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WEST CARMARTHENSHIRE. Mr. W. J. Buckley's Candidature. On Thursday, the 11th inst, Mr W J Buckley, the Unionist candidate for West Carmarthenshire, addressed his constituents at the National Schoolroom, Newcastle- Emlyn. Mr C H Fitzwilliams, presided, and, besides a large attendance of the principal farmers, there were present a number of Tivyside landowners. Mr Buckley was very well received, and delivered a speech in Welsh. Captain Jones-Parry, Mr John Jones, the Hon Mr Campbell (Golden Grove), and Mr William Morris (Newcastle-Emlyn), also addressed the meeting. Mr Williams (Gelligatti) proposed, and Mr Thomas (county councillor, Llangeler) seconded a vote of thanks to the chairman. A very successful meeting was addressed by Mr Buckley at Cwmbach, Llanwinio, the previous night, Mr Thomas, Fronllan, in the chair. The candidate devoted his remarks to agricultural questions. Mr Thomas, Derllys, proposed the vote of confidence, being supported by Mr D Griffiths and the Rev D Howell. Mr Buckley held very successful meetings on Monday at Brechfa, Velingwm, and Llanegwad. On Monday night at the Schoolroom, Llanarthney, a very crowded meeting assembled to hear Mr W J Buckley and others. The candidate met with a grand reception, and answered very satisfactorily a few questions that were asked. Mr Buckley held a meeting at Login Schoolroom, parish of Llangunnor, on Tuesday morning. The room was filled, chiefly with farmers. On Monday Mr W J Buckley started the first of the series of addresses which he had advertised to give on that day, at the Board Schoolroom, Brechfa, which was filled with an enthusiastic and friendly audience. Colonel Gwynne Hughes, of Glancothy, was unani. mously voted to the chair, and opened the meeting with a most stirring speech, championing the Uaionist cause, and explaining at length what the Liberal programme was and the cost Home Rule would involve on us, fthe already over-taxed and heavily-burdened electors of Great Britain; and now was their time to act, and to give their support on the polling day to the Liberal Unionist candidate, Mr W J Buckley (cheers). In his concluding remarks, in moving a vote of thanks to Mr Buckley, the Chairman hoped that all friends of the farmers, and the great Unionist cause, would support their candidate by their votes next Friday, but that if on a careful and impartial consideration of the claims of the two candidates, and the causes they represented, they found themselves unable to do so, they would be none the worse friends in the future. Mr Buckley was received with quite an ovation of cheers, and spoke in Welsh on his already-issued address, dwelling principally on the present agricul- depression, and the means of remedying same. It was to be deplored that the late Liberal Government took no such measure, but, to the contrary, they sent out of this country no less than Z143,000 in foreign contracts for supplies which could have been provided by home markets (cries of "Shame"). If they returned him as their representative, be would endeavour to serve their interests by pressing forward a comprehensive programme of useful legislation, such as the extension of the present Agricultural Holdings Act, Reduction of Railway Rates, Construction of Light Railways, Government contracts to be placed with British firms, Leasehold Enfranchisement, and a scheme of Old Age Pensions. Mr Buckley was loudly cheered at the close of a very interesting speech. Mr Thomas, of Derllys Court, also spoke in the vernacular, gave an able speech in favour of Mr W J Buckley. —The secretary of the National Agricultural Union followed, explaining the aims and objects of the Union, and advisiug those to give their support to the Unionist cause. Colonel Gwynne Hughes proposed, and the Rev Herbert Hughes, B.A., seconded, a vote of confidence in Mr W J Buckley, and on :being put to the meeting was unanimously carried by a large majority.