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'i'w!P-: i .jt i T" t" V a. n." I' \BOW-STREE T, TIBSRW.TKO•trscfc, one of the brothers of th" .Tau'itdi, was brought to this office, Friday, -in eti#to.dy 0.1 Wilson, u patrol^ (o whofii in en in charge for stealing a watch, the property oPC-harles Bradby, landkirci of the HWitO pi!Mi £ <> use .In Bream Vbttildifigs, Chn- qea I I ThV pnsoner was at sea at thetimeof *he horrible tran'saction which made the name of Tliurtei so notorious, ami ,he has but very recent- j,eL, e ly returned to this country, in countenance ho •strongly-resembles hrs brother J o h i, hut in per- j .F",l !it- bc-i-ig 'i)Wftl'(is of si;L ifre heigtit; and (lis whole appearance is that of a ro't-^k weather-beaten mate in the IIIHrçhatU se-r- \ict-, dressed..for going ashore. It a/>pv:ire.l by Wilson's statement, that whilst tin war ill(" tit this ofHce. betweennine and ?eii.a'oiucK.<Mi preceding night, a person came •▼•I'ws' thai he would gcr to the Red 'Lion in jfctutts.ti'e,et, Covent-garden, to take a person iiito custody who had stolen a watch. He went •■•accordingly, and found the prisoner detaioed by several persons who were accusing him of having ,-stolen a waioh, and requesting him to give It tip. He di i i.ot deny that he had stolen a watch, hut be refused to give it up and thereforethe officer told hi in- he Trust go with him to which the pri- soner readily assented.. As they were, going jj.d01f.11 Jajnes-itreet, on thMr wny to Covent-srarden the, prisoner produced a watch and said to hire Here it is let us go back, and l'U make all-right, and give yon a sovereign for your tróu l,1 e" The officer" replied thath6 should do his tfeny: and he thtiti tbi) k liku ort to the watoh- house.; where he searched1 him and found A: pocket- book containing a "great number of papers, a few shillings, and the watch in question all of which Tie. Charles Bradby, the person* from whom the ^v.afch Misalleged to have been. stoleil, wotneit .called he was a most unwilling witness; and appeared moreover to be sómewhat" mud., died." He described himself as the landlord of tA), Swan, -in Breams-buildings and said the vy produced was his, and, that it had been taken from him by the prisoner.; bl,1t, added dare say he took it in joke." WI)at, tlieti you know hiiii ?",said the Ma- gistrate. Know him replied Mr. Bradby.— no, I iiever saw him but once before in all my life," Describe the manner in which he took it?" jsaid his Worship. Why. I was sitting in my bar last night, and the watch was hanging against the wall over my head; and he came in, and sat himself down in the chair ulc^e atoogside of me and by and by, he says,. Pm going to. call upon-your old friend Mr, Phene. of Whites-alley-he wants to see you and ( shall take your Watch with me.' And so be (lid," A:Ifl you made no objection to his taking it?" 0 ye I said, no what should you take my •watch for?" 7 Well, Sir, and what did he say V lie said, he would takfe it, and if I wanted it I. nlight fititow Iiiiii. And did you follow him?" Nol thought he took it injcke." And so 'you brought him here in joke, I sup-, pose?" No — I brought him here to get my property back again. That's ail I want," U Do you know his name 1" No—I never saw him but once before." Mind, Sir, you are upon youroath laskyou again whether you know his name?" His name said Mr. Bradby, hesitatingly, and IooKing round as ifiti search, of information— v> What is his name—is it Turtle?" iJere the Magistrate lostnU patience with Mr Bradby; and, telling him to stand aside, directed that .Mr. Phene, whose name had been men- tioned, should We serif for. In the mean time, his Worship looked over the ,papers which had been found upon the prisoner. them was a long account of refreshments, ;c., furnished to Messrs. Thomas and John .!I"itir i.el." by —■Tetsall, the landlord of the Crlach and ilorses-pfrblic house, soinewhere near «B»>treett;; winch bo-use, it will perhaps be re- collected. JohuTh intel and his associates in blood ni ide use of as n rendezvous, whilst planning the murder of Weare. The two last items in this ac- count, which was dattdabout the time of that murder, were, A chaise and expenses for three p.'t^ons to til*>lrt:e and back and, A pistol." items, an 1 the-fiamcs with which they were connected, excised much painful interest ,• and the tVts!?istrate, sarptisvd that the prisoner should have such a ttocutHettt in his possession, when it was un- derstood tliat, h, wasabwad at the tiiiie of the Blunder; asked him how long he was abroad, and what time he returned ? • The prisoner ( who; like his brother Thomas, has a strong impedimtiilt in his speech) replied thai hf; had been abroad nearly ftrnr years, and that lie returned ahoHlfourrnonths o. • Tlien how tioeS it happen, said the Magis- trate, that you have in your possession this ac- count, which is dated not more than eighteen months ago ?" It is my brother's account," he replied I wished to have it, andT asked the landlord, Mr. Tetsall, to give it me." Mr. phene. ttit- person who had been sent for, was now arrived and the examination about the watch was resnmed. Mr. Phêne stated as fo the White Lion at the corner of W hi^ s-aJIy, in t.dia4ieery-lane. Some days ago the prisoner at i-ny house and look a glass oi' bottr at the I did not know him, nor had I ever seen him b-fore; but after he was gone, a person in the house-asked me if I knew who that was. 1 replied that f did not, and he then told me it WAS a brother d John Thurtel 's. Last night Mr. Bradby, the iai»dfoe4 i»f the Swan in Bream's- buildings, came to niy house, and told me that tlfe prisoner had takan his watch, and that in so doing he fw(i ill.a*tiv use ofin)- tiaiiie. I felt angry, #I-i,l wvii,, itrsearch of.the prisoner, and soon after t met hiin in Hart-street, Covent-gardeu. I seized him by the eoilarT and asked him-; wliat he had done with Mr. B< adbv 's watc|i ? ile,replied that, he^iad got it. an I vvouhj keep it, and "that he took J liope oi riein x sent out of thp country, pecause p.eople pointed atjiim.. I theu took liini into file tied l.iuii n.t tile cornet o £ Jaines-street and" sent, to ,thi« .yfTl.ce for assistance.- Wilson', tiie. odicer, caine .'ind I gav e,the prisoiier ia c!iarge t" hiin. Biadby was again galled, a»&l' he fpersisted in sayiag thai" he the watch of )iii t!xatiiiiittion. It 3, i) i)eireci that ;iie prisoner left an umbrella at his hottsv when 11.,0 took the watch awav, TWe bein< no further evidence, Mr. Halls asked the prisoner wliat he had to say in the bu.iiness. 'otliillg ,tt all," .Ile re,)Iied I took the watch I don't mean ty deny it. VVhat they have said is very correct." Mr. Halls told him he was sorry to see in such a situation, a person whhad obtained a testimo- nial ofigood conduct from his ciimmandiisg otbeer <>i!ludi.»g to a documdlt amo¡¡g- his. papers^ "signed, as'we under.ito'Mi, by Admiral Sir A. Cochrant"), a ad ne was i.ixious to give him all opportunity of explaining the affair. "I want an opportunity," repliud the prisoner, h xtiiy. ( wish to go," j hilt .vn| could bava gone abroad with-( OJt a COiJJbiiViiilCb as T atiid his Woi- f d. i ""=- I'Rve yon jrQ. tneans of goisg to sea again?" The prisoner replied that he had and the Ma- gist rate -then endcavoiofred to impress upon his m'iad the folty of his present conduct. "instead of being cast do .vn bv the crimes of some part of your fanviiv," said his Worship, you qughtra- Vnerto lwsnr yonrself to con vince the worh^ thai YOlt, at least, are an honest man." Wtiv Sir," its very hard ;—1 have 'a giwd charac'er, as you pereri Ve by my papers and when I came home after beini; away four years, I wrote to my father, and my friends, and they wrote me word back they would have nothing at all to do with me. And then people reflect upon me on account of Votl know what, and point at me go where I will; so that I can't bear it I'd sooner Here he struck the bar violently, and turning asit'e brushed the tears from his eves, The worthy Magistra's told him he was very sorry for liitn-lie was aware that he must be very unpl-easantly situated, and seriously enjoined him not to make that situation worse by plunging into crime. He was then discharged.





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