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CARDIFF /CFLPT STEAM NAVIGATIQN COMPANY'S '•sUSailktg vBIBIBHHmP Steamer*, ff J E N N Y J 0 N E S DAYID DAVIES, COMMANDS*, AMD T A L N," DAVID GEORGE, cokmamdbr, A intended to ply between CARDIFF and BRISTOL, with PASSENGERS ami MER- •lANoigE with liberty to Tow, during the Month, or APRIL, 1857, ». follows t^wWing *t and starting freri Bathurst Basin, Bristol. calling the Hotwells, whete Passengers will be Landed and Em» b*rit*d at the Rownbam Ferry Slip, free of expense,at wbieh W*.a comfortable Waiting Room is provided.] i CARDIFF. BRISTOL. rr«* tht Bute Docht. From Bat hunt Bann. Friday 11 t»orn I 4, Saturday & after 2f after 7, Tuesday H morn • Wedoead.. *4 morn | *nd 5 after morn | 8, Wednesd. H after .'Friday ,(i> *5 morn I 9, Thursday 0 after • Saturday *jt morn I 10, Friday 6J after I 11, Saturday 6| after To k Fro'front Cardiff, 8th, 9th, 10th, and llth. j- Fro from Bristol, 2nd, 16th, 23rd, and 24th. Uo »n conjunetion with • Taff/ 2nd, 16th, 23rd & 24th. Far. After Cabin, 3«.; Fore Cabin, Is. 6d. To .rro Tieketl will also be issued on Saturdays, availabl for the Return Trip on Monday. > AND THE TALIESIN, 11 ^tended to Sail with MBRCHANDISB, CATTLE, &C., as follows:— • Saturday 12^ after 1, Wednesd. 10J morn 2, Thursday 12 noon 3, Friday I| after 16, Thursday 9 morn 3, Friday Ii after 16, Thursday 9 morn It bs-lDg iotended to leave punctually at the time 7*1 shore, no Goods will be receded for Shipment later than Q* hour previous and Parcels forwarJed with dispatch to LantrU.ent, .7ld«eod, Poa Talbot, Neaih, Swansea, Llanelly, Canaar- ien. Merthyr, Aberdare, Pontypridd, Cowbridge Caerphilly, *«•, alao io and fro.u London, Maochester, Birmingham, all part, 0{ t^e kingdom.. thLoods for the above Steamers will be received at r^Urst Basin, Bristol, and will be collected in Bristol, it Cu d» moderate charge. Goods will also be received at Street Hall, subject to a charp for hauling to Bathurst II, i^tihoienU may be had on board on moderate term*, b, 2*f"»heel Carriage, 20s.; Four-wheel Pbaeton, drawn F0lI 0 Horses, 15s.; One-horse Phaeton, or Gig, 10s.; ur'^eel drawn by One Horse and Driver, 12».; Horse Jj '"der, After Cabin, 7s.; Fore Cabiu,6s. Cattle, 4» 5s.each; Sheep, 8d. Lamb*, 6d. each Pi^». 9«l at,7* Calves, Is. each.—Shipping & Landing Live Stock <>f their Owners.—The*e Fares include every expense ^'Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes • No Fees to Porters. B • P*rcel. fo, conveyanse will be received at the Angel IJ-.will be uunctaallv forwarded. Nou?WCE—The Cardiff Steam Navigation Company give Cl?'lhMt»»ey will not be accountable for any 1'as.engers. or g««". nor wilUhey be answerable for any Good., Packages, «uu ',c«<» (if lost or damaged byfire.leakage.or otherw.se). •*»ueof?°ked at their office at Cardiff or Bristol, if *bo** shillings, unless entered at Us value, and carriage £ &lon P»d for the same at the time of booking. Good. •»«ui^-10 "filer, or not taken away before six o clock.in t e *N«a £ ? d*y of landing, will be warehoused at the risk He^, 7*n»e of the consignees. All Goods to be considered as Ml pre i onl, for Freight and Charges due thereon, bat also for all4plevio4lly unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by Con- •* fcl lhe Cardiff Steam Navigation Co. Disputed weights claims for loss or damage, See., cannot be OH Unless written notice of the same be sent to the office d«Uvcry. Godds and Carriages on Deck at J* • *Uk» Uln^*1?*' as to Freight, &c., may be ob- DQQL BY *pplying at lhe Company's Office, Bute KreJ J. ardaff; or to Mr. JOHM EVBBBD, Clare- all, Marsh-street, Bristol. E, J. THOMAS, General Superintendent. ^'S.TOL GENERAL STEAM l(A.VIGA.TION COMPANY, OFFICE, QUAY, BRISTOL. 1'°E following or other suitable STEAM VESSELS lt,( nnles8 prevented by any unforeseen occurrence, are Uxe l° Sail fr0m CUMBBRLAND BASIN, BRISTOL G%rd^» l^e "Swift" for Newport, and TafT" for » which will start from Bathurst Basin), and as lib *rn,enti0ned, with or without Pilots, and with 3 to Tow Vessels, during APRIL, 1857. CARDIFF AND BRISTOL. Prom d TAFF, S. Draper, Master. *'• Dockt, Cardiff, Prom Balhutst Ssiis, Brittol. y SatujJuy 1 after 3, Friday 1 £ after g'Jf Uesday 3 after 6, Monday after • jyednesd. 