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London Welsh Rugby Football Club. GRAND SMOKING CONCERT WILL BE HELD ON A MONDAV, MAY 459 1902, At the Freemasons' Tavern, Little Queen Street, W.C. COMMENCING AT 8. Chairman = D. II. EVANS, Esq. m The following Artistes have already promised to appear (Engagements permitting). VOCALISTS. Sentimental. Mr. J. C. Taylor Mr. Whitworth Mitton Mr. Bert Karno Mr Ivor Foster • Mr. Alfred Mitchell Mr. John Sandbrook Mr. Harry Vincent Mr. Herbert Emlyn Elocution. Mr. Chas. Coram Mr. Geo. Haddon Humorous. Mr. R. A. Davies Mr. Ted Lacey 1 Mr. T. P. Lewis Mr. Harry Symonds Dr. Pryce Jenkins Mr. Will Styles Violin: Mr. Philip Lewis Mr. Dave Shurlock Accompanist: Mr. Merlin Morgan Admission by Ticket, 2/- and 1/- Tickets and any further information can be obtained from the Secretary of the Club or from ) J. D. WILLIAMS, 94, Richmond Road, Barnsbury, N. Great Western & Metropolitan Dairies. ILIMITED, :With which are amalgamated the Great Western Farm Dairies Company, Ltd. And the Metropolitan and Suburban Milk Supply Association, Limited. J. P. HODDINOTT") WILLIAM PRICE > Managing Directors. J. HOPKINS ) Head Office- 9, Harrow Road, Paddington Branch Office- 169, WALMER ROAD, NOTTING HILL, and at G.W.R., PADDINGTON, L. & N.W.R., KILBURN and EUSTON; G.C.R., MARYLEBONE Analyst: Professor A. W. STOKES, F.I.O., F.O. This Company is in a position to supply Dairymen in any part of London with first-class Dairies well- cooied Milk in large or small quantities at reasonable prices. Wholesale Vans to all Parts of London and Suburbs twice daily. For a SUPPLY of GUARANTEED PURE MILK apply as above. Telephone- No. 229 Paddington and No. 199 Paddington. Telegraphic Address—" Farmership, London." I T. R. THOMAS & Co., I DAIRY AGENTS & VALUERS, 143, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. (Near Somerset House). Telegraphio Address—" CYMREIG, LONDON NEAR CITY. 30 barns daily 4d., less 3 barns to large customers at 3d. and 3:td. and taking 928 per week in the shop, 3 compact pram rounds, hand- somely fitted shop, nice house with yard, stabling &c., rent zC45, subletting 630, any trial offered I before paying deposit. Price 61000. SOUTH WEST. Elaborately fitted shop, marble, tiles, mirror &c., 9 roomed house, with fine dairy, J yard, stabling &c., long lease, rent £55, retailing 25 barns daily at 4d. per quart, and £20 weekly in dairy produce, one compact round, smart cob, and cart, valuable inventory. Price £900. CLAPHAM. 18 barns daily 4d., counter trade £ 18 weekly, 2 compact pram rounds, pretty shop, nice house, main road position, rent £50, half let off, fullest investigation. Price 6GOO. PIMLICO. 16 barn gallons daily 4d £16 weekly indoors, 1 round, nicely fitted shop, good house, rent £ 44, part let off, long lease. Price 9-490. NORTH. 16 barns daily 4d., 1 pram round, and doing a genuine counter trade of 215 per week, nice shop and house, rent zC38, held on agreement with option of lease. Price £480. FULHAM. 11 barns daily 4d., shop trade ZCIO per week, pretty shop and house, rent £45, subletting £ 26. Price .6270.—HAMMERSMITH. Counter trade only, taking JS28 weekly £ 200.—BERMOND- SEY, shop trade, takings jE35 weekly, fine shop and house; £ 150—ELEPHANT & CASTLE, indoor trade, takings JE16 per week; £ 100.—WESTMINS- TER, 9 barns 4d., shop JE24 weekly £ 200.—S.E., 9 £ barns 4d., compact pram round, nice shop & house, rent £34, no taxes £ 180.—EAST, genuine old es- tablished business, 14 barns 4d., butter, eggs, bread &c., good premises, only £240. CHANGE OF ADDRESS MR. HENRY MORGAN* SURGEON DENTIST HAS REMOVED FROM NO. 34 TO No. to, TAVISTOCK PLACE, W.C SINGLE TEETH FROM 5/- A TOOTH. Complete Sets (Upper and Lower) from 4 EXTRACTIONS UNDER GAS AND ETHER SPRAY. CONSULTATIONS FREE. "Siaredir Cymraeg os yn fwy dymu noi.*T X Dyfodoim [,¡¡r Dymunir ar i ysgrifenyddion a threfnwyr y, gwahanol Gyfarfodydd anfon gwybodaeth yn brydlon am unrhyw gynulliad a fwriedir gynhal, er mwyn rhoddi hysbysrwydd amserol yn y golofn hon.] 1902. J E brill „ 27, 28. Eglwys St. Benet, Cyfarfodvdd Blynyddol. 30. Capel Clapham Junction, Cyfarfoa Dirwestol Arbenig. Mai „ 1. Capel Stratford, Eisteddfod GerddoroL „ 3. Cyfarfod Terfynol Undeb y Cymdeithasaw Diwylliadol. „ 3, 4, a'r 5. Cyfarfodydd Pregethu Blynydfiol Eldon Street, Moorfields. » 5. London Welsh F.C. Smoking Concert-, Freemason's Tavern, Little Queen St. Angraffwyd ganiGRELLIER a'i FAB, a Chyhoeddwyd gan Gwmni'r Cyhoeddwyr Cymreig Llundain (GytJ, yn 211, Gray's Inn Road. Wholesale Agents-A. C.|Munton,|9, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street. BARTLETT & Co., 10, Paternoster Square. EvERETT & Co., 3, Bell Buildings, Salisbury SS-.