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LONDON, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21. The internal s tuatio i o' America se ms to. he rnnsl critical. in t'1" *date of M.issH'hu- sefts a notice h id bt»«* • inv:tin'g the States of New England to send tweiveDepti tie* tf Hertford, in Con.»<»c»i, of to appoint a Congress for the separ it »>, <,f ,|u> Northern Provinces iro n tbe.'Ooii!ederfn-y Sirong- rc, )lave '»!.hei Matt and we remark that in >!i -« the -(rs vvll", ,tir 'Were equally stro«'^ i > tl.eir exi5r"->>sjns of <li$isati$taclu)ii a^airid I he Goverumtnl. Mr. Hanson says, ,!livracler ()f II)e men ..ho now direct our destuues, is Hot tioiiqurabie or etilis h'eised, nar do t.'iey possess the confidence of the nation," Mr. Oakley asserts; that "War to be siuTef>sl\ii, must not be conducted hy a ru re Pilrty "4- tniiiistratiim." Meanwhdelhe tÎnancial. dif ftcuUies of the country increase, li is proposed to double al no-i all the t <Xes but wittioi)t foreign trade bow arc they to lie pan! } fbe Clutom8. the iireat sou* f'e »1 ils^ Aoierican to- >e.Mic. are.oiiiy take ■ il a ■> sierlin". Our ar-nv,-ifier ¡'s re real from flat Ubut:; b is undK<«lo<>(} i ii ivf ■»!>. iiiiv> w"*sttr O'jar. teiar GIi;, ? l ■ n ;<* i :ond has! rt 'tied fro MI l.rie, 'Hid it ii ■. J ii"j<.elf' *it Q icciislown and Foit Odraed, tit\ Like Ontario is -itr. 'i Tii'.ri Gen Hrorrn 1'. « o;> t:v *i I'-ti<- ■. a,\il Ix.u'd, cro;s"ijj 'inc'. i-. f it: ult. ,as jotiip-.ij hun at i.e-.visit u wn. We have now the wom^lele c nun i-uj i. C'liasiii- cey ís 4 >il'* iuo ha (keif's jJarbocr, and a J5!f\^ ■ ;SSi vl to hf I.) Ofiacnmenl.1 *u nuMr-v*- n t".deil in ilidei-cnt placcsoii tie hi .n »l tii j 011 Srsv York and ISew i.di.-t"d. