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I NEWS OF THE WORLD. I London's death-rate fell to 16.1 last week, the figure being very much below the average for the last ten years. The Press Association learns, on reliable authority, that the German Emperor has conferred upon Earl Roberts the Order of the Black Eagle, the highest decoration in Germany. It is anticipated that many summonses for overtime working will be issued against dressmaking firms in the West End, in consequence of the rush of buisness in mourning orders, consequent on the Queen's death. According to the World the late Queen has bequeathed Balmoral Castle and Osborne House to King Edward, and among other dis- positions 9140,000 each to the Duke of Connaught, Princess Christian, Princess Louise and Princess Henry of Battenberg. Patrick Meade, lately a gamekeeper, was sentenced to two months' imprisonment on a charge, heard at Ballingarry Petty Sessions on Wednesday, of placing poison in the fox coverts of the County Limerick Hunt Club, and thus killing several hounds. Mr. Balfour has addressed to the supporters of the Government in the House of Commons a letter notifying them that Parliament will meet on February 14, and trusting that, as business of importance will immediately be brought forward, it will be convenient for them to be present on that day. Miss Ada Webster, a young lady twenty-nine years old and four feet high, who performs on the music-hall stage, recovered on Tuesday £100 damages for breach of promise of marriage from Mr. Ernest Wainwright, of Didsbury, who had been engaged to her for many years, and had written over a hundred effusively affectionate letters. Mr. Martin Fitzgerald, wholesale wine merchant, obtained a verdict for Zi,ooo damage in an action brought by him at Dublin on Tuesday against the Dublin United Tramways Company for injuries sustained, as he alleged, in consequence of the company's negligence in the construction and maintenance of its line, by reason of which his horse fell, and he received injuries to the spine and the fracture of a leg. An especial grand lodge" of English Free- masons has been convoked for the 15th inst., to vote to the King an address of sympathy and congratulation. Afterwards the question of the Grand Mastership will be considered. It is understood that his Majesty h&s resigned this high office, and it is stated that he will be succeeded in it by the Duke of Connaught. Luke Young, a seafaring man, was charged at Greenwich, on Tuesday, with attempting to murder Sarah Martin. It was alleged that the prisoner discharged six chambers of a revolver at the woman, wbo, however, though wounded, appeared to be very little the worse for it. A constable who helped to arrest Young deposed that he was very violent, and on being secured said: Is she dead ? I meant to kill her." A lemand was granted. An appeal by the executor of the late Isaac Gordon against the result of a trial by Mr. Justice W ills and a special jury, at Birmingham, was heard on Tuesday by the Master of the Rolls and Lords Justices Collins and Romer. Defendant was a Yorkshire farmer, who, it was stated, had obtained from Gordon, on bills, advances to the sum of X510. He had paid back E965, and the balance claimed from him was 9375. As the result of the first action he was absolved from responsibility as to this amount, but that finding was now reversed. Curious evidence was given on Tuesday at the inquest on the body of Mr. Percy Lintopp Foxwell, a stockbroker, whose corpse was found in the Thames on January 31st. His widow said that on January 5th she consulted a clairvoyant as to the fate of her husband, and herself saw him drowned in the crystals." The seer assured her that his body would be found at a waterworks on the Thames (which was indeed the case), and on a subsequent occasion that he had been attacked by a man and woman, knocked on the head, and thrown into the water. The verdict returned was Found drowned." At Darlaston (Staffs) on Tuesday it was shewn that a series of serious assaults was committed by Edward Ford, a bolt forger. Some youths were throwing snowballs, and one accidentally struck Ford, who flew into a violent temper, and savagely attacked three innocent persons, a man, a woman, and a boy carrying a baby. All three were knocked down and rendered insensible, and it was alleged that Ford kicked them when down. The magistrates characterised Ford's conduct as outrageous, and sentenced him to two months' imprisonment with hard labour. David Allport and Louisa Chappell were charged at Bristol on Tuesday with grossly neglecting Walter and Bertie Allport, and with conspiring to murder Bertie Allport. Evidence was given that the children were insured. An insurance superintendent stated that, an in- surance form having been sent to him respect- ing the boy Bertie, he went to Allport's house, and was shewn a child, bright and healthy, represented to be Bertie. The declaration was thereupon signed. Looking at the photograph of Bertie he now declared that he had never seen the face before. Allport and Chappell were again remanded. Currency has been given to a statement that the only surviving bridesmaid who attended Queen Victoria at her marriage on Feb. 10, 1840, is the Duchess of Cleveland, mother of the Earl of Rosebery. This is an error. Lady Jane Ellice (daughter of the third Earl of Radnor), who was born in the same year as her late Majesty, was one of the bridesmaids, and is also still alive. She married in 1847 Mr. William Ellice, a descendant of the well-known Barclays, of Aberdeenshire, who gave to this country the famona Apologist of the Quakers, and to Russia one of its most distinguished soldiers. General Barclay de Tolly. Mr. Ellice died in 1892. At Tuesday's meeting of the London County Council Mr. Dickinson announced a munificent gift to the public of London. The donor is Mr. F. J. Horniman, M.P., and his present consists of some fifteen acres of freehold land and a new museum, situated close to Lordship- lane, on the South-Eastern and Chatham Rail- way. Anything between RW,000 and £100,000 may be the value of the property, which the Council accepted with thanks. The report of Monday's conference, condemning in strong terms the proposals put forward by the metro- politan water companies, was carried by 99 votes to 4. David Christie Murray, novelist, 114, Drakefield-road, Balham, was summoned in London on Tuesday to shew cause why he should not pay 30s. a week towards the mainten- ance of his wife together with arrears amounting to £ 45.. MW. H. Lucas Turner appeared for the applicant; and Mr. Grieves Smith for the defendant. Mr. Smith said his client, Mr. Murray, was seriously ill. He asked for atleast a week's adjournment. Mr. Turner said that Mrs. Murray was herself in very ill-health and nearly destitute. The defendant had been paying at the rate of EZ per week with a view to clearing off arrears, but had suddenly discontinued the payments. It appeared from statements by Mr. Smith and Mr. Turner that divorce proceedings are pending between the parties; and Mr. Bros said he would adjourn the case a week with a view to the defendant's allowing his wife alimony pending the proceed- ings. 0