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Sales bp fluction. POPE & SMITH (Late W. MANTON & Co.,) AUCTIONEERS. Agricultural & General Valuers, HOUSE, LAND, ESTATE, AND INSURANCE AGENTS. VALUATSONS for PROBATE & MORTGAGE. Stock Sales in Ledbury Market Bit ALTERNATE TUESDAYS thoroughout the year. NEXT MARKET, JUNE 30, 1914. Order of Selling— Piga and Store Cattle at 10 am. Sheep at 11.30. Fat Cattle at 12. Houses, &c., to let Entered in Register Free of Charge. •rriCES:— NEW STREET, LEDBURY, AND S? ALDATES CHAMBERS. GLOUCESTER. LEDBURY CATTLE MARKET. POPE & SMITH HAVE received instructions to Sell by Auction as above on TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 1914, an Excellent HORSE RAKE (by Kell, Meates and Co.) Sale at 12 p.m. precisely. Auctioneers' Offices-New Street, Ledbury. HEREFORDSHIRE. POPE & SMITH Will Sell by Auction, at the FEATHERS HOTEL, LEDBURY, on TUESDAY, JUNE 30th, 1914, at 3 for 4 p.m. precisely, all that Exceptionally Attractive COUNTRY ESTATE known as looDDINC-TON COURT' Situate in the Parish of Coddington, in the County of Hereford, and comprising a Handsome GENTLEMAN'S RESIDENCE, Also a LICENSED BEER HOUSE (know. as the" Golden Cross,") Several COTTAGES and SMALL HOLDINGS, ACCOINIMODA. TION LANDS, And THREE PRODUCTIVE FARMS. The Rental, actual and estimated, amounts to E420 per annum. For further particulars apply to Messrs. R. & C. B. Masefield, Solicitors, Ledbury, or to the Auctioneers' Offices, New-street, Ledbury. TO BE LET, 19 Acres of Excellent Grass Keeping, 3 miles from Ledbury. To be grazed till December 31st, 1914. Apply, POPE & SMITH, Ledbury. S H OOT ■ N G. TO BE LET, 1,000 Acres of Excellent Mixed Shooting—100 Aores Wood. 500 Acres more ;ould be had if required. Apply, POPE & SMITH, Ledbury. TO LET, Audley Cottage, Ledbury, with a large garden. TO LET, Brierley Grange, Staunton, a con- venient gentleman's Residence, with stabling aad grounds. TO LET, a Dwelling House, with garden and JL small paddock, at Eastnor. TO LET, an excellent Residence in Southend- street, Ledbury, To LET, a Dwelling House in Worcester-road, TLedbury. TO LET, a convenient Dwelling House in TSouthend Street. TO LET, the Corner House. Greenway.- For further particulars of any of the above, apply to- POPE & SMITH, Auctioneers, Ledbury. REASONS WHY RILEY'S should have your patronage in all matters appertaining to Pianos and Organs are numerous and convincing. A few will suffice. RILEY'S have been the most Central and Principal Providers in the Kingdom for over sixty years. RILEY'S are also the Exclusive Agents for other makes which have obtained world-wide reputation. RILEY'S Business has been personally controlled through three genera- tions of the family, and the unfailing cour- tesy which has been extended to every patron in the past is cordially offered to you now. HENRY RILEY & SONS, CONSTITUTION HILL, BIRMINGHAM. Return Railway Faref, refunded to Purchasers RILEY'S WITH PRINCIPAL PIANO HOUSES, CLOSE SATURDAYS AT ONE. Take Ca?e of Ycu? SMn and j CompSGxiosi During the Winter. Li I This Dainty Toilet Preparation protects the skin ",nst the effects of Frost, Cold Winds, and Hard Water, and prevents Roughness, Redness, Irritation, chaps, etc. WILL KEEP THE SKIN IN A PERFECT CONDITION ALL THE YEAR ROUND. Readers the skin Soft and White, and adds a cbarm of youth to the complexion. Botdes 18..2.. 