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I Mayberry Williams, ■ 79, TAFF-STREET, I PONTYPRIDD IS NOW SHOWING I TP YEP LATEST NOVELTIES IX I MILLINERY, MANTLES, I JACKETS, CLOAKS, ULSTERS, I MACKINTOSHES, I DRESS GOODS, FURS, &c. ■ ALSO I Extraordinary Value in Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, I Flannels, Skirtings, Umbrellas, Gloves, &c. I XOTE THE ADDRESS:— 79, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. STUDY YOUR HEALTH, BY DRINKING LEWIS'S A OM* 'r,t! !m. DANDELION <a j JL COFFEE, It is a most Delicious Beverage. HEALTHY! REFRESHES and INVIGORATING For persons stiffeiing from Weak Digestion. Bilious and Liver Complaints, Impure Blood, Hysteria, &C., it is the best Beverage, and should be used by everyone, in preference to Tea, Cocoa, or Ordinary Coffee. IT IS NOT A MEDICINE! BUT A DELICIOUS ARTICLE OF DIET. Patronised and recommended by the faculty. Sold by all Grocers in Tins, 6d., Is., Is. Gel., and 2s. each. Be sure to ask for LEWIS'S, and do not take any other. SOLE PROPRIETORS AXD MANUFACTURERS— I JAMES LEWIS & CO., M,, CARDIFF, TT 032lcI.3^5:TI.1 0E|CMA!\rs For Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as Wind and Pain in the Stomach, Sick Headache, Giddiness, Fulness aad Swelling after meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold Cnills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costivcness, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, &c. THE FIRST DOSE WILI, GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINETT-ES. This is no fiction. Everv sufferer is earnestly invited to try one Box of these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX." BEECHAil'S PILLS, taken as directed, will quickly restore females to complete health. They promptly remove any obstruction or irregularity of the system. For a Weak Stomacii; Impaired Digestion; Disordered Liver; mey aot like m&gite •—a few deses will work wonders npon the Vital Organs; Strengthening the muscuiar Svstera; restoriI16 the long-lo3t Complexion bringing back UIb keen edge of appetite, and arousing vlth the FFOSCBTTD OF HEAT/TH the WHor;p, PHYSICAL ENERGY of the human frame. These are "facts^ admitted by in all classes of society^ and 0112 of tho best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is that ) Beechams PilU have the Largest Sale of anv Pa-imt Medicine in the 1c&rld. IV. 11 directions with inch 103. { Prepared only toy THOMAS ESECHAW8, St. Helens, Laneaahirej England. Sold every whero, in. Boxes Is. 1*4. aud 2s. 8<L eac&« "'¡' THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, CARDIFF. ( FORMOZA TEA AT PER 1 S. QD. LB. THE BEST AXD MOST LUXURIOUS IN EXGLAKD AT THE PRICE. This is what they say | I of it! READ IT! From a Lady at Neath to a Friend at Cardiff. My dear M-, "I cannot write you along letter to-day but will do so very shortly. I want you to ask Mr. Griffith if he will kindly send us a Small Caddy of Tea, about 10 or 12 lbs, the same Tea as we had at your house. I think you told me it was only Is. 8d. per lb. I cannot enjoy any Tea since I tasted that. "With fondest love to all from us all, "Believe me, Ever lovingly yours, —————" THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, I CARDIFF GREAT REDUCTION. I f PURE GUTTERS CHEAPER I THAN mil VS. —— JPINEST'. IRISH NEW GRASS I B UTTERS, q' PER 1 S. LB. DAYID JONES & Co. (LIMITED) Always allow iheir Customers the benefit of the Market. THE JpINEST QUALITIES AT TOWEST jp RICES. Choicest Danish Butter, PEU, 18. ID. LB. WE ARE THE LARGEST SELLERS OF DANISH BUTTER IN WALES. New American Cheese, 1 5D. AND 6D. PER LB. Finest Canadian Cheese, glD. AND rjn. PER LB. Dennys Hams AXD lattersons Bacon ALWAYS KEPT IX STOCK. HAMS at ljd. per lb. HAMS ) at 50. H HAMS at Gd. „ HAMS (the Finest Imported). at Gi-d. „ SHOULDERS at 4d. X)AVID J0NEs AND QOMPANY (LIMITED), Receive daily large Consignments of New Zealand Lamb and Mutton, and. would call the attention of the Public to their New Zealand Lamb, which is arriving in splendid condition and is equal in quality to this Country's. NEW ZEALAND LAMB AT MARVELLOUSLY LOW PRICES. NOTE :— OUR ONLY ADDRESS IS AS BELOW Irv David Jones & bus (LIMITED), WESTMINSTER STORES AND Canterbury leat Market, W HARTON-STREET, CARDIFF..







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