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Make a Success of your t Loan Campaign "I invite you and the people of this country f & to crown their effort by one more great success, so as to establish on a firm basis the credit of the State on which all our prosperity depends." (Â-e-Jl J I I Let your subscription to the ings for repayment with a Cash Victory Loan be your personal Lonus, or War Savings Certif1- share in that crowning Local cates with their guaranteed Effort. Lend your money. Use increase in value and the right your influence. Do your utmost ot getting your money back at any to make the Loan Campaign a time, your investment wili be triumphant success. equally safe and profitable both In Victory Loan you have a to yourself and to the Nation. 1 Iritish Government investment And this investment will not offered you on terms which you only increase your own resources; are never likely to get again. it will help to stimulate trade, Whether you choose Funding to create employment, and to Loan, the ideal security for I' lower the cost of living. The permanent investment, or Vic- money you invest in Victory |I tory Bonds, with the' special Loan will be the very life-blooo I attraction of the Annual Draw- of National Prosperity. I I SPECIAL EFFORT WEEK. July 7 to July E2 (inclusive) TUESDAY, JULY 8th— L. Forestier Walker, Esq., M.P. 5 Will speak at | THE CATTLE MARKET, at Noon. (If Wet, in the Market Hall). f BALLOONS. AEROPLANES. Buy Victory Loan VICTORY LOAN. THE DIRECTORS OF LLOYDS BANK LIMITED have pleasure in announcing that, as in the case of former War Loans, they are prepared to make advances for the purpose of subscribing to the FUNDING LOAN AND VICTORY BONDS not only to the Bank's own customers but also to members of the public generally who have no banking accounts elsewhere. Application may be made to any Branch of the Bank. Borough Theatre, Abergavenny. I Important Engagement of of The Howitt and Bolam I'layers, Week commencing Aug. i itli, who present I HER KINGDOM OF LOVE from The Princes and Lyceum Theatres, and other Plays from their repertoire. MISS RACHEL HERBERT'S CHURCH AND ALMSHOUSE CHARITIES. THE TRUSTEES Of these Charities give Notice that they will, on Wednesday, the 6th dav of August, 1919, proceed to elect TWO ALMS P E R SON S. Poor Women, being mem- bers of the Church of England, of good character and of not less than 60 years of age, who have been resident in the Parishes of Abergavenny or in the Parishes of Llantilio Pertholey and Cwmyoy, or one of them, for five years at least either next preceding the time of appointment or ending not more than six months before that time, who shall not during that period have received Poor 1 <aw Relief and who from age, ill health, accident or infirmity are unable to main- tain themselves by their own exertions, are eligible for the appointment. Applications for the Appointment must be made in writing to the Trustees or their Clerk at the offices of Messrs. Gabb & Waltord, Monk- street, Abergavenny, 14 days at least previously to the election. Every applicant must state her name, address, age, and occupation, and must be prepared with sufficient testimonials and other evidence of her qualification for the appointment. FRED BAKER GABB, Clerk to.the Trustees. State Aided Housing Scheme. ABERGAVENNY RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE HOUSING COMMITTEE "f the above Council will hold a Public Enquiry with a view to assisting them in determining the number of Houses needed by the Working Classes in the Parishes of Uanvihangcl Crucorney, J.Iantillio Pertholey, Llangattock Lingoed, Llan vetherine, Llanthewy S^irrid, Llanvapley and Llanthewy Rvtherch, as below :— Parish 01 Llanvihangel Crucorney: At the School, on Monday next. -th July, 1919, at half past Six o'clock in the evening. Parish of LEantillio Pertholey At the School, on the same evening, at Eight o'clock. Parishes of Llangattock Lingoed, Llanvetherine, and Llanthewy Skirrid At Llanvetherine School, on Thursday next, loth July, 1919, at Six o'clock in the evening. Parishes of Llanvapley and Llanthewy Rytherch At the School, Llanthewy Rytherch,fcon the same evening, at Eight o'clock. All Ratepayers. Inhabitants, and other in- terested in the above Parishes, are urged to attend and give evidence to the Housing ^Com- mittee. 1 Datedlkth July, IQIQ.V james hervey farquhar, LClerk^toJthe HousingJCommittee- ■ F Too Late for Classification. WANTED, smart Waitresses for several early dates.—Apply Holding, Priory. COMFORTABLE Lodgings Wanted.—Address, H. Green, 27 Almorate-road, Victoria Park, Bristol. WANTED, young Lady for Stockroom know ledge of packing essential.—Tonkin, Brecon road. TO LET, Furnished, Kildare, Hereford road; for about two moi-,ths.-Apply Mrs. Camden, Kildare. WAITED, good General, for elderly couple able to do plain cooking.—Apply Mrs. Hudson, Cholmeley, Hereford road, Abergavenny. FOR SALE, a Grocer's Double horse Wagon also a ight Spring Cart.—Apply Messrs. Tutt and Son. WANTED for Maindiff Court Officers' Club Hotel, a Cook and Kitchenmaid wages £36- £ 40 and £ 24 respectively.—Apply Manageress, Maindiff Court, Abergavenny. i A, Relief! = Instantly assured to all V :t=:* who suffer from Asthma, ft Bronchitis, Hay Fever, 4 élc., by the use of /D K> i| gjgj DR. SPENCER'S < 5 ASTHMA CURE. <■ » r" Will immediately KHSHU alleviate that terrible suffocating feeling shortness of < breath—and lung congestion. Soothes and Comforts. 4 Refuse substitutes and insist on getting DR. SPENCER'S ASTHMA CURE. < Of all chemists in Wales. Price, 2/9 per bottle. < j If unable to obtain wnte ■f GEDDES MANUFACTURING CO., "j>B■ Shirley Chemical Works, Southampton. I Dr. Spencers | I ASTHMA | CURE J




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