6d., of all Chemists and Stores. M. BEETHAM & SON, Cheltenham. REDMARLEY. ANNIVERSARY FETB.—The Redmarley Branch of the Gloucester Conservative Benefit Society will hold their anniversary fete on Monday, July 6th, at the Rose and Crown Inn, Redmarley. A luncheon will also be held at 1.50 p.m., at which the Rev H M Niblett (Rector 7 Redmar- ley) will preside, with Mr W Brewer in the vice- chair. The fete, which will be held in a meadow adjoining the Rose and Crown, will in- clude fht races for members, and a half-mile flat race (open). Scott's roundabouts will also be in attendance.—The annual Church Parade will be held on Sund-ny, July 5th, when the mem bers will meet at the Rose and Crown at 5.30 p.m., and headed by the Corse Lawn Band, march to Church. Sales bp Suction. BRUTON, KNOWLES" 00. Albion Chambers, Gloucester. Estate & House Agents, Surveyors, Auctioneers, Agricultural, Hotel, and Timber Valuers, and Valuers for Probate and Estate Duty. AN ILLUSTRATED REGISTER of Proper. A. ties for Sale by Private Tre ty or to be Let may be had on receipt of Three Stamps. No charge is made for the inserton of particulars unless a Sale or Letting be effected. Telegrams Brutons, Gloucester. Telephone 67. BY MESSRS. JACKSON & McCARTNEY. HEREFORD HORSE SALES, Saturday, July 11th, 1914. 250 HORSES ALL CLASSES. ,£18 in Silver Cups and Cash Prizes. Special demand for high-class Cart Horses and ride and drive Horses. ENTRIES CLOSE FRIDAY, JULY 3rd, 1914. JACKSON & MCCARTNEY9 AUCTIONEERS, Craven Arms and Hereford. R.E. DAW, Wheelwright Every description of WAGGONS, LORRIES, CARTS, FLOATS, etc., Made to Order. Farmers' Lorries a Speciality. Estimates Given. REPAIRS Promptly Attended to. OAK FIELD GATES Made to Order. POSTS SAWN ANY SIZE. Manufacturer of Spokes, Ladder Rounds Etc., Ete. FIREWOOD BLOCKS & BUNDLE WOOD. New Market Street, Ledbury. WE ARE NOW MAKING A SPECIAL DISPLAY OF Fancy Goods. Silver Articles. Goss China. Fire Screens. Toys. Dolls. SEE OUR WINDOWS. TILLEY & SON, THE LIBRARY, LEDBURY. CHOICE PRESENTS! W. C. MANN'S Stock is complete with a Superb Collection of DIAMOND ORNAMENTS GEM JEWELLERY. SILVER PLATE. And Inexpensive Novelties, SPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR PRESENTS. W. C. MANN (Member of the British Optical Association), Chronometer, Watch and Clook Maker, Goldsmith, Jeweller, Optlolan, Ac., THE CROSS, GLOUCESTER Telephone 98. RolIgbush Quarrg. SECOND BROKEN STONE, suitable for Erivate, farm and bye roads, concrete and other purposes uil?ing lY Quantities 3/- per ton. 50 Tons and over 2/9 „ 100 Tons and over 2/6 „ SEOOND ROUGH STONE, suitable for bottoms of roads, filling in fold yards, etc Up to 100 Tons 1/4 peL too. 100 Tons and over 1/2 t, QRAVEL or Chippings (Unscreened), suitable for facing roads and paths: Small Quantities 2/3 per ton. 50 Tons and over 1 9 „ 100 Tons and over 1/6 „ GRAVEL or Chippings (Screened), excellent material for concrete Small Quantities 3/- per ton 50 Tons and over 2/6 100 ions and over 2/3 „ WASTE, suitable for filling in, etc :— 6d. per ton. EASTNOR CASTLE ESTATE OFFICE, NBAB LEDBURY. public notices. ) G. W. Rs < ('(( EXCURSIONS. Royal