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35 The County Observer Forty-ninth Year of Publication. Scale for Advertisements. PBB INSEBTIOW. Official Announcements. Single Column. Parliamentary Addreesea.. I X«egal Notices j 6d. per line. Prospectuses of Companies Rleetion Addresses Property and Stock Sales | -Auction Sales J Municipal and other bodies | Ordinary Notices }. 3s. per in oh in depth, Balanoe Sheets I Statements of Accounts. Houses Wanted Houses to Let J Entertainments Agricultural Shows I Subscription lists ? la. fid. per inch. Wedding Presents J SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. ) Servants Wanted. J2 words 18 words 24 words Situations Vacant. Apartments Wanted Apartments to Let 6d. 9d. Is. Money to Lend Articles Lost Articles Found Articles for Sale J Three weeks for double above charges. Most be paid for when the order is given, or double the above scale charges will be made. Remittances received in Postage Stamps. mi T' Sliiii I'ilSi » Printing of every Description AUOTIONEKBS' Particulars, Posters, & Catalogues. igotnotomw Prospectuses Lithographic Maps, & Plan. TSASBfiVBSt'S Cards, Ilir -T.aads,& Note Headings, > All communications to J. H. CLARK, UOOKTY OBSERVER Office, USK, Monmouthshire. WANTED, a good strong GIRL.—Apply, VIMPANY, Six Bells, Usk. WANTED. WORK, GARDEN or GENERAL WORKMAN on Farm. — WOKKMAX, Observer Office, Ut-k. TOMATO (Dobbin's Champion) and CUCUM- BER PLANTS FOR SALE.—JONES, Sta- tioner, Usk. TT ADY'S BICYCLE FOR f SALE. in good JLj cniiditioii.-Apply, BAMIIURY, Kensington -Cottage, Usk. GENT'S BUDGE WHITWORTH FULL ROADSTER BICYCLE FOR SALE.— BUNKING, Usk. FOR SALE or LEASE, BUILDING LAND on Monmouth Road—Apply, EDWARDS, Grocer, Usk. "1"0 LET, at Trostrey. COTTAGE, with Garden, i Orchard, and about 2 acres Land.—Apply, J. J. EDWARDS, Grocer, Usk. COTTAGE TO LET in MAKYPOBT STREET.— C Apply, R. C. ROBERTS, Usk. TO LET, BLACK BARN COTTAGE.—Apply, Miss EVANS, Tymellyn, Usk. DOUBLE-LICENSED COUNTRY HOUSE, with commodious Stabling, TO LET. Apply, WK. HANCOCK & Co.. Anchor Brewery, Newport. rr»0 LET, good SIX-ROOMED HOUSE and 1 GARDEN.—G. ROWLAND, Llancayo, near Usk. TO LET, COTTAGE, with about Two Acres of Orcharding and Garden, known «8 Red- dings," Llangwm -DAVIIIS, Woodbine, Usk. r* '0 LET, good COTTAGE & GARDEN, near JL Usk.—DAVIKS, Woodbine, Usk. LOST, from Oc?ed-y-brain, TWO EWES and LAilB, pitch-marked "B" on teft side.— WM. JAMBS. JfOUND, TWO WELSH EWES & LAMBS. Owner can h«ve same by paying expenses.— Applv, BAMiroaY, Kensington Cottage, Llanbadoc. liHiBHT BONUS TEAS Combine Good Tea with Good Presents. From 2/2 per lb. Local Agent. MES HAWKINS, BARON STRBBT, USK. Agents wanted where not yet appointed Oliver Oliver nud Co., Loudon. For Printing of all Descriptions try the County Observer Office. I BEVAN & COMPANY, LTD., WALES' LARGEST FURNISHERS, Are now holding (prior to Annual Stock-taking) their COLOSSAL CLEARANCE SALE! All Goods marked down about 95 per cent., thus enabling Customers to o tain for Cash the reliable goods ot this well-known Firm very considerably under usual Prices Delivery Free I The following Lines indicate the Mlnormous Reductions made throughout: £ s- 527 Full sized Everlasting Wire woven Mattresses 0 9 11 346 Handsome Heavy Brass mounted Bedsteads 1 17 6 45 Splendid All-Brass Bedsteads 4 14 6 360 Full-sized