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THE NEW PARLIAMENT. MEMBERS RETURNED. The country having been appealed to by Lord Palmer- ston to decide between him and the late House of Com- mons upon the question of the Chinese hostilities, we have distinguished the members returned in this part of the kingdom as Ministerial and Opposition according to their declared opinions upon that subject. The names 01 the late. members who have lost their seats, or have not presented themselves for re-election, are marked with an asterisk (*). Places and Representatives. Minis. Opposi. ANGLESEA Sir R. Bulkeley 1 BATH Sir A. H. Elton 1 Mr. Tit'e ..1 Mr. Tite. 1 *Capt. Scobell (O.) BEAUMARIS Mr. W. O. Stanley 1 ♦Lord G. Paget (M.).. BRIDGWATER Colonel TJnle I Mr. Kinglake 1 *Mr. B. S. Follett(0., BRISTOL. Mr. Langton I Mr. H. Berkeley 1 BARNSTAPLE Sir W. Frazet ] Mr. Laurie I BEWDLEY Sir T. Winuington 1 BRECON Colonel Watkins 1 CARDIFF Colonel Stuart 1 •Mr. W. Coffin (M.) CARDIGAN Mr. E. P. Pryae ] *Mr. L. Davies (0.) CARMARTHEN Mr. D. Morris I CARNARVON. Mr. B. Hughes 1 CHELTENHAM Capt. F. W. Berkeley 1 CHIPPENHAM Captain Boldero 1 Air. R. P. Nisbet 1 CIBBNCESTER Mr. Mulling* 1 Hou. Mr. Bathurst 1 DaNBIGn DISTRICT Mr. Manwaritig I DEVIZES Mr. Taylor 1 Mr. Griffiths 1 BvBsaAM Sir H. Willoughby .1 Mr. Holland 1 Mr. Divett 1 Mr. Gard 1 *Sir J. T. B. Dueku orlh (O.) RALIIOUTH Mr. S. Gurney 1 Mr. F. Baring 1 *Mr. Howe I Gwvn (().) "Mr. Fresiitieid (O.) PtlNT Sir J. Hanmer ^UOME Mr. D. Nichotl 1 GLOCBSTER Alderman Sir R. Carden 1 Mr. Price 1 .Admiral Berkeley (M.) HAVBRFORDWEST.. Mr. Phillipps ] HEREFOKD Mr. G. Clive 1 Mr. H. M. Clifford 1 HONITON Mr. J. Locke 1 Major Wortley 1 KIDDERMINSTBR Mr. Lowe 1 LONDON CITY Lord J. Russell 1 Buro:> Rothschild I Buro:> Rothschild I Mr. R. W. Crawfoid 1 I Sir J. Duke 1 *.VIr. Maaterman (VI.) ^MINGXON Sir J. R. Camac 1 Mr. A. Nlat-kiiinon 1 ♦Mr. 15. J, Hutchins (M.) LEOMINSTER Mr. Q. I-lllrcfy 1 Mr. H. Willoughby.. 1 LUDLOW Hon. P. Herbert. 1 Mr. Botfield 1 MERTHYR TYDVIL Mr. H. A. Bruce 1 MONMOUTH Mr. C. Uuiley 1 Lieut.-Col. Somerset 1 MONTGOMERY Mr. D. Pugh •• 1 Sir J. Owen 1 RADNOR. Sir G. C. Lewis 1 ^WANSBA Mr. Dillwyn 1 STROUD Mr. Horsman. 1 Mr. G. P. Scrope 1 TAUNTON Mr. Labouchere 1 Mr. A. Mills 1 *Sir J. Ramsden (M.) TIVERTON Lord Palmerston 1 Mr. Heathcoat 1 t»URO. Mr. A. Smith 1 Mr. B. Williams 1 01 ti- oi *Mr. H. H Vivian (M.) *Mr. J. E Vivian (O.) *BWKHSBURY Hon. Mr. Lygon 1 • Mr. J. Martin I WELLS, Mr. Hayter 1 Captain Jolliffe 1 WORCESTER .» Mr. Laslett-. 1 Mr. O. Ricardo 1 COUNTIES. ANQLCTEA Sir R. Bulkeley I ■^TfRSHiRE Lord J. Stuart 1 ♦Sir J Ferguson (O.) BUTESHIRE Mr. J. A. S. Wortley.. 1 BRECONSHIRE. Sir J. Bailey I CARDIGANSHIRE Lord Lisburne 1 ■varmartubnsiiire Mr. D. Jones 1 ,c Mr. D. S. Davies 1 ,.ARI,A8VONSHIRB Hon. Colonel. Pennant. 1 ^▼ON, SOUTH Sir J. Y. Buller 1 Mr. L. Palk 1 ^•O'STER, EAST.. Mr. Holford 1 SirC. W. Codrington. 1 ^LO'STEP, WKST Mr. Rolt 1 Colonel Kingscote 1 ♦Mr. R. B. Hall (0.) "ERBFORDSHIRB Sir H. G. Cotterell 1 Mr. Blfikemore 1 Mr. K. King 1 Hdt ,"AU& *Hon. C. Hanbury (0.) ^JBRioneTHsniRE, Mr. W. W. E. Wynne 1 1ONMOUTHSIIIRE.. Mr. C. O. S. Morgan .1 1.1 Lt.-Col. E. A. Somerset I MONTGOMERYSHIRE Lt.-Col. H.W.W.Wynn 1 EMBROKhSHiRE.. Lord Emlvn 1 RADNORSHIRE Sir J. B. Walsh. 1 Atop, SOUTH. Lord Newport 1 •o Hon. R. W. Clive .1 ■^hropshirb,NORTH Mr. J. W. Dod 1 Mr. Hill i <o ♦Mr. IV. O. Gore (O.) ^ERSET, WEST.. Mr. Moody 1 iy Mr. H. Langton 1 JTTS, NORTH Mr. Long I ■«y Mr.T. H. S. Eelcourt 1 °RCESTER, EAST Captain ltushout L Ty Mr. J. H. Foley 1 °RCESTER, WEST Lord Elmley 1 Mr. R. W. Knight



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