31 after 8, Wedpesd. *6 morn In'»Ur^ay Ah after 9, Thursday *6i morn ^•*riday 41 »fter 10, Friday *7 morn •Saturday W 5* after 11, Saturday *7| morn • », To & Fro from Cardiff, 23rd, and 24th. *°& Fro from Bristol, 8th, 9th, IO1I1 & llth. ;—After Cabin, 3s. Fore Cabin, Is.6d. *nd Pro lame day (provided a To and Fro Ticket be taken T0 After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. f0t Fr» Tickets will also be issued on Saturday, available Return Trip on Monday, NEWPORT.—"Swift." 7 > 'row Newport. from Brittol. |g' ijje,day 4 after fl, Monday. 4J after lO* pbu'sday 5 morn 8, Wednead. 6 morn ll'QL morn 9, Thursday 5 J after •Saturday' 6 morn 10, Friday 6 after 11, Saturday 6| after N p«re»:_After Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cabin. ls.6d. «t»t^IOs—H being intended to sail punctually at the time «tte k abov«. «>o Goods will be received for shipment later than ■Kmr previous thereto, for Cardiff or Newport. CARMARTHEN.—"Juno." From Brittol From Carmarthen. 9 rj\. Calling at Tenby. Wt. day •• 6 morn I Tk '• night I 18, Saturday 10 morn 3o'ursday ,5 morn | May 2, Saturday 11 morn T^«lay S. W NIGHT 1 TENBY.—"Juno." 9 ™*om Brittol. Front Tenby. 1Q'ibttrsday 6 morn 14, Tueaday 9 night 23' >i»k "day 9 night 18, Saturday 1 after 30* Tkr*d4y • • 5 morn 28, Tue8da3r • • 9 night £ *hur8(j#y j0 njght May 2, Saturday 2 after —Cabin, 13s.; Children under 12 years, 6s. 6d.; Ser- Jhe Cabin, 8s.; Fore Cabin,7s.6d.; Children under 13 Sm^U ■ Carriage, 42s.; Pair-Horse Phaeton, 31s. 6d. oue-horsedo.,25s.;Gig,20s.; Horse30s. Dog, 3s. ltP°RD,PATER, & UAVERFORDWESr.—"Shamrock." From Milford to Waterford, "rotn Bristol. from South Wales Termi- ''» Tuettj nm, Wednesday Evenings Tu a* mora at 8 o'clock, or as soon Tu j1' morn after as circumstances will ^»TU»8J after permit.——Waterford to 8 morn Bristol, Fridays. —New Iron Steamer" Calypso." Bristol, Fridays from Dublin, Tuesdays. Tha wh i t.*yaace 'he above Vessels are fitted up for the con- rOam^p^ passengers and goods.—Female Stewards on *'one,M r'ages *ud Horses shipped with care, auu should U ^•rticu'i two bourg before sailing. iif*eui <5, r* be obtained by applying at the Bristol » ^*v'g"t»on Co.'s Office, Quay, Bristol, where oth '^ekages, Parcels, &c., should be addressed.— Bills ^*rf n >&'or(natiou supplied by Mr. J. Jones, Uownham nl»l'od ,8* r*c*chnrrK^^Spread Eagle, Regent Circus, Piccadilly, and u ?treel. City H. Underwood, 56, Haymarket. |>*ve»fordJr" J°h« Hoy, TeLby; Mr. James Roberts, u _e*' » Mr. Palmer, Milford; Mr. J. McLeen Mr u PaLMEH, Cardiff; Mr. Kotigman, IJir. ?*l»«rt. ^°hert Stacey, Carmarthen and Mr. R. Jones, %il|OTlcE.Tk loi 'beac proprietors of the above Steam Packets H 1 °r danj.601?11'6 for any Cabin Passenger's Luggage (if .^ed). above the value of £ 2; nor for any Deck lost or damaged), above the value Uj^'tiou „ ,'n each case entered as such, and freight in »nswer-Ki',i,ae V.the time of delivery nor will ig C'f lost g^'j ^°r ,nV other parcel above the value of j5foPortion* *tt,age<l) unless entered as such, and freight 0t %ccoun, i!f ^or tbe same at the time of delivery. All 'e for any Goods without Shipping Notes r* seeking information to be post paid. α- STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND CARDIFF, &c. mHE LIVERPOOL and SOUTH 1 WALES STEAM SHIP COM- PAN Y'S Powerful and Favourite Steamer "ISABELLA NAPIER," (Unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence), From COLLIIGWOOD Docx, LIVKHPOOL, every FRIDAY; From EAST BUTH DOCK BASIK, CARDIFF, every TUBSDAY. CABIN FABB, 12s. 6d.; DECK, 6s. For Freight and particulars apply to J. H. BABBBR and Co., the Old Hall, Liverpool; or to WEST & HANCOCK, 108, Bute-street, Cardiff. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CARDIFF AND CORK. ,«1 4 rpHE CORK GENERAL STEAM NAVI- frVrT^ 1 GATION COMPANY'S Screw Steamer OSPREY," 700 tons, 250 horse power, ^BBSESSpi^G. F. COCKBURK, Commander, is intended to ply between the above Ports, unless prevented by any unfore- seen occurrence, with or without a Pilot, with liberty to Tow Vessels, during the Month of APRIL, 1857. FABBS,- -Best Càbin, 25s.; Fore Cabin, 7B. 6d. (No Steward's Fees.) Horses, Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods intended for Shipment, should be alongside one hour before the time of Sailing. For Freight or Passage, apply atthe Company's Office Cork' or to Mr. JOHN OWBH, Ship Broker, Cardiff. STEAM TO WATERFORD AND THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. FIRST CLASS STEAMERS (in connection with the Great Western and South Wales Railways) leave the Milford Haven Terminus every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATUR- DAY, at 8 o'clock p.m., returning from Waterford ever TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 3h. 30m. p.m. Apply for Tickets at the First Class Railway Stations, G. W. R.; of FORD and JACKSON, 36, Canon-street, Lon- don; or MB. DOWSEY, Quay, Waterford. Through Fares London to Waterford, 60s., 46s., and 30s.; Intermediate Stations in Proportion. Milford Haven to Waterford, 12s. 6d., 10s., and 7a. 6d Sea Passage 70 miles. PASSAGE d614 & UPWARDS. 'MERSEY" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS ba ling from Liverpool on the 26th of every Month. For MELBOURNE, Forwaring Passengers to GBELONG, ADBLAIDB, STDKBY, AC. JO. PACKET of the TWENTY-FIFTH APRIL. The splendid new Clipper Ship •danofiv EAGLE SPEED, S. D. FULLER, Commander; 2000 tons burthen, now on her second voyage, is one of the most magnificent ships that has ever been laid on for the Australian Colonies, has nine feet height between decks, and is almost identical in model and arrangements to the celebrated ship Sunshine belonging to this line. For Tvruas of Passage apply to EDMUND THOMPSON Drury Buildings, Water-street, Liverpool; or to TITUS JONES, Auctioneer, Merthyr; JAMES GAWN, Auctioneer; Aberdare; or to G. W. JONES & CO., Ship Brokers, Newport. N.B.-To insure punctuality in sailing, passengers must embark on the 23rd, and tickets will be dated the 24th, on which day she will finally clear with the emigration agent. I STEAM TO a NEW YORK. THE GLASGOW AND NEW YORK STEAM-SHIP COMPANY'S powerful and fast-sailing Steam-Shipg Tons. Horse power. Commander. EDINBURGH, 2197 460 W. Gumming NEW-YORK, 2050 400 R. Craig GLASGOW, 1962 400 J. Duncan Are intended to Sail from GLASGOW to NEW YORK unless prevented by any unforeseen circumstance), EDIHBUBGH Wednesday, 8th April NBW-YOBK Wednesday, 6th May GLASGOW .„ Wednesday, 20th May EDIXBUBOH Wednesday. 3rd June Cabin Passage, 15 Guineas, including Provisions, but not Wines or Liquors, which will be supplied on board at moderate rates. A limited number of Steerage Passengers will be taken at 8 Guineas, supplied with provisions of good quality, properly cooked. Carries A Surgeon. Apply to MATTHEW LAHGLASDS, 6, St. Enoch-square Glasgow, or to LANGTEYS and Co., Water-street, Liverpool. S. P. KERNICK, Chemist, Duke-street, and James street CARDIFF, AGENT for HORNIMAN-S PURE TEA, in PACKETS. —THE LEAF NOT COLOURED.—Dr. SCOFFEBN, iu bit valuable work On Food Adulterations," remarks, at pane 423 The best Tea I can find is that imported by the Mescr*. Horniraan; its unattractive appearance mani- (eats it to be what it piofesses. Tea which has been sub. fected to no kind of outward embeUithment—< manifesta- tion which its delicious iiavour sufficiently confirms." "The Chinese will not use Coloured Tea; yet to enable the brown worthless leaves to be passed off with the best, they face' with dry colours most sent to Engtand.Puliam.ntuy Enquiry. ,I Food Adul- teration," TIMES, July 19. r- 1 HORNIMAN & CO'S. PURE TEA, The una) fine sorts, buttlieleaf »otc.