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COMPENDIOUS NOTICES. His MAJESTY at the. Royal Lodge, Windsor Park, but expected in town this week —Mr. Lionell Harvey, British Commissionerat Mexico, arrived in Diamond frigate, Friday.— Mexico quite tranquil at Mr. Harvey's departure.— Go- vernment mean in future to send British coin in- stead of dollars to pay troops in the Colonies. His Majesty's ship Maidstone, arrived from Sierra Leonne, left that place dreadfully unhealthy—the Maidstone released on the coast nearly 2,000 poor wretches, blacks, whom she took out of slave vessels.Pacha.yf Egypt raising cotton in great quantities—his next crop expected to produce 400,000 bales.^Inhabitants of \Vestminster meet Thursday to petition for repeal of the house and window tax—these petitions becoming very ge- neml.A subscription operied^^ for the erection of spine public testimonial to the memory of late Major Cartwright.—Ninety-seventh infantry at Chatham, embark for foreign service next month largereillforcl;!IlentsgoinA" out to ln(iia.-Itu- mours circulated last Week that Mr. Peel is about, to quit office—the.Catholic Question and ill-health from the fatigues of office, two reasons given for the supposed retirement.—The Catholic Asso- ciation to hold their last meeting in Dublin, Fri- day last-ttie Catholic..rent of preceding week amountell to'£'JSkk-Arc)lbishops of Cashel and Armagh, summoned to give evidence before com- mittee of Lords sitting on the state of Ireland.- Mr. Lawless, one of the Catholic deputation, has published a. long leUerv declaring his dissent to the provisions of tlie new Catholic Bill drawn up by Mr. O'Connell—♦tftp latter now speaks in the strongest terms- of the liberality of England to- wards the Irish.—U we volent Society of St. Patrick held its anniversary Friday, at City of London Tavern.—Marquis of Londonderry presided sup- ported by Duke of Leinster, Marquises of Lans- down and Devonshire, Lord Killeen, Mr. F. Ro binson, Mr. Huskisson, &o.—the evening very pleasant spent till the conclusion, when Mr. Law- less attempting to address the chair, the company refused to hear h.iin-all became confusion, and the Noble perso-ns present left the room.—Satur- day's Gazette contains an order in Council for di- viding the Vicarage of Hackney into three distinct Rectories.—English stocks continue in a very dull state -shares of many of the mining and other speculations going down rapidly.—Brazil Mjning shares, onceat premium, now at ican Trading shares are Xio lower than when first created—others, also considerably reduced- yet new speculations, including a new company for a canal across the Isthmus of Suez, are an- nounced Total value of silk goods made in France does not exceed < £ ^200,000, of which about CI,200,000 is exported, the trade havirif of late rather diminished.—Sweden has. consider" ably reduced the import duties on British manu- nC.lttr«;>La.tt'-ReVu R' Wilkes< Rector,-of En- ville, Staffordshire, has bequeathed ^10,500 3 per cents, to Society for Promoting Christian Know- edge, and constituted the Society his residuary legatee.— The late Dr.. Pa,T, left precise direc- tions for his funeral, .and ordered the following to be inscrihed upon.his nionument. What doth the Lorn, thyUod, require of theebtd to do justice^ to love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God?"- Daily papers reported Saturday, that Miss Foote was on tlle eye of marrying Mr. Hayne-these reports now de^laml. to be unfounded.—Mr. Matthews draws crowded audience nightly to English Opera Hou8ei»#o hefar the contents of his Menwrnmlum-n^tivary: Lane Theatrical Fund dinner held >Fridiiy—Duke of York pre., sided—-Kean infofWiefdr^ffie Compkny that many years might eläpStI':betor,e he should again be at another "anni vefsaEix^Ottt of 60 prisoners in Dorset and Devon gaolsv no less than 40 of them are smuggler,S.SeVenty prisoners stood for trial at Thetford "Assizes last- week.—Between 40 and 50 prisoners stand for trial at Horsham-John Sinilli,7 'conVjctedof horse stealing, and James and Win. Diivies; found guilty of an aggravated burglary, were hung at Winchester, Saturday. '<i. -te-




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