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NEWS IN BRIEF. Tragedies and Disasters. Mr. Jesse Burslam Bayley, innkeeper, of Con- gleton, was found drowned on Monday in the river in the local public park. The Rev. T. John, Congregational minister of Beaumaris, fell dead from heart failure on Mon- day on Bangor pier whilst hurrying towards a steamer. John George Thackeray, aged five, was electrocuted on the "live" rail near New- castle-on-Tyne on Saturday while trespas- sing on the railway. A child named Witcher, three years old, was run over and killed by a tramcar at Teddington on Saturday night. A pilot cutter was sunk on Saturday in collision with the steamship Reginald near Monmouth. Charles Puck, one of the crew of the cutter, was drowned. Mr. Thomas Oakman, contractor, of They- don Bois, was killed on the railway on Saturday between Theydon Bois and Lough- ton. A fall of coal at Barlborough Colliery, Clowne, Derbyshire, killed Will Jervies, well known throughout the county as a cricketer, and Thomas Brocklehurst. John Surtees, a miner of Edmondsby, near Durham, was killed on Saturday in a fight. Robert Edward Knox is in custody charged with his murder. Syncope following an epileptic fit was the verdict at the inquest on Saturday on George Maladine, 25, who was found dead in Park- hurst in what is known as the "matted cell." James Richard Eastwood, 37, was lying on the grass with other inmates in the airing lawn at Whittingham Asylum, Preston, when he was overcome by the heat and died. Accidents. A horse attached to a coal van dashed through the plate-glass window of a grocer's shop in High-road, Kilburn, on Monday. A man fell into the street whilst he was clean- ing a window in the Strand on Monday, and was taken to the hospital seriously injured. A draper's shop was destroyed by fire early on Monday morning in the Harrow-road. Mr. and Mrs. Williams, the owners, were away for the week-end, and their nephew, who was alone in the house, escaped the flames by jumping from a bedroom window. Three children were injured by the col- lapse of a bandstand on Saturday at the annual fete of the Edmonton Co-operative Society. A young man diving in the baths at Rei- gate struck the bottom with such force that he broke his nose. In the Thames on Saturday the steamer Britannia collided with the Braemar Castle, 6,266 tons (one of the largest of the Union- Castle liners), preparing to leave for Cape Town. As the special train conveying the London Scottish Volunteers to the Highlands drew up at Perth on Saturday some couplings gave way with a loud noise, but no one was in- iured- Stack fires have been frequent in Essey. I recently, and at Ardleigh, in the northern j part of the county, a field of barley has been destroyed by an outbreak caused by sparks from a railway engine. Told in the Courts. An alien charged with attempted suicide at Thames, said he placed the rope round his neck to frighten his wife. He was discharged. James Hawkes, a private in the R.M.L.I., was sentenced to a month's hard labour at Sheerness on Monday for stealing a sporting rifle, value £ 50, the property of Lieut. H. L. Lucas, of H.M.S. Halcyon. Mrs. Sarah Eaton, 62, who was knocked down by a cyclist and sustained a broken collar-bone and other injuries, obtained £ 25 damages on Monday at the Northwich County-court against Corneliiis Gibson. wKo waa riding tlio aaaetohixie. Harold J. Beckett, a bank clerk, of Catford, stood in the Margate Police-court on Monday with a bullet in his brain to answer a charge of attempted suicide. The bullet was one of two which entered Beckett's head on July 23 last, when he shot himself at Margate. The second bullet was extracted, but the other, the doctor said, was sunk four inches deep in Beckett's brain, and could not be removed. William Church, labourer, was committect; for trial at Chatham, charged with being in unlawful possession of a quantity of gun metal and brass, valued at X85, which had been taken from the dockyard. Constantine Logios, a temperance hotel proprietor, of Didsbury, was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment and was bound over to keep the peace at the Liverpool As- sizes for sending letters containing threats to murder Mr. T. H. Jordon, a solicitor, of Manchester. The World of Sport. While the Culmstock Otter Hounds were hunt- ing the River Yeo, Somerset, a few days ago, an otter became engaged in a tussle with a terrier, and when the hounds came on the scene they killed the terrier, the otter escaping. While playing a good-sized trout in the Rivet Exe, near Tiverton, an angler was somewhat startled by the appearance of an otter, which seized the fish, broke the line, and made off with the prize. Now 82 years of age, Mr. E. Sayer, of Mine- head, has just attended the opening meet of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds for the 56th time. At a contest of the German Swimming Club at Hamburg Mr. William Henry, secre- tary of the Royal Life Saving Society, Lon- don, carried off the prize in the senior 200 yards' race. Healy, the Australian swimmer, won two 100 metres (109J yards). races at Hamburg, for the championship and for the Kaiser Cup. He created a German record, the time being lmin. 7sec., which beats the Halmaep record for Europe by 6secs. Henry won the senior 200 metres (219 yards) race easily. The British bowlers visiting Canada de- feated the local team at St. Catherine's by 193 points to 128 on Saturday. Music and the Drama. The matinee at the Kursaal, Harrogate, had to be abandoned on Saturday because of the sudden illness of Mr. George Grossmith. It is stated that his illness is not serious. Mr. H. B. Irving appeared at Prince's i Theatre, at Manchester, on Saturday even- ing, for the first time in one of his father's plays, "The Lyons Mail." Mr. Tree has returned from Marienbad, and is conducting the rehearsals of The Winter's Tale," which will be produced at His Majesty's Theatre on September 1 next. Miss Ellen Terry will play Hermione, Mrs. Tree Paulina, and Miss Viola Tree Perdita. Military and Naval. Under the new redistribution scheme the 18th Brigade Royal Field Artillery, stationed at AI- dershot, which was under orders for South Africa, will now remain at home. Colonel Sir William Gordon, Bart., leader of a squadron in the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava, who died in May last, left per- sonal estate valued at £10.112 5s. 61d. H.M. Admiralty yacht Enchantress arrived at Queenstown on Monday, having on board the Lords of the Admiralty, who will make an inspection of the Haulbowline Dockyard. The body of Major Francis Drake, of the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers who served in the Indian Mutiny and who rose from the ranks, was buried on Monday in Acton Cemetery. King Edward, the King of Spain, the Prince of Wales, and Princess Henry of Battenberg have each given handsome donations to the funds of the East Cowes regatta, which takes place towards the end of the present month. v Major-General W. E. Franklyn on Satur- day issued an order declaring that tinned meat was to be issued to the troops at Tid- worth once a month. Commercial and Industrial. The Calico Printers' Association announce that the accounts for the year ended June show a balance of £ 489,660 available for dividend, capital reserve, and other purposes. Owing to the prevalence of swine fever, the Board of Agriculture issued an order on Monday closing all the South Lincolnshire pig markets. The first sample of new wheat was shown at Sleaford corn market on Monday, and realised 28s. per quarter. After fifty four years' service, Mr. R. Blair, the oldest passenger guard on the North-Eastern Railway, retired on Satur- day. A resolution criticising the corporation re- garding the sub-letting of building contracts was defeated by 35 votes to 12 at the Bir- mingham Trade Council. According to the returns just issued there was an increase of 216,000,000 in Canada's foreign trade during the last fiscal year, and of this increase X8,000,000 was with Great Britain. A conference between the coalowners and workmen's leaders was held at Cardiff, when the men demanded 5 per cent. advance in wages. The masters offered 2! per cent., 2 but this the men refused, and no agreement was arrived at. The awards on the jury's findings in the claims of Leonard and others against the Simpson Steamship Company, of Cardiff, were announced at the Swansea Assizes. The sums to be paid by the owners amount to £ 1,158. The plaintiffs were certain members of the crew of the steamship Carlisle. The Holland-American Line have placed an order with Messrs. Harland and Wolff for a steamer of 23,000 tons gross for their Atlan- tic service. The new vessel will be 650ft. long, with 77ft. beam, and, with the excep- tion of the White Star liners Baltic and Adriatic, will be the largest ever constructed at Belfast. National and Political. f The King has approved of the appointment of Admiral Sir Arthur Dalrymple Fanshawe to succeed Admiral Sir Robert Harris as presi- dent of the Royal Naval College at Greenwich. The Emperor Menelik has assented to the agreement between France, England, and Italy regarding Abyssinia. A meeting between the Viceroy and the Ameer of Afghanistan has been arranged to take place at Agra on November 29. The Earl of Leicester has placed in the hands of the King his resignation of the Lord Lieutenancy of the County of Nor- folk. He was appointed in 1846, and is the oldest lord lieutenant in England. The King has sent a message to the Bel- gian journalists in England trusting that their visit may tend to promote a stronger feeling of friendship