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WHITOHUROH, WREXHAM, MOLD, AND CONNAH'S QUAY JUNCTION RAILWAY. (Incorporation of Company, Power to make a Railway from Wrexham to jriÍll the B'ickley and Connah's Quay Railway at Burkley, with branches to Frood and Moss and to Gwertt/llt, and Junctions with the Shrewsbury and Chester Branch of the Great Westlrn Railway, at or near the Wrpxham Station, and with the Cluster and Mold Branch of the Chester and lloll/llead Rail- way near the Hope Station, and a Railway fro'" Wrexham to Join the Oswestry, Ellesmere, and Whit- church Railway, at or near Belt isfield and also a Railway fron Park Rylon. to Wrexham, frunning powers over the Buckley and Connah's Quay Railway the Chester and Mold Railway the Moid and Denbigh. Railway J flic, I ale of Cluyd Railway, and the Oswestry, Eltesircre and Whitchurch It ail way. Bower to mat. e arra»yenunts tcif.'i the above Companies Bower to Levy Tolls Amendment of Acts, and other pur- poses) N onCE IS HEREBY GIVEX that an application is intended t) be male to Parliament in the next Session for an Act lor all lor some of the following purposes (that is to sny)— To incorporate a Company, hereinafter called" Thp Company," and to CIIRhlo the Company t) make aall maintain ti,e f(,Il iwitig Railways cr some or one of them, -with all prof er a- J necessary stations, wOIk., and con- veniences connected therewith (that is to say) RAILWAY No. 1. A Railway (Lereiriafter calleil railway No. 1) com- mencing by H jiirct;o-,i with the Shrewsbury and Chester Bmnch of the Great Western Railway at or near the centre of the down passengers platform of their Station at Wrexh: m, in the parish of Wrexham, in the county of DenLiiti passing t'tenco fro n, in, through, or into the seveial polishes, townships, extra-piroehial, and other pluces llowing, or some of them, that is to say ^Vrexham, Abbot, Wrexham Regis, A:ton, fi'ansty, Gresford, Hrou^htnn, Brymbo, Hersham, Gwerevllt, Uvmtnau, Lla:, othtrwise L'ay. in the county of Denbigh Hope, Owen, Cefnybi-dd, Caerjwrle- :EEI)D, Hhan>wl'l.J,J, Uwchvmynydd ucha, U%%clt)-myr Tiydd issa, li nneiton, Tryddyn, Lli»rfynydd, IJi^iie, Kinnertop, l,o er Kitincrtt)n, Mwiydd Byctinrj, Ashton, Bannel or IS snel, Bretton, Btuad Lar.e, Broughton, E. wlol', Ewloe Town, £,l,e Wood, 11 award- n cr P.,ii- arlag, Buckley, Buckley Mountain, Mancot, jMau>r and Rttke, Mooie, Pentrob\ n, S.dmev, Sca'aud and ShoHoo, Sh(.,rill,ev, Leusw..od, Coedllai, Ncrquis, Durlsh s;th or Yr Orsedd, Bis',re, Broi coed, Moid, Aidiiynwent, Ar- goed, JLci dreliffe, bit in ti.e county of F1 nt mid D'iddieftlin paitly in the county of Clicker, and pirtly in the county of Flint, ;iv,d terminating by a junction with the Cnestn- tttid Mold Brinch ot the Chester ar-d Holyhead Railway at or neir a point ht-iug 520 yi^r Is toy aid s tVloid tiuin the d s a-.ce si^n; il(is;. on the. Wigt side of ttie Hope 8 alion ou tne last men Hoced rail.vay. RAILWAY 1\"0, 2. A Railvp.y (h !re I liattlr a lie-i alwiy No, 2), com- k N,), 2), com- mend; g by a junction with the s ii Chester and .Void Bracc-i u' the CU," tit alld Holyhead Railway, at, or ucir t J ti e termmaU. u ot r ad say No. 1, as af-'rcsiid, pa'stat, I tierce frum, in, th-ougb, or ii,t) tlie several paiUher, and oti er places f ,L,, III,, oi sou-e ol them that is to say ll'ipr, Hope 0» e>>, linaubel teod, Esty! S;i (ilt y, tj;giier Kuiner- tor, Lo-Atr Kiiiiinton, AitLii, lia^ueJ, (it', t-i wise lla el, Ixitt u. Btlin u^tit(.ii, Fwlue, Ewloe T IWf., Ewloe Aooii, u«»aiden or 1' oailag, Aiaac u, Manor antl a, 1 c tiobsn. S-llnoy, ts-al^nd, t,n, Mold, liUtr., lSroncocd, Ilit ts- hcath oiLerwi. Yr O.seod, lleniire B if,, Let-b^ootl, Luii.ley, Lui khy Mi ui.t iin, Cold Ilarb Ir, a1! in the cotiri,.y ol il rt, a:lli it'iniin^un.; by a ilir;etitiii with the authoiiZi-d line of the Huctiey an-; ji.iiwtv, at IIr about 1 Ot) )iii"s Nortu oftiic Bridge undir Hie s id I'-ail^ay, wliicli cr:is,es t.Ke Tramway le.'dsng to l s- :i:>.