<vrered with colour Thus is secured rich full-fla- JlF :5i^jprpW*'S vou red Tea, for when not coat- Ta t M "ed with dry powders, any value- withered leaves, so fatal to goodj A>vour, are seen and g'-j- l -lfi jjpSIThe Lancet Sanitary Report (Longman's), page 318, states, We flnd 'hese Teas Pure; the HOKNtMAKs TH WAitvjiousFs. Green, not being brightened **> Wormwood s,Cit,. with Prussian Blue, is a dull olive, and the leaf of the Black is not intensely dark." Their good quality has bi-ouglit them into universal demand. Agents throughout the Kingdom. Packages from 2oz. to lib. nett, at 3J. 8d., 4s,, 4J. 8J. per lb. AGENTS: 1 ABERAVON Evan Evaos ABERDARE Jones, Commercial-terrace; Thomas ABERVSTWITH Jones, Pier-street ABERGAVENNY Gosdeo.late Hurst; Watkios, Hiuh-st ABEHSVCHAN Wood, Stamp Office BRYNMAWB PLW.,N Broe.; George and Son BRISTOL Ferris and Co., Union-street BRIDGEND Leython, Stamp Office CWMAVON Davies COWBRIDGE Thomas, High-street CARDIFF KERNICK, 23. Duke-strset, and 42 James-street, Bute Docks Ditto. JAMKS, 281, Bute-street CHEPSTOW C. Hodgson Taylor COLEFORD Hough; Williams GLOUCESTER Fouracre, Cross HIBWAIN Loeridge (late Sims) LONDON Powell, 80, Corohill LYDNEY Hathaway MONMOUTH Farior; Bowen; Cossena MEBTHYR Kealan; Willms, High street NEATH Hutchins, Wind-street NFWPOBT" Cherry, 41, Commercial-street Ditto Battershill,371, CommrciaKatreet PONTYPRIDD Bassett, Post Office PONTYPOOL Wood, Stamp Office SWANSEA Wilson, Castle-square TREDEGAR Crowe, Post Office USK Edwarda NO more Pills, nor any other Medicine, for Indigestion (dyspepsia) Irregularity of the Intestines, Constipation, Flatulency, Acidity, Palpitation of the Heart, Torpidity of the Liver, bilious Headaches, Nervousness, Biliousness, General Debility, Consumption, Despondency, Spleen, &c., Price 2d., or 3d. post free 102 Edition of the NATURAL REGENERATOR OF THE DIGESTIVE ORGANS," without Pills, purgatives, or medicines of any kind, by a simple, pleasant, aud infallible means adapted to the general reader, Supported by testimonials from the celebrated Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Andrew Ure Dr. Shorland Dr. Harvey; Dr. Campbell; Dr. Gattiker; Dr. Wtirter; Dr. Ingram Lord Stuart de Decies; the Dowager Countess of Castle, stuart; Major-Gen. Thomas King, and many other respect- able persons, whose health has been restored by it, after all other means of cure had failed. London Barry Du Barry & Co., 77, Regent-slreet. ..1 ,3 t- GRAND EVENING CONCERT. ASSEMBLY ROOMS, NEW TOWN HALL. MR. J. H. R1GHT0N respectfully announces that bis CONCERT will U** place on THURSDAY EVENING APRIL 23rd, 1857, under the following noble awl distinguished Patronage:—I THE MOST NOBLE THE MARCHIONESS OF BUTfe LADY MORGAN, I C. K. KEMBYS TYNTB. ESQ. SIR CHARLES MORGAN, BART. R. F. JBNNKB, ESQ. T. W.BOOKER BLAKEMORE, ESQ., M.P. N. E. VAUGHAN, ESQ. HO.NBLE. ROBT. CLIVE, M.P., UEUT.-COL. STUART. VOCALISTS — MADAME CLARA NOVELLO, MR. LOCXEY. MR. W. II. V ElSS, FLUTE SIGNOR PAGGI. CONDUCTOR (Grand Piano-Forte) MR. J. H. RIGHTON. To give effect to the various Concerted Pieces a select number of Instrumentalists, comprising the Principal Performers from the Bath Concerts, ue Engaged. Doors open at Seven o'Clock, the Concert to commence at Eight. Reserved Seats (Numbered) 10s. 6d. Second Seats (also Numbered) • 7s. 6d. Tickets and Places may be obtained from, and the Plan of the Room be seen at, Mr. J. H. RIGHTON'S Music Rooms, 74, Crocklierbtown. Applications may be made, and information received at Mr. BIRD'S, Duke-street, and Miss HOWBLL'S Library, St. Mary-street. UNION ROAD NURSERY, CARDIFF. 4 W. TRESEDER BEGS to inform the Gentry and public generally of Cardiff and its Vicinity, Hut Jwing engaged an efficient Propagator of FLORIST'S FLOWERS, he is enabled to OFFER FOR SALE a CHOICE COLLECTION of the under- mentioned,-comprising DAHLIAS, Fancy and Bedding GERANIUMS, Scarlet, HYBRED, and variegated VERBENAS, FUCHIAS, PETUNIAS, CALCEOLARIAS, PHLOX PANSIER HOLLY HOCK, SALIAS, CUPHEAS, NEREIM, BERGIAS, Ac., with a large selection of HERBACIOUS and ROCK PLANTS, together with a general GREENHOUSE and NURSERY STOCK. Choice Bouquets on Sale. Priced Catalogues will shortly be ready. GRIFFITH PHILLIPS, CHEMIST, ic., BEGS to return his sincere and grateful thanks to his Friends and the Public for their liberal Patronage an > Support during a period of Twenty-five Years, and to Solicit a continuance of their Favors for his Successor Mr. F. W. JOY, who has received superior advantages in acquiring a practical and perfect knowledge of his Business in all its Branches. 