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Sunday School Day.

ISlipped -off -Step.-

Agricultural Co-Operation.…

|All Brecon Rings. I

I.Knighton Savings Bank.I


I. Knighton Savings Bank. I I HALF-YEARLY MEETING. I The 124th half-yearly meeting was held at the Offices, Wilcome Place, Knighton, on the 8th inst. The chair was taken by Mr Molesworth Ellis, and there was a good attendance of trustees and managers. The audited accounts for the half-year, which showed an increase in business, were laid before the Board, as were also the auditor's report, the list of balances, and the receipt from the National Debt Commissioners for the sum invested with them. In reply to a question, the actuary (Mr W. A. Collins) stated that the Bank was transacting business in connection with the War Loan. A letter from the Trustee Savings Banks' In- spection Committee was read, which, among other matters, suggested the desirability, "at the present time of national need," of encouraging the de- posit of small savings in the Bank. The actuary was instructed to consider the question of the es- tablishment of a penny bank, as had been done by some other savings banks, with a view to en-' couraging thrift amongst children, and to report to the trustees and managers- tliereon. Mr Molesworth Ellis and Mr J. C. Jones were added Y- the list of trustees.

'• ————————-» A Llandovery…

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I Spa's Council.

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Mr. Lloyd George.

" Clear off the Flies."

Llandrindod Wells Grand Pavilion


Llandrindod Council in Committee