¡, aud Company's EaIoj Briuk A\ oi iia, ut, oi ii.iulin.y-, in thd parish of iiiiwardeu RUL" AY No. 3. A llanw: (iiertiliLilLci- c-.Iit-ti railway No. 3), com- nCliCijl-- iiL liie p.irisii ot Hope. in the county ot Flint; liv a junction wuh the prop^s.;a niixvav So. 1, in a tield «-all-d the Bij rieid, Lcloo-m^ fJ the ItvercD,1 .hlln Henry Kii win Ward, a,j:J in the oecupatiuii of Hu^li H??he?, stht?'ed (n t"e n?)rth side of the road leading ffo.u tt 0 Uuj? Station of the C¡je4r and Mold Branch of the?i.e<?-ruu? Uolyncai iia'l.v.jy, to 1'oiHbiyJd/n otherwise l'jiitoieidisyi,, Isl luo lllwnóhiJ of ilope j Oven, in the ,ai.1 pur;sa ut Hope, pishing the'ine fruin, in, tiiiuii^-b, or into itic siv-rai pjris'tes, t >»tl-iiivs fir u fXiru-pu;ocliul, and other places following, ot toiiie ot 'I them that is to sAy Hope, Hope Owen, Mold, Haw- aiian, Brunei otherwise ilaud, and termiuatu g by a junction with the proposed railway No. 2, in a lii-ld called the Willow or NVithy Field, in the township of Bannel, otherwise banel, in the parish of fiawaruen, ill the ciunty ot Flint, belonliii- to SIr Stphen Richard Glynne, Uarr., and in the occupation of Thomas Wright and "itulite bt, or about 4-lt) yaitla b the northwards of the distance bi^nul post, un the Aluld side uf the eaii 31ope Station. BAIL WAY No. 4. A Railway k(hereir.atter called Railway No. 4.) com- meacing by a junction with tne hereinbefore described Railway No. 1, at, or near the point wticre it is prop-jsed that such iuat mentioned Kiiilwuy should croii the f Uir,- pike Road ka an-; iroiu Wrexnain to Mold at, or about (¡II yaris to the ¡"orth i r >ioid side ot tiie second mile sture from Wiexnaiu, moikid NViextiau. 2 miles" Mt,ld, 9 miles" in the township of (iwersylit, in the parish of Giesford, in the county of Denbigii passing thcace from, in, through, or into the several parishes, ownships, extra-parochial and other places following, or eome of them, tnat is to say: Broughton, Gwersyllt, Gresford, LillY, Stantty, Wheatsheaf, all in the county of Dentigh, and 'erminating in a field on the east side and adjoining the said Turnpike Road leading from Wrexham to Moid, and called the Pinfold Field," the propel ty ot Thomas Kandall Wheatlcy, Esq., and in the occupation of Michael Humble, Esq., situate in the said paush or township of Gwersyllt, and at, or about 200 ) (tflis to the ninth cast of ttie entrance gates from the said road to Gwirsyiit Ctiuich. RAILWAY No. 5. A Railway (hereinafter caiieu Railway No 5) commencing by a junction with iiia said proposed Railway A'o 1, at or near a point wh-re it is proposed that tne said last men- tioued Rail way should crosis tile public road leading from t :a Cr. £ ,S Strait loll DM, on the Wrexham and Mold 'I'ui Dpike Ko d, to the Aloes Valley at, or about 320 ysrda north we,t of the eai i Toil Bar passing thence fiom, thn u^h, cr lut-i itin several parishes, townships, and extra-parochial :lncl other places, following, or some of them, ihit is to say Wrexham, Greslord, Gwersyllt Cioss-stree', Broughton, Brymbo, Moss Valley, Frood' otnirwisu Firwu, nil in the county of Denbigh, and ter- miiifauuii rLt, or near certain coal pit, numbered or cal- led Fita nunii-er 4 ai.d 5, at a Colliery, or Coal Works DCiOngmg to i'lioiuaa CiaytOD, Esq., of Brynmally, and situate at, or hLar tli.) Moss Pool, iu the township, pariah or place of Gwersyllt, in the county ot Denbigh, the re- put, d property Lf William Winsor, Esq., and in the holding or occupation of the said Thomas Clavton. Esn. RAILWAY No. 6. I A itaitrt-ay hereinafter uailcd Railway No. 6.) com- nienoiLg by a junction with the last mentioned Railway NIl, i), a!, or near a poilt ir, a Field, called "Middle Fioid, now or h t the property of Miss