Own Make Feather Beds 1 12 6 176 Reliable Leather Cloth Suites 3 19 6 58 Handsome Saddlebag Suites 5 19 6 36 Grand Drawing Room Suite, in Figured Velvet 7 7 0 ]34 Cottage Bedroom Suites, with Marble top, tile back Washstand, Two Chairs, &c &c. 3 3 0 119 Excellent Bedroom Suites, with plate door to Wardrobe 6 17 6 95 Very Handsome Satin Walnut Bedroom Suites, from 3 8 0 23 Splendid Black Walnut Bedroom Suites, various designs, from. Yz 12 0 38 Full Compass Pianofortes, in Handsome Walnut or Ebonized Cases, every one warranted Ten years, from. 15 15 0 42 Capital American Organs, from 10 17 6 318 Tapestry and other Carpet Squares, made, bordered and ready for laying 0 15 U 1600 Hearthrugs, of all descriptions, from. 0 2 11 Many miles of CARPETS, LINO- LEUMS, and FLOORCLOTHS, at most astonishing prices BEVAN AND COMPANY, Opposite Town Hall, Clarence Street, NEWPORT. PONTYPOOL. — FULL REPORT OF IMAM IBM AT H Next Week. Priii of Every Descriloi AT THE "Connty (tarn" OIDce. i PLEASE NOTE CASH DISCOUNT. SEASON HQS. PLEASE NOTE CASH DISCOUNT. Red Clovej. :-lst quality 9id. per lb. I 2nd „ Sid. „ Cow Grass 10d. Dutclt (White) 9id. „ Alsihe 9id. 2 Trefoil 4d. „ Rye Grass:- Italian 5/. per bushel English Perennial 4/9 „ • .,Wangolds:- Hurst Champion Yellow Globe 6d. per lb. Mammoth Long Red 6d. Swedes:- Ward's Victory, in 3 lb. and 2 71b. sealed bags 71d. Sutton's Champion Purple top 6d. 2 Skirvings 61 d. „ Turnips Green globe 6d. „ Devonshire Greystone 7d. „ JField Peas Prince of Wales 11/- per bushel Black Tartar Seed Oats: Grown in North Wales, a really good sample, 15/6 per sack; subject to (id. per sack disoount for cash. Spring Vetches 6/6 per bushel. Field Peas White Marrowfats 7/9 „ Grey Jacks 6/ „ Seed Polatoes:- Early and Late (Prices on application). ¡ Cash Discount. 03, A Prize of One Guinea will be given for the Best Crop of not |d. per lb. off all Seeds. 3d. per bushel off Eye Grass and 1688 thtm °n€ **Cre °f Teitow Globe Jftangolds grown from seed Field Peas. supplied by me, at the Annual Meeting of the Usk Farmers' Club. Y. E. JONES, centSRT«pply USK. I THe" Connty Oserver" NOW an Mil dpi, It I PUBLISHING OFFICES BRIDGE STREET, USK li. €otUt% UliStcfttli bas been established 50 years, and from the advantageous position of the Publishing Offices- IN THE CENTRE OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH -and its Circulation in the Rural and Agricultural Districts it stands PRE-EMINENT AS AN ADVERTISING MEDIUM For the Sale by Auction of Farming Stock, Produce, Furniture, and Landed Property; ior Wants of all kinds, & within a radius of many miles. It is read by all olasses of the community, being essentially A JFABIIJLY FAPEB combining Reports of Local Events (many not dealt with at all by other journals or very shortly noticed), Local Courts; County, District and Parisk Councils, and other Public Bodies; with Interesting Notes on Local and General Current Topics, Sports, &c.; Historic Sketches; Field, Farm, and Garden Operations; Housekeepers' Recipes; Ladies' Fashions; Art and Literature; Markets; A Serial Story And a variety of other interesting reading matter. Special Reports are given of the Meetings of the MonmouthshireJJounty Oouncil, the Monmouthshire Chamber of Agriculture, c., With which no other Paper in the County attempts to vie.

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