Agricultural Show at Shrewsbury. JUNE 30, JULY 1, 2, 3 and 4. EACH DAY-SPECIAL CHEAP FIRST and THIRD CLASS RETURN TICKETS to SHREWSBURY will be issued from all stations within 50 miles, available for return DAY of ISSUE ONLY, and from all stations beyond a 50-mile radius available for return DAY of ISSUE or FOLLOWING DAY. Minimum fare 1/ SPECIAL CHEAP FIRST and THIRD CLASS SEASON TICKETS to SHREWSBURY will be issued from all stations within 60 miles, available from JUNE 27 to JULY 4. VISIT of H.M. the KING on JULY 3. JULY 2 and 3 — DAY TRIP to SHREWSBURY. Leave Colwall 7-15, Ledbury 7-30 WORCESTER RACES. JULY 2 and 3. CHEAP TRIPS to WORCESTER from Ledbury, Colwall, etc. Summer Holiday Excursions PROM LEDBURY, with bookings from many other stations. JULY to SEPTEMBER. EVERY FRIDAY. To Pontypool, Merthyr, Newport, Cardiff, Barry, Neath, Swansea, Llanelly, Car- marthen, Tenby, Pembroke, Milford, Neyland, Fishguard, &c., for 8 or ];3. days. For details see bills or send postcard to stations or offices. FRANK POTTER, General Manager. MARY GARDINER, Deceased. ALL PERSONS having any CLAIMS against A the Estate of MARY GARDINER, deceased late of Harper's Cottage, Colwall, who died on the 16th day of June 1914, are requested to send particulars thereof to me forthwith. G. H. T. FOSTER, Bank Chambers, Colwall, Solicitor for the Executors. 23rd June, 1914. — r ?' i "— 6UDCUICDIIDV JUNE 30th to SHREWSBURYN juLY?h,i9? AII,700 In Prices. HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS. POULTRY. BUTTER-MAKING AND HORSE-SHOEING COMPETI- TIONS. AGRICULTURAL PRODICE, HIVES AND HONEY. ARBORICULTURE, FORESTRY. IMPLEMENTS AND MACHINERY At rest and in motion. I JUMPING, RIDING, DRIVING, FOUR-IN-HANDS. Championship DOG Show. BAND OF 1st KING'S SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY. PRICES OF ADMissioN-TUESDAY, JUNB 30th, 57-: WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, JULY 1st & 2nd. 2/6; FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, JULY 3rd and 4th, 1/ SEASON TICKET, 10/6. THOMAS McROW, SECRETARY. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF RNOLAND, 16, Bedford Squaie, London, W.C. MADRESFIELD AGRICULTURAL AND HORTICULTURAL SHOW Thursday, August 6th, 1914. Open and Local Classes. Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Pigeons, Butter, Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables, Implements, Jumping and Driving, Bending Race, Sheep Dog Trials. Stock Entries Close July 9th. Schedules and Entry Forms may be had from the Secretary, A. D. MELVIN, The Poplars, Malvern Link. PLEASE BEAR IN MIND THAT THE ANNUAL Show & Sports Will take place at MUCH MARCLE On Thursday, August 20, 1914. STAFFORD WESTON, Hon. Sec. A. A. SHORTHOUSE, Ltd., MEAT & CATTLE SALESMEN, City Meat Market, BIRMINGHAM. All kinds of Cattle Sold on Commission. TELEPHONE-53 MIDLAND. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS « MEAT BIRMING'M. THOMAS JONES, MONUMENTAL and BUILDING MASON, I Stone, Marble or Granite M Monuments Cleaned and Repaired. J|||L Works- N G.W.R. Station, Malvern Wells and Belmont, Malvern, Link. Private Address- Taynton House, Lower Wilton Rd., Malvern. CHEAP PREPAI DS. I 9d. for 201Wortls øà: Three j Six Once. Times. ] Times. s. d. d. 8. d. s. d. • s. d. 8. d. S! • » .630 28 words 1 0 2 0 4 0 IS words 13 t 6 5 0 BooklPff 2c:1it. xtra. ADVERTISERS using tb a office as an audress for receiving replies to their Advertisements under initials, etc., are requested so call for same, or enclose stamps for them to be forwarded. SPECIAL NOTICE. Applicants sending replies for Advertisements addressed to initials or fictitious names at this Oifiee, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applica- tions, but to enclose copies only. Stamps are not accepted, but odd amounts may be affixed to Postal Orders according to Post Office regulations. Where the total amount ef the remittance does not exceed sixpence, HALF-PENNY stamps may be sent. SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, Errand %Y.- A pp I Y,Milward's tV Boot Stores, High Street, Ledbury. AN Errand Boy wanted.-Apply, F W Taylor, AGrocer, High Street, T'edbury. WANTED, a young Man as waggoner.— W Apply, C StackhouM, Woodhouse Farm, Ledbuty.   CAMBERWELL HOUSE ASYLUM^ PROBATIONERS REQUIRED TO TRAIN for three years in mental work. Lectures given by the medical, stslJ, and a certificate granted by the Medico-Psyc illogical Association after successful examinatiop- Applicants must be well educated, between the ages of 21 and 30 years salary commencing ot X20, and uniform. —Apply, by letter, enclosing photograph, er call any morning (eleven-one) upon the Matron, 33, Peckham-road, London. REQUIRED for AUSTRALIA Men with farming experience also British Lads 16- 20 to ieara farming special reduced fares f.3 only payable here.—Apply, W W BELL & Co., Ltd., Governments' Accredited Shipping Agents, 9, Broad Street, Worcester.-Also vacancies for Farm Workers (Canada) and Domestics (Canada and Australia); assisted and advanced fares. WANTED. WANTED, useful Cob. L W Crossley, W Ledbury. W ANTED, Cattle to Tack.—Apply, by letter, W.D., Reporter Of hoe, Ledb-a ry. 4 NTIQUES OF EVERY DESCRIPTIO A. WANTED. —High??eea given for Old Silver.-J E PAGE, Jewel- v, 4. Broad-street, Hereford. [ PROPERTY TO BE LET OR SOLD. TO BE LET. EDBURY.- I Garden, Albert Road, Newtown. Convenient Residence, £ 23. Dan-y-Craig, £35 per annnm. Roseville, furnished or unfurnished, £ 30 per annum. Large Garden, Albert B()a.d, Newtown, £2.. Cottage and garden, Hillfields, Parkway, 1/9 weekly. Cottage, Bye Street. Gentleman's Residence, South Parade, im- mediate possession. South Cottage, Malvern Wells; large garden; X25 Sporting Residence, £gO per annum. Cottage and Garden, Lower Road, New Town, 16/- monthly REDMARLEY. R The Old Post Office. Two Cottages in the VA age. TO BE St3LD. LEDB JRY.— iLj Honse, Shop and Premises at the Upper Cross, Ledbury. Two Cottages and Gardan, Parkway, front ing main road. Country House and Grounds, £ 1,600. Four Cottages at Redmarley. Desirablfe Freehold Farm, about 70 acres. Small Holding at Ledditgton. Seven Building Allotments. House and very large Building site, Albert Road, two plots adjoin Ing. Cottages, W oodleigh Road. 6 Freehold Cottages and Gardens, Parkway Two Houses, Bye Street. REDMARLEY.— RCottage and Orchard. For further particulars apply— HENRY GARROOD, SOLICITOR. LEDBURY. TO LET, in Tewkesbury, a Beer-House on JL easy terms.—Apply, Arnold, Perrett & Co., Ltd., Gloucester. TO LET, Blanche Villa, Woodleigh-road 3 tL bedrooms, bath-room (h and c.)