Mary Boydell, in th j township or parish of G.versylit, in the county of Denbigh, and being 250 yards or theraabouts eastward of the public-hi-usu caiied "the Fruod lun," passing fiom thence, ill, through, or into the several towlobhips" parishes, extra-parochial and other places follow-in-' j or some one of them, that is to say. Wrexha-S j Gresford, üWt:ryUt, ll:ou:;htoD, Brymbo, Moss V-liey, F^ rood, olherwise Firwd, in the county of Denbigh, and terminating t-t the Ci-al Pit Biak of No. 3 Pit of the Brynmally Colliery Company, situate ia the township oi Brou-hton, in the parish of W rexra-n, in i the county 01 1), the property of the said Tii^ Claytoii-Esu., uud in his own occunation. RAILWAY NO. 7. A. Railway (her.inidUr called Kaiiway No. 7,) com. meucing by a ja.ieiion y;Üh the Shrewsbury and Ciiesicr lira ich ot the Lir, at iVestem Railway, at or reir ti e cm- tre. of the down pa-seo,cr jik tloflll at the statim at Wrex- ham, in tiic p r",11 of Wiv-Xiiam, in the euu.-I,v of ije.i- bigii, paisir-g i'ro.-u, in, U r,,uil, or iiitu the s. veral f'- xishe ■, town&liips, txira-puiociii d, a!.d otii'-r jjlaccs lol- lowiu-, or s me- of then,, (:hat is to s*y) Wrt-sh^m, Wrexham About, Wrtx ,a n R.-is, St lusty, Acton, Warchwiel, AbchtJury la;,r, bcsswick, Eylou, PickMll, Trebrys, Baugor, 15a g ^r-ia-y-cifd, or iiui.^or Alouachu- rum, all in the conuty oi He <b:gii; A oca bury f- han, Eangor, Bangor-is-j -coed, or Bau^or Mon.-ie i ru:n, Wor- ttieiiuury, linetpwoud, U.ertJ. I^cayJ, AVI i, ou, ly. broligilloa, Ila ,I,tuii, Braaunyu.u, BatisUdd, ILiumcr, and i eiiky, ali iu the com.ty ot tliut; Wel-hhaiuptoa, Ireiicb, ictcnill, Cop-;iviu'y, StocKs, NeAt-in. Noitu- wo. d, Linial, L.c, K uwick's Wood, Ke.inck's Park, A\h:ttaJ, So. liitt, Keuviiua, Hampton's "uJ, Etlcs:uire, Birch, aud LydJ, all in be C-'Ll- ty of S,IU.) and tcnni.i- ating by a juuoiou with theUsvesuy, Ei.esineie, anu I, v. tiitoaUICJ> jiun Ih ,uur.e of *:o:tciiiuc i t; iti a fitld IIU. CM rjil ib-i Ufo ine plan* rCicrrclj '0 in the 10th teni->ii :¡ t e wear- Eli iiiere. Wait chiircii U iiiway iu ttie uccu ctl,,iti ot .1 .i, Jiiad ■ in i.,<- ^.t.tua'-ii, u( !, in tl.e paricii oi I.. L I.: oi ;a.j. t I RAILWAY No. 8. A Railway (hereinatter called Rjflnray No. 8,) csm- menring by a junc tion with the Shrewsbury and Ches- ter Branch of the Gteat IVestern Railway at or near the nentru of the down passenger plntform at their Station at WrrxhatD, in the parish of Wiexham, in the county of Denbigh, thence passing from, in, throngh, or into the tevr. rtirisbeg, townships, extra. paicehial, and other plae' 'tllowing, or pon.c of them, (that is to lIay)- Stantiv, Wrexham, Wrexham Abbot, Wrexham lie.-is, Actonj Uroughton and Bersham, in the ceaoty of Denbigh, and terminating by ajunction with theauthorixed Wrexham and Mine-a liadway, at or near a point on the same Rail- way three furlongs and two chains distt-t from the point of junction r>f tho said list in,ntit,necl Railway, with the Great Weste-n Railway, at or near the Wrexham Work- house level vroFiiin4 on that Railway, as shiwu upon the plans deposited in respt-et of the said Wrexham and Miuera Raiiway previously to the Act of Parliament au- thorizing the cousauction thereof. RAILWAY No. 9 A Rail w,iy (hereinafter railed Railway No. 9,) eominenc- inir at or ne r Park E' ton at a point on the Turnpike Road leali.ig from Ruabon to Ov. it in, 20 yards or thcieabonts Wist of tliq Put efflce, anii near a farm called Cie Gwydd, in (lie pari-h of Erbirtoi'k, ia the county of Oen- bisiti, and ra^siug thence from, in, through, or into the several narishes, townships, and extra parochial, and other places following; or some of them, that is to say Wrexham, Wrexham RC.o\i, Wrexham Abbot, Ber- atiait:, AbentJurYi fawr, Marcbwiel, Sontley, G) lelia, Erdd- ig, Gresford, LCafod, Esclusliam below, Morton, Morton