17, DUBE-STBHHT' CARDIFF- F. W. JOY, I v PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, IN announcing that he has SUCCEEDED to the BUSINESS hitherto carried on by Mr. GRIFFITH PHILLIPS, begs to Solicit a continuance of the Patronage so long bestowed on his Predecessor, aud trusts that, by personal attention and promptness, and the Selection of the PUREST DRUGS and CHEMICALS he may be enabled to secure a large proportion of their conlidenceand support, and that of the Public generally Physicians' Prescriptions faithfully prepared. Gac line Patent Medicines and Perfumery. P R 0 8 8 E R A N i) EVANSI .h. (Successors to William Williams J IMPORTERS OF FOREIGN WINES AND SPIRITS -*• ..r BEER AND PORTER BREWERS, MALTSTERS AND HOP MERCHANTS, OLD BREWERY, CARDIFF. GOATS OF AVSS* w MAY BE OBTAINED AT D. RICHARDS, 12, HIGH STREET, CARDIFF, SOLE AGENT in CARDIFF for H. J. and D. NICOLL, REGENT STREET, LONDON. TO BUILDERS, CONTRACTORS, & OTHERS. MARBLE AND SLATE WORKS, BUTE STREET, (NEAR THE RAILWAY BRIDGE,) CARDIFF. D A V I S BKOTIIERS BEG to thank the Builders, Contractors, and others, for the liberal support which, ever since their -commencement of Business, has been so kindly extended to them, and to inform them that they have now REMOVED from NORTH STREET to more convenient Premises in BUTE STREET, near the Railway Bridge, where they have a Large Stock in MARBLE CHIMNEY PIECES, also Shte, Plain and Enamelled; Cisterns, Mangers, Slate Paving, Hearth Stones, and Door Steps. All kinds of Marble and Slate Work executed by steam power on the Premises. Manufacturers of Patent Slate Ridges. A Large Stock of Roofing Slates of all sizes. W. T D I x TAILOR AND BREECHES MAKER, 132, HIGH STREET, CHELTENHAM, AT the solicitation of several of his customers in South Wales, io order to prevent the necessity and inconvenience of coming to Cheltenham, has taken the SHOP, 22, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF, Next Door to the Angel Hotel,) lately occupied by Messrs. Lowder and Son, Ironmongers, and has OPENED it with a Large and New Assortment of WOOLLEN CLOTHS, TROUSERINGS, WAISTCOATINGS HOSIERY, SHIRTS, GLOVES, &c. PROFESSOR OF LIVERIES AND LADIES' RIDING HABITS. £ "O « O fcl I 8 S H 2 3 3 • S 5 8 tt « I « i 3 3 Is £ OMOH3cia>'e° £ .d d2! tS jj H fl H V •OM £ o £ T; r- a 2 A 3 0 a 0 £ 8 ? THE CARDIFF & SOUTH WALES PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. SHARES, jMO EACH; ENTRANCE FEE, 2s. TRUSTEES. SYDNEY D. JENKINS, Esq., Mayor of Cardiff. I JAMES S. BATCHELOR, Esq., Ship-builder, Cardiff. CLEMENT LUCAS, Esq., Manager of the West of England Bank, Cardiff. DIRECTORS. WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Esq. I Mr. SAMUEL LOWDER HENRY BOWEN, Esq. I SAMUEL WALLACE, Esq. JOHN CORY, Esq, T GEORGE SOUTH, Esq. WILLIAM FOWLER, Esq. | (With power to add to their number.) SOLICITOB. | SUBVBYOKS. Mr. STEPHENS I Messrs. HARTLAND & SON ? RANKERS. THE WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES DISTRICT BANK COMPANY. SECRETARIES. Messrs. CHAPMAN BROTIIERS) Accountants, Guildhall Chambers, Cardiff. TN framing the Rules and Tables of this Society, care has been taken to make it available to all Classes, and while •f "g R safe and profitable investment for the Trading and Industrial Classes, to found it on such a basis as will ensure its stability and success. In no commercial enterprise is the maxim, "Union is power," more fully developed than in Societies of this nature, where numerous Subscriptions, individually too small for profitable investment, form a staple and rapidly increasing i* und, which the Directors are enabled to apply usefully and profitably among the Members. The Monthly Subscriptions range from 4s. 3d. a Share, according to their duration, but there are other modes of investment, which may be learnt on application. The next meeting for the receipt of Subscriptions will like place on MONDAY, the 6th of April, between the hours of 7 and 9 o'clock in the Evening, at the Secretaries' Ofioe, Guildhall Chambers, Cardiff, where Copies of the Rules and every particular may be obtained at any time, SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. EASTER HOLIDAYS. RETURN TICKETS WILL be issued at all the Stations on the SOUTH rV WALES, GREAT WESTERN, and VALE OF NEATH RAILWAYS, on THURSDAY, APEIL 9th, 1867, available for the Return Journey until the following Tuesday, the 14th April, inclusive. On GOOD FRIDAY the Trains will run as on Sundays. No Goods or Mineral Trains will run on Good Friday. By Order, FREDERICK CLARKE. Swansea, 34th March, 1857. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. rE Directors of this Company are prepared to receive Ten- ders for Loans, upon the Security of the Company'* Mort- gage Debenture Bonds, for periods not exceeding five »f*rs— bearing interest at the rate of £ 4 10s. Od; per Cent, per tluutuii, to meet Debentures falling due. Applications to be addressed to the undersigned,— By Order, ooiws-, FRED. G. SAUNDERS, South Wales Railway Company, SWSEIAIT. 10, Eastbourne Terrace, Padding ton, W. March 20th, 1867. MONMOUTHSHIRE RAILWAY & CANAL COMPANY ;C5 PER CENT. PREFERENTIAL 930 SHARES. THE Committee of Management are prepared to receive applications for the Shares not yet issued. These Shares are entitled in priority of any Dividend on the ordinary Shares of the Company, to Interest in perpetuity at the rate of £5 per centum per annum, payable half-yearly. The full amouut of any Shares allotted may be paid. By order of the Committee, GEORGE HARRISON, Chief Clerk. Newport, Monmouthshire, 25th March, 1857. LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE RAILWAY. TENDERS FOR RAILS. THE Directors of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company are prepared to receive TENDERS for the SUPPLY of from 3000 to 4000 Tons of IRON RAILS. Application to be made to this Office for Specification, Form _I of Tender, and other particulars. By order, WILLIAM S. LAWN. Secretary. Secretary's Office, Manchester, 30th March, 1857. 1- PURSUANT to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery p made in a Cause Bassett against Key." All Persons CLAIMING to be CREDITORS of ELIAS BASSETT,, late of Lantwit-Major, in the County of Glamorgan, Gentle- man, Deceased, the Testator in the proceedings named, who died in or about the month of April, 1856, are by their Solici- tors, on or before the 3rd day of APRIL, 1857, to come in and prove their Debts at the Chambers of the Vice-Chancellor SIR RICHARD TORIN KINDERSLEY, No. 3, Stone Buildings, Chancery Lane, in the County of Middlesex, or in default thereof they will be peremptorily excluded from the benefit of the said Decree. THUBSDAY, the 16th day of APRIL, 1857, at 12 o'Clock at Noon, at the said Chambers, is appointed for hearing and ad- judicating upon the said Debts or Claims. FREDK. ERS. EDWARDS, ? • Chief Clerk. THOMAS WESTALL, 3, South Square, Gray's Inn, Plaintiff's Solicitor. NEWSPAPERS. THE TUniS, with impressed Stamp, sent to all parts of the A country, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon the same day as published, at 21s. per quarter; Unstamped, 17s.; Second Day, 13s; by JOHN WILD, News Agent and Publisher, 46, Hart- street, Covent Garden, Strand.—P.O. orders payable Charing Cross. ESTABLISHED 1809. ALL the LONDON NEWSPAPERS regulatty supplied by the Morning, Evening, and Foreign Mails, to all parts of the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and Foreign Coun- tries. ADVERTISEMENTS INSERTED IN ALL THE LONDON AND COUNTRY NEWSPAPERS. "THE EVENING MAIL," particularly adap;ed for resi- dents in the Country, published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evening, containing the Leading Articles of the Times, the Corn and Cattle Markets, with the latest news up the hour of publication. Subscription per half year, 32s. 6d. advance, or 36s. credit: Post office Orders to be made payable at the General Post- office, St. Martin's-le-Grand. A List for 1857, with politics, days of publication, &c., sent gratis on application. WM. DAWSON & SONS, NEWSPAPER AND ADVERTISING OFFICES, ABCHURCH YARD, & 74, CANOX-STEEKT, CITY, LONDON, E.C. Country Booksellers Supplied. HARRIS'S IMPROVED PATENT SELF-ACTING STEAM PURIFIERS. THE great desideratum for successfully preventing deposits in Steam Engine Cylinders, which has baffled the scientific, although it has been a subject of such moment, and has occupied for years the attention of the most eminent machinists is now successfully at work at Plymouth Iron Works, Merthyr-Tydfil, and Brymbo Iron Works, Denbighshire, effectually separating