-Apply, B James, Woodleigh-road. Ledbury. Tu LET, Cottage in Itodges' Yard.- Apply, Mrs Hodges, Homend -treet, Ledbury. FOB SALB. FOR SALE, two Mowiig Machine Knives, equal to new Satnuelson's.-Ap IV, Edwd. Davies, Victoria Cottage, New Town, Ledbury. SECOND-HAND 18 Jets Horse Power Hop k3 Washer (by Drake & Fletcher) for Sale perfect order jE27 10a or oifer.-Swifb, Ledbury. POR SALE, Perambulator, in good condition. FApply, H Davis, Oatky? Road, Ledbury. FOR SALE, Black Geldinf; 6 years old, 16-2 hands high warranted quiet in harness a good worker, good vanner, or would suit far- mer.—Apply, Stoneleigh, Cowall. FOR SALE, good clean Wheat Straw.— J' Apply, B Walker, Gatchapen, Much Marcle. FOR SALE, Ox Cabbage Plants Robinson's Champion Drumhead strong stuff at 3/- per 1,000.-Bunn, Nurserymun, Colwall. U, OR SALE, late 1913 S.nger Motor Cycle t: 2f-lup., F.E., open c -ame; suit lady or gent; very little used. -Par ticu lars, H C Cecil, Swan Cycle Works, Ledbury. FOR SALE, a Light Handcart; solid-tyred Fwheels suitable for a greengrocer or any tradesman.—To be fleen at te Reporter Office. 6-H.P. 1913 Motor Cycle ar'd Side-Car for sale in splendid running order any reasonable trial.—S Lane, Staplow, Ledbury. FOR SALE, Lady's Bicycle good condition £ 3 to be seen at the Reporter Office. HOBBIES' Guinea i-plat,3 Hand Camera for JLJL Sale (nearly new); to carry 12 plates; complete with tripod, etc. price 8s 6d.—Apply, 77, Albert-road, Newtown, Lidbury, PEDIGREE Shorthorn BuÎsand Bull Calves JL for sale from the very; best strains; both milk and beef sti ains kept; separate stock bulls milk records kept. -Inspection of the herd is cordially invited.—Wilfced Hewitt, The Home Farm, Hope End, Ledbury. APARTMENTS. APARTMENTS to let, with or without board A. bath (h. and c.), piaco.—Apply, Mra Gurney, Church House, Ledbury. MISCELLANEOUS. WALL-PAPERS from lid per Roll. Any Vv quantity, lar., or small, wholesale prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls all classes. Write for patterns, stating class required. (Dept 377), Barnett Wall-Paper Co., Ltd., Knott Mill, Manchester. MPORTANT TO MOTHERS.-Every iL Mother who values the Health and Clean- liness of her Child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In tins, 4!d and 9d. Postaye Id.-Geo W Harrison, Chemist, Read- ing. Bold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury-A STEVENS (late Freeman), Chemist, Market Place Newent, H Whittle^ Colwall, Amos, Chemist. MILLIONS OF RATS HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED BY USING HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" RAT POISON Equally good for Mice, Moles, and Beetles. Dogs an Cats will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., 10 2s. 3d. and 3s. 8d. Postage 2d. G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Ledbury: V. W. MEACHAM, High St Newent: H. WHITTLES. Colwall: CLARK & AMOS. 1 Lion' Bicycles, Y,5 5s. Od. Cash. Signed guarantee for 10 years. Now fitted with Three-Speed Gear without extra charge. SINCE 1905 I have advertised in this paper, and have made and sold over 18,000 machines. NO EXTRAS. Lamp, Bell, Pump, and every- thing included. Carriage paid. You can ride and test the machine for Tea Days. If you do not approve I pay all carriage. I have thousands of testimonials. Write to-day for copies, and the finest Catalogue ever printed (with coloured illus- trations showing exact machines). GEORGE BEATSON, I Lion' Cycle Works, 84, Moseley Street, BIRMINGHAM. Payments if desired, 15s with order and 10s per month. REAL LEVER WATCH FREE.  