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ir t 21-1 APARTMENTS. Comfortable Home- ?i? like Apartments. HIgblY recom- mended. Sea and mountain v?lew. Sunny aspect. Centrally situated.— MRS. CAPT. OWEN, Llys Llewelyn, Bar- mouth. BOARD OR APARTMENTS.-Mrs Henry Freeman, Glanmeon, Bar mlJl h. Close to Beach and Stntion Highest references. APARTMENTS.—1, Brynymor, Bar- 'k mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea and mountain view. Ap- ply, Mrs David Owen. APARTMENTS.—Sea and Mountain A- View; two minutes' walk to Promenade. South aspect. Large airy rooms. Terms Moderate. Mrs E, HUMPHREYS, 1, Fronfelen Terrace Barmouth. ROSE HILL, BARMOUTH.—Com- fortable Apartments—or Board. Central position. Highly recommended. Apply- Mrs EDWARDS. CO M F O TIT A RLE APARTMENTS Moderate terms. Centra 1 pOlf Uon, Close to Beach and Station. For terms, ete upply o J Office of this paper. o. Office of this paper. APARTMENTS.—Comfortable Home- like Apartments. Highly recommended Sea and Mountain view Sunny aspect. 1 mile walk. Apply, Mrs R. Davies, Fronhyfryd. Llanaber. Barmouth. FARM HO US E APARTMENrrsrro LET.—Hendreclochydd Farm, Llanaber. 2 sitting room and 3 bedrooms. Beautifully situated. Sea and mountain view. 5 minutes walk to sea, about If miles from Barmouth station. Apply—Mrs J. Morris APARTMENTS or Furnished House. A. Foot Dinas Oleu. Grand views. Phillips, Sea View. GENTLEMAN'S FURNISHED House U to be let, with linen and silver, containing 3 reception rooms, 8 bedrooms. Standing in its own grounds and having an elevating situation, overlooking Cardigan Bay. Apply L," office of this paper. APARTMENTS.—Accommodation for Cyclists. 3 minutes' walk from Beach Station and Post Office. Bath (hot and cold, Mrs Sergt. Rowlands, River's Lea Barmouth. FURNISHED House.—To let.—8 bed- — rooms, 3 entertaining rooms, bath (h.&c.).. 2 or 3 minutes walk from sea front and station. Sea and mountain view. Apply-" W. office of this paper. FURNISHED HOUSE TO BE LET. 4 Sitting Rooms, 12 Bedrooms. Bath, etc. Every convenience. Mountain and Sea view. Apply, Mrs. Mobley, 8 Porkington Ter APARTMENTS. — isgoed, MARINE Road, Barmouth. Apply, Mrs. T. Parry. BRONLLYS, Marine Road.—Comfort- able apartments, near sea. 7 bedrooms, Terms moderate. Apply, Mrs Breeze. APARTMENTS.—with or WITHOUI A Board. Cyclists AccommodaLion. —Mrs Evan Williams, lb,odlyn, Barmouth. APARTMENTS. — Count'y House ? APARTMENTS. Bathroom, (hot and cold. Sea view. Tennis. Apply, D. E. Davies, Barmouth. APARTMENTS.—Snowdon View, Bar- '— mouth. Close to Beach and Station. Sea and mountain view. Apply, Mrs B. Owen MONA, BARMOUTH, entrance to Mi. Promenade. Facing sea. Board or Apartments. Terms reasonable. Home com- orts. Apply, Arundaie, Proprietor. CCOMFORTABLE APARTMENTS at C /1, Epwortb Terrace. Centrally situated. Apply, Mrs Wm. Roberts. S APARTMENTS.—Close to Promen- Aade and Station. Moderate terms. Apply, Mrs Morris G. Roberts, Henddol, Northfield Road. KPARTMENTS.—Pembroke House ..Ii.. Barmouth, 10 Bedroom 3 Sitting-rooms. Commands an excellent view oft he Estuory and Cader Idris Range of Mountains. Five Minutes walk from Station and Two Minutes -from Beach .Apply,—Mrs Inspt. Watkin Owen. TO BE LET. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET JO containiag 1 sitting room, parloin and 4 bedrooms. Near Beach and Post Office Applp, J.W., officc of this paper FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET.— a The House contains 2 Sitting Rooms and 5 Bedrooms. 2 or 3 minutes wallrfrom Sea.front and Station. Terms moderate, Apply" R.' of this paper. PPQ BE LET—MASONIC HALL BAR- 'I MOUTH. Large Room suitable for Pnb- lic Meetings, Auctions, Soirees, Concerts, &c. Terms moderate. Apply,—Secretary, Meirion house, Barmouth. mo BE LET.