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Forthcoming Events Free insertions under this column to all those who bring in their Printing on all Forth-coming Events. MARCH. 29th-Sale of Household Furniture at Bron Eivion by Mr Walter Lloyd Jones 22ud,-Cbildren Competitive Meeting at the Park Road Chapel, March 24tb.-County School Prize Distribution. APRIL. iitb-Sale of Household Furniture at 5, Porkington Terrace by Mr Walter Lloyd Jones Good Friday.—"Congress of Nations" Operetta at the Pavilion. 26tb.-Sa-le of Household Furniture and Antique Collection at No. 8, Porkington Terrace by Mr Walter Lloyd Jones. 'r .t.<Jp"T, SEEDS. SEEDS. SEEDS. SEASON. I can now offer varieties of Early, Second and Late Potatoes and Choice Variety of Reliable Garden and Farm SEEDS, CARTER'S TESTED SEEDS." L. 0. EVANS, COUNTY STORES. i I prudntial Assurance Companp, Cimited. I Chief Of vice: HOLBOF.fJ BARS, LONDON. I Summary of the Report presented at the Sixty-Seventh Annual Meetlsig held on 2ad March, 1916. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of policies issued during the year was 68,785, assuring1 the sum of £ 6,619.218, and producing a new annua,1 premium income of £457,217, The premiums received during the year Y;(,re £ 5,157,516, being an increase of over the year 1914. The claims of the year amounted to £ 4,330,768, of which £ 145JK35 was in resoect of War Claims. The number of deaths was i 1,358. The number of endowment assurances matured w as 25,659. the in'OEiium income of which waa ?1S7.797. The number of polieirs in force at the end of the year was MS.514. INDCTST.RIAT; iHvA IS: OIL -The premiums re- received e -'J,706,C6-3, bciMg'[m]ncrenseof?'3??,S61. T'<e c I asms of trt<- j ir o*i < "P+oil t C il I1 r 4 '.i '»*" of '5.3?'? War he < i )•« in- cluded in the -elauES aai« i PKI* to .r?; n 7 6, 7 J The total number of eh:;ÍlnJ n L sni <. u including 15..505 endowment useu-'i matured, was ¿2,9.G10. The number of ire,' policies gnuttM during the ,e:r 1,0 l110Se r><iu-vO'Heu,rs« or live i t if iii nd upwards who <!c»ir?tl to <<> J t i their payments- was G8,o>i, the. mm ii! _:ror;;?bs i»jg 1,384,523. The lumber ol » r 'ui n became claims durin?: the \t '1\118 1 rnimbei e f 1 < < in fotw in i JltÎ::}t]l' ,t'j. t};(;I;;d (;.i < wiw "0,8 J t;t'iT averag- duration < (! thirteen ( ■> ar Claims paid » I R the year, in vi!ohes, in I IK f and amount to £571,036, The total paid up to the prcaauz on this- account glnpo the outbreak of War ex- ceeds £ 750.uOO in rwpoct oi' over 34,503 claims. ?E?HR? BKANOH.Undcr tin; S'oime:? Insurance Tallies the premiums received dur- in rfiekneas claims. The whole of the Fund of ,i16.955 is reserved for future liabilities. The assets of the Company, in all branches, as shown in the balance sheet, are £ 94,794,798; being an increase of £ 3,592,454 over those of 191.4 The Directors, after careful consideration, fed justified in paying a. bonus on al! par- ticipating: policies of the Ordinary Branch which become claims either by death or maturity during the financial year, but. in view of the present unsettled conditions it is I not proposed to make a general distribution of bonus, and the shareholders will not there- fore receive any part of the profits of this Br < h The interests of participatiHg pchcy- hnlih "s arc safeguarded by a ?pecinl Con- ti'tKt-Hey Fimd of £ 709,000. .e nrovijions relating' to Industrial Assnr- r i jatained in the Courts (Emergency Powers) Act, 1914, have resulted in a severe strain upon. the Company's resources, which has reduced the surplus shown ou the opera- tions of the year, and whilst provisions • iii io -co the strain must continue. In i i i -tanc-es the Directors have not felt i i! < I in dra-win^ > .he £ 300,000 set il ?j,n{t.