In the centre of the diagram J  ? you see a figure 5. Arrange — 5 j 11 the figures 1. 2, ?, 4, 6, 7, 8 and w ( i 1 9 Vn me remaining squares, so ■IN  that the columns total 15 each way. If correct and you comply with the con- dition we will send you, a Handsome Watch (with written guarantee) will be sent you ENTIRELY FREE OF COST. Send your answer NOW, enclosing stamp for reply.—BRITISH SUPPLY Co. (Dept 20), ILKESTON. W. F. WEST, Gieengrocer & Fruiterer, 38, Homend Street, Ledbury. All kinds of English and Foreign Fruits in season. ORANGES, Best Quality, 12 and 16 a Shilling. BANANAS, LEMONS, NUTS, &c. Fresh Vegetables of all Kinds Dally. New English Potatoes, 2d. per lb. All Kinds of Brushes and Baskets In Stock. CHEAPEST HOUSE in TOWN for BASKETS. Wreaths and Crosses Of all kinds, at all prices, made to order on the shortest notice. ENGLISH AND AMERICAN DENTISTRY C. H. DOVEY ATTENDS LEDBURY EVERY TUESDAY From 11 &.m. till 6 p.m. at Mr. FBDLINGHAM, Grocer, Market Place. l ..4}¡'F: t {/ ) I. ;:j:r.:f A'" :Af" J f' .h  AT HAL^ Usual Cost. T EE THFitted without extraction or pain, made on Vulcanite, Gold, and Alloy. Sets from One Gnmea. We Re-make Teeth Supplied by ethers that have proved useless, at a trifling expense, and guarantee complete satisfaction Honesty is the Best Policy, So the old proverb says, and we on our part believe it. We send out none but honest work at lowest prices. Give us a call. It will Cost you Nothing, As we make an examination of the mouth and give an estimate of the cost willingly without charge. You Fix the Price Yoa can afford to pay, and we will meet you. We do not ask, nor do tre wish, our patients to pay more than their means will permit. Patients may always depend On seeing Mr. Dovey personally, as he does not send assistants to hit; branches. Permanent Address- C.H. DOVEY, Anglesea House, Worcester Rd Gt. Malvern 4 Popular & Effective Remedies. Carboy Hair Tonic. Carboy Nursery Hair Wash. t ) Household Embrocation. Backache and Kidney Mixture. Blood Purifier. t Cheat, Throat and Lung Syrup. t jt. t Indigestion Mixture. Rheumatic Mixture. Quinine and Phosphorus Tonic. Tic and Neuralgia Mixture. Children's Nutritive Tonic. Syrup of Figs. 7 id per Bottle. Double 7id. size, is. Sold only by- ARTHUR STEVENS, M.P.S. (Late FREEMAN), Pharmacist, 6, HIGH STREET, LEDBURY T. F. DAVIS, ORGANIST, TEACHER of the PIANOFORTE and HARMONY, U CLAREMGNT," COLW ALL, MA I. VERS Pupils Prepared for Examination. Pianofortes Tuned & Repaired. Pianofortes by all the Best Makers to order. DETACHED PIANOLAS suitable for playing on any Piano. If you have not already tried our Guinea Ale," you are sure to do so in the near future. Then you will recognise, as others kave done, that QUALITY is our best advertisement. Imperial Pints 2/3 per doz. LAKE BROS. & BASTOW, Vine Brewery, Led bury. Telephone-P.O. 12.  PAlMLES^UmSTRT W. A. HOBSON, Lower Cross, LEDBURY. 