— Arvon View, Bron- abet' Terrace, Barmouth. From 12th of May, 1915. P,,ei-,it elG 10 0. Apply,—G. E. Owen, Wern, Barmouth. rglQ LET, 1, Aelfor Terrace. Lock-up- ? Kiajp 0; OfBce. Immed iate possession- Apply, E. Griffith, 1, Aelfcr Terrace. TO BE LET—From May 12th next. ?.- Q?ay Cottage (House and Shop) Apply —Quay Cottage. TO BE LET. — From the 12th of May.. No. 1, Gianaoer Terrace. Apply, Samuel Jones, at No. 2. TO BE LET.-No 5, Doctor's Build- ings. Rent 5/- a week. AppJy- Edwin Blakey, Surveyor and Estate Agent, Barmouth. rflO HE LET.—River scot, A be ram- JL ffra. 2 Reception, 4 Bedrooms. Bathroom, &c. Rent ze24, Apply— Edwin Blakey, Barmouth. I r 1 0 -B E--LET-=A-G ¡ ;;1-ci-n\' I Barmouth. Good detached houe in lovely situation and close toEituary, containing 2 Reception, 5 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Kitchen and Offices. Rent £ 85. Apply—Edwin Blakey, Barmouth. TO BE LET — From Augnsb 12 h ?. n,.xI, the !argo and cc.mmodiou Shop, No. 6, Pavilion, now occupied by Mr E G. Owen. Apply,—Edwin Blakey, Barmouth. TO BE LET IMMEDIATELY.— — Modern Lodging House, situated best position in town. Rent £ 28. Ap- ply—Cambrian House, Barmouth. TO BE SOLD FOR SALE.—Good assortment of genuine Antique Furniture, &c. Apyly, R. Roberts, Ivy House. COIJLiIE BITUB, highest pedigee Vy1 Moderate price. Apply,—P.C. Nathaniel Davies, Harlech f~iARRIAGES — N"w and second-ha nd ) B!ongbans,Victorias and LFmàaup. Greally reduced in price—anything from one-fhird to one-half of the original cost No seasonable offer refused to clear.— Hooper, Carria ge and Motor Manufac- turers, Liverpool.  ? WAITED. APPRENTICE • to the Millinery wanted. Apply—Morris & Sun, Barmoui h. *9 s   o Visitor's. Those who wish to take home with them a real and interesting SOUVEIIIFi of Barmouth can not do better th purchase a Copy of the ¡ "History of Barmouth I' .1, "I and Vicinity" Bv E. ROSALIE JONES, B.A. published in 1909 at 8/6 now sold at 2/6 at the Barmouth Library and all Book sellers in the town. AT I. AS AS U' n œI lift r A v 'ti U\-SU 1ft COMPANY. LTD. irmi HEAD OFFICE: CHEAPS1DE, ?M!?M ??'S???./ LnMrbiD?Lu?Mi. ??,?? ACCIDENT BURGLARY Founded in the Reign of George III Liverpool Branch: ll, Chapal Street Agents: 1, R. LLEWELYN. OWEN, BARMOUTH W. 0. GALE, HIGH ST., BARMOUTH Printed and Published by Morris G. Roberts, Water Street, Barmouth. CA. £ £ 3 £ t}[2LN RAIL¥JAYS ILsaraouxicGxraexi'&s* IOTICEa ALL EKgUISiOI&GlfiAP TICKETS ARE eilly 9 .7&- I;D:KE47i mw Except Tourist and Market Tickets. For further informaLion respecting the arrangements shewn above, application should be made at any of the Company's Offices or to Mr H- ot-bert Williams, Spt. of Line. S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, May 1915 General Manager ■ ■ .ü;; -w. :Q'I¡''1UiJKi!i i'ú: THE L90N RAGE, BARMOUTH. • Opposite Lion Hotel. ——— ACCOMMODATION FOR 30 CARS. Motor Gars for Hire at Moderate Charges. RKPAIBS EFFICIENTLY EXECUTED BY PRACTICAL MOTOR ENGINEER Petrol, Tyres and Accessories* MERIONETHSHIRE AGENT FOR THE "FORD" CARS. A, WILKINSON1 Proprietor t Shippingo   ■ ø UNITED STATES, CANADA, S. AMERICA, WEST INDIES, SOUTH U AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, &o. For full information of Sailings, Fi-tres, or the following Steamship Com panies: Canard Line, While Star Line, Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., Dominion Line,American agent,— R. W. JONES, Meirion House. ¡¡- ..¡q,X'a. ;æ;u-:c.'T:J'I" PRINTING.. PRINTING PRINTING  P ?T?  'T?Gf  For al i:nds of Priting ?? "B TS i *F'a<??? Call at the ;?  ?jie Advertiser Office, %?i?????  B 4"i??? 4 Water Street