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AUSTRALIAN REMS. I Some Doings (}ownJ Under. t I BY PERCY F. BUSH. i Now that our very good friends the Austra.ha.ns are with U.3 once more every- thing; in and abou-t CardiS is tinged with iight blue, the Colonial colour. As I write these words the very sky accommo- d,a-es itself to the prevailing fee-ling, and shows a bo'ld blue. froM. iJeutical in sha.dc.ith the Australian jerseys. By the thne these woa-ds are being read—no light blue this time, you ob&erve—The '"Grate Fite" is finished; the sa-tisned side aits sriiokina; serenely with the fee4- Hi-g of complacency which ordy victory brin; the dissatisiied side. darkly <!olorous. ponder gloomily over what might have been if only So-and-so had passed when 00 failed to pass, and if "Y ou hadn't tried to pick up baily baJl. tou ;,illy chump: Why didn't you go on dnbbling it?" And so on, and so fortl!. a.nd so Rita, if you hke. TIM- feeling which comes to me—and I expect to those others watching the nrst g&me that ever wa-s between Australia, mid WaJes; those others, tha.t is. who hav-,e participa.t.ed in intema.tional games with the Australians be'fc-re—ia one which comes from the m'emory of those g&mes. The fiit te-?t match between the 1904 Anglo-Auatr'atM.a.n team and Aus'tra.i.ita. 3Mt.uraHty oacTirs to one's mind. It waB teamed by the pre?s v. Aus- hralia. and was played on the Sydney Cri.oket Ground on gattirday, July 2, t904. How ma-ny'INs would c' to play facFtbaJl at a,Il in July. let aJone an mterna.l:<mal ma.tch? How would Julyke to play fco'ttball yourae'l'f in th4a,r, bailmy mc,nltih, entle reader ? TTunk th,a-t last para.grai?'h ove.r. Yoll can ba-ve it for rtothln-d, and you need not fear co-pyrighft prooee-dings. There were a.bourt 3Ö,OOOp.t'lQlple on the ground, and to us things f.rom the Oid Country it w.aa qu.ite an experience to. seoe &tra.w ha:fu all around the rCtpes, and ga-ily-coloured dreaEtes worn by the ladies. We get ovûrooat.s, mackinrt'ŒJb.eis. and -on see, and plenty c'f rain a.nd aiu<l, butt the only sign of umbretitag at Sydney' tbat. day was a. parasol here an-cl there. A ,f wr tiho Aust,ra.1-1'a.n a de bad been I'f"ieoct+-d we had some idea, of we had to meM, but, aH the' sa'me, we felt mt.t<'h like our hvtl frie'nds frcm ''Down Und.C)r" iek for this ajrterjioon's nita'toh. The te'a.m aa cho&en included Srt-an Wick- ba-m., who is wi,th tthe \a.!J<a)bies tlhis T<on,r. and -'Sfnc'wy" Baker, wtho very nearly won the boxiixg cha-mpio-nahitp a.t the .Sita<iiu;m. t'o-fiher da,y. only beitng beaten by J. W. H. T. K. L. C. B. DotLgla5 in the &n'a.l. As Rn&ty Gafbe and I were walking down Geo-rge-atree't, SydiTbey, on the Frid<ay be'Sore the Eoattch several ratEeT rougtb.-looking gentlemen aœooted us, and begged us to "Wa.M. tilll d us to W aLu t?ll ?ud;dy g?fts hoM csf you; you 'won't to&k I so adjediv? 's-k?tcY' Thait. n?htt 1 dreamed horribJe- dre&ms' c.t being pLM-sued, <api!jred, and d?v'o'ured by a, huge a.nd horrid Juddy; for. a.Ltbo'u.g'h. i had never sec-ri one, ve-. I kne-w 'It b'e wXElhing d'readful i'rom the t'videlTIlc de-bg¡ht with w!hic-h c.ur C)ll'tElmp1a-t,Ðd hIS ¡ I 'grlttin.g hold come him till the I cf t.9 nj",L(lh, and the'n h'e j lurned out t<; be IEo:'e- ba.r.-n.ful ha.n a fcr'w'a'rd by ii-.e of Jiid-d- Har.G-.Id, <Jh:i''is.'t.iaG.T. For my own pa.rc, I nc-v&r mec<t n el-canei:, ;<;T'W9jd, but PV€'tl '€ I e-fit,&ii ûhink j Qf tfait, fhrea.t &f bein Torn by a Ws!d Juddy. J c:. On the mcrnins: cr the a.n 0.0't'- t- 1]< at which we were us in con- Terse. Lt a,p;K,-ia7,e-d ii-3 was Î!"Om Cov--i,ti.