1 r|l 1^X7 HP XT Extracted, PAINLESS X HiHi A XI. Method. TEETH Artificial, from F.1 Single rll B.7* All Repairs Promptly X HiJCJ X XX attended to (any maker) HOURS OF CONSULTATION:- Fridays, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Market Days (Tuesdays), 9-30 a.m. to p. m ADVICE FREE. Lower Cross, Ledbury (Next to New Inn Hotel). ESTABLISHED 1824. The Yorkshire Insurance Comnam LIMITED. Reserve Funds nearly £ 3,000,000 Claims Paid exceed £ 6,500,000. CHAIRMAN EDWIN GRAY, Esq. LIVE STOCK INSURANCE; Insure with th, wealthiest Company transact ing this class of Insurance. For latest feature! including FOALING and other SPECIAL RISKS, see the Company's new prospectus, which may be had post iiee, WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION, Including DOMESTIC SERVANTS. ABSOLUTE PROTECTION against ALI LIABILITY without limit as to amount, IN CLUDING THE COSTS OF DEFENDING I DOUBTFUL OR WRONGFUL CLAIMS, provided by this Company's policies. FIRE INSURANCE. Survey made and minimum rates quoted re of charge. LIFE DEPARTMENT. New Table of "Life nsurance at Minimun Cost. The lowest prem ums charged by am British Life Office. Write or particulars. BRISTOL OFFICE2, Clare Street. Application for Agencies in unrepresented districts invited. p-Ll 8- wr ASK YOUR CHEMIST, "S Grocer or Wine Merchant, D FOR BURROW S "ALPHA BRAND" MALVERN WATERS You will find them Superior in Purity to all other Table Waters. IF NOT KEPT IN STOCK, apply to W. & J. BURROW, THE SPRINGS, MALVERN. Malvem Soda, Malvern Seltaer, Malvem Potash and Lithia Waters. Six Dozen, Carriage Paid. In Corked Bottles, Screw Stopper Bottles, and BLUE SYPHONS ]Bottles, "T1 J. L. Larkworthy & Co., AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS, WORCESTER, Mowers, Swathers, Haymakers, Horse Rakes, Side Delivery Rakes, Hay Loaders. BY ALL LEADING MAKERS. LOWEST POSSIBLE CASH PRICES. Telephone—No. 46, Worcester. Telev ratus-" Larkworthy, Worcester." J. ROMANS & Co., Ltd., GEORGE ROMANS Manager. TIMBER & BUILDERS' MERCHANTS, Docks, GLOUCESTER Large Selection of Well-seasoned Timber, Desip, Match and Flooring Boards, Mouldings, Skirtings, Cut an Sawn Lath, Weather Boards, Oak and Deal Field Gates and Posts, Ladders. Ladder .nd Scaffold Poles, Galvanise a Corrugated Iron Sheets. Noted Yard for Rough Boards, Scantlings, ant other Tiraber, suitable for Shedding, Fowl-house* 1 Garden and Farm purposes. TELEPHONE Gloucester. BOUQUETS. WREATHS. CROSSES. Harps, Anchors, Sprays, 8r any other design made up by expert hands with the choicest Flowers in season, at reasonable prices. Carefully packed and sent to any part of the British Isles at short notice. Bedding Plants A SPECIALITY. ANY QUANTITY AT ALL PRICES. Lists on application. Boxes of Cut Flowers Sent post free for Is 6d, 2s 6d, and upwards. Fruit Trees, Roses, Shrubs, Herbaceous Plants Alpine Plants, and Spring Bedding Plants, at reasonable prices. Silver Sand, Peat, Loam, Charcoal, Mats, and all requisites for the garden supplied at cut prices. New Gardens laid out, oM ones renovated. Tennis Courts, Croquet Lawns, Bowling Greens. and Cricket Grounds. A trial order solicited. Satisfaction Guaranteed. W. BUNN, Nurseryman, COLWALL. LEDBURY PARISH CHURCH. RECTOR: RET. F. W. CARNEGY, M.A., R.D. CURATK REV. O. F. R. STRICKLAND, B.A. ORGANIST MR. F. A. HOBRO. LESSONS FOR SUNDAY, JUNE 28th. 3rd Sunday after Trinity. MORNING. EVENING. I Samuel 2 to v. 27. 