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FOOTBALL. J Since the meeting with Newport two more defeats have been registered against Penarth, and if things go on as they are at present, out (.f the six fixtures remaining on the card, the Fenarihians will be lucky if they pull off three. Never did a leam go through their engagements with much more brilliant or con- bisteut play than Penarth up till almost recently. But a series of itccidents, as we pointed out last week, have brought about so much absenteeism that, to use a Yankee expression, The whole show seems falling to pieces."—Bath, Abergavenny, Cardiff, Gloucester, Leicester, and Dewsbury still remain to be played, and as most of them are strong coml inations, it is very difficult to see anything but a very black look out for our town team. With Hubert Alexander, Hutchings, Shepherd, Gibbs, Dai Evans, and others away, the team cannot perform what, under the circumstanccc, would be almost miraculous prodigies. The visit to Lhnelly was a signal proof of this. With a mere skeleton of a team Penarth did quite as Nell as anyone could reasonably expect. The Llanelly critics, however, did not show those sportsmanlike and generous qualities which should characterise all tiue lovers of football. They made very much of their victory and talked about, Badger waltzing around Herby Morgan, but of course no mention was made 0; the fact tha6 Penarth were playing with only half a representative team. The match with Barnstable on Monday last was fairly well attended. The repute of the Devonshire cracks had reached Penarth before them and the manner in which they received our men when on tour tended to make tham popular up here. They are certainly a fine lot of men and well deserved their victory, on Monday, oi ten points to nil. Their for- wards deservo notice. Pearce the six feet five-man, Toller, Thomas, and indeed nearly all the others are both powerful and fast men, and put in some really fine work. The backs, too, showed up well-Stoyle is a good sample of Devonshire muscle. Down at Barnstaple our forwards kept the Devonshire men on the defensive most of the time, but on Monday last, the ups which represented Penarth were entirely out of the hunt- They are both slow and unskilful— perhaps they entered the field with too much confi- dence, but at all events they never attempted to put in vigorous work till the match was lost- Our back division were assisted by Selwyn and INTorrr :u Biggs. Selwyn Riggs, on the whole played a good game; but the quartette could do nothing with tha ball when they got. it. (Jleraence was about the only man in the team who played up to his reputation. On Monday ..evening the Devonshire men were entertained by the Penarthiaus at the Penarth Hotel, and a most enjoyable evening was spent.

Representation of South G-lamorgan.

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