-y," and was, co-nse- ) que.EtL.Iy, very kee.ti t'ha.t' we should w in. "l a trc'phy ? tihe man who socTes iirst. &aid he. ''a.nd I k' i.t to YÙli" ( to "Dta.rkey" wha.t tJ'ia.t. t.rc.phy ahaH be. The skipper refused t<i have any?hin? to do w'?h it, but the old gei?tptTBtajT. would not be xmi?Td we ha?i a?.reed that uhe nr'-? n-.aji who :õ.).red should go to Jeweller Kerr and setlect fro'.TT. his ?toek. "Darkey" S. fEdTI.a.rkeo that. he dLdin't ¡ KeTr abouft it a,t all, L'at, as his a.cce.nt juat.'ined ro?te"! Kt'teen'pt, we }e't h.i.m live. I men'tio'u tthLa to .give point, or aiip. c'r coveT-p'c'int, or something to I w-b,-i,t coTnes -now. The crfji'ty a''ways witth an eye i.L.- c-.q--ne up to me a.ft<T the old port hcd ha.t awa-y with him. a.nd sa.icl, "Look here, Tirix'; — was us go into 1),a,rtiner- ahi.p over thï. aha 11 we.? If ei.L.her o't us tnv.o scores w w.ill a- tihe trophy. So you a.nd I Y, -d keep an eye on ea/:di o.Dher, if you agree. Rust.y evidenftJy suspected th-a,t I .m'tgih.Tj possibly ge't. the b'aU oaforc he did, and æt,aJhii,lh t pe.rmanf'PJt holding CMi- it; for 'm bightŒuÜly s:t'lii:¡h, .Y'?,u kn?w: o'n tihe iicM. A good judge. Cff foot,b,a,il wrctbe tih3.t a;bou.t me one (lev, so I knor.v it's tru-e; h0 is a, good judge, too, because he sa,ys so a.nd so rf:ple<1, "Very weJ.1. Ri,oo"he is ak,avs a:nnoy-e,d i.f you c,til hLm tj\.2,aJt- ,we wiM si! i a) And thereby i's a.H..a.ched a na.iTM.i..ive. The ga-si-e W13 a. one for a. long kme, but i.he BluŒ had rnth&r a 1-at of ienion. or aur)i.m)a.t, a.t. haj',f-ti.n.&, and we lasted ?bM'r. The ha.ii' w'as a,bout fhJ11 mi.n.u,tes o!d b.fcrre Lnoked t.ik3 nM.tert.a.U.s.ia.g, and t'hf.u it did so qu.LLC a.nd a. rush carried t."e t:1,JIl over our 25, atld atra.i.dht fc'r the Bn.t t.js.b Ruai.y he.Rcr'.sia.n, tthe ba.11. a.nd waö "if Ujp tha neld like a in Teddy )lúrg..a::ll pa, v hi& ga.r[iC, thought.. of 'tthe trophy, and N1SIK:d .Ûit-e..r hjjrn. on the ?-'de. Pcroy Bil:cl1 M.v hi.s, c-f tthe trc;phy. a.nd oa,TIlh?ll'oed <L9t.p-r hijm on the bli11d ",ide. v.e.rge, t-he,t"k, wa.itcd fe' the tr.ic' on tihe vfr'ge c<f the h nit-way line. Rthys Gafbe &a.w Teddy and Percy,i.nog, a.nd, knowi.n.g tha.t Teddy 'n a.5 yards he meun.t 10 to hi.m. But sudde.nly he hc<a.rd a sffio111, p&nt;.n{g voice: The was to.o great. R tlflty arid handed the ba.U over to tthe 1'r('pÓ.hUnlt'N. who ran atbout five ir.iles a.nd scored i<n ''he campr. The m<yt'oMin'g pait of it th<).t by -tthe WeiHh U'mo.n. rn.lea we found we we're to ac'ccpt our Toward, a,nd Hollys wias coiK'e'r.ucd t.h&t he ha'dTt''t m.ade T.eddy a pr'0SeI1t of ti11.a,t try inat.s'ad of saving it to the-other pascal. After this we go<t a, dropped gc<al, and th-cn W!ii!)ie Bat:.h Howclyn g.ot a. of oonve:r.ted trip's, tuid we wo.u by se'v<:in- tf'en po,int.g to rnt. It is inttc robing to kno. wha<t m-e'll p.1a,yed i.ti tha,t mawe, the fir,i-j tf-st, i'o.r Gi-tiL),t so here tfh'ey Fullba.cik: §C. F. St?an'gET-Lp'a<t!h€iS Fu'lba,-ik: §C. F. St,,ir?,crc,r-LI "Bai-na?okers"). lh!'e<q uaâ:>f.r bac ks: i E. I:x,, +R. T. §A. B. 0'B.rien, a.n.d e Lk<ve'l y'n. 1-.L:11P:.acks: sF. C. Hulme. nnd tP. F. Bu&h. Forwards: ?D. R. B?MI-?-ivrigik't, tA. F. H?'jrding, §D. D?h??n, fSyd B?ran. <B. J. ?.ar.tne'lJ, §J. N. Crav.,t?r, ?D. H. Tj-?ill, ?nd §S. McK. i tSiumde'rs. 11",a,lcr, a b-ad toa-m, mv a.nd six -.rv -,i.ii d s- x "(.Hv:'s in it 1 'J!herH"s 1t,¡,.10 m-01"f" ¿') be tD>:d a,bout .tl1,E"t ma'lci'fi, and fc'r nr!!)t)h<"r ti.rr'e. "J. M. S." is ,Ü¡g for th.'s <'<?y FoO as to;) f\mbe.IJ¿<¡h it, and i]c.v.' you have r??d it y'o ..t ?.?? 'cc.''r? y?n.r- yo,i rt,, -??ci it y s-elv-ès. m.ay your ideua on tlte g<ame that had more tiaa a little to do wir<h th? dowr!.?! of our do'n.gth.ty a.nd ?po'rting kine-tnc'n, not c.n.Iy ht the m.a?''? I npok'en <j.i, but a?'a in t?he c'.?€T two b-c-t,%N-e-ail and (jrr<='a.t Briton. d a,n d 411,ire ("Hobre?-.v for ?sth?.re a.nd ?hare a'ike.")

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