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EXTRACTS FROM PLtjSTCII & "FUN." Greek Fire on Charleston. Bomba, when he. lost his crown, T^ishetl to shell Palermo town, Gilmore would have knocked it down, He rains Greek Fire on Charleston.. Fear restrained King Bomba's wrath From an act of savage scath, Nothing stands in Gilmore's path; J He hurls Greek Fire on Charleston. General Gilmore found it hard To come over Beauregard, So he played a Yankee card, And poured Greek Fire on Charleston. Asked to let the townsfolk go, c., Gilmore bravely answered No or And proceeded, noways slow, To pitch Greek Fire on Charleston. Gallant Gilmore, warrior stern, Babes and women, thus to burn! What a deathless name he'll earn, That threw Greek Fire on Charleston Nana Sahib rest unsung, Let none speak of Badahung, Since bold Gilmore bombs has flung, And cast Greek Fire on Charleston. Do but think what shriek and yell .0.' Rose where dropped his Parrott shell, When lie dies you'll sav, Ah, well! He threw Greek Fire on Charleston S-VBBATABIAN PERSECUTION.—The recusant hay- makers of Leigh, some of them poor labourers, have been distrained upon for the penalties inflictod upon them by the Atherton representatives of Midas, for the offence of saving hay on a Sunday. We have not heard that any of them have been set in the stocks yet, as they were condemned to be, failing distraint by reason of no effects. In the meantime they have appealed against what appears to be an illegal convic- tion, and if that is quashed what will become of the Atherton Justices ? Will their long ears be permitted by Government to vibrate any longer on the Atherton Bench ? THE SHOOTING SEASON.—Our sporting readers will be delighted to hear that the preserves are in ex- cellent order. We opened one pot last night. It proved to be apricot—and delicious. Birds are pretty plentiful. We counted no less than twelve sparrows in our street yesterday morning. As for hares, an intelligent footman informs us he heard a hare from Hill Trovatore hon a horgan in the square just now." 'This is the only hare we can place under the head of game. A SIGN OF THE TIMES.-Thc Lord Mayor has been publicly complaining that prisoners, knowing he is a Mason of the Ancient and Accepted Order, will make signs to him. We cannot help thinking the case would have been better laid before the authorities of the society. If ill-doers may claim exemption by proving themselves masons, the builders are going on a wrong foundation. If not, there is no necessity to bother the public with a grievance which does not concern them. The Lord Mayor having been a mason before he arrived at the chief magistracy, ought to have known that his office would be no "sign-ecure." WONDERFUL WINKING.-According to the Tablet another picture has been rolling its eyes in a church near Rome. We wonder if a photograph of the Pope would wink. It should, if it were taken just now, when, according to the report published by the Italian Parliament, the Holy Father himself is winking at Bourbon brigandage. MISTAKEN IDENTITY. We learn from a con- temporary that the Aztecs are in Paris." We have long been under the impression that these wretched little beings had ceased to exist. Perhaps our con- temporary's informant was not aware of this, and fell into a very natural error. Mr. Disraeli is very likely in Paris on the look-out for an original funeral oration on the late Lord Clyde, to be delivered next session. A RIDDLE FOR THE SANDS.—Why is the isle, of which Bamsgate forms a part, evidently one of the finest in the world P—Because there is no better Than it to be found. CRUX FOR THE CRITICS.—We, in the interests of true science, beg to inform Critics of the Rationalistic and Materialist Schools, that it was only last week there came before our notice the extraordinary fact of a gentleman who went to Brighton, and there stopped the day and night. REMARKABLE FACT.-The other day, a lady, whose name for obvious reasons we forbear to mention, was supplied by an eminent dentist with a false set of teeth, and, curious to relate, she has ever since spoken in a falsetto voice. VERT STRANGE.-The extraordinary facilities for locomotion in the present day are the cause of strange sights. Only the day before yesterday, at a quarter- past four, we saw Bolt-court running into Fleet- street A JOG FOR THE JOGRAPHERS.-What is the dif- ference between the county of Lincoln and the Lincoln Administration ?-The former is noted for its fens, the latter .for its flats. On !—When a house has been burnt down, may it be said to have be«n blazed to the ground ? A HINT TO LAW STUDENTS.—The book-worm fre- quently changes to the silk-worm. AN ILL-LOOKING SERVANT.—A plain cook. A STEADY REIGN.—Victoria's. RASH PROVOCATION.-The nettle-rash. SLIGHTLY APPROPRIATE.—A shareholder in the Great Eastern Railway last week had an addition to his family. Singular to relate, the child was born with a caul. BOSOM FRIENDS.—The Federals are very angry with the Emperor, who, they declare, is a confessed ally of the South. But there is no reason that he should have the Confederate cause at heart because he has a Confederate cruiser at Brest. So IT APPEARS.—Professor Pepper is able to give such unmixed pleasure to large numbers by his ap- parition, that he may be looked on as quite a (g)host in himself. WHO'S WHo?-Who!


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