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Pretty Wedding at Barmouth.

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Pretty Wedding at Barmouth. On Monday, the 26th inst., the town was en fete on the occasion of the mar- riage of Miss Nellie Williams, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ed. Williams, Penrallt, and Mr Owen Llewelyn Williams, son of the late Councillor and Mrs Owen Williams, Marine House. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Richard Jones Williams, nncle of the bride, and the Rev. E. J. Parry, pastor. The bride wore a gown of ivory satin which was beautifully trimmed with pearls and a tunic of Fedora lace her veil being arranged with orrange blossoms and myrtle. She carried a bouquet of white carnations, lilies of the valley and white heather, and was attended by two bridesmaids, Miss Annie Williams (sister of the bride- groom) and Miss H. Wood, Wednpsbury, and they were attired in ivory crepe de Chine dresses with large leghorn hats trimmed with pink flowers and mauve ribbons. They carried bouquets of pink tulips and wore ruby and pearl pendants, both gifts of the bridegroom The Rev. J. Meirion Williams (brother of the bridegroom) and Mr William Richards acted as best men. A reception was held at Penrallt by the bride's mother, at which congratulatory addresses were delivered by tbe officiating ministers, Alderman T. Martin Williams, Messrs R. Llewelyn Owen, R. Lloyd Williams, Lewis Williams, St. Ann's Square; William Riclifirds, Harry Morris, G. Griffiths, the bride's father and the Rev. Meirion Williams. The bridegroom suitably responded. In the afternoon Mr and Mrs O. Llewelyn Willi ams left by motor car for Beaumaris and Liverpool. The bride went away in a brown costume with white hat trimmed with flowers and ribbon. The bride's dress and costume were supplied by Messrs. Morris & Son, Cam- brian Establishment, LIST OF PRESENTS. Bride to Bridegroom.Fitted dressing case Bridegroom to Bride.Pearl necklace Bridegroom to Bridesmaids.Buby and pearl pendants Mrs Williams (mother of Bride).Household linen and tea set Mr E. Williams (father of Bride).Cheque Mrs Williams (piother of Bridegroom).Dinner service and blankets Miss E. Williams (sister of Bridegroom.Brass curb and fire irons Miss Annie Williams (sister of Bridegroom). Silveregg stand Mr and Mrs Charles Griffiths, Bilston.Brass fire screen and counterpane Rev. J. Meirion Williams, Carmarthen.Case of knives and forks Master Charles Idris Griffiths, cfo. Silver mounted breakfast cruet Mr and Mrs H. E. Williams and Noni, Tan-y- bryn.Oak Dining table Mr and Mrs R. LloYCt Williams, Cilmynach. Satin eiderdown Rev. R. Jones-Williams, Festinieg.Cheque Mr and Mrs Johnson, Midland Hotel.After- noon teacloth Mrs Capt. J. J. Griffith, 5, Epworth Terrace. Silver mounted fruit dish Mrs Richards, Whitefield House.Table cloth Misses Richards, do.Salad bowl Mrs Ellis Roberts, Siloam Buildings. Duchesse set Miss Catherine Lewis, Glanmeon Cottage. Sugar basin and cream jug Misses Lewis, Ceilwart.Copper tray Mrs Richards, Glanafon.Silver toast rack Mrs Gwynoro Davies, Haulflyn. Duchesse 83t Mr and Mrs James Owen, Beatimaris.Silver butter dish and knife Mr and Mrs J. W, Jones, Bodfor.Silver cruet i Mrs Morris, and Master Harry Morris, Fron- oleu Copl)er hot water jug Mr and Mrs Roberts, Aelybryn.Oak occas- sional table Mrs W. O. Williams, Paris House.Drawn thread teacloth Mr and Mrs R. Davits, Fronhyfryd.Silver- mounted jam dish Mrs Williams, Brynhyfryd.Cheque Mr and Mrs E. G. Owen, Staffordshire House .Afternoon tea set and tray Miss Phillips and Jack, Sea View.Pair of ornaments Mr and Mrs Meredith, Dolgelley Pa,"r of skin rugs Mr and Mrs H. Whitehead, Park Road.Brass brusn and crumb tray All at 3, Glanywerydd Terrace.Crochet tea cosy Mrs Capt. Morris, Quay Cottage. Silver photo frame Mrs E. Parry, Aelfor Terrace.Silver teapot stand Master W. D. Richards, Quay Cottage.Silver mounted marmalade jar Mrs G. A. Williams, Victoria Buildings.Silver mounted jam dish Misses Griffith, 3, Epworth Terrace.Pair of Wedgewood ornaments Mr and Mrs Martin Williams, Bod Idris. Pair of Oxidised candlesticks Mr and Mrs Isaac Davies, Tanyrallt.Pair of ornaments Miss M. E. Lloyd, Tynycoed.Sideboard cover Mr Dennis Lloyd, do.Silver cruet Mrs Eyton Jones, Minfor.Teacloth Mrs Morris Jones, 9', Porkington Terrace. Fruit dish Mr W. Richards, Glanafon.Silver mounted oak tray and silver tea service Mr and Mrs Sam Williams, Tai Isa, Buildings I .Hand painted satin pin cushion and centre piece Mrs A. Lloyd, Mrs Lewis, and Alnn, H, Glan- I aber Terrace.Silver preserve dish Miss May and Master Norman Lloyd, do. Silver ink stand Mr and Mrs John Morgan, Artro House Silver teaspoons, etc., in case Mr and Mrs H. R. Davies, Oxford House. I Two pairs of lace curtains I Miss Maggie Jones, Springfield.Pair of orna- ments Misses Parry Owen, 7, Porkington Terrace. Siiver mounted sugar dredger Mrs O. W. Morris, Glanglasfor.Plush table cover Mr and Mrs W. O. Gale, Y Garth.Silver breakfast cruet Rev. and Mrs E. J. Parry, Epworth Villa. Silver mounted sugar basin and cream jug Mrs Tucker and Miss Richards, 6, Porkington Terrace.Silver sugar basin and sifter Mrs Williams, Ecclefechan.Silver mounted sugar dredger Friend.Pair of copper photo frames Miss Jones, 3, Porkington Terrace.Pair of brass candlesticks Mrs John Jones, The Cliffe.Brass stand Mrs Williams-Pugh and Mr rfavid Pugh, Llys Arfor.Rope mat Miss L. M. Jones, Bod Eurin.Pair of silver candlesticks Misses A. C. Owen and N. R. Owen, Tan-y- graig.Silver mounted sugar, salt and pepper dredgers # Mrs Catherine Humphreys, Bontddu.Pair of vases Mrs Meredith, Aberystwyth.Duchesse set Mr H. Wynne Williams, Glanytraeth.Silver mounted oak biscuit barrel Mr and Mrs Edward Williams, 'Ceylon House .Silver mounted marmalade jar Mr Lewis Williams, do.Silver mounted cake dish Miss D. Richards, Greenhill.Piano top ) Mr and Mrs John Evans, 12, Porkington Terrace.Antimony tea caddy Misses A. and B. Jones, Glanywerydd Terrace 'Silver tea strainer Mr and Mrs Jones, The Library.Silver cake basket Mr and Mrs Owen Parry, Kimberley House. Silver butter dish Mr W. J. Jones, Lluesty.Sillver mounted preserve jar Mr and Mrs D. E. James, The Pharmacy. Antique brass candlestick Mrs Borthwick and Son, Steam Laundry. Tablecloth Mrs William Jones, Aber House.Silver tea- spoons, etc., in case Mr and Mrs R.W.Jones, Meirion House. Bedspread Miss Dilys Williams, Windsor House.Pair of ornaments Mr Harold Williams, do.Pair of silver- mounted ornaments Mr and Mrs William Owen, Craigmynach. Tablecloth Mr and Mrs Lloyd, Mawddach View.Half-a- dozen towels Friend.Pair of pillow cases Misses Jones, Minafon: Tray cloth Mrs Loxton, Central Buildings. Copper flower pot Mr and Mrs S. R. Wood, Wednesbury.Silver tea knives in case Mrs Williams, Tremhyfryd.Table cloth Mrs Ford, Crystal House.Embroidered cushion Mr W. A. Meredith, Dolgelley.Bedspread. Mr and Mrs William Jones, Beach Road. Pair of dress slippers Mr and Mrs Arthur Woolley, Nottingham. Royal Lancaster Vase Mrs Edwards, Llanaber.Teapot Miss Ina Jones, Denbigh.Sugar basin Miss Edwards, Manchester.Tea set Miss Nancy Edwards, London.Set of « tumblers Miss M. Edwards.Jugs Mrs Lewis, Idris Temperance.Duchesse set Mrs Evan Williams, Bodlyn.Table cloth Miss Nellie Jones, Aelfor Cottage.Pair of vases Mr and Mrs W. Jones, Cumberland Flace. Hand-made teacloth Miss Jonss, Bwth Carron.Hand-made chair back Mrs Evan Evans, Siloam Buildings.Pair of vases Mrs Hugh Evans, Penmount.Cheese and biscuit dish Miss Mamie Roberts, Mawddach House. Silver mounted jam dish Capt. and Mrs Jones, Liverpool Silver mounted salad bowl and servers Mrs Capt. Griffith, Tudor House.Pair of Seneriffe table centres Miss Parry, Park Road.Duchesse set Friend.Cheque Miss Katie Davies, Glasfor Terrace.Doulton flower pot Mr and Mrs Gwilym Davies, Brynmelyn. Silver teaspoons, etc., in case Mr and Mrs Tom Jones, Cynlas, Park Road. Duchesse set Mrs Pugh Evans, St. George's.Tea cloth Mr-and Mrs Foulkes Jones, Manchester House Tea cloth Mr Llewelyn Edwards, Glanglasfor.Silver mounted sugar basin and cream jug Mr T. R. Parry, Surveyor.Clock Mr and Mrs Francis Jones; Gwalia Stores. Silver photo frame Mrs Thomas, Gorilwyn. Silver mounted butter dish Rev. and Mrs Henry Williams, Menai Bridge .Silver mounted cruet MissM. C. Evans, TaurhiN) Silver mounted jam dish Miss Richards, The Anchorage.Brass gong. Mr and Mrs Morris Jones, Cynfal Silver photo frame Miss Betty Pugh.Pair of photo frames Mr and Mrs. James Wilkes, Bilston,Ham- mered brass tea tray Master Jimmy Wilkes, c'Silver teaspoons in case Mrs John Roberts, Goronwy Terrace.Cheese dish I Mrs Evan Davies, Glanywerydd Honse.Em- broidered silk tea cosy Mrs and Miss Williams, Gwynfa.Brass card tray Misses.Thomas, 1, King's Crescent.Drawn- thread tea cloth Mrs CgaDt. Owen and Mr R. Llewelyn Owon, Llys Llewelyn Silver teaspoons in case Mr and Mrs Roberts, Greenwich House. American clock Mr and Mrs Wallett, Bilston.Cheque Mr Owen Jones Evans, London.Shaving out- fit Mrs 1. Jones, Buxton House.Silver mounted marmalade jar Mr Walter Ll. Jones, Victoria Buildings. Framed picture Mrs Tomkinson.Gilt photo frame Mr Ben Morris, Glyndwr.Afternoon tea cloth Mrs Davies, Frongaled, Dyffryn.Table cloth Miss C. Davies, Old Belle Vue.Silver tea knives in case Mrs Richards, Qlanydon.Fruit dishes Miss Lloyd, Brynteg.Silver mounted flower vases Mrs Slater, Brynawel.Silver mounted pre- serve jar Mrs W. Hughes, Irelctnd. Silver mounted cut- glass preserve jar Mrs John Roberts, Ripon House.Muffin dish Mrs T. Ellis, Brynawel Terrace.Flower pot

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