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NAJSTYMOEL XEYTS AND NOTES. FREE EDrCATIOX AXD SCHOOL ATTEXDAXCE. -All interested in the free education movement tinrl its bearing on the attendance of children at school' are eagerly on tha look-out for figures bearing on the subject. The Pa1- Ac*M ('"z,'f{r nubli'died figures iwpectintr a large school m London wh;eh showed clearly that so far as could he iudo-ed from the returns of last month chinas were not n. hit better, r-nd it was quite impossible to secure the uresence of 83 out of every 100 on the hooks. In this locality if 75 per cent nre present the result is considered good. and it is the oninion of those in a position to iudpre that no in- crease will follow the Act. But should our School Boards be satisfied with this state of things In Nantymoel there are about 800 children of school acre, and every day 200 of than are absent from school, running the streets many of them, and losinc valuable instruction. What does tjjis neglect mean to the ratepayers ? In Goyernment grants it incurs a loss of close on £ 300.vhich, of courst, nine eome from the rates. It is deplorable that parents should he so indifferent to the best interests of their children, that children should be robbed of an elementary education because there are trifling errands to run or the baby to nurse, or. as is often the case. the chiidivn are not out of bed in time. ADUITEKATIOX AN"N FRAUD IV THE DRINK TK 4.FFXC :—It would certainly not be a bad plan if samples of spirits supplied at licensed houses in the valley were occasionally tested. I believe that the majority of the publicans are above suspicion in the matter, but there is also some reason to believe that adulteration is habitually practised. Certain it is that if a person will do an injustice in one thing it will not be a very hard matter for his conscience to allow him to practice fraud in another direction. Bottled beer is sold at 3d. the half-pint bottle, and is considered superior to beer on dranirht. yet I happen to know for ceitain that emptv beer bottles are tilled from the cask in the cellar, re-corked, and sold at 3d. instead of lid., the usual charge for draught beer. An act of this kind is equal to theft, and is a clear robbery. One would imagine that there was a good profit on alcohol drinks, and that there was no necessitv for fraud of this discription. PROBABLE CANDIDATES FOR THE COUNTY CorxciL.—Dr. D. J. Thomas and Mr. Daniel Price are spoken of as probable candidates for the County Council next year. Both gentlemen are well-known and very popular in the place. Mr. Price it will be remembered wns a candidate last election, but he came late into the field and was defea too. A MYSTERY.—A paragraph appeared in the Welsh column of a local contemporary, in which it was stated that a Nantymoelian had beeh to London in the company of a man in a blue coat, and it slso vaguely hinted that they had a high time of it. Ever since tlio appearance of the paragraph every one has been trying to find out who it is. Won't the gentleman come forward, and give us something worth reading about his trip. MEETING- OF THE ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY. -A meeting: of the directors and shareholders of the above company was held in the Blaengarw- hotel on Wednesday ni?ht week. Councillor John Williams was in the chair, whilst most of those interested were present. Two new directors were added to the number, viz.—Mr. David Rooerts, under manager of Wvndham colliery, and Mr. R. Puo-h draper. Tynewydd. A letter was read from the^Local Government Board granting the com- Tvms- a, license to carry on the work for a year, at the end of which time the company must obtain a Provisional Orderfrom Parliament. It was resolved to petition the Local Government Board to grant a licence for three years instead of one. after which the neoessarv parliamentary powers will be applied for. It is est'mated that obtaining these powers will cost £ 400, and the company want to get fairly established before this expenditure is in- curred. In the event of the three years' licence being refused the company will accept the pre- vious offer, and immediately commence'operations. It has been determined for the present to abandon the scheme of using water-power, and two engines are to be purchased at a cost of £ 1.400. one to be placed at Tynewvdd. the other at -Nantymoel. These stations will be sufficient to supply the whole valley. The company's engineers say that the whole machinery can be got ready in two months, and it is almost certain that by Christmas the valley will be lit by electricity. THE COST AXD POWER OF THE EELCTRIC LIGHT. -It is expected that the electric light will cost not a penny more than oil-lamps. Each little incandescent lamp will give a light of sixteen candle power, which is much superior to the majority of oil-lamps. The cost of putting it into houses will be very trifling, as it means nothing more than carrying a slender wire into the build- ing. Once it is fixed a light may at any time be obtained by simply pressing a button. Probably each lamp "will cost about 4d. to 5d. a week, burn as much as the customer likes. The light is per- fectly safe, and never gives trouble. THE QUEEN'S SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION. Mr. Morgans. Tynewydd, and Mr. Price Roberts, Kantymoel. were both successful at this examina- tion. The girls' list is not yet published EVENING- CLASSES AT THE W YNDHAM SCHOOLS. -The night-school opens for the winter at the Wvndham Schools on Monday next. The class will be held two nights a week. Monday and Wednesday. A FONDNESS FOR DRUGS AXD PHYSIC. Some people are never happy unless thcy. are pestering the doctor for medicine for complaints which do not exist. On the pay-in-the-work system every man in the place has a right to call on the doctor fiftv times a day. and some of them do it. I can assure my readers that half the calls made by our doctors are to people who su'Vr from nothing whatever. If such people had to pay in full for each visit and each bottle of medicine, they would soon learn to know whether they suffered or not, and trouble a doctor only when he was needed. A PARK FOR NAXTYMOEL.—It will be welcome news to hear that Mr. Blandy Jenkins has granted the Local Board a site both. at Tynewydd and Nantvmoel for the purposes of a public park. The Board appointed the Ogmore \Y orb Com- mittee to carry out the necessary arrangements, and assume the management ol the grounds, The Kantymoel Park will be situated somewhere near Newtown, probably opposite Park-street, whilsu that at Tynewydd will be at the crossing. Mr. Blandy Jenkins deserves the best thanks of the inhabitants of the Ogniore Tally for his generous gifts.



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