é (Ja ')t. ,t::F:)t ¡ t¡ln: J, \;ii t created by the Act, but -.a < met lHe loss out of revenne, and in 0dd t i 1 ve felt it neceH- pary to the arcii r aet Mide by I }k;;JcJ': ,H:r¡Tj)n'tj¡e Bf'iov;0 _1 •I'j—rci' tlwrd';>0 as ?t3]st: December, 193 5. at £ 250.000. The urorfr. ^hsrin-' s.-»horrf? in the Industrial Drni?-h pvovideH tbnt ?" 'lit of a fixed divi dend to liip 5.B:> > y surplus pro- Jit r>h i i i be H i v ::x ('11o part bcjint,' 1 ■, e dis- tributed d :v-"j; i >io outisoo Ccm- pany, and tiie vcraaiamsc to' p:u'ta hein?, Plotted bv ?'ay of bonus t the tolders of tiie Industrial Braneli. t Bum W1dCh li:w j already been paid o" allotted under thL; scheme -by way of bonus to the Industrial í Branch j policyholders and outdoor staff amounts to £ 2,825,000. Tho amount of surplus shown this year does not permit of any increase being made to this s tl"oa. is, however, a substantial balance st;i11 -reIna.ining. fronl which bonus additions i wi11 be mads to the sums assured on all policies in the industrial Branch of over ten j years' duration winch become claims either By d-eath or maturity of endowment from the | 3rd March, 1916, to the 1st of March, 1917, both dates inclusive, as follows :— BONUS AUDITION I'HKMiOT.S PAID FOK. TO • • SUMS ASS"Kei>^ 10 years and less than. o5 years! £ 2 10a.per cent. 35 H 40 n! 5 u ?0 I „ „ !5 £ 15 4 „ „ 60 ,?30 „ 60 „ „ „ 55 „ ?? lit L 'l;;P' gg ::IL_L !55 „ M „ ?50 The t i imposed upon the Company by t tion of the Courts (Emergency P(/Ycn;) Act and the necessity of reserving i i r( to liabiiities which this Act irid in equitably creates, are in ? J i isnre h responsible for the temporary I ''?'if?H'o? of the profit-sharing scheme; this yt'& I 11 be no 8U rplm, vroUt-sharing by ti' u h 'ders or by the outdoor staif, i'i i ft dividend of The shareholders will be reduced by £ 100.000. In addition to the reserves held against the liabilities shown by the valuation, the total | t i mi ic ttyed for conMn?encies, including | amounts carried forward, exceeds £ 4,100,000. The Balance Sheet :ucludcs amounts total- ling over £ 13,000,000 in War Loan and Treasury Bills. The increase in the holding of British Government Securities compared with last year is £ 11,849,134, against a de- crease of ,J;8,7ó,ù85 in the Qalance Sheet item Railway and other debentures and deben- ture stocks and gold and sterling bonds— Home and Foreign." Apai-t from the purchase of per cent. War Lonn. this is principally due to the sale to the Government in July last of the whole of the Company's holding of United 8tates securities. The following lette)" was received from the j Chancellor of the Exchequer in connection with the transaction: — [COPY.] TREASURY CHAMBERS, I WHITEHALL, S.W. Dear Sir, August 4, 1915. I have to thank the Prudential Assurance Company on behalf of His Majesty's Govern- ment tor the patriotic spirit they have I shown in placing the whole of their Ameri- can securities sit the disposal of the 1;?4,Ul'it i L?4 t? t Treasury at a fair and reasonable price. The transaction has been of considerable assistance in faeJJitati!1g Exchange opera- tions. and the greatest credit ,i.s due to the for its prompt action.