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SCOUTS' CORNER. I have an excellent piecp of good news for the "Corner" this week. The scoots, the scoutmasters and the Com- mittee will be delighted to learn the good tidings. The Committee having provided two new bugles, a good Samaritan, who desires not to divulge his name, has presented the troop with a beautiful new side-drum. Before many months are oper we hope to see quite a tidy little band at the head of the troop. Such a handsome gift goes a long way to prove that the conduct of the scouts gives every satisfaction to their kind and generouQ supporters. Accounts of some good turn done by some of the boys continue to be re- lated. Out of many toid me this week I will give one only. A few nights ago, a young lady from the town went to the pictures at the Pavilion. On leaving sbe forgot her purse and left it on the seat. Soon afterwards a Boy Scout who happened to be sitting close by saw what had happened. Knowing who had occupied the seat where the purse Was left, he made off with all speed in search of the young lady, found her, and restored the purse, intact. Well-done, Willie Robinson it is a credit to the troop to have a sharp, honest little chap like you as a member. Young Robin- son's father is serving his King and Country, and it will be a comfort for him to iearn of the honourable, honest action of his young son. Honesty is a form of honour. An honourable man can always be trusted with any amount of money or other valuables with the certainty that he will not steal it. Cheating at any time is a sneaking, underhanded thing to do. When you feel inslined to cheat in order to win a game, or feel very distressed when a game in which you are playing is going against you just say to yourself, After all, it is only a game. It won't kill me if I do lose. One can't win always, though I will stick to it in case of a chance coming." If you keep your bead in this way, you will very often find that you win after all from not being over-anxious or despairing. And don't forget, whenever you do lose a game, if you are a true scout, you will at onee cheer the win- ning team or shake hands with, and congratulate the fellow who has beaten you. This rule should be carried out in ALL games and competitions among Boy Scouts. '< Members of the Committee and other kind supporters of the Scout movement will be pieased to learn that the boys are making excellent progress prepara- tory for the examination which will entitle them to be second class scouts. They evince lieen interest in Signaling and First Aid. It is intended in the near future to hold a competitive meeting when prizes will be given to those who excel in second and first class scout reqoirements. Don't forget your motto boys Be prepared."