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$ Crwelir felly mai Disgybl i'r Awdwr yw y goreu, ac y mae yn wir deilwng o'r wobr. [Y goreu oedd Mr. -J. H. Phillips, Holloway.1 Traethaivd Y Pedwerydcl Gorchymyn." Dau draethawd, yn dwyn y ffugenwau Y Gwir yn erbyn y byd" a "Matilda," a dderbyniwyd, ac y mae'r ddau yn Seisneg. Matilda. This competitor has sent in a fairly good essay. It aims at nothing great or original; but it is simple, clear, and, on the whole, well written. There is a want of proportion-the introduction is "too long for so short an essay. Several phase3 of the subject are also left unnoticed. At the same time, the essay is a promising attempt, and shows some amount of reading and labour on the part of the writer. Y Gwir yn erbyn y byd. This is a much abler Loroduction-better conceived and better executed. The writer seems from the first to know what he has to do, and he does not deviate from his purpose until 3ie concludes a very thoughtful and a very well- written essay. If this essay is really the work of an .author under 21 years of age, it is a great credit to him, and contains the promise of a great future. Y Gwir yn erbyn y byd is by far the best and is well worthy of the prize. [Winner, Miss Annie Williams, Holloway.] ~u The advantages and disadvantages of London life to the Welsh. Derbyniwyd pedwar 0 draethodau i'r gystadleu- aeth hon, ac y mae yn dda genyf ddyweyd fod hon yn gystadleuaeth ardderchog iawn. Syn yw meddwl hefyd nad oes gymaint ag un wedi ysgrifenu yn Gym- -i'aeer. Fel v canlvn v saif nethau:— 1. Observer. This is but a, short essay; at the same time it is full of keen observation. It is very good as far as it goes, and is written in a beautiful style but it is too sketchy and so lacks in completeness of .treatment. 2. Optimist. This competitor has sent in a very impressive essay it is not so able and exhaustive as some of the other essays but there is something about it that does one's heart good in reading it. It is original and full of valuable hints. I only wish I could give Optimist the prize. 3. The Fruits of Meditation and Experience. This is a wonderfully able treatise. The writer has entered fully into his subject, has looked at it from all points, and has given us an eminently practical and mas- terly essay. It is worth a great deal more than the prize offered. 4. Gwromdewch y cHwy ochr. This again is a very elaborate production and a very able and thoughtful essay throughout. The conception is good, and it is well worked out by a masterly hand. The writer has a clear insight into the subject, and shows a wonder- ful power of analysis. He has evidently written, not for the sake of the prize, but for the love of the !'In 'hi Af' r. The two essays bearing the nom de plumes of The Fruits of Meditation and Experience and" Gwran- dewch y ddwy ochr" are far abler and better com- positions than those sent in by" Observer" and Optimist," though these latter are by no means weak. The two best ones, though very different in' style and treatment, are so equal in merit, that I cannot decide between them. The prize must, there- Sore, be divided between The Fruits of Meditation and Experience and Gwrandewch y ddwy ochr." [Rhanwyd rhwng Meistri 0. M. Williams a J. H. .Phillips, Holloway.] Ydwyf yn bur, JOHN E. DAVIES.