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BARMOUTH COUNCIL. SPECIAL MEETING. A special meeting of the above Council was held on Thursday night. Present: Messrs. J. Pryce Jones, J.P. (chair- man), Henry Freeman, William Owen, Rhys Jones, Bees Jones, D. 0. Hughes, J. Llewelyn Davies, Robert Lloyd Williams and Dr J. Pugh Jones; with Messrs. R. Llewelyn Owen (deputy clerk), and T. R. Parry (surveyor). A DANGEROUS WALL A letter was read from Mrs Evan Davies, Cartref Dedwydd. calling the attention of the Council to the road leading to Cellfechan Farm, which was at the back of her property It was very unsafe to live in the housç, as there were big stones rolling down from near the gate. She understood that this road belonged to the Council, and it would safeguard the Council and pedestrians if they would build a wall there. Mr Rees Jones said the place was dangerous, especially to young children. Mr Rhys Jones agreed, and added tnat he had drawn attention to the matter months ago. Mr Robert Lloyd Williams proposed that the whole Council should inspect the place and decide on the spot what to do. I Mr Rhys Jones seconded, which was carried unanimously. CELLFECHAN FARM. The Chairman explained that the Council bad offered the above farm to Mr Humphrey Williams, the present j tenant, but a letter was read at the last meeting from him stating that he objec- a certain clause in the agreement. The Council bad decided to invite Mr Williams to meet them and discussxthe matter further. ,The Deputy Clerk reported that a letter had been sent Mr Williams on Wednesday, but he understood that there was no delivery of letters daily to Cellfecban, and therefore Mr Williams could not have bad the letter sent to "¡ him, and, no doubt, that was the reason why he bad not attended that evening. Mr J. Llewelyn Davies said perhaps Mr Robert Lloyd Williams could give the Council some information on the matter. Mr Robert Lloyd Williams said Mr Humphrey Williams bad been talking to him over the matter and had told him his position, but it was only in a verbal way, Mr Humphrey Williams had explained his position to him, and if the Council would like, he would give a Varbal report. Dr. J. Pugh Jones said it was not right to take a verbal report. Mr Robert Lloyd Williams said it was nothing to him. He did not want to give the report at all.. Mr J. Llewelyn Davies-Did be say that be bad received the Council's last letter. i Mr Robert Lloyd Williams—No. But be said that be would not meet the Council. Mr Rees Jones said if that was the case, could not Mr Robert LI. Williams give the verbal report he bad with Mr Humphrey Williams to the Council. Mr Rhys Jones said that the Chair- man had already refused to take a verbal report. The Chairman said that was right. The Council could not stand by having verbal reports. They should be in writing or in person. It was decided that the Council should meet Mr Humphrey Williams on Monday if the Chairman thought that would be advisable and agreeable to Mr Humphrey Williams.

- IIn Ifttmotlam.