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WELSH ASSOCIATION CUP. I THIRD TIES. FORESTERS v, WREXHAM.—This match was played on Gwersylit Park, on Saturday, and as was anticipated resulted in a win for the visitors. The home captain won the toss, and elected to defend the station goal, and the ball was set in motion at 3.15, amid much excitement among the numerous partizans of both teams. The game at once became fast, and although the visitors were foiled in their attempts to score for the first twenty minutes they had decidedly the best of the play. About this time, after some good pssing by the wings, the ball was landed well in front of goal, and the centre player had j no difficulty in putting it through, Upml appeal, the referee declared the goal offside. The Wrexham men were uow warming to their work, and the half-backs keeping the ball well np the field, and the right wing having an opportunity made a good run, which finished up with an ex- cellent shot which the goal keeper conld not stol). The bold front which the Gwersylit men lia(1 shown up to this point was seriously broken, and the team becoming considerably demoralised by 1' the superior tactics oi tne opposing team, fell back upon their inner lines of defence, and at the call of time the game stood—Wrexham three goals and one disputed, to none. After change of sides it was at once apparent that the home team must have great luck to be able to equalise matters, for the visitors played steadier against the hill, and tome of their displays of passing seemed to bewilder their opponents, who now played a purely defen- sive game. The hacks massed themselves in front of the goal, and must have hampered the goal- keeper considerably. But this falling hack upon goal was of but little avail, for their lines were several times broken and the ball passed through the posts. One goal from a corner kick was so well placed that it fell upon the hands of the numerous goalkeepers and hounded through. The home forwards made several attempts to force the enemy's position, but the backs were equal to the occasion. The game ended—Wrex- ham eight goals and one disputed, to none. The home team played a good game for the first half- hour, but their back play was vulnerable at several points, and the forward play suffered in consequence. The Foresters, although defeated, are by no means disgraced, having won their first and second ties—Northwich and Llan- gollen respectively—in good style, and it should not be forgotten that it is their first sea- son. The visitors, who were in good form, are mostly veterans, having taken part in many a well-fought battle, and from experience upon the field were cooler and more calculative than their opponents, who were in a wild hurry when the ball was in their possession. The Wrexham forwards played well and unselfishly, and were well backed up by the well judged play of the half-backs. The backs were only called upon a very few times to hold their own, and they were mostly spectators of the game. The goal-keeper hardly touched the ball, and had no chance of distinguishing himself. The players were WREXHAM.—Goal, Phennah bcks, Murless and W. T. Daviei; half-backs, Cross, Evans, and Davies forwards. Eilwarils, J. Davies, Price, Loxluun, and Evans. Umpire, H. Mills. FORESTERS.—Goal, Lovatt; backs, Whitehouse amI Williams half-b.icks, Clayton, Roberts, and Tudor forwards, Powell, Marsden, Dod, and McHutcheun. Umpire, O. Price. Referee, Powys Jones. THE "WLILTE STAR" í, THE RUABON Dit!,rDs.ThL,zect)iid match in the third round for the Association Challenge Cup was played off between these two clubs on Satur- day, on the ground of the former. The greatest interest was taken in the game by a large con- course of spectators, the weather being in every way favourable. The ball was kicked off at half- past two o'clock. Some excellent kicking and dribbling was displayed on both sides. After about half-an-hour's play a fine rush was made by the Star forwards, and they carried the ball to within a short distance of their opponents' goal. The play now became extensely exciting, and D. Reese managed to release the ball, and kick it through the posts, thus scoring a goal for the White Star. The contest was carried on with great spirit, S. Davies by a fine spurt, took the ball from the Druids in front of their opponents' goal. About four o'clock the Druids made a splendid concerted attack on the Star Lines, and brought the ball to within a few yards of their opponents' goal, when Kendrick had a free kick, but with the Stars in his front, and the ever watchful Tom Price in the keeping of the goal, it was almost impossible the ball could reach its destination. Unfortunately, for the Druids, their captain landed the ball behind the goal. Shortly after this time was called. The Druids continued to work hard, but with- out avail, for the Stars succeeded in preventing their scoring a goal, and thus ended one of the fastest and most exciting matches ever played in connection with the Welsh Challenge Cup. One of the Druids remarked, "It is greatly to the credit of the Stars, for our club has not been de- feated during the last four years in ninety matches played in Wales." The greatest interest was taken in the contest by the spectators, and the victors were enthusiastically cheered.

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