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t THE PREMIER HOUSE OF FASHION! ALBAN HOUSE, 16, 17 and 18, HIGH TOWN, HEREFORD. ( AUGUSTUS C. EDWARDS & SONS. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT AND DISTINCTIVE FASHIONS j In MILLINERY, In WASHING FROCKS, In COTTON CREPES, In SPORTS COATS, | } In COSTUMES, In DRESS FABRICS, In COTTON POPLINS, In EMBROIDERED COLLARS, ? In DRESSES, In PRINTED VOILES, In BLOUSES, Is LACE GOODS. ( | SPECIALISTS IN HOUSEHOLD AND FANCY LINENS, j SUMMER FOOTWEAR! AN ENTIRELY NEW STOCK of Up-to-date Footwear can now be seen at GEORGE OLIVER'S Cricket and Tennis Boots and Shoes. BROGUE SHOES FOR GOLF. Fashionable Patent Leather, Glace Kid and Box Calf Boots and Shoes in all shapes, for all purposes. REPAIRS A SPECIALITY. LOWEST PRICES. « SUPER QUALITY. LOCAL BRANCH— Leicester House, Homend Street, Ledbury. 160 BRANCH ESTABLISHMENTS. For BEST COAL! I Send to— Jo & N. NADIN & Co., LTD., COLLIERY PROPRIETORS, LEDBURY STATION. CYCLES! CYCLES 1 CYCLES! ALL NEW MODELS NOW IN STOCK. From A4 17s. 6d. to A14 14s. Od. [CASH OR EASY PAYMENTS. i Agent for the following makes: &B S. A. JAMES. ALLDAYS. RUDGE-WHITW ORTH.J SUNBEAMS. ARIEL. ROBIN HOOD. FLEETS. Large stock of TYRES. ACCESSORIES of every description. tw-REPAIRS A SPECIALITY by Experienced Workmen. H. C. CECIL, Swan Cycle Works, HOMEND STREET, LEDBURY, WALL PAPERS! WALL PAPERS! Now showing New Patterns for 1914, From 2|d. per Piece. About 50 odd lots, 1913 patterns, to be cleared at reduced prices. Great Bargains for earty purchasers. PICTURE FRAMES! JA large quantity of Photo and Post Card Frames in stock from 4jd. each. Post Card Frames to hold 3, from 6!d. 4 from Is.; 5 from Is. 3d.; 6 from Is. 6d.. PICTURE FRAMES made to order on the premises by special machinery, which ensures accuracy and best finish. Over 100 patterns of Mouldings to choose fiom. TO AMATEURS.—Mouldings, Mounts, Glass, Backing, etc., supplied at lowest possible prices. Toys and Fancy Good's. PENNY BAZAAR. CIRCULATING LIBRARY. WILLIAM PREECE, Homend Street P.O., Ledbury. POULTRY REARERS AND FEEDERS Use MEACHAM'S DRY CHICK. FEED Equal to any on the Market and Cheaper. The Best to Rear Chicken on. The Best to Rear Young Turkeys, Pheasants, Ducks, and Guinea Fow on 2d per lb. 7 lb. Bags for Is. 16s per cwfe. Agent for Spratt's Poultry a Chicken Meal, 3Jlb. bags for 8d Spratt's Chikko, 71b. bags Is 4d. Spratt's Fattening Meal, gib, bag 6d, 71b. bag lid Spratt's Pellets, 3ilb. bag 6d, 71b. bag lti. Flint Grits and Oyster Shell, 14lbs. for la, 6s per cwt. Thorley's Spice, 15 packets for Is, 27s per cwt Ovum 13 packets for Is. PP WATER CLASS FOR PRESERVING EfiCS, lib. tins 4d., 21b. tins 6d, 41b. tins 1011. USE MEACHAKFS ROUP AND CAPE PILL8, id. per box. V. W. MEACHAM-, Chemist, LEDBURY. 1 FRUIT BOTTLING IN THE HOME! There is a growing practice amongst house-wives of preparing A in summer a stock of Bottled Fruit ready for that part of the year when fresh fruit cannot be obtained, and nothing can be more useful or acceptable in the home menu. B With suitable Jars this can be done easily, and the ????s' = "ia!a^fe   Sgsi^li j l 'INTERNATIONAL <S5Sk  FS5 FRU,T JAR fJr"3 é; fnlfila this purpose exactly. ¡ ? ''??? It is of ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, ?.?  M? It is of ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, i- ? made in Pale Green Glass and fitted with 4   '? ?' |    ? Glass Lid, Rubber Ring and Screw Band. ? ?!??? )K Perfectly Air-tight. Four sizes—1, 2, 3,   ?'' '? ?'? ? and 4 Ib.—with Wide Mouth (2 in. inside | I *■ ????t ?. '?'.?????? diameter) suitable for large fruit. ?' '?''???? diameter) suitable for large fruit. I'   & The fittings are all the same size, and r- -^HH| .??"' '????? are therefore interchangeable. ?? -\????S   '?'? ? Only Glass comes in contact with the   g? con ten ta. I lb. 4/- per doz. 3 lb. 6/- per doz. 2 lb. 4/6 „ 4 lb. 7/6 „ A very instructive BOOKLET GIVEN FREE on the best way to use these Jars. TO BEE-KEEPERS. WILKS' PLATED SCREW CAP .| HONEY BOTTLES Are of Special Interest. Note the IdW,Price- 1 lb. size, 1/6 per dozen. GLASS BLOCKS for holding Flowers In all sizes, from 6id. WILKS' STORES, 10 and 11, High Street, Ledbury. DAIRY MACHINERY. MELOTTE3 CREAM SEPARATORS Skims Cleanest. Turns Easiest. 'Wears Longest. Patent Automatic MiltiRg Machines. Butter Churns. Butter Workers. Railway Churns. Dairy Utensils, etc. Sheep Shearing Machines. Grass Mowers. Iloise Rakes. Haymakers. i I y Loaders, etc. BY ALL BEST MAKERS. WRITE FOR LISTS AN D lOWEST PRICES. R. A. LISTER & Co., Ltd., Station Road, Gloucester. Telegriiitis-" LISTER, GLOUCESTER." Telephoiie-158. IN TRUNKS. There are none to equal In variety, In design, In finirh, and In that 8888nUal quality of abeolute reliability, those that are offered by HOLLOWAY'S, King St., Gloucester. FOR ALL KINDS OF PRINTING GO TO THE "LEDBURY REPORTER" OFFICE. $ £ &IrartJ fUjroita AND FARMERS' GAZETTE. The acknowledged Advertising Medium for the district covering the wide area of ground bounded by the cities of Hereford, Gloucester and WOl., oester, which has a population of between 30,000 and 40,000. It is read by all classes, and there is no bettel Advertising Medium in the Ledbury District. Telgramu Reporter," Ledbury.

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