the water and mud from the steam, giving the greatest satis- faction. The Purifier can be let in any part of the steam pipes or on the boiler, and it will occupy but little room. The sav- ing by the Steam Purifiers is proved to be upwards of 30 per cent. in tallow, oil, packing, &c., aud 25 per cent. in fuel, to say nothing of the wear and tear of machinery. For any engine, under two hundred horse-power, the cost will not exceed L15 for the apparatus to be set to work, and can be done in twenty- four hours. Licenses will be granted to parties who may wish to manu- facture for themselves, or the Patentee will furnish them on reasonable terms suitable to engines of any size, either locomo- tive or stationary, and send them to any part of the kingdom. For Testimonials or other Particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM ROBERTS, Chief Engineer, Brymbo Iron Works, near Wrex- ham. I Patentee, T. HARRIS, Engineer, Rhymney Brewery, Mon- mouthshire. GLENFIELI) PATENT STARCH, USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY. THE LADIES are respectfully informed that this STABCH is EXCLUSIVELY USED in the ROYAL LAUNDRY, and Her MAJESTY'S LAUNDRESS says, that although she has tried WHKATBJJ RICE, and other POWDER STARCHES, she has found none of them equal to the GLEN FIELD, which is the FINEST STARCH SHE EVER USED. WOTHERSPOON & CO., GLASGOW AND LONDON. E- AND T. BIRD "» ■; ARE SELLING TAPESTRY CAR PET S At 2s. lOld, and 3s. per yard. BEST BRUSSELS, At 3s. 9d. and 4s. 3d. per yard. PATENT FELT CARPETS. At Is. lOd. and 2s. lOd. per yard. DAMASKS, MUSLIN CURTAINS, SHEETINGS, QUILTS AND COUNTERPANES, &c., &c., All reduced, in consequence of an extensive Alteration in their Premises. 27 AND 29, CORN-STREET, BRISTOL. I WM. LUKE EVANS, FAMILY CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, (Member of the PharmaeemHcal Society of Grctat Britain, CORNER OF CHURCH STREET, CARDIFF. W r RTFF?TH ^maT Toffthc Iietir?mc°t of Mr- IT • (IKIFR^llll PHILLIPS for returning his heartfelt thanks to his Friends for the very kind and liberal support given to him during the Fourteen Years he has been established in the above Business, and he tracts that, by carrying out the same Personal supervision, not only to merit a continuance of those FAVOURS, but also to secure the commands of those of the Public illy who have not hitherto patronized him. .suicy for a Respectable YOUTH as an APPRENTICE AGENT for the "IMPERIAL" Fnnr OFFICE. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. WILLIAM WOODS, PLUMBER, &c., tNO. 6, WORKING STREET, CARDIFF. W WOODS respectfully informs the Inhabitants of Cardiff • AND the Neighbourhoood, that he has REMOVED from his old-established Shop to the above eligible premises, where he hopes to enjoy a continuance of the support so liberally bestowed upon him, and for which he begs to tender his best acknowledgments. Working-street, Cardiff, March, 1857. TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, IRON MASTERS CONTRACTORS, FARMERS, & OTHERS. PARFITT and JENKINS (late F. CATLEUGH), HAYES FOUNDRY, CAEDIFF, Engineers, Millwrights, and Agricultural Implement Makers, beg to inform the above Gentlemen that they have the Foundry now in working order, and all orders entrusted to their care will be executed promptly and in a superior fixauoer. MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, 1 SURGEON DENTIST, OF No. 7, PAEK-BTEKKT, BRISTOL, ATTENDS periodically (as for the last ten years) at NEWPORT, the First WEDNESDAY, and at CARDIFF the following TSUBSDAY in every Month, when he may be consulted on all cases relating to his profession. Mr. YOUNG'S next visit will occur as follows:- NEWPORT-At Mr. WANSBROUGH'S, Plumber, Commer- cial-street, WEDNESDAY, May the 6th. CARDIFF-At Mrs. WILLIAMS'S, No. 64, Crockherbtown, THURSDAY, May the 7th. JAMES AND PRICE, AGENTS FOR HENRY DOULTON & CO.'S DRAIN PIPES. A LARGE STOCK OF PIPES, CLOSET PANS,* SYPHON TRAPS, &C., always kept on hand. Ten- ders given for large orders. Apply to Messrs. JAMES and PRICB, Land and Estate Office, East Wharf, Cardiff, TEETH. C. W. GAY BEGS to inform the Inhabitants of MEKTHYB and Neigh- bourhood that he still continues to supply ARTIFICIAL TEETH of every description. The Mineral Teeth are not only highly Ornamental, but con- ducive to health, in materially assisting Mastication, Ac., and are very durable. They cannot be surpassed—exactly re- sembling Natural Teeth, and are inserted without the least pain. Children's Teeth Regulated. Extracting, Scaling, Stopping, &c., and all operations apper- taining to Dental Surgery perfoimed with the greatest care. Galvanism and Electricity applied medically the most cer- tain Remedies in all cases of Rheumatism, Paralysis, Sciatica, Nervousness, &c. The Apparatus supplied on moderate terms. Genuine Drugs and Chemicals; Perfumery; Horse and Cattle Medicines; Oils, Paints, Colours, and Varnishes. Elastic Stockings for Varicose Veins, Knee Caps, and Band- ages of every description made to order. C. W. GAY, CHEXIST AND DBCGGIST, High-street, Market-square, Merthyr TYDRIL NOVELLO'S CENTENARY EDITIONS of the ORATO N RIOS (complete). THE WHOLE SERIES NOW REDUCED to Is. 6d. or 2s. each, Messiah, Creation, Judas, Israel in Egypt, Samson, Solomon, Jephtha, Jtwhua, Dehorah, Saul, Alexander's Feast, all 2s. each. Dcttingell and Zadock (iu one), Acis, and Ode to St. Cecilia's Day, Is. 6d. each.. Men- delssohn's :-1. Paul, 2s Hymn of Praise, 2s., 42ad Psalm, Is. Mozart's Twelfth and Requiem Mass, Haydn's Third Mass (with E. Holmes' Critical Essays), and Beethoven's Mass inC, 2s. each. Beethoven's Engedi (Mount of Olives), Rossini's Stabat Mater and Romberg's Lay of the Bell, Is. 6d. each. All in Vocal Score, with Accompaniment by V ISCENT NovELLO The above work- may be had, bound in cloth, from 3s. to 4s. each. Prospectuses and specimen pages gratis. J. A. Novello, 69, Dean-street, Soho, London (W.) ESTABLISHED 1812. TURNIP MANURE. THIS valuable Fertilizer has been used for the last twelve years with gre3t success by most of the eminent Agricul- turists throughout England, and stands unrivalled in the weight and quality of the bulbi; which it produces; it is, besides, especially beneficial to the Grain Crops which follow, while Clover is rarely found to fail after the first application. Some of the CrolJs lJroJnceJ by this Manure last year weighed up- wards of Thirty Tons per Acre. POTATOE, (mASS, BARLEY, CLOVER, AND WHEAT MANURES. Also PERUVIAN GUANO, BONES, & SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, Warranted of the best quality, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS of every description, with all the latest Improvements. Apply to H. & T. PROCTOR, CATHAY, BRISTOL. Branch Establishments. Birmingham, Edmonscote, Wunviek and Saltney near Chester. Agent: Mr. JOHN GAESED, Jun., the Moorlands, near Cowbridge. N.B.—A Pamphlet on MANURES," their Properties and Application, forwarded on Receipt of 12 Postage Stamps. NELSON STREET PUT TABLE GLASS WORKS \J AND GILT CHIMNEY GLASS MANUFACTORY, BRISTOL. MARK BOWDEN & COMPANY Have pleasure in informing their numerous Cuatomen and the Public throughout the United liingdom, India, America, Australia, and elsewhere, that tbey have added FOUR MORK SHOW ROOMS to their ESTABLISHMENT, which are open to Inspection and tor the Sale of CUT GLASS CHANDELIERS and BRACKETS. CUT GLASS LUSTRES aud VASES. CUT TABLE GLASS, for Noblemen or Trademen. GILT CHIMNEY GLASSES, from 24.. each. GILT OVAL MIRRORS, from 6s. each. GILT GIRANDOLE GLASSES, at VARIES* Prices. ROSEWOOD CHIMNEY GLASSES,from 12s. each. BEDROOM LOOKING GLASSES, from2t.6d.etch. BOWDEN's MULTIPLYING MIRRORS, with LOOK- ING GLASS, from IR. each. ORNAMENTAL HALL LAM PS, for Oil or Gas. PATENT GAS REFLECTORS, give a fcrilliaot light. ELECTRO-PLATED CRUET FRAMES, with Cut Glass. ELECTRO PLATED LIQUOR FRAMES, with Cut Glaa* FRENCH SHADES and STANDS, from 6d. each. GLASS SHADES aod GLOBES, for Gas and Oil. CONFECTIONERS' SHOW GLASSES, from 8d. per lb FERN SHADES and STANDS, fitted up from 201. each GLASS AQUARIUM CASES, from 25F. each. HORTICULTURAL GLASSES, in every variety. BOWDEN'S BRILLIANT CUT & ECCLESIASTICAL ORNAMENTAL WINDOW GLASS, &c.,&c. WHOLBSALK, RETAIL, AND FOR EXPORTATION. Terms strictly Cash and no Credit. MARK BOWDEN and COMPANY. O" Everybody is invited to visit the SHOW ROOMS, in NELSON-STREET.