—Yours very truly. R., :McKENNA. Ü. E. MAV, Esq.. Secretary.* Prudential Assurance' Company, Ltd. The six Prudential Approved Societies formed under the National- Insurance Act, 1911, continue to make' satisfactory progress, and the valuable services rendered to the members by the Agency Btaff are n7irbly ap- preciated. The amount, distributed in benefits to the members at their homes daring the year amounted to £1,414,10g, making a total since the commencement of the Act. It is with feelings of pride and .satisfaction that the Directors are able to report that no I fewer than 9,221 of their cta.S are either serv- iJW: with the Colours or have attested or been rejected for service: 1,305 from the indoor J staff and 7.916 from the outdoor staff. I Balance Sheet of the Prudential Assurance Company, Limited. being the I Summary of all Branches on the 3ssi December, 1 11, 1 T I ,S £ s. d. 0 0 s. d. Life assurance fund— Ordinary Bra-itch 47,303,780 6 7 Life assurance fund— Industrial Branch 42,322,260 5 10 Sickness insurance fund- General Branch 16,955 6 11 .89 7"? "qs 19 4 Investments reserve funds 2,600,000 0 0 Contingency fund 700,000 0 0 Courts (Emergency Powers) Act Heserve. 350,00000 Claims under life policies inti- mated and in course of pay- ment ■ ■ • • 267,034 3 10 Annuities due and unpaid Balance of bonus under life policies reserved for distribu- tion in Industrial Branch 151,061 12 7 j £ 94,794,798 11 1 ASSETS. £ 8. d. Mortgages on property within the United Kingdnlll 9,433,218 13 3 Mortgages on property out of the United Kingdom 310,165 14 4 Loans on parochial and other public rates .12,864,386 0 9 Loans on Life interests.. 1,123,287 0 11 Loans 011 Reversions 50,004 8 5 Loans on stocks and shares 76,385 2 0 Loans on Company's policies within their surrender values 3,043,561 5 7 Loans on Personal security Nil. Loans to Educational institu- tions secured on income, etc. 41,989 11 4 Investments Deposit with the High Court t £ 16,266 13s. 4d. 44, per cent. War Loan, 1925-1945) 16,030 19 1 Carried forward £ 26,958,158 15 8 ASSETS (Continues). £ s. d. Brought forward 26,958,158 15 8 Investments (couiiJmed)- British Government Securities: 4A per cent. 'War Loan, 1925-45 4,912,421 19 0 Treasury Bills G, 199,256 9 7 G o v e r n m e n t An- nuibies, etc. 64,507164 Local Loan Stock, etc. 88,002 0 0 4 11 Bank of England stock 143,117 2 10 Munciyal and county securi- ties, United Kingdom 1,673,037 13 5 Indian and Colonial Govern- ment, securities 4,639,591 12 8 Colonial provincial securities 1,359,655 5 10 Indian and Colonial muni- cipal securities 3,558,890 19 9 Foreign Government securi- ties 6,151,487 17 6 Foreign provincial securities 791,846 12 10 Foreign municipal securities 3,417,044 17 11 Railway and other debentures and debenture stocks and gold and sterling bonds- Home and Forcisrn .12,971,059 0 11 Railway and other preference and guaranteed stocks and shares 3,243,090 4 1 I Railway and other ordinary stocks and shares 2,56,222 9 10 Rent charges 597,710 16 6 Erei hold ground rents and E-kctch fell duties 4,775,293 0 6 Leasehold ground rents 9,878 14 5 House property 4,263,067 18 6 in' eri,sts 34,626 14 6 Reversions 1 6 Agents* balances 6,025 2 10 Outstanding premiums 614,662 14 1 Outstanding interest and rents 124,497 12 10 Interest, dividends and rents accrued but not payable 510,720 13 1 Bills receivable Nil. Cash On deposit 20,000 0 0 In hand and oil current accounts X-94,794,798 11 1 The values of Stock Exchange