between the nations of the world. The Parliamentary session recently closed was a record one for the attendance of strangers. The Government of British India is a masterpiece of organisation, declares M. de Lamothe, Governor of the French Colonies, who has just returned to Paris from India. From Other Lands. The increase of French imports into Austra- lia continues. Their total value in 1904 was £ 336,000, while in 1905 it was £ 511,000. Mr. Hayashi, the Japanese Minister at Pokiii, has informed the Chinese Government that Japan is ready to arrange for the establishment of a Customs House at Dalny, and urges that China should make similar arrangements at frontier stations in Northern Manchuria. An old man of seventy-six named Dacher has been arrested at Cusset (France) on a charge of murdering his wife, who was eighty-eight years old. A violent earthquake shock was felt throughout the Riviera on Sunday. Owing to an error of statics, the work of reconstructing the fallen Campanile at "Venice will have to be begun again. Bulgarians live longer than any other European race. The country has 3,800 cen- tenarians, or one to every 1,000 inhabitants; while in France there are only 146. The British launch Wing-Fat has been attacked by Chinese pirates close to Wu- Chow. One man was killed and three were wounded. The pirates made off with booty consisting of < £ 75 and a chest of opium. A peasant named Boldoveteh, 115 years old, living in the district of Illutsk, Russia, attempted to commit suicide on Saturday by cutting his throat. When admitted to the hospital he declared that he was tired of life. A French captive military balloon which broke adrift and was blown across the fron- tier, was recovered by the German garrison at Sarrebourg, and sent back to the French military authorities with a complimentary message. Having met with an accident to one of her cylinders the French submarine Cigone is laid up for repairs. While men were at work driving rivets into the paint-locker of the destroyer Worden at Norfolk, Virginia, on Saturday a heated rivet fell into the varnish, causing an explosion, five men were injured and the vessel was set on fire. Three tourists who ascended the Weisshorn without a guide were rescued by guides after wandering on the summit for several days. A young and beautiful girl committed suicide at Odessa after the premature explo- ision of a bomb with which she intended to as- sassinate General Kaulbars. A desperate fight has taken place between the Filipinos and the United States garrison. The latter opposed the Filipino bolos with the butt-end of their rifles. An epidemic of suicide due to love, the weather, a guilty conscience, and other causes has broken out in Paris. Other Interesting Items. A presentation from the Mikado the first of its kind, consisting of a lacquered wooden cup emblazoned with the Emperor's arms, was made at Hull on Monday to Second Officer J. E. Seddon, of the London steamer Woodford, for rescuing four fishermen off the Japanese coast. The Prince of Wales has become patron of the National Service for Seafarers, to be held on October 10 at St. Paul's Cathedral. Ser- vices are being arranged for in Liverpool Sun- derland, Bristol, and Great Yarmouth. It has been impossible this year to hold them simul- taneously, but next year it is hoped that this will be done. A widow who was evicted from a shop in Roscommon, remained in the street with her furniture over a week. She refused all offers of help. On o,.ie side of the Fyfield cricket ground is a dry ditch, overgrown with vegetation, in which the ball is frequently lost. 0 A member has trained his dog to scout, and now, when the ball goes into the ditch, the dog darts after -it, and immediately returns with it in his mouth. During the temporary absence of the occu- piers of a tent on a hilltop near Tiverton, a cow forced her way into the tent and gave birth to two calves. The inhabitants of a house in Alexandra- terrace, Marlborough, Wilts, had a startling experience. The children were sitting at tea, when a sheep, which had got away from a flock on the common, some 400 or 500 yards away, and was being chased by the shepherd's dog, jumped right through the window into the din- ing-room, a drop of two or three feet. The oc- cupier of the house ran into the dining-room and captured the sheep. The vicar of Tintwistle, near Glossop, sug- gests in his parish magazine that "it is time that the foolish and irreverent custom of try- ing for the first kiss after the wedding cere- mony died out." Weddings are not exhibi- tions or spectacles he urges; but ceremonies, at which those present should pray that the two young lives setting out on their journey together may be prosperous in all 'Our things, temporal and spiritual."






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