1 Samuel 3. Acts 8, v. 26. 1 John 3 to v. 16. 8 a.tu.-Holy Communion. 11 a.m.—Matins. Hyititis 276, IHl. g,15-Children's Service. 6-30 p.m.—Evensong and Sermon. Hymns 540, 260, 353, 23. Monday-St. Peter. Holy Communion 8. Matins 11. Evensong 5-30. Church Army (Captain Nash)—Church Room. Sunday evenings, 6-30 p.m. Daily Matins 10 a.m., except on Wednesdays Fridays and lioly Days, when it is at 11 a. ni. D.S Evensong at 5-30 p.m. Wednesday—St. John Baptist. Holy Com- munion 8 a.m. Matius 11. CATHOLIC CHURCH, Southend Street. RECTOR-REV. F. C. LYNCH. Morning—Masses 9.0 and 11. 0. Sunday School held at 3-30. Evening Service and Benediction 6.30. Mass daily at 8. Catechism each morning at 9. Benediction and Sermon on Thursdays, 8 p.m. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, High Street. PASTOR-REV. H. A. BARXES. Morning 11. Evening 6.30. Sunday School, 3 p.m. WESLEYAN CHAPEL, Homend Street. SUPT. MINISTER—REV. GEORGK DYER. Sunday—10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr Beard. Collections-Ciictiit Funds. Wednesday, 7-30 p.ui.~Rev G Dyer. SUNDAYS. Newent—11 a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr A3 land. Staunton—11 a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr Lawrence. Pendock—11 a.m. and 6 p.m., Mr W J Bray. Redmarley-3 p.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr Bunn. Birtsmorton—11 a.m. and 6-30 p.m., Mr Hearle. Colwall-11 am., Mr J Fowler; 6-30 p.m., Me Bartlett. Much Marcle—3 p.m., Mr Norman. Bosbury-6 p.m., Mr T Bray. BAPTIBT CHAPEL, Honiind Street. Sunday—11 a.m. and 6-39 p.m. Prea.cher- Rev W Pontifex. Sunday School—10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday-Praise and Prayer Meeting, 7- 0 Friday-Christian Endeavou., 7-30 MUCH MARCLE. ANNUAL SHOW AND SPORTS.-The annual show and sports will take place at Much Marcie, on Thursday, Augaat 2Q, NEWENT. BOARD OR* GVARI)IA'.N'S.-The fortnightly meeting was held on Tuesday, Mr C Cloko, seur. (chairman) presiding. The Board ackno wlodged, with thanks, the following gifts Tea, sugar, and tobacco from Mrs W P Thackwell papers and periodicals from Mrs Beechey, Miss Newbury, Mrs Snelling, Miss Dyke, and Messrs W J Cook and Sons.—The Master reported that the number in the house was 52, as against 67 for the same period last year; tramps relieved during the fortnight 142, as against 115 for the same period last year.—The medical officers for the districts of Taynton, Dymock, and Bromes- berrow were re-appointed.—A communicntioa was read from the Gloucestershire County Council re the Mental Deficiency Act, 1913 — The Clerk reported that he had received a copy of the county rate basis, which was considered satisfactory, as all the parishes that had themselves had in some way been righted. Mr Chew said they had JB900 taken off the parish,.f Dymock. I I DAVID SMITH" SON 1 Monumental Sculptors, LEDBURY. MONUMENTS, TOMBS, HEAD STONES and CROSSES of every description, in Marble, Granite and Stone, fixed in any part of the kingdom. OLD MONUMENTS RENOVATED. J Designs and Estimates sent free on | application. a r

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