securities are determined, under the Articles of Associa- tion of the Company, by the directors. Due allowance has been made tfor accrued inte- rest, and the book value of these securities as set forth in the Balance .Sheet stands con- siderably below cost price. A careful investigation as to the actual saleable value on 31st, December, 1915 (all minimum price quotations being greatly reduced). compared with the book value, shows that the Investments Reserve Funds arc much more than sufficient to meet any depreciation o' the permanent securities. Terminable securities have been valued on a basis which, with Sinking Funds already established, provides for the canalisation of the book values and the redemption values at the date of maturity. We certify that in our belief the Assets set forth in the Balance Shoot (having regard to the standards indicated) are in the aggregate fully of the value stated therein less the Investments Reserve and Contingency Funds taken into account, and make ample provision for all the liabilities of the Company. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the class of business to which it is applicable. J. HUKN, Actuary. THOS. C DiilWJSY, Chairman. A. C. THOMPSON, General Manager. G. L MAY, Secretary. W. J. LANUASTKB, tj),' t JAMES MOON. ¿rec ors, We report that with the assistance of the Chartered Accountants as stated below we have examined the foregoing accounts and have obtained all the information and explana- tions that we have required, and in our opinion such accounts are correct and the fore- going Balance Sheet is properly drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the Company's affairs according to the best of ;our information and the explana- tions given to us and ITS shown by the boohs of the Company. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indirectly for any purpose other than the class of business to which it is appiiciblo. PHILIPSECRETAN),,?, PHILIP SECRETIN (. AAu„d(LiIItNorRs,. I W. H. NICHOLL" ¡Andltors, We have examined the Cash transact■nns (receipts and payments) affecting the accounts of the Assets and Investments for the 1915, and • we find, the same in good order and properly vouched., We have also examined the Deeds and Securities. Certi- ficates. etc., representing the Assets and Investments sot out in the above account, and we certify that they were in possession and eafe custody as on December 31st, 1915. DiSLOITTB, PLENDBR, taUIFFITHS & CO., Chartered Accmmtants, 15th February, 1916. Every information concerning all kinds cf Assurances and Annuities may be bad from :—W. H. Mallett, Superintendent, Portmadoc Hugh Davies, Assistant Superintendent, Pwllheli; G. Hughes, Agent, Bala; W. D. Williams, Bala; E. Morgan, Llanuwchllyn; D. J. Owen, Fairbourne; R, Davies, Barmouth; I O. Lewis, Harlech, and the Assistant Superintendent, Doigelley. MOTOR DRIVING taught by an ex- perienced man, moderate terms. Apply, I T., Office of this Paper. I J .4,r.'«O.IT.mrJ;H:re. i I To X-oot. To BE LET from May 12lh, 1916, No. 8, Porkington Terrace. Apply,— Caclwalatlr Roberts, Mawcldach House, Bar- mouth. TO BE LET, the large and com- T o modious WAREHOUSE now occupied by the &.s. Dora Co., situated on the Quay, Bar- mouth, from the 12th May next. Applications to be sent in to the Treasurer, Mr Rhys Jones, Glanymor, Barmouth, i BE LET, Tjvril,,oti LTousp, Brori,ber TO BE LET, Lvnion House, Bonabr T Terrace. Rent ?18 10s. Ap?]y, G. E. Owen, Wern, Barmouth. TO LET, 1, Sea View, from May 12tb, T Apply, J. Pryce Jones, Bee Hive. TO BE LET, No. 2, Glanywerydd T Terrace, from May 12th next. Apply, No. 3. TV/TASONIC HALL, BARMOUTH. 