—A vote of thanks to the worthy chairman brought a most enthusi- astic meeting to a close. Mr Buckley was loudly cheered on this leaving this picturesque and romantio yillage. Mr. J. Lloyd Morgan's Candidature. I On Saturday last Mr J Lloyd Morgan, one of the candidates for the parliamentary seat for West Car- marthenshire, addressed a large number of his con- stituents at LKTitniB-street Schoolroom, Carmarthen. Amongxt ho>;e present were :-Mr H F Davies, Bremeodll; M r Harris, Ffrwd Mr Evans, Ferry Farm; Mr Davies, Clyngwyn Mr Davies, Danygraig; Mt HarrioB, Llandilo-Abercowin Mr Johns, Paro- eithin; Mr Davies, Rhydyrhaw; Mr Protheroe, lycanol; Mr J Thomas, Talog; Mr J Lloyd, Peny- ank; Mr Davies, Plas, Bankyfelin Mr D Davies, Mydrm; Mr D Walters, Bankyfelin Mr Evans, DolwllyOl; and a large number of his supporters. Mr Palmer, auctioneer, Brynhank, wa. unanimously voted to the chair, and after delivering an address called upon Mr Davies, Bremenda, to propose a vote of confidence, which incloded a pledle of support, to the Liberal candidate. In doing so Mr Davies delivered a atirrin g speech, l which was well received. Tae vote was seconded by Mr Johns, Parceithin, and carrie,t maniooasly. Mr J Lloyd Morgan, in acknowledging the vote, was eutbusiistioally received. After dealing with questions of general interest he said he wanted every person who had a vote to believe that the result of the election depended upon his individual eff )rt -(cheers) -as a good many people were saying that hit (the speaker's) seat was qaite safe. This was, if anything, an element of danger. A certain 'writer bad stated that the Liberals were an army of laboarers, artizaus, and shop- keepers. Well, give him (the speaker) that army and he would win the day (cheers). It was all very well for people to sneer at the working classes, &a., bat he asked who were the artizuns? Why, they were the people who by their thrift and industry rose to the respectable positions they occupied in the world. Then, again, tbe shopkeepers were the backbone of the retail trade in Eagland (cbeers). Ooe of Mr Buckley's supporters had stated that when that gentleman attended fairs in the county the prices went up tre- mendously (loud laughter). It would bean advantage- ous step if Mr Backley were kapt amongst his con- stituents, and taken round to all the fairs so that they would always get good prioes (laughter). It had been said that there were too many lawyers in the House of Commons, but there were too many landlords there (cheers). He asked them who they would have as a representative of agriculture. (A Voice, Not a landlord and cheers). A vote of thacks to Mr J Lloyd Morgan, proposed by Mr Davies, Close, Mydrim, seconde4 by Mr Davies, Rhydyrhaw, was unanimously passed. A vote of thanks was also accorded to the chairman, who, in replyiog, orlled the eleotora to place a cross opposite Mr Lloyd Morgan's name, as, he Slid, Mr Buckley had plenty of them on his casks (load laughter and cheers). Meeting at Kidwelly. I At Kidwelly, on Saturday night, Mr Lloyd Morgan was met at the station by a brass band and a large and entbusiastio gathering of his supporters, who esoorted him to the Town-hall, which was speedily filled. The Riv W C Jenkins presided. Tbe vote of confidence and the pleige to seoure a magoificent majority for Mr Morgan were carried with- out diment, on the motion of Mr 3mart, the supporters inclading Mr W Williams, the ex.M.P., of Morriston. The Rev Elvet Lewis and Mr Rowland Browne, solicitor, Carmarthen, also addressed the meeting. Meeting at Alltywalis. d I Un Monday evening a large and enthusiastic meeting was held at the above place, in support of the candida- ture of Mr J Lloyd Morgan. Mr D L Jones, J.P., Derlwyn, was unanimously voted to the chair, and stirring addresses were delivered by the Chairman Mr T Barrett, Cross Vale; Mr B Rees, Factory; Mr John James, Nantybonoath; Mr Roberts, C.M., Derlwyn Villa; Mr W J Wallis-Jones, Penoader Mr Daniel Stephens, Dolau; and others. Resolutions were enthusiastically passed, thanking Mr Morgan for past servictB, and pledging all present to use every legitimate means towards again returning Mr Morgan to Parlia- ment on Friday with an overwhelming majority. The Nominations. I West Carmarthenshire nominations took place on Saturday. The following were nominated: John Lloyd Morgan (L.), barrister. at-law, 58, King street, Carmarthen. Proposed by Richard Macaulay Thomas, 21, Picton terrace, Carmarthen; seconded by Walter Jenkin Evans, Green Hill, Carmarthen. William Joseph Buckley (L.U.), Penyfai, esquire. Proposed by John Henry Thomas, Deny; seconded by David Thomas, Gwastoduchaf.