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Monmouth Races.-,':!

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Monmouth Races. Stewards-The Earl of Annesley; Sir George Walker, bart., and Reginald Herbert, Esq. Judge and CWk of the Scales—Mr. T. Marshall. Starter—Mr. Starling, jun. These annual races opened on Thursday last. On the previous evening, the flow of visitors to the town was great; the hotels and inns being soon filled. The Duke of Beaufort, with a large company, arrived at Troy House late in the evening. The Cup-the great prize—given by His Grace, resem- bles a massive vase, in silver, with coverlid most ela- borately chased with a suitable inscription, standing about a foot high upon a block of ebony; and is, without exception, the most handsome piece of plate ever yet contested for at this meeting. The start for the first race was appointed for two o'clock, at which hour the company on the course and in the grand stand was more numerous than we haye witnessed on many preceding occasions; but the number of horses that shewed for each event, was not so numerous as might have been expected from the large entries. The arrangements were complete in every particular; entitling the Committee and especially the worthy Secretary, Henry Dyke, Esq.' to the greatest praise, Below are the results of the day's running :— THE COUNTY MEMBERS' PLATE A handicap ofjB30, given by O. Morgan, Esq., M.P., and Colonel Somerset, M.P., added to a sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, 2 forfeit to go to the fund, for two years old and upwards; a winner of any race after the declaration of the weights (Sept. 5, at 10 a.m.) to carry olbs. extra. The winner to pay 5 sovs. to the fund. One mile. (12 subscribers.) Betting-Even on Odine; 2 to 1 against the others. 3 started. Won in a canter. Marquis of Hastings' Odine, 3 years, 8st. 21bs. 1 Mr. W. Barnett's Zingari, 6 years, 8st. 81bs 2 Mr. Adams' Wortham, 5 years, Sst. 81bs 3 THE BEAUFORT CUP (A handicap stakes for all ages) of 10 sovs. each, 5 forfeit if declared by noon on September loth, to Messrs. Weatherby only, with a piece of Plate added, the gift of His Grace the Duke of Beaufort. Any number of horses the property ot the same owner may run for this race; a winner of a stake of the value of 100 sovs. after the weights are out (Sept. 6, 9 a.m.) to carry 51bs. extra. Entrance, 3 sovs., to go to the fund. One mile and a quarter. (20 subscribers, 7 of whom pay 5 sovs. each. Betting-3 to 1 against Balham; 4 to 1 against Golden Dust and Doncaster. 5 horses started. Won easily after a good race Mr. Morris' Balham, 5 years, 8st. 21bs. (JuJtl) 1 Mr. W. S. Ripon, 6 yrs., 7st. lllbs. (Carvosa) 2 Mr. F. Rowlands' Doncaster, 6 yrs., 8st. olbs. (A. Edwards) 3 THE KYMIN STAKES Of 5 sovs. each, 2 forfeit to go to the furW, with £5Qadded, for 2 years old colts, 8st. 10lbs.; and fillies, 8st. 7lbs. a winner of 200 sovs. to carry 71bs. extra; horses having run three times without winning allowed 51bs. Six fur- longs. (14 subscribers.) Betting-2 to 1 against Cranbury; 3 to 1 against Vabalathus. Lord Uxbridge's Vabalathus 1 Duke of Beaufort's Esperance 2 Mr. ReldifPs Cranbury 3 THE MOSNOff STAKES Of 3 sovs. each, and 20 sovs. added; the winner to be sold for A:50, but if entered to be sold for £20, allowed 141bs.; 2 years old, 6st. lOlbs.; 3 years old, 8st. 81bs.; 4 years old, 9st. 91bs.; 5 years old, 9st. 131bs.; 6 and aged, lOst.; mares and geldings allowed 31bs.; a winner of any race during the last twelvemonths of the value of 50 sovs. to carry 51bs. extra. Six furlongs. Betting-2 to 1 against Cosette; even on the filly. 4 horses started. The race was well contested. Mr. T. Y. Morgan's Cosette, 2 years (£20) 1 Lord Uxbridge's Filly, by Turnus, 2 years ( £ 20) 2 Mr. Night's Nathalie,2 years ( £ 50) 3 THE CHIPPESHAM STAKES Of 10 sovs. each, 5 forfeit, and 2 if declared by noon on Sept. 15th, to Messrs. Weatherby only, with dE50 added. For 2 years old, 7st.; 3 years old, 8st. 71bs.; 4 years old, 9st. 21bs.; 5, 6, and aged, 9st. 6\bs.; mares and geldings allowed 31bs.; a winner of £ 50 31bs., or £ 100, 61bs. extra. Horses having started twice without win- ningalIowedSIbs.; thrice, 91bs. The winner to pay A;10 to the fund. Six furlongs. (20 subscribers, 2 of whom pay 2 sovs. each. Betting—2 to 1 against Lufra; 3 to 1 against Golden Dust; 4 to 1 against Lady Williams; 3 to 1 against Doncaster. 4 ran. A good race. Mr. F, Jacob's Lufra, 3 years 1 Mr. J. Powney's Lady Williams, 2 years 2 Mr. E. Bradley's Golden Dust, 3 years 3 THE TROY PLATE Of 25 sovs*, added to a handicap sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, 2 forfeit to go to the fund, for horses of all denom- inations a winner of any stake of the value of £ 50 after the declaration of the weights (Sept. 5, 9, a.m.) to carry 51bs. extra; to be ridden by gentlemen qualified for the Anglesey stakes at Goodwood Officers in the Militia, Volunteers, or Members of the Monmouthshire, Ruperra, or any regularly established Hunt Club; pro- fessionals, 71bs. extra. One mile and,a half. (10 subs ) Bettiog-Even on Tonio; 2 to 1 against Wortham. A well contested race. Mr. Adams' Wortham, 5 years, lOst 1 Mr. E. Herbert's Whitehall, 3 years, 9st. 71bs 2 Mr. A. Edwards, Tonio, 5 years, lOst. 121bs 3