Aiigliuoruin, Morton Wa'.licorum, Moiton above, Morton hehw, Beilar, Hafol, Hafodybwch, Ruabon, Bodyllton, lthyddall!, D yn'iyntle issa, Dynhynlle ncha, Eyton, E} t,>u Park, Park Eyton, Bau^. r, B.ingor Monachoram, Su- gor-is-y-coed aud Erbi-tock, all in the county of Ven- bigh, and Ahenbury Feehaa, in the county of Flint, and ter i.m.ting by a junction with the Shrewsbury and Chester Brti.eli of lotJe G eit Western Railway, at a point thereon ;,ear the centre Of the down passengers' platform ■->; the Wrexha 11 Railway Station. To take powers t> stT) u 1, alter, or divert, whe'her temporarily or parmanentlv ail such Turnpike and other I{,d., Hailway, Iramway, streets, rivers,, Cluds, esenou s, ravifaiions or brid,;e3, as it may be to cross, stoj) u2, aLer, or divert by reason cf tile construction ul the said intenoel Rad^ays, ur any of tiicui and o. tne works connected therewitti. To t ke pouters to purchase lands and buil-lials by comi uL-ioii ot a-iejiiiiriu lor t;ie purposes of the intended Ra.lvtuys aud the works couriered therewiti, and to Vary or extinguish all cxitti;ig rights aud privibg.s ill aoy eo ii.ecteii wnh tile lauds and building tj oe pur- ohasi-d lor [Le s afirt-sad, or which would in auy munntr i peHe cr inietf re w.tii the construction, iiiain- te ati(t-, or ute o: tue ijitefid-.d Riiiways and works, and to ieiy t. lis and outi s upon or iii respect uf the. intended tt:iil-Aays, aitd tu alter existing tolls, rites, ahddn its, and eoiitnr e \cllijl.j"IIS how pay meat ot ti.e saaia auu other ribl.ts put ilexes. And i, is iilso proposed by the said intended Act, to takt: povv-.r to enable the Company to form junctions with li-tt rails of the ShieAabury and Chester Broi.i h ot the broht Western Railway, the Chester and Mold Raliwrt, iiio Oswestry, Eiiesiiiem, aud Wiiitehuich Riii An.), tiie Buckley arm Couuah'a Quay Railway, and eaoli or ti ner ut them, at the reap ctive proposed pc-iuts ut j nitron witti tiiose Rdil-wavs and to enable ILe Cutnpini, and all pt-rsons aud t;,)ip iiati \08 lawfully lldifP tiie wlfiie "r "uy pan "f the intended itanwajs or titu t»oiup-iy t heir and servants, to run over, w uk, and liS.) witn thoir eugines and carnages, and for the piiiposos of tiieir uaiiic upon su- ii terms (in default of '-g''te tiefi) 's eUalf bo se tied by tne Bo^r t Of'1'iado, or by arhinatn n, uii or any paitot the lines of Railway, stations, w a.trinj; pkces, sioings, woiks, find coliveni- ences ot the Shrewsbury and Ciiucter Railway Company; the l uecitL r anJ Mold Railway Company, the Mold and Dinbigh juuctiou RÙlway Company; the Oswestry, Klc mere, anll Whitchurch Railway Company, a,id the Bucklev and Connau's Quay Railway Coinpauy, or any o- either of them, or of their or any of their lessees and teii^ns. And it is hls-o proposed by the said intended Act to take powers tor effectually securing the duo interchange ao- coll; t,lo protection, and direct and speedy trans- mission of tr (fio passing to, from, or over all or any part of the fail intended Railways of the Company, or to, troiii or over the Railways of tho before-mentioned Co-rp-jn i s or any or either of them, and for insuring all req t-ite t r de irable f r tiiose purposes and iu dot i il> of aar;< ment for reierrin^ to the Bjird of Trade, or t > .irb t a'ian, tiie terms aad conditions upon which siich iiit«n hangc, r.ccommodatioD, protection, transmis- sion, and othtr facilities are t3 be afforded and effected, and so far as may be necessary for the objects and purposes of the said intended Act; to alter the tolls end charges which the said Company or any or either of them are now authorised to take, and to conier, vary, or extinguish exemptions from the payment thereof, and to confer, vary, or extinguish other rights and privil- eges. And it is also propos d ti take power to enable the Company and the before-mentioned Companies, or