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SPORTS AND PASTIMES. --+- THE amateur foot race for £ 400—< £ 200 a side- made at Bognor during the Goodwood race week, is to take place at Newmarket during the Second October Meeting. The competitors are Captain Machell, of the 59th Foot, and Mr. Chadwick, late of the 9th Lancers, and the distance is one hundred yards. Both gentlemen are in active training for the match. ANGLING BY STEAM.—Last week, Mr. Fildes, with his little steam yacht City of Manchester, went a-fishing on Windermere. The day was fine for angling, a south wind and cloudy sky, and this new application of steam power was a decided success. A pannier of very fine pike rewarded the disciples of honest old Izaak for their novel and amusing experi- ment. RIVER POACHERS.—At Blackburn, a man named Thomas Greenwood was fined £ 10 and costs for two offences against the Salmon Fisheries Act, at Dinckley, near Blackburn. He and another man, Mark Anderton, were found on the banks of the Ribble by the night watchers, with a bag containing twenty-five fish, and an illegal net, with an inch mesh, in their possession. Anderton has since got out of the way. LORD ST. VINCENT gave Osborne, who rode Lord Clifden, the winner of the St. Leger at Doncaster, a thousand pounds, and the same sum to Edwin Parr, the trainer. LIEUTENANT THOMAS, of the 32nd Regiment, who walked, as an accoutred private soldier, sixty miles in twenty hours, has offered to walk from Berwick-upon- Tweed to Land's End at the rate of forty-two miles a day until the journey is completed. THE FRENCH GAME LAWS.—A silly paragraph is going the rounds to the effect that a modification is about to be introduced into the French game laws, prohibiting the killing of hen birds. "By this means," says the paragraph, it is hoped to restock the woods with game, of which some species are tending to dis- appear in France." A sportsman can distinguish a cock from a hen pheasant, but how is he to distinguish between the sexes of other game is a secret which the writer does not reveal. THE match between -the All England Eleven v. Twenty-two of York has been decided in favour of the Ali England Eleven, who won by 83 runs. The All England Eleven made 154 and 90; the Twenty-two of York, 86 and 75. THE Doncaster Cup, representing St. George and the Dragon," supplied by Messrs. R. and S. Garrard and Co., was exhibited in the window of a jeweller's shop in High-street, Doncaster, and it nearly cost a crush to death to get near it. The possessor of the Cup of 1863 has received a prize not only as an intrinsic work of art, but as most closely associating Doncaster with the Cup, which this year illustrates the valour of a saint after whom its noble edifice is called— St George. The value of the Cup is three hundred sovereigns. Many judges consider that it is not of the average merit of former cups.

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