1\11. Large Room suitable for Public Meet- ings, Auctions, Soirees, Concerrs. &c. Terms moderate. Apply, Secretary, Meirion House, Barmouth. TO LET FURNISHED. Sm?l ? Detached House. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Living Rooms. Moderate terms. Apply, Miss Lewis, Coedybachau, DySryn. TO BE LET.—BMk House, Marine -?- Parde, Barmouth, from May next (earlier possession may be arranged). 4 Large Sitting Rooms, 12 Bedrooms, La,rue Hall and Wide Staircase, beautifully decorated; Bathroom H. & C., &c. Apply, Mr. John Roberts, Ripon House. j TO BE LET from May 12tb, 1916, TO No. 5, Porkington Terrace. 4 Bedrooms, 11, Reception Rooms, Kitchen, etc. Apply to Edwin Blakey, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Barmouth. COTTAGE to Let. Apply, R.C., Office of this Paper. Apartments. 1DGARD Or APARTMENTS.-M?. B Henry Freeman, Glanmeon, Barmouth. Close to Beach and Station. Highest re- ferences. M PARTMENTS.— Comfortable Home- Alike, Apartments. Highly recommended Sea and Mountain view. Sunny aspect. 1 mile walk. Apply, Mrs R. Davies, Fronhyfryd, Llanaber Barmouth. W PARTMENTS,- Close to PronieDade aBd Station. Moderate terms. Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, Henddol, Northfield Road. APARTMENTS. — COMFORTABLE and A Home-like Apartments. Highly recom- mended. Hot and Cold Bath. Apply, Mrs Evan Williams, "Bodlyn," Church Street. A PARTMENTS.—Sncwdcn View, Bar- A mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea & mountain view. Apply, Mrs B. Owen. MOBLEY & Co Jloriat, rtc. GRAND SELECTION OF I NEW SEASON S GOODS JUST ARRIVED. I I JAFFA ORANGES, GRAPES, | LEMONS, I DESSERT APPL E, BANANAS, I. I COOKING APPLE ¡ WALNUTS BRAZIL NUTS, J MONKEY NUTS, I COB NUTS, I I CHESTNUTS, | I COKERNUTS, I.FIGS, I DATES, ETC. ALL RINDS OF TINNED FRUITS I PICKLES, ETC. TRY OUR MILITARY PICKLES. I THE FRUIT STORES, I HIGH STREET, BABMOUTH For the best View Post. Gavels Go to the Original Stationers and Publishers- J. EVANS & NEPHEW, ) High Street. ART PICTURES PAVILION PROMENADE, BARMOUTH. I Grand Picture Display NIGHTLY AT 8 Matinees, Wed. and Sat. at 3. ABMISSION GROUND FLOOR 6d. BALCONY M TO-NIGHT Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Cycle of Hatred. I IT HAPPENED ON A FRIDAY. WITH FATHER'S HELP. SAVED BY HER HORSE. I MERRY MOVING MAN. BRIDGE OF SIGHS. NEXT WEEK Monday, Tuesday I & Wednesday, Greater Strength. ljrea t er otreng hi JACK IIENNARD COWARD. HOGAN THE PORTER. BOOBLEY'S BABY. I FLYER ON SPRING WATER. ¡ BLACK WALLET. MUSiC LESSONS IN BARMOUTH OR NEIGHBOURHOOD- MR. W. H. WTOODWAED, Musical Direc- tor of The Pavilion Barmouth is prepared to receive Pupils for Piano- forte playing. Theory of Music and SingiDg. Terms on application to VICTORIA BUILDINGS, Barmouth. W. A. ilI.ATONii Art Dealer and Photo^rapli.ex», • 1, PAVILION, Marine Parade, BARMOUTH. Pictures and Photographs Framed. Also a selection of Water Color Drawings and Oil Paintings for Sale. High-Class Portraiture at Moderate Prices. Out-door Photographs taken by appointment. MIN-Y-MOR STEAM LAUNDRY Write or call for Price List. idlvery kind of Laundry Work done on the shortest notice, at reasonable prices. Dry-Cleaning a Speciality. ROPRiETORS MR. & MRS. BEER Printed and Publisbed by Morris G. Roberts, Advertiser Office, Barmouth.