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NEWS IN BRIEF. ■KING'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS. The King's birthday was celebrated on Monday. The Colour was trooped 'before his Majesty on the Horse Guards Parade and re- views took place at Aldershot. and on Salis- bury Plain. The usual official dinners were held in the evening. PRINCE AS LANCE-CORPORAL. j The Prince of Wales has been promoted lance corporal in* the Oxford University Officers Training Corps which arrived in camp near Aldershot on Monday. PRIMATE AND SALVATION ARMY. A lett-er from the Archbishop of Canterbury expressing appreciation of the Army's re- markable services," was read at the meeting on Monday lIightof the International Con- gress of the Salvation Army. FUNDS FOR THE I.N.V." Mr. John Redmond has issued an appeal to Irish Americans asking for fund-s for the sup- port of the Irish National Volunteers. VACANCY AT BRIGHTON. The Hon. J. E. Gordon, junior Member for Brighton, lias decided to retire from Parlia- ment at once owing to ill-health. CHANCELLOR'S NEPHEW DEAD. David, one of the twin sons of Mr. William George. :ie Chancellor's brother, has died at his motlier's old home in Pembrokeshire. BRITISH SQUADRON AT KRONSTADT. The British Squadron which is visiting Rus- eian waters arrived on Monday at Kronstadt. STORSTAD TO PE SOLD BY AUCTION. It has been decided at Montreal, with the agreement of the owners of the Storstad and of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, that the collier should be sold by auction and the proceeds paid into court. NEW ORIEL PROFESSOR AT OXFORD. The Rev. C. F. Burney, D.Litt.has been appointed to the Oriel Professorship of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture at Oxford. ONE ELECTRIC SUPPLY FOR LONDON. London borough councils which have elec- tricity undertakings are to confer to consider the desirability of taking immediate steps to provide a municipal bulk supply of electricity. SALVATIONISTS IN THE HOUSE. Dr. T. J. Macnamara, M.P., Under-Secre- tary to the Admiralty, conducted a large party of British and foreign Salvation Army dele- gates over the Houses of Parliament on Monday. CONCESSION TO TELEPHONE USERS. The Postmaster-General has sent a letter to the Association of Chambers of CAmmerce pointing out that in future no charges will be made for a trunk call unless the calling sub- scriber is actually placed in communication with the subscriber for whom he has asked. BOOTMAKERS' STRIKE ENDED. I West End bootmakers, who have been on I strike for eight weeks, returned to work on I Monday at the old terms. 1 GOLF-BALL BURGLARS. I The Cuckfield Golf Clubhouse, Hay ward s Heath, Sussex, was -ntered during Sunday night, and nearly 200 golf-balls, valued at V,20, 1 were stolen. 1 LONDON'S NEWEST DOCK. The enlarged Western Dry Dock at the Royal Albert Dock was used for the first time on Monday, when the Cunard liner Alaunia, of 13,405 tons gross, was admitted. UNDERTAKER DIES AT A FUNERAL. At the military funeral of Band-sergeant Wareham at Coventry on Monday Mr. Thomas Maton, the undertaker, collapsed and died while the committal sentences were being read. v FOAL KILLS A CHILD. A six-vcar-old daughter of Mrs. Winson, a farmer of Ash by-<ie-la- Zoti ch, was? stroking a foal on Monday, when the animal suddenly lashed out, and, kicking the child on the body, killed her. DOOMED HAND LAUNDRIES. In her evidence before a Select Committee of the House of Commons, Miss C. E. Collet, of the Home Office, said the commercial laun- dry equipped with machinery was killing the small band laundry. HOUSES DAMAGED BY GUNFIRE. The Army Council have decided that no compensation can be paid to Sheerness resi- dents whose houses are damaged by the firing of heavy guns. I SUICIDE AT EIGHTY-TWO. Mrs. Elizabeth Eagle, aged eighty-two, was found by her son hanging in her bedroom in Somerset-place, Slough, on Monday. She was in a sitting position on the floor sus- pended from a bedpost by a bandage round her neck. I MIDSUMMER SNOW. A cloud-burst occurred at Selby, York- shire, and in the surrounding district, on Sunday night. In thirty minutes snow and hail fell to a depth of eight inches in Gow- thorpe, and drifts were eighteen inches deep in places. I RECORD PRICE FOR A PRINT. At the sale of Lord Northwick's collection of engravings on Monday an engraving by Val Greer of Reynolds's painting Lady Betty Delme and children realised the record price of 1.756 guineas. When originally pub- lished the print was priced at 15s. GIRL RESCUED BY A DOG. T^-vnce, a large curly-coated retriever dog be'f-m?ing to Mrs. Duggan, a widow, rescued ;• i f^nr^year-old girl from the River Ellen at Vm-r^rrt on Monday. The child was at play fell into the water. The dog in- sf.'irt'v swam to her, and firasping her frock in his teeth brought her ashore. BOAT CAPSIZES—TWELVE DROWNED. Through the capsizing of a launch plying on the Oswego Canal (Syracuse. New York), twelve persons'have just been drowned. IV7,000 FIRE DAMAGE. Damage estimated at £ 7,000 was done by fire on Mondav on the premises of Messrs. Potter mid Co., timber merchants, North Wall, Dublin. ISLAND RECLAIMED FROM THE SEA. Tr.'? Essex Education Committee has de- cided to establish a summer schell on the island of Wal^asea, off the Essex coast. Some years ago the island was inundated by the sea, and clferted by the inhabitants. The seawall has now h"'en built higher, and the people are coming back. — ♦

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