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ROLL OF HONOUR. Barmouth Boys who serve their King & Country on Land and Sea. THE NAVY. Lieutenant Best (late Lingfield) Lieutenant R. Lloyd (late of Tynycoed) Lieut. Edward Griffith, Reliance House Lieutenant Harold Lowe, Penrallt Chief Stoker Griffith Richards, The Anchorage. Petty Officer Tommy Williams,BeachRd. „ Willie Owen, Craigmynach „ C. H. Mendham, Mt. Argus LeadingSeaman R.Williams, Aberamffra gi Thomas Williams, Gwynfa Dick Powell, Llanaber Wiliie James Rowlands, Riverslea Rowland Rowlands, do. Alfred Price, Enfield House Johnny Owen. BwlchVane,Marine Gdns David W. Humphreys (late of Water St. Robert Jones, Abermaw Terrace I Robert Ellis Griffith, Aberamffra I R. Lloyd Lewis (late of Aelydon) Griffith Edwards, Green Bank. Tommy Garnett, Wynnstay House Capu. W. J. Price, Bryngoleu THE ARMY Capptain D. Oswald Davies, Greenhill Capt. Tudor Jones Lieutenant Reginald Lloyd, Tynycoed 2nd Lieutenant G. B. Piggott, Fronaig 2nd Lieutenant M. Buckley 2nd Lieut.V. St. G. Hewins, Garreglwyd 2nd Lieut. J. B. Menham, Mount Argus 2nd Lieutenant Meirion Williams, (late Police Station.) Sergeant W.H.Williams, Liverpool Hse Sergeant Samuel Dillow, Water Street Sergeant John Astley, Cumberland Hse Sergeant J. H. Lloyd, late Marine Gdns. Sergeant George Felstead,Brynawel Ter. Sergeant Wm. O'Neil, do. Sergeant W. H. Jones (late of Aelydon) Sergt. Dick Fuller, BeacA Road Sergt. G. L. Booth, Brynawel Ter. Sergt. Bill Strongman, Harboro' House 11 Sergt. Alfred Strongman, do, k j Corporal A. O'Neil, do. I Corporal Robert Peters, Craig-y Nos Corporal Edward Price, Glasfryn House I Corporal Walter Thomas Pugb,Pengraig Corporal Frank Lloyd, 4, Bronaber Ter. Corporal Richard Tank, Victoria Bldgs. Corporal Herbert Aspinall, Beach Road Lee.-Corpl. John Williams, Park Road Lce.-Corpl. W. Lyons, Corsygedol Hotel I Lce.-Corpl. Robert Williams,WesleyHse Lane-Corpl. Ellis Tank, Victoria Bdgs R. Williams, Liverpool House William Finnigan, Water Street J. Herbert Ingram, Glasfor Terrace H. Wallace Ingram, do. Richard Jones, 2 Marine Terrace John P. Williams, Beach Road David Davies, Williams' Buildings Robert Henry Lewis, Brynawel Terrace Edward Thomas, Church Place Robert Lloyd, 2, Mount Pleasant William Francis Jones, Bronygraig Tommy Loxton, Central Buildings Bobbie Lloyd, Victoria Buildings Billie W. Roberts, Advertiser Office Owen Thomas. The Green Garage Humphrey Humphreys, 1 Fronfelen W. B. Griffith, Vulcan Villa John Parry Jones, Glanllyn Tommy Jones, Buxton House Tommy Owen, Snojvdon View Phillip Williams, Aberamffra Thomas Evans, Water Street John Jones, Goronwy Terrace Francis Morris, Abermaw Terrace Evan Evans, Arvon View Harry Powell, Llanaber Joe Catherwood Thomas Hugh Jones, Eldon House H. Hodgkirison, Marine Hotel Peter Hughes, Relience House John Rees Edwards, Morben Villa William Edward Morris, Glyndwr John Morris, do. Lewis Edwards (late of Penygraig) Willie Ellis, Water Street Evan Jones, Llwyndu Samuel