any or either of them, to enter into agreements for the inter- change of traffic, and for respectively working and using their respective lines of R..ilway and works, or any or either of them. And it is intended to incorporate with the said Act?, "The Companies clauses consolidation Act, 184-5," "The Lands clauses consolidation Act, 1845," "The lands clauses consolidation Acts, Amendment Aot, 1800," and Tbe Railways clauses consolidation Act, 1845," or some part or pat ti thereof. And it is proposed for all or any of the purposes afore- said, to alter, amend, extend and enlarge, vary or repeal all or some of the powers and provisions of the several local and personal Acts following, or some of them (that is to say)- The Oswestry, Ellesmere, and Whitchuroh Railway Act, 1861, and the following Acts relating to the Mold and Denbigh Junction Railway Company, viz. :—24 and 25 Vic. cap. 247; and the following Acts relating to the Coester and Mold Railway Company, viz.—10 and 11 Vie. cap. 162; and 12 and 13 Vie. cap. 41; and the fol- lowing Act relating ti the Buckley and Connah'e Quay Railway Company, 23 and 24 Vic. cap. 89; and the following Acts relating to the Chester and Holyhead Railway Company, viz.—7 and 8 Vie. cap. 65; 8 and 9 Vie. cap. 33; 10 and 11 Vic. caps. 147, 162 and 238; 11 and 12 Vic, cap. 60; 12 and 13 Vic. cap. 41, 13 and 14 Via. cap. Ill: 14 and 15 Vic. rap. 21; 17 and 18 Yic. cap. 168; 21 and 22 Vic. cap. 130, and 23 and 24 Vic. cap. 149 and the following Acts relating to the Shrewsbury and Chester Railway Company, viz.—7 and 8 Vic. cap. 99 8 and 9 Vic. caps. 42 and 115 9 and 10 Yic. caps. 250, 251, 274 and 275 10 and 11 Vic. caps. 144; 12 and 13 Vie. cap. 55; 14 and 15 Vie. cap. 131; 16 and 16 Vir. cap. 146; 17 and 18 Vic. caps. 130, 192 sec. 3 and 222; 21 and 22 Vic, cap. 92, sec. 75, and any other Acta of the said Company respectively; and the Act passed in the fifth and sixta years of the reign of King William the fourth, intituled "An Act for making a Railway from Bristol to join t London and Birming- ham Railway near London, to be called The Great Wes- tern Railway,' with branches therefrom to the towns of Bradford and Trowbridge, in the county of Wilts; and the several other Acts relating to or affecting the Great Western Railway Company: And Notice is hereby further given, that on or before the 30th of day November, 18-31, plans and sections of the proposed Railways, a book of reference to such plans a published map with the said intended lines of Railway delineated thereon, and a copy of this notice as published in the London Gazette" will be deposited for public inspection with the clerk of the peace for the county of Saloi), at his office in Shrewsbury, with the clerk of the peace for the county of Denbigh, at his office in Ruthin, with the clerk of trie peace for the county of Flint, at his odice in Mold, and with the clerk of the peace for the county of Gutsier, at his office in Chester, and that ou or before the said 30tit day of November instant, a | copy of so much 01 the a-xi 1 plans, s.-ctions, atil ho :k of reference, a: rebus to each pariaii, in or thiough which tne said ruitway and woiki are intended to be construct- ed; toother with a copy of the eatd Notice will be de- posited with the parish clerx of each such p-risii to Its iiiii -1 place ot au n;e, and in the casj of extr<i*para* chial places with the parish cleik of the adjoining Printed copies of tho proposed Bill for effecting the objects specified in this Netioc, or some of them, will be deposited iu the Piivato Blil Odiee of the Hjuae of tJontfEorip, on or before he 2Jrd uay of Decambar next. Dated tne 13;n day of November, 1861. THOMAS AND CHARLES MlNSHALL, Oswi-stry, EDGWOP-ril AND DEVEREUX PJGJ, Wiexham, Solicitors for Lilt: Bill. WYATT AND Mgl'CAljPE, 28, Puriiameai-3tieet, W^simiuster, Pnrliameutiry Agents.