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THE WEST END TAILORS The Original and Only West End Tailoring Establishment out of London, I'acing 19, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, (st. John's square,) tT BEWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATORS. LEADING SPECIALITIES FOR THIS SEASON. Roya! Jiavy Black Vicuna Heal Scotch (Shrunk) Roal Cashmere ladi^o TwiJ Suitings, to order, Trouserings to Serge Suitings, Coat & Vest to order 42/ 45/- order, to order, 30/ 35/ 40/- Real Harris Tweed, 10/6, 13/ 13/ 39/6. 45 53 and upwards 50/- 18/6, and upwards. I, l' The~^erfie7~ Coat and Sl^irt WW 6Sw Ea»HU I cillOB*S) Overcoat to Order to artier from MoillCC (Silk Facing or 3 Guineas. J9j Dliks Str66tj CARDIFF* V8!vst Collar) ■EWMA^KET COATS Telegraphic Address- Nat.Telephone834. from 35 '■ REVOLUTION." CARDIFF. 3S/ ^/tt, »f/b, O^/O. ———" PATTERNS SENT POST FREE. 4548 WARMS THE CHEST! CUTS THE PHLEGM! EMRYS RICHARDS' c i CHERRY COUGH SYRUP THE POPULAR MID-RHONDDA REMEDY FOR COUGHS. COLDS, ASTHMA, SORE THROAT, &C. Excellent for aged people and those with long standing Bronchial trouble. T IN BOTTLES 1/ 2/9, & 4/6. By Post 3d. extra. Of tLe Sole Proprietor— EMRYS RICHARDS, DISPENSING CHEMIST, (,'0KI) YMEIBION, TONYPANDY 4? 62 QUALITY. FRESHNESS. UNIFORMITY. These are the most important points considered by the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, and it enables them to boast of now being the Largest Manufacturers and Retailers of Pure Dairy Butler in the World. The Butter they sell is always of the best quality, and can be depended upon. You are requested to try this Butter to-day. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb. MAYPOLE BUTTER 1/1 per lb.. For economy, the Maypole Dairy Company, Limited, recommend their Celebrated MARGARINE, at 4d, 6d. and 8d., per lb. Far superior to secondary butters. TE A. 1/ 1/2, 1/4, and the Very Best 1/6 per lb. Pure, Rich, and Fragrant. MAYPOLE DAIRY CO., LTD., 83A, TAFF STREET, pONTYPRIDD, 4528 And at 62, Duffryn Street, Ferndale. Pontypridd Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. DAISY DAISY" ,¡; '1 '.f' '1, CYCLSS: 'i" CYCLES! AYLIFFE & SONS, cycle works CARDIFF, MAKERS. DAISY CYOLES are the most popular mounts in Wales. and hold the best records for Path and Boad, and must still lead the way. Their '99 Models are perfection. Write for '99 Catalogue. DAISY CYCLES are guaranteed frpe fnm imperfections in their material and in workmanship and we agree to make good within TWO YBARS from tiie dare of delivery, any defects which may appear Among the SPECIAL ADVANTAGES we offer to purchasers is the fallowing :—We will OVERHAUL '99 Pattern "Daisy Cycles" FOUR TIMKS during the term FREE 00 CHARGE. Sole Agent for Rbondda Valleys and district: T. S. JUDD, PARK STREET, TREFOREST. 4514 Powell's I Balsam. o. Aniseed AlSAM OF A!t<t  ,rfOU3E. MAR. FOB Coughs sthma Bronchitis 3Enfluenza AND ALL Lung Troubles. Sea abeft Trade Mark on each Wrapper. In Bottles, l/la> 2/3, 4/6, and 11/. POWELL'S Mild APERIENT PILLS, i/it a Boi ESTABLISHED 1824. grid by Chemist* throughout the World. 4497 OYSTERS! OYSTERS! OYSTERS! The oldest establishment in town. H. ESSERT," Proprietor, 63. Taff Street Pontypridd (Opposite Fountain). 4561 JOHN CROCKETT & CO., CABINE7 MAKERS AM) HOUSE FURNISHERS, 2 & 3, TAFF STREET, PONTYPRIDD. SELLING OFF: SELLING OFF! GREAT REDUCTIONS FOR CASH. i86a £ 4,000,000 HAVE NOW BEEN PAID IN RESPECT OF RAILWAY ACCIDENTS, ALL ACCIDENTS, WORKMEN'S ACCIDENTS, FIDELITY GUARANTEE, BY THE RAILWAY PASSENGTRSI ASSURANCE CO., 64, Cornhill, London, A. VIAN, Secretary. AGENTS Afr E. POST, 63, Gorse Lane, Swansea. Agents required in unrepresented districts. [4535 A fragrant, grateful, and comforting cup made in a moment by using Symington's Edinburgh Coffee Essence. In bottles from aU Grocers. 4435 > TOWN HALL, PONTYPPIDD. A "XT TFT C HP T? T\T\TF/Yr\ Will be held at the above place iLXio 5_ iliUUlJ \JU OX MONDAY, MAY 8th, 1899. Adjudicators—Vocal and Instrumental: J. H. M Harris, Esq., R A.M, Cardiff; Musical Composition: Mr. r. D. Edwards, Haydn V ilia, Pontypridd; E-say: Rev. T Manuel, Wesleyan Minister, Penypraig, via Pontypridd: Poetry: Mr. T. Williams (Rrynfab), Hendre Farm, Treforest; Prize Bags. &o.: Mrs. Jones Powell and Miss Price, Pontypridd. Conductor: Rev. T. Jones, Pontypridd. Choral Competition—" 0 Dduw, rho i'm dy Hedrl" (God grant me thy Peace). T. D. Edwards, Pontypridd. < hoirs to number not less than 40 voices. Priz,, £ 5. Male Voice-" Cydgan y M)rwyr" (Sailor's Chorus). Dr Parry. Not less than 20 in numbar. Prize, JE2 Juvenile Choirs-" Bugail Israel" (D. Thomas, A. C., Hafod). To uumbcr not less than 25 voices. Any number of Tenors and Bass to assist. Prize, JEI 5s. Programmes, ld. by Post, lid. Secretary Mr. E. Ashton, 22, Llanover Road, Pontypridd. 2 4167 ■ Election Addresses. 1!1 J ¡. I.. L' '( "J < MR. D. POWELL. RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. NO. 8 WARD. TO THE ELECTORS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the earnest request of a large number of influential ratepayers, I have, after due consideration, consented to seek your suffrages in the Election of District Councillors for the above Ward. Having lived in your midst for upwards of thirty-three years, I have seen the Ward grow, nntil it has become a most important centre. I have at all times taken a keen interest in its advancement, and have felt that for our members we should have men to represent us with a thorough knowledge of the work to be done, and who can discuss from practical experience the cost to the Ward for all improvements contemplated. Matters of vital interest will be discussed in connection with the district, and being a heavy ratepayer myself, I need hardly state that I shall at all timps exercise strict economy in the expenditure of public money. I further pledge myself to support any measure which will still further benefit the Ward, and, if it be your pleasure to return me as one of your representatives, I shall endeavour to discharge the duties devolving upon me faithfully and efficiently, and will act at all times in a truly UNBIASSED manner. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, DAVID POWELL. Porth Farm House, Porth. 4623 THE RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION, March 27th, 1899. TO THE ELECTORS OF No. 8 WARD (Known as Poith. Cymmer, and Hafod Ward). LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I have been invited by a number of Electors-business and working men—to d'fa myself as a candidate for the honour of being one of your three representatives upon the District Council, and I have, after due considera- tion, decided to allow myself to be nominated as a condidate, and avail myself of this opportunity of soliciting your support and suffrage. I am well-known to the majority of Electors. having resided in the w«rd for a number of years; and I venture to say that my large business transactions gives me a qualification that is essential in performing a public duty. My being a heavy ratepayer teaches the need of the strictest economy in the use of public money. I may also state that I have always taken an active part in everything pertaining to the benefit of Porth and district, both charitable and social. My sympathies have always been with the working men and as an employer of labour, I have act'd on the principle of every man receiving sufficient to maintain himself and family in social comfort. I will not enumerate a long list of promises, but would, if elected, always be prepared to further the interest of Katepayers. I have ample time for the careful discharge of public duties, and the making of a record attendance. In a community like ours, the highest form of self-interest is attained b, studing the interests of others-my interests would be yours, and yours, mine. If jou think me worthy of being one of your representatives, I shall esteem it a great honour, which I shall always endeavour to deserve. iru-ting to receive your support, I remain, ladies & gentlemen. Yours obediently, JOSEPH BROOKS. Cymmer Villa, Porth. 4651 RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL j ELECTION. WARD NO. 2. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At the urgent request of a large number of Electors in this Ward, I have consented to become a Candidate for one of the three seats allotted to us under the new arrangement. Remembering the large number of votes recorded in my favour two years ago when contesting a seat in this district, and believing it is my duty to serve the public according 11 the measure of my ability, I am again soliciting your favours in the approaching El iection. I have lived in this Ward for upwards of 32 years, and know its requirements perfectly. As one who worked underground for over 14 years, my sympathy is fully with the workmen, and as one who was born and bred on a collier's hearth, I know his cry and aspiration. and will neither hesitate nor be ashamed, if elected, to advocatd the claims of all to equal treatment in the Council. Without doubt Cwmpark and I reorky have been sadly neglected in the past. The residents in the lower part of Treorky are living in con- stant danger and fright from floods, accumula- tion of water before the doors, deficient drains, refuse swept by the storms, seemingly without any effort to remedy this deplorab'e state of things. Back houses of this Ward are without decent streets, without pavements, without light, not- withstanding they pay rates equally with others, and especially the streets along which crowds pass into their places of worship on weekdays and Sundays being in such a condition as to be a disgrace and an injustice to those honest and industrious ratepayers. I shall endeavour to secure the practical attention of the Council to this Ward as well as others in the District. My education and experience will enable me to render intelligent service on the Gas and 1 Water Committee, which undertaking has lately been transferred to the Council; as well as other important Commi tees requiring ex- perience and skill If elected, by your help and will, to a seat. I shall always be ready to listen to your grievances and convey the same to the Council, and to do my duty honestly, faithfully, and conscientiously. Soliciting your help and vote on the day of the poll Mztrcli ::7th, I remain, Your obedient servant, JOHN SAMUEL. March 17th, 1899. 4667 RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. WARD NO. 8. TO THE ELECTORS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. i-J On March 27th, 1899, you will be called upon to elect representatives to serve on the Rhondda Urban District Council, and in response to an earnest request of a representa- tive and influential deputation of workmen and tradesmen, I beg to offer myself as a Candidate for a seat in this Ward. The redistribution of wards has afforded the Electors of the lower portion of our Wards an opportunity of electIng a direct representative on the Council. The 10.600 inhabitants of Hafod, Britannia, and Porth surely deserve absolute and direct representation. We have our rights to guard, and improvements to enhance, which, without special knowledge of the needs of the district are liable to be perversed. Being a heavy ratepayer in the Ward, your interests are identical with those of my own. I am an advanced Economist, and this portion of the Council's work will receive mv un- j swerving attention; b-aring in mind that economy does not consist iu what we spend, but what wo get for our raonny. Being born at Porth, and having worked and spent my life in your midst, I am well known to you all, hence will not enter into details. I am about retiring fr:,m business, and will have my whole time to place at your disposal and the work of the Council. During the campaign I shall not attempt at any rhetoric display, but I trust that my small services for some years' standing, as treasurer to the Workmen's Committee of the Hafod and Coedcae Collieries, will speak louder than words. Thousands of pounds passed through my hands during the recent unfortunate strike. If elected I promise to serve you faithfully, watch your interests, plead your cause, advocate your claims, and do all that is con- sistent towards protecting the safety of the public. I beg to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, THOMAS REES. Britannia Inn, Britannia, Porth. 4644 RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION, 1899. TO THE ELECTORS OF WARD NO. 2. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Having been invited by a large section of the electors, on more than one occasion, to become a Candidate for a seat in the above Council, I now beg to place myself and services unreservedly at your disposal as a Candidate in the present Election. It is well known that I am one of the largest Ratepayers in the District, which is in itself an assurance that, if elected, I will do my utmost to save unnecessary expenses, while at the same time [ shall not be backward in advocating and supporting all measures essentially progressive. Among questions affecting local interest, no the least are those of our Streets and Drains and, in the event above-mentioned, I shall do all I possibly can towards their improvement and completion. I have resided in yonr milist for over 30 years, being in a large way of business, and representing all classes in the community. In all Labour Disputes I may unboastingly venture to say that I have been proved (and not found wanting) to be a friend of the working man, which tends to show that he is entitled to my sympathies in the future. b-tli as a private individual and as representing his interests on the Council, if so be I am elected. Trusting you will not withhold from me your support. I remain, Ladies and Gentleman. Yours most ob^dientlv, DAVID MORGAN. Royal Storee, Treorky, March 10th, 1809. 4659 RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. I WARD No. 1.—TO THE ELECTORS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, At a public meeting held at Blaen- rhondda, I was selected as a candidate for this election. I now respectfully beg to offer myself as a Candidate for a s'mv, up.in trie above Council. I have lived in the locality for 27 years, and I am known t> most of you. If elected, 1. sltall en leawur in conjunction with the other members to carry on th-i work of the Council efficiently and economically. I shall be pleased to give you my further views at my public meetings. 1 am, ladies and gentlemen. Your obedifit servant, JOHN D A V t r). March 11th, 1899. 4663 Election Addresses (Continued). I RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION, 1899. TO THE ELECTORS OF TREALAW AND TONYPANDY. FELLOW ELECTORS, Jt* I beg to tender yon mv very sincere thanks for my unopposed return to the District Council. 1 can enly say that it will be my sincere effort to do the best for the Ward, and likewise make these great Rhonddas of ours what they should be in every detail of sound administration. I fully recognise the great responsibility of the position and the necessity of assisting a progressive spirit in its government. As a large ratepayer myself, you may rest assured that it shall be my maxim to further efficiency with absolute regard to economy. Again thanking you, Believe me, Yours obediently, J. D. WILLIAMS. Clydach Court. 4670 RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF No. 1 WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. At the request of a large number of the electors, I have allowed myself to be nominateca as a candidate for a seat on the above Council at the forthcoming election. I may say I am well-known to y.)u, having lived in the Ward for upwards of 30 years, during which period I h :ve taken a keen and active interest in all Parochial matters. I intend holding public meetings throughout the Ward before the day of the election when I will explain to you my views upon matters that are of interest to you in the above Ward. If elected, it will be my constant endeavour to serve you faithfully and straightforwardly. I believe in efficiency with economy. I am, ladies and gentlemen, Your obfdient servant, WILLIAM JEFFREYS, 158, Bute St., Treherbert, March 14, 1899. 4662 RHONDDA URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. TO TS" ELECTORS OF NO. 3 WAKD. XADIES AND GENTLEMEN, J On the 27th of this month it will be your duty to elect three representatives for the above Ward on the District Council. On the invitation of a large number of Electors in the Ward, I have consented to become a Candidate at the coming Election. I 'm well known to the great majority of you as I ha e bt'en born and bred in the Ward, and should therefore, be well aware of the needs of this particular District. If you do me the honour of electing me as one of your representatives for the No. 3 Ward on the Council, I shall use my utmost en- deavours and influence to effect the various improvements required in the Ward, and that as effectually and economically as possible. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant. DAVID LLEWELYN TREHARNE, Solicitor. Pentre House, Pentre, March 15th, 1899. 4668 RHONDDA UNBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELISCTION, 1899. TO THE ELECTORS OF NO. 4 WARD. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, JLj By the rearrangement of the Electoral Wards of the Rhondda, the district has now been divided inte ten Wards, with three Members to each Ward, making a total of 30 Members, instead of 15. This arrangement has brought about a General Election, which will take place on Monday, March the 27th next, when you will be called upon to choose three persons to servo you on the Council, to see that your rates are exoended in a proper manner, and that the affairs of these ever increasing valleys are ad- ministered in an efficient and economic way. A large number of influential electors have repeatedly pressed upon me to allow myself to be nominated as a Candidate for a seat on the Council, they being of the opinion that, having time and qualifications at my disposal, I would make a fit and proper person to represent this Ward. I have therefore decided to enter the arena, and beg to place myself entirely in your hands. I am a native of the parish, and have spent most of my time in this Ward. I have a thorough knowledge of engineering, and have qualified as a draughtsman, qualifications in- dispensable to the proper fulfilling of the duties of a District Councillor. I am also one of the heaviest ratepayers in the Ward, consequently, my sympathies are naturally with the heavily laden tax-payer. I have no connections which will in any way interfere with my carrying out the duties in an independent manner. I therefore appeal for your sympathy and votes, and promise, if elected, to devote myself to the duties with such energy that will repay you for the confidence placed in me. The Polling will take place at the Gelli and Bodringallt Schools. I beg to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours obediently, EVAN MORGAN. Gelligaled Hotel, Ystrad-Rhondda, March 16th, 1899. 4666 DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE TRALLWN WARD. ADIES AND GENTLEMEN, The period for which you elected me as one of your representatives on the District Council will shortly expire, and I again beg to' solicit a renewal of your confidence During the four years I have represented you I have endeavoured, to the best of my ability, to do what I considered best for the interest of the Ward. I am abirut the hoaviest individual ratepayer in the Ward, and this being so it is hardly necessary for me to point out that our interests are identical. You are doubtless aware that I have fought and will continue to fight against the unequal Assessments of House Property in general, which places our district at a disadvantage in having to pay more t'lan our fair proportion of the rates. There is also another and all-important feature in this election, and one which each and every Elector should feel vitally concerned in. namely, the promotion of the Cardiff Railway Bill. My views on this matter are well kuowu to you, oud as the action of each Elector will, in a very decided manner, bear upon this question, I venture t. appeal to you to give me your votes. Yours faithfully, WAi KIN WILLIAMS. CAERPHILLY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE TOWN WARD. [ADIES /5ND GENTLEMEN, j 1 beg to offer a continuation of mv services. I trust that the explanations given by me at the public meeting on Monday night last, have removed t he erroneous impressions entertained by some of the electors concerning the gas and the water questions. I have had the pleasure of being assured, frequently, that, no one has questioned the hones y (Ii mv intentions or my devotion to the duties of tli* position. I now venture to hope that in the vot« of next Monday. I shall find an acknowledgement that my efforts were not ill-direr :teo. ■Kewii» ntd known to nearly all of you, I venture to think hat promises from me are unnecessary. I .un, ladies and gentlemen, Yours obediently, WILLIAM THOMAS. Manrhestfr House, Cuerphillv, March 22nd, 1899. 4665 ''1. \) VID R LTO I I& z IPRODUCES. Standard Blends-l/ 1/4,1/6,1/3, & 2/- per lb., For Agencies apply direct to:- PHILLIPS & CO., TEA SPECIALISTS, 74, Queen Street, C ARDIFF. 4-145 Sales by Auction. GLAMORGANSHIRE LLANTWIT VARDRE NEAR LLANTRISANT. SALE OF A VALUABLE FREEHOLD MINERAL I PROPERTY. MESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the New Inn aotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, March 29th, 1899, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTY, situate in the parish of Llantwit Vardre, in the county of Glamorgan, and known as GLAN- MYDDLIN. The property consists of a small compact Farm, with Farmhouse and Buildings, together with three Cottages and a piece of Garden Ground, containing in the whole 20A. On. 15P. or thereabouts of Pasture Land enclosed in a ring fence, well watered, within a stone's throw of a convenient siding on the Llantrisant Branch of the Taff Vale Railway, and is distant about I mile from Cross Inn Station on the same line. The Farm and Farmhouse, together with the Garden Ground, are in the occupation of an excellent tenant, upon an annual tenancy at a rental of £ 22. The three cottages are let on monthly tenancies at rentals of tis. 6d. per month each. THE COAL AND OTHER MINERALS UNDERLYING THE PROPERTY, A SMALL PORTION ONLY OF WHICH HAVE BEEN WORKED, WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE SALE. Also a Freehold Messuage or Dwell ing-Rous, being No. 25, Upper Boat, near Pontypridd, uutif recently let to Mr Thomas Williams, at a monthly rent of 9s. further particulars, with plan, may be had upon application t.) Messrs Spickett and Sons, so!icitors, Pontypridd, or to the Auctioneers, 5, High Street, Cardiff. 4629 GLAMORGANSHIRE. PARISH OF EGLWYSILAN. SALE OF VALUABLE MINERAL PROPERTIES. MESSRS STEPHENSON AND ALEXANDER are instructed to Sell by Auction, at the Angel Hotel, Cardiff, on Saturday, the 1st day of April, 1899, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the valuable FREEHOLD MINERAL PROPERTIES known as GROBS WEN" and II TYR TKEHABNE GWILYM Farms, situate at White-cross, near Caerphilly. Lot I.-All that Valuable Freehold Farm, with Outbuildings and Farm-house, known as G roes wen, "situate in the Parish of Eglwysilan, in the County of Glamorgan, containing in the whole 35a. 3r. 26p., or thereabouts. Lot 2.-All that valuable Freehold Fartr,, known as l'ir Treharne Gwilym," containing in the whole 22a. 2r. 18p., or thereabouts, and situate in the Parish of Eglwysilan, in the County of Glamorgan. THE VALUABLE MINERALS UNDERLYING THE ABOVE PROPERTIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE SALE. Plans, particulars, and conditions of sale may be obtained from the Auctioneers, 5, High street, Cardiff, or from Mr W. H. Beddoe, solicitor, Pontypridd. 4628 GLAMORGANSHIRE. TOWN OF PONTYPRIDD. ) RICKARDS' ESTATE. 9160 PER ANNUM FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS with Reversion, which will be divided for the purpose of Sale into 44 Convenient Lots. ME-SRS STEPBRNSON and ALEXANDER are instructed by Robert Rickards. <isq., to Sell by Auction at the New Inn Hotel, Pontypridd, on Wednesday, March 29th, 1899, at £ o'clock in the afternoon, ) £ 460 PER ANNUM FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS, Divided into 4 convenient lots, for sale. Also SEVERAL PIECES OF FREEHOLD LAND, All situated iu the towns of Pontypridd and 1 reforest. The Grourid Rents will include the FREEHOLD REVERSION at the expiration of the several leases. The whole are secured upon good properties, including NINE DOUBLE AND SJNGLE LICENSED I'UBLIC-HOUrES. Plans, particulars, and Conditions of Sale may be obtained upon application to Messrs BIOBSO and Arthur Waidrof. solicitois, Duke Street, Cardiff; Messrs Rickards and Blosse, land agents, Charles Str. et Chambers, Cardiff; or to the Auctioneers, at 5, lligh Street, Cardiff. 4579 Sales by Auction (Continued). CYMMER, RHONDDA VALLEY. SALE OF A VALUABLE LEASEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE known as BRYNBEDW. R. HARRY DA VIES has received instruc i-TJL tions to Sell by Public Auction at the Rhondda Hotel, Cymmer, on Thursday, March 3uth. 1899, at 6.30 for 7 o'clock p.m. precisely (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shail there and then bo read, unless previously disposed of by private contract), all that piece or parcel of land containing by admeasurement 697 square yards, more or less, situate at Glyn- fach, Cymmer, and adjoining the Vicarage, with the Messuage or Dwelling-house, Outbuildings and Premises erected thereon., and known as "BRYNBEDW," Cymmer, aforesaid, and held for a term of 99 years from the 1st May, 1894, at the very low annual ground rent of X2 19s. The Prernise-, which are pleasantly situated in one of the best positions in Cymmer, have hitherto been in the occupation of the Vendor. but it is believed they would readily command a rental of at least £..10 per annum. For further and fuller particulars see small bills, or apply to the Auctioneer, at his offices, Market Square, Pontypridd or to RICHARD HILL-MALE, 4660 Solicitor, Pontypridd. On TTIESDAT and THURSDAY next, commencing at Two o'clock precisely each day. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. jVfl E.-SRS. J. G. MADDOX & SON will SKLL 1TJL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at their SALE ROOMS, 25, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF, on tlx; above dates, an immense assemblage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (Removed from various residences for absolute sale), including :— Valuable Pianofortes, bardwood Bedroom Suites complete, 6ft and 4ft Wardrobes, Pairs of Handsome Toilets, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, several excellent Carpets, Fenders, Brasses, superior Drawing and Dining-room Suites, Rose- wood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 5ft. Side- boards, Book-cases, Dining and Occasional Tables, Walnut and Gilt Overmantels, Sic., &c. in all about 400 lots each day. On view day prior to and morning of each day's sale. Ar- rangements made to pack and forward all goods purchased by country buyers. The Goods can be purchased any day privately if desired. Complete or Part Houses of Furniture Bought for Cash. Sales and Valuation of every descrijt- cion undertaken. For Terms, apply at the Auction Rooms, as Above. Established 1860. 4565 TREORKY. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD DWELLING- HOUSE", BUTCHER'S SHOP, & SLAUGHTER- HOUSE FOR SALE. MR. ELIAS T. DAVIES has received in- structions to Sell by Public Auction. (Subject to such Conditions of Sale its shaH then and there be produced), at the Stag Hotel, Treorky, on Tuesday, April 4th, 1899, at 7 in the evening, the following Very Desirable LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES: Lot I-All that Butcher's Shop and Dwelling- House situate. in and being No. 194, High Street, Treorny, now in the occupation of the owner. Mr David Richards, at aa approximate rental of L30 per annum This Shop is fitted up with niarble slabs, counters and bars, and is situate on the main road within an easy distance of the Slaughter-house conprised in Lot 3, the Slaughter-house being situate almost at the back of the shop. The above premises are a portion of property held under an Indenture of Lease for a term of 99 years from th" 1st day of January, 1871, at the ap- portioned annual ground rent of Eleven Shillings and Three Pence. Lot 2 -All that Messuage or Dwelling-Hous* situate in and bemg No. 105, Regent Street, Treorkv, now in the occupation of Mr. Jones at an annual rental of £ 13. Lot 3.—All that Slaughter-House together with the sheds and otner out-houses and yard belonging thereto and used in connection there- with, situate in Regent Street, Treorky. The whole of Lot 3 is of the estimated annual rental of 1;1.5. Lot, t those 2 Messuages or Dwelling- Houses situate in and being Nos. 100 and 107, Regent Street, Treorky, now in tiie occupation of Messrs. Re'l and Thom?.<. at an aggregate annual rental of :2. 6s. Lot, 2, 3 and 4, are a portion of property- held under an Indenture of Lease for., tl(-.rm or 99 yeirs from the 1st day of July, 180G, at an apportioned annual ground rent of X3 Ins. The ground rent of Lots 2, 3 and J. will be apportioned by the Auction er at the tim^ of sale. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer at his Office, 3, Church Road, l'on- Pentre, or to MR. EDGAR CULE, Solicitor, Pentre. 4364