Owen, St. Georges Lewis Davies. Williams' Buildings John Thomas Roberts, Albion House Wm. Richard Lewis, Glanywerydd Owen Evan Owen, 11, Marine Terrace David Griffith, Cambrian Street Jack Davies, Bwlch Cottage R. H. Roberts, Penlan House Robert Francis Morris, Tanyfedw Charlie Scholz ("iate Wesley Place) Evan Pierce Jones (late Penygraig) William Evans, Glandwr Lodge David Thomas Evans, do. Tommy C. Williams, Tygwyn Bldgs. William Davies, Williams' Buildings John Edwards, Llwynon Archie Fox (late Aelfor Villas) Evan Lewis, Brynawel Terrace William Morris, Tanyfedw John Garnett, Mount Windsor Robt.Scott Vaugh ton, Bar mouth Junction Owen Thomas Morris, Tanyfedw. Arthur Lowe, Penrallt Cottage. David Ellis Humphreys, Gibraltar Ter. Alfred Smith Thomas, Glandwr Cottage Hughie Williams, Tegfan, Princes Av. John Lloyd, Barmouth Juncoion. Thomas O'Mara, Doctors Buildings. Dan Robinson, Bennar Terrace William Haines, Artbog John Parry, Glanmawddach C. Vaughan, Glandwr Mill George Bishop, Lion Hotel Cbas. S. Walker, Corsygedol Hotel F. Prewer, Brynmawddach E. Powell, do Idwal Wynne, Arthog Harold Dudley, Barmouth Hotel Willie Lloyd, Tynycoed Buildings David Richards, Leamington House. Driver George Astley, Cumberland Ese.1 D. W. Jones, Gwalia Hotel John E. Rowlands, Rivers Lea Joe Whitehead, Park Road James Thos. Jones (late Water St.) John Llewelyn Evans, Fronoleu Farm D. I. Rowlands,Cambrian Establishment David Pugh, The Green Garage Evan. Pierce Jones, Lawrenny Lodge G. Vernon Price, Enfield. F. A. Price, do. Harry Jic ff s, Arthog Hall Hotel Ellis Roberts, St. Georges Tommy Roberts, do « Llewelyn Davies, Tynycoed David Thomas Brooks, do William Jones, Penycei Harry Dudley, Coesfaen Willie Owen, St. Georges David Hughes, Arvon View Walter Chas. Miles, Green Garage John Charles Crabbe, Water Street James Jones, Boots, Talydon Hotel Ellis Price Jones, Beehive Robert Lloyd, late Marine Gardens. Herbert R. H. Dennis, Glenceirn David Griffiths, 1, Aelfor Terrace Robert Thomas, Church Place Gomer Thomas, Victoria Place Arthur Ll. Thomas, Do. John Henry Jones, Tainewddion John M. Evans, late Wynnstay House Arthur Wilson Roberts, 9, Porkington David Davies (late of Glandwr Lodge) William Watkins, 3, Penybryn Harry Whitehead, Park Road J. R. Jones, Manchester House Robt. Edward Griffith, Vulcan Villa JohnErieGriffith, Vulcan Villa(Canadians Bennett J. Griffiths, do (Canadians) G. W. Price, GIasfryn (Canadians) Rees Pugb, Llys Arfor (Canadians) Hubert Henry Hainge, Barmouth June John Jones, Barmouth Railway Station Important to Hotel and Lodging [ House Keepers. I THE GOVERNMENT Registration •Forms I for use of Hotels, Lodging Houses, &c., can be obtained from MESSRS. RHYS JONES & NEPHEW Stationers & Booksellers, HIGH STREET, Barmoutb. THE BARMOUTH steam Caundrp. PROPRIETRESS: MRS. BORTHWIGK. All kin of Laundry work done on the shortest notice, at reasonable charges DYEING AND CLEANINQ. Special quotations for Hotels and large families

Annual Meeting ot theI Barmouth…