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AROUND THE CLUBS ON The Welsh Leagues. C. AND D.R.U. School and Ex-Schoolboy Rugger. [By "SPOKES."] C. & D. R. U. League matches were off today, pa.rtly in honour of the Wallabies, but chiefly due to the in%er-leu,gue match at Swansea with the Swansea District League. Things are nor running so smoothly with Adamtidown as desired. Rum/our hath it that the hard-working hon. sec., F. J. Criebett, will shortly don the Pontypridd jersey. Like certain individuals, some clubs don't like parting with the "ready.' Despite warn- ings. a few dubs-and tney are not all juniors nor impecunious have failed to pay their annual subscription. The drastic penalty of expulsion is to be put into forem- on ail defaulters who fail to forward by Tuesday next. Forgetful secretaries had tetter take the hint. "Claro" Jones, of Cardiff Bast-cam Grange -cum Canton, has, it is said, thrown in his lot with the Dervishes. A transfer, however, is necessary. Atl the league games were, with the ex- ception of Whitchurch v. Wanderers, closely contested last Saturday. Canton had to go all out to defeat the Harlequins by a dropped goal. The Quints have greatly increased in strength lately. Grangetown were only a try better than Adamsdown, and Fruits and Rovers divided points in the wooden spoon handicap. The Tramps waiioped the Asylum village by a dozen points to four. Locals are taking great interest in to- night's 8st. 41b. championship of Wales. which is to be decided at the Badminton Club. Badger Brien, the full-back of St. Paul's, is one of the contestants, his oppo- nent being Boyo Bradley, of Bristol. Badger knows how to keep the sports of boxing and football seperate; there is not a more gentle- manly-player of the latter in Wales. Matthews, who performed well for the famed Tredegar Hibernians, has been trans- ferred to Canton. The match between Adamsdown and Grangetown was played less than the requi- site time. As Grange led at the stoppage by a try and Adamsodown were at fault in turn- ing out fifteen minutes late. the Bricklayers Tiava been awarded the points. The skipper of the Fruiterers, P. Finn, was suspended for four league games this week. 'Referee C. I.. Price alleged that Finn's Temarka were not altogether parliamentary. Finn is almost a veteran at the game, and this was the first complaint against him in a career extending over twelve years. Cardiff Cantrals have lost a couple of good players this week. W. Thomas has joined Canton United and T. J. Edwards the Macks. Unanimously the committee has decided not to re-open the case of Mullett until that player has tried his prowess in one or other of the senior clubs. Precedents are not always applicable in cases of this kind, for circumstances differ in each caae. "Dr. Dowie" is no long-er secretary of the Grange Barbarians. The Barbarians have erected another scribe; meanwhile the doctor is still anxious to participate in the foot- ball management of another club. Bridgend and District. Saturday's league meeting was of the lively, humorous, and sarcastic order. But a.t One end all a are jolly good fellows." Ihe pretiuent, iJir. T. D. Sscfoofiekl! in the ohair. did not show his usual feternuees. He was too ajixious to give satisfaction to all. The Giliach Goch representative, Mr. Albert Evuris, was not at an pleased with a ruling which did rot favour his club. For once .1: must tiave tno.ight he was an Aber- ystwyth councillor—things were said which it would have been better not to have said. On the opposite si-cie of the table we had Mr. Idris J. Bowser, of MaeotLg Rangers, loos- ing as if it would be a bit cooler outside, simply because Mr. Jack Peregrine, of Nanty- mod, had produced a g-eat l>undle of docu- merits kjrw>v, n AS birth eertifidates. BUCk up, ldris, my toy, there is yet a little iiope for you Cci course, Jack Peregrine's handsome face was made hanflsomar by the delighted grin he wore throughout the gritting, idrs, my boy, you yet remnxi your friend that "he who laughs bust laughs best." I'hen we had the ?u.?i side &h?w between Ponty and the Infant, which aniahcd up hou?.?" even. "Auld Lang yne" was mot sung at the close, but all felt, after all, friende and comrades. Saturday's leagne matches created snr- prises. iue greait was the defeat of the Infants at biaengarw, on the Cow's Back, 11v the little Innocents of Llanharran. Blaengarw lost their ground record. The Imams naturally say that a drop goal to a try is luok pure and simple, but as the ) Innocents suffered the sarae fate before Xantymoel Excelsiors they are entitled to their share of the luek. Llanharran were the superior in the tight scrimmages and Blaen>garw in the loose. Evans, North, P-asoye. and Coghill, of the t iiitors, were simply great. Captain Sain Barkle was as slippery as an eel at half. Dai Jones, for his magnificent kicking, and the otner two Joneses, for their defensive work, merit praise. Pa-scce was capital as custodian. The Infants must change their diet—the "feeding bottle" mnst be re- plenished. i>d Pritchard and Edgar Bichards, of 'he showed form which should get them into the inter-league team. Walt Tucker at half, too, should be a snip. The other haoks were not up to form. The Lions cf Nantymoel journeyed over the mountain into the G-xrw Valley. On the picturesque Spion Kop gipnnd they relieved Pontycymmer of the points. A hotly con- ."tss ted gajne produced honour for the Lious, as Ponty are hot stuff on their "XoV." Players who deserve mention are Jack ChiU- cott. Jack Da vies, T. Williams, Glpn Palmer, H>d?rson. Boobyer, and Ools. Pontyoymmer were aports enough to praise the snr^eriority of the victors. Jack Owen came out of his retirement, and -,n.ve a perfect display at baoK for Pcnty. Others who deserve mention were Howells, Griffiths, Richards, Meyriok, and P<^arce. Bridgend Seconds must be considered a lucky gid-e to come f-rom Caerau with a league point, the re-ult cf a drawn game. The Seconds, as a-u.il, were poorly represented— there's a lack of interest by the players. A new club, Llangynwyd, has been ad- mitted to the* leazue. They gaw a creditable display at Maessteg, where they ran the renountable Bangers to 3 tries—a very satisfactory ?tr»rt. The new comers have a strong supporter in Tom Davies, the old Taff's Well three-quarter and W.F.U. referee. Suc- cess to the new club, and hopee tha-t Mr. Denies will assist the league by officiating as referee. Rhymney Valley Seniors. The two unbeaten cluhs-Fleur de-Lis and Rhymney Waterloo—at Rhymney produced great excitement. Rhymney had played five "games, won four; and drawn one, whilst Flear had won the three played. The gate numbered quite a thousand. M'Vicker's score was got through fine heeling in the li first five minutes. In the last five minutes of the second half the same player scored twice. The game opened and closed sensa- tionally. Beyond doubt it was the brightest and most open game played on the Rhymney fcronnd this season Considering that Pontlottyn journeyed down to Caerphilly with a very weak team, they did well. In the first half they held their own, but in the second lack of condi- tion told. Cardiff Old Boys. I Mr. Tom Jewell made an excellent chair- man of the Old Boys' meeting. Grange Hewellites made a doable appeal against the Central Stars, first, on the ground that some of the Stars were over-age, and, B??ondJy. that shJ/rt time w?a played in the game. Th? players were prove' to be under ae. but the game was ordered to be re- played in the Centrals' ground owing to the short period played. Cross appeals ware received from Cathays P.,ov-ers and Canton Crusaders regarding age. Both clubs have been ordered to prove the ages of certain players at the next meeting. Mesarsr. E. Gwyn Nioholis and W. V. Tumley I a.re endeavouring to arrange an inter-town match with the Bristol Old Boys. The next meeting will take place on Wed- nesday next. Old Boys. The ex-schoolboys league is an ont-?nd-out sut-eess. Already twelve clubs have jOined,¡ :wd others are applying. I am pleased to su.I.,Ceosst. hem are all f?. John, the hon. see. o-f hear from Mr. R. W. John, the hon. seD of the Union of Welsh Leagues, that he has seldom attended a more enthusiastic meeting than that held at Bargoed lasi Saturday. Mr. R-ees Jones and the committee of the 1 Rhymney League have worked hard to bring about such a success. The league will be divided into two divisions—North and South. Another meeting will be held next Saturday at seven p.m., whilst a referees' examination will be held an hour earlier at the Plas- newydd HoteL Bargoed. ithymsey Farmer Lilies Old Boys visited Pontlottyn Old Boys k?t atrday. and foand the homesters a much heavier and stronger lot than expected. Oochlin scored two tnes for Pontlottyn. and showed great dash. WilliAms and Carey also played finely. Eight clubs have joined the new league f^un 1"P<1 lyy Mr. Tom Bennett. and the Bridgend District League committee. The clubs win be allowed to play on the grounds cf the senior ciall-Il. I.,eague matches will commence almot immediaft?iy Two ne? clubs ha?e joined, and now there are a round doyen in the competition. One of the new entrants comes frcm Treherbert —a centre of professionalism. Unfortunately the strike at Llwvnypia has resulted in a couple of the local clubs failing to fulfil their fixtures last Saturday No pocket-money for train expel, gee appears a genuine exouse with these players. Rhymney Valley Juniors. Only one league match was played on Saturday last. A very cloee game was the result of this one. Abertridwr just defeated Rhymney Scarlets by a try. Thr-re are still three und,efeated clubs, viz., Bed was. Rhymney Seconds, and A bertridwr. Drawn games have robbed Bedwas of a point and Al>er of three, but Rhymney Seconds have netted every possible one. No 'league matches to-day owing to inter-league struggle wit-h Neath's league. The "Derby" of the valley between Maohen and Bedwas produced a surprise. Bedwas wee often est on the attack, but Maehen defeated their greatest rivals by 2 tries to 1. The -black and greens actually led at half-time by 3 points. Bedwas growl loudly over the refereeing. Letters to hand fthat "Gair Xioholas scored a legitimate Vy. which waa disallowed"; that "Oran < knocked cown te toucn-m-goal flag and should have been ruled in touch in goal"; and, finally, that "Maohen's second and win- ning try gained by a forward yards off-side. Tom Lewis has had hie transfer from Xa.ohen to his old love, and will play for Bedwas against Aberbargoed next Saturday. Merthyr and District. Saturday's trial was in view of tie match with Monmouthshire Valleys at Orumlin next month. Only three piuyera failed to turn cut. The game was good, considering the players were atrangetrs to each other's methods. Harry Miles led the Aberdare Valley pack. and ha-d the ball out far offener than the Merthyr Valley eighrt. The Merthy-r forwards packed poorly. Undoubtedly, the best player on the ground was Ben Daries, of Abera.man. closely followed by Bradford (Mountain Ash), Swatridge (Merthyr), and II HAMILTON LLOYD I- (CaPtaliu Bridgend Council School Rugby Team). A. Wiliiame, of Cefn. Fine fbrm was also shown by C. Lewis and Brya.nt. Phillips wals the best half, whilst Ash ford, Isaac, Hill, and Lewis glave great pro.nine. I very muoh fancied the play of Williams, of Cefn. He has a fine turn of speed, whilst his kicking was of great service to his side. He should make a fi.e wing. His form should have got him a place in the final team. The axe the players capped for the first round of the Welsh ahampionship: Back, E. Bradford (Mountair. Ash)- three- quarter backs, Ben Davies (Aberaman), M- Asliford (Mountain Ash), T. Iw.s (Aber- canaid), and B. Swatrkige (Merthyr); half- boaek. H. Lewis (Abercamaid) arid T. Phillips (Mountain Ash); forwards, H. Miles (captain) i(Aberaman), S. lewis T Warren (Moun- tain Ashi, E. Evans and T. Hill iAl>ercanaid), and J. R. Jones, S. Jenkins, and D. Evans (Merthyri. The reserves are Lewis; Mellish and W. Edwards; E. Davies and W. Williams; Kenrey, Stokes, and Bryant. West of Lianeliy The results of the lt few matches indicate the direction which the league cup is taking this ereaeon. The Welsh Regiment lead at present, with Neyland and Tenby a-s cl(y-,e rnrxiers-up, whilst Goodwick, Milford, Pem- broke Dock, and Langwm a.re not far behind. it is gra-.iiying to note that we have three teams at least down this part whieli would do respoctab-ly in the best elase of football. Neyland had p. pretty narrow squeak at Goodwiok, where a curiously-shaped field and some really "hot stuff" in the local fifteen make victory a great difficulty for any visiting team. Pembroke Dock have come on a lot Lately, whilst the p i<phers of Milford and the Oystermem of LJangwm have fought j stremious battles. We are glad to see that Pembroke hav; resuscitated tJieir old club, and that Haverfordwest Harlequins have stai-ted on a new leaec- of life. I Western Valley. It was a hard game at Garnvach against Rlaima. The hotne team thoroughly well deserved their win. The grouad has over bewn the (iowiifali of leagre kaders. tlrynmawr Stars show great pluck in ful- filing all their matches despite defeat after defeat. Elaenau Gwej;t piled up tiio agony to the tune of 20 points, but the Stars played a fine open, sporting game. They lack age and weight, but if the team is kept together it will become famous next =eas»on. Three j out of Gwent's quartette, scored, viz., Coats, Roberts, and Parsons—proof of the quality of the play. Namtyglo gave Newbridge, as expected, a close game. Newbridge only got the notches by a bare try. At a special meeting I of the lettg? Mr. W. Stone sent in his retigna.tioci as tmasuret of the league. This is due to the removal of j Mr. Stone from Cross Keys to "lerthyr. Mr. | W. Williams ilAtertiilery) was appointed his successor. Great regret was felt at Mr. Store's resignation. His services will, how- ever. be ytill available as referee—I may mention that he is now also on the W.F.U. list. Schoolboys. Although Newport has few schools in the league, t-hey have a great town side this season. Their two tries victory over the Bristol Boys was srualler than usual, but the citizens ware easily the best side which has represented the city against Newport. Ba-ker played a splendid gatne as cusrtcdian. Steward. Brittain, G. Thomas, and C. Thomas were brilliant. Nothing unusual in Cardiff surprise* came a,;OnR" last Saturday. Crwya-road re-taincl their unbeaten record, and pro<vod that their past victories have not flattered them by drawing with Victoria (Penarth). Swansea Schoolboys Four games took place at the "Rec." last Saturday. C'-iief interest centred round the meeting of Higher Grade and Industrial. The Latter had all the tetter of the first half, and scored twice through L?nd?rs. The Granites made the game T?o?e equal in the second half, but Industrial won by 8 point3 to nil. National gained a big win over Dyfatty by 5 tries to nil. The game was a grand ccue to watch. BrynmiH were in good form, and beat Bryn- hyfryd by 4 tries to nri I. Brynmill did most of the attacking. The maton between Dany- graig and St. Helen's ended in a pointless draw, although both teams deserved to score on more than one occasion. It was a very fast and exciting game. (Rhondda Valleys. I It was a red letter day. I hear from several, quarters of disappointments which will not occur again this season. In the first instance, Ystrad was ready to play Llwynypia United at the Partridge Grounds, but the latter failed to muster a team. Then we hear that Dinars Rangers travelled to lLhylJiûlin to find that the homesters could not raise a team. Now this ia "off." It is too late to send wires after the visiting teams have started their journeys. From what I hear this is not the first time for the Rangers to be led this dance, as the Treforest Rovers served them the same a few weeks ago. The rc-mc'tiy-whe,n you make your fixtures get these at home first. What's the matter, Pontypridd Cm ted? You lost the train and disappointed the Cam- brian Boys. Now this geems bad, as you did the saine Last seaaon. It meant a loss to Cambrian and yourselves. Is it true that your captain is on the point of leaving? Fernda-le Rovers obeyed ordora and went to Pentre, and after a good game made a draw. Please to keep cool. RoversYou cajxnot afford to have men om the duspenisaon list. You have got a. decent side, and your out-half would make a name if he could get rid of selfishness. It was Derby Day at Biaerillechau, as the Stars had for their visitors the evergreen 'QUiDS from Cilfynydd. A good tussle, and the Stars lost by 2 tries to mil. At forward the homesters have improved, but there w a lack of combination amongst their backs. This told the tale against a team that has blended talent. Never mind, Biaenlieehau, stick to your guns. Look out for Boxing Du..Y. There isla p.ro- ba.bLiity of the league having a match with Abeidare League, at Ponty >ud, if we can come to terms. This will serve as a tnaa for the inter-league team. The execnitive committee win mc-et at the Imperial Hotel. Forth, on Tuesday next., December 15, at 7.30 p.m. All clubs that have bad trancfom granted a.re reminded to senid their tanners to the secretaries of the leagne. Lewia-Merthyr, with a weak team, ttid weil at Treforest to run them to 2 tries. Their pet, Arthur Williams, was well watched by the boys from Trehafod. Sirbowy Valley. Argued axe still going strongly in the valley I this season, a.nd aigain last Saturday regis- tered another win at home, Georgetown being the unfortunates, who went with a mixed team. Hibernians had for their visitors Cwm Stars. The Hibernians showed improved form, and ran out w inners by 11 points to nil. The election of Phillips as captain, in pllace of Morris, seems to have the desired effect. His generalship is an improremejut, amd hie new place as outside half suits him. Cailan worked the scram in piace of Carthy, who is ill. Jimmy did his work well. The team should do well now pM go through undefeated, as the Hibernians refused to consider the United match. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. j T. H. T." (Cardiff).—The District Union tea.m has never defeateKi Cardiff. Possibly you are thinking of the famous Paet v. Pre- sent match, when the old fossils of the Car- diff Foot bail Club defeated the present. E. Parsons (OTitario).-P. E. Nioholis, who played for Wales against Ireland, is not a brother of Gwyn. Nicholls. He was a member of the Cardiff Quins. Glad to hear of your interest in Welsh Rugger, and that you get the "Express" still. A. Powell (Abertillery).—Received; will for- ward ae soon as possible. Constant Reader and Inquirer" (Ebbw V.tie).-S. Joubert, H. de Villiere, J. D. Krige, and J. A. Loubser were the quartette The other statement was wrorog. D. J. M." (Nelson).—It depends entirely as to whether the olub ha3 injured its players.

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