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LOGAL POLICE COURTS! — SWANSEA. Saturday.—Before Messrs. J. II. Rosser, T. Jonee, and S. Gregor. Richard Bevan, an absentee from the 3rd Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers at Sitherlaiid cince December, was remanded to await an ese-ort. He said he had been under medical treatment, suffering from gas while on active service. Edward Evan Davies was charged with having been drunk and disorderly on Christmas Day. I don't know anything about it," said defendant; it was Christmas time, and 1 might happen to have a little drop." Clerk (aiiuding to defendant's condi- titm): It isn't quite over yet 1 Chair-maD. ï ou"-e had a drop this morning! Defendant was fined 20s. W. Llewellyn, cliargcd with having been drunk and disorderly in the parish of Llangyfelach. said: Very sorry; it is the first time I've bean here." He was lined 7s. 6d. Pauick J. Lairerty, William WalL and Joseph Boyd. absentees from the- Welsh Regiment, were remanded to await an escort. Edwards Bates was summoned for assaulting his wife.—Mr. Stobo Andrews represented defendant. Chairman (to complainant): Listen to me. It seems a very silly thing for a man and his wife, at your time of life, to be wrangling. We don't want any police court proceedings if it can be avoided. (To the advocate) Surely they will listen to reason. In- spector Da vies and the advocate will go out with them; the case is adjourned for ten minutes.—Mr. T. Jone, ,3.1) also joined voluntarily the conciliation board. —On their return, Mr. Andrews said: H Thanks to your geod offices, I think per- haps if there is a mouth's adjournment— thxro are faults on both fides-I hope that will put it right."—The case was ad- journed for a month. Thomas Williams, for allowing a horse to stray at Gowertcn, was fined 5s Monday.—Before Messrs. Rd. Martin, R. W. Jones, J H. Rùsser, and J. Wignall. "Must be true, sir." said Eliabeth Jane Temple, charged with having been drunk and incapable in Caer-street. She had been taken to the station on a .stretcher, but did not now remember t anything about it. There were previous convictions. On defendant promising ro sign the pledge, the case was adjourned j for a month. Yes, I was drunk, sir," said Timothy Hurley, who had been found in Kine&- lane in that condition.—5s. or 7 days. Joseph McShergle was charged with having been on licensed premises, the! Waunwen Inn, during prohibited ho-ure, not being a bona fide traveller, and aleo with giving a false iianie.-Inspeetor Fielder, doubting that defendant had! walked from Clydac. as he paid, asked for Ins insurance card, and found there the name under which he was charged, j Defendant had given the oNicer the name ?f Taylor.—Defendant was fined 208. or i 14 days. Thomas McGuire, ifreman, charged with k having been drunk and incapable, ex-! plained that a fellow bad given him some whisky out of a bottle." Defendant was fined 76. 6d. Mary Harris, charged on adjournmcnt I wilit pawning blankets and sheets, value r the property of Mary Ann Morris in September, was fined Os. or 14 days; but II given a week to get the money. I' Selina Cain, a married woman, was 1 summoned for using obscene language in Cannan-roiv.r, ined 20s. or 14 days.—The same defendant, summoned for malicious damage to 32 panes of glass and window blinds and curtains to the extent of 105- t was lined 10s., and ordered to make good 010 damage. Evidence was offered by the sirtcr of Miss Kate Da vies that Frank Cole, of Cardiff, who did not appear, had ad- miited the paternity of Kate Davies' chiTd.—An order was made for the pay- ment of 3s. 6d. a week. Tuesday.—Before Messrs. J. W. Jones, J. I>evonald, and David Meager. Catherine Webb, married, was fined 10s. for having been drunk and dis- orderly in North Hiill-road on Monday. William Rowles, rivetter, had"to pay 5s. for having been drunk and indecent in Quay-parade. Albert Edward Jvelshaw, tinsmith, and William Walkley were each lined 2a. 6d. for allowing their sons to trade in the -streets without wearing their badge. A summons against John. Ifuglies for allowing his son, Francis, to enter the Gore House Hotel for the purpose of street trading was dismissed. Wednesday.—Before Messrs A. H. Thomas, J. H. Rosser, and J. Cummins Evans. David Howell Thomas, absentee from a Territorial battalion; Richard Thomas and Edward HoaI"), both absentees from the We.l-=h Regiment, were remanded to await an escort. Defendant Hoare had 11 been found dancing with another man in the Full Moon Hotel. ¡ Edward Harries was finod lft. for having been drunk at Pontardulais. Thursday.—Before Messrs. W. Thomas, ¡ \V. Edwards, Lovat OweD, and Ben Jones. William James, haulier, was fined 5s. or seven days for drunkenness, Richard Cullen (corporal) was c-?rged  with deserting from the 21,4 Welsh ni I m2ut. Infective Francis, acting on infor-II ma.tio?, accost fd defendant in Hrynsin- II t&rrRce. Defendant at first denied being in the Army, S3id, he wLs il the N.aw. but on being taken to the Police Station, II admitted he was a dseerter. He was re- manded to await on escort, and the magis- trate directed that 1(?. should be handed to Detective Fr?cta for his alertness. lbHhew Power, 2nd- Welsh, and Chas. W"leon. Royal Munsters, Fimilarlv charged, were also remanded t<? await az'i Ii e.-cort. I, Waiter Anderson, summoned for leaving II' his horse and cart unattended, was die- I missed on payment of oo&tp. i David Morgan, charged with assaulting Mary Ann Pridmore, was said to have kicked her when «he was on the groand. The assault was denied, end the case was ri dismissed. 11


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