek. A detailed list of the duties may be seen at the Surveyor's office. Applicatiens stating age and references, and accompanit-d by not more than three testi- monials OF recent date, to be sent to Montague R, Grover, Esq., Clerk to the Council, on or before Monday, the 3rd day of April, 1899. Canvassing will disqualify a candidate. Bv order, "EDWARD REES, Purveyor. Council Offices, Pontypridd. 4669 -_u Public Notice. PONTYPRIDD I'KBAN DISTRICT. THE PRIVATE STREET WORKS ACT, 1892. THE Urban District Council of Pontypridd HEREBY GIVI-: NOTICE that at a Meeting cf the Council, held at their Offices, -56, Taff Strt, Pontypridd, on Tuesday, the 7th day of March, 1899, the. following Resolution was duly passed :— Resolved that the Council approve of the Specifications, Plans, Sections, Estimates, and provisional Apportionments, prepared by the SURVEYOR PURSUANT to the Resolution TH\RJUL day of April, 1898, and P • A"EMITTED BY I.im, with respect to the FOIINDRY^n to be pxpcuted in FQUaDKY ROAD, CtLFYNYDD. AND Notice is hereby A!SO GIVEN that during onemout-.I fromi the 24 TL .DAY OF March, 1899, being tde DATE ot t.ie first publication of the foregoing Resolution, the approved Specifi- cations, Plans and Sections, Estimates and Provisional Apportionments (or copies there- of certified by the Surveyor), will be kept deposited at the Offices aforesaid, AND will be open to inspection at all reasonable times. And Notice is hereby further given that dur- ing the said month, any owner of any premises shown in THE Provisional Apportionments AS liable to be charged with any part of the expenses of executing; the works may, by written notice served on the said Urban District Council OBJECT to the proposals of T^E said Urban District Council ou any of THE grounds set forth in Secti >U 7 ot the said Private Street Works Act. 1892. I;y Order, MONTAGUE H. GROVER, Clerk. Urban District Council Offices, Pontypridd, 23rd March, 1899. 4671 Ystrad. DeamaZi"'I FeW nil remember Professor Desmane a few years apocominjf amongst us i perfect stranger, anki it is worth uotirig to-day that he has ■five places of business wh.-re he fray l>e consulted free of ennrsre, on any enmplaint. or disease whve\>r Something like lOWO persons hav e hart his treMmenr and many who were eon-in r d lucurr.b'e are livine testimonials or his Rreat skill. His resiience is station Ten-nee, Pontypri "d. op1x>si e Taff Station* where he may he consulted p»rs, nally or bv letter* WJ8ine*s ho jr» all day Wednesd* vs nud Saturdays! jnd until n v-.n other days. Yitrad Temp ranee Commercial llote\ TiHs:wys, 2 until 7.H0, opposite «ailway Kat*s. Rows also at I'err.dale Cardiff, and flierthyr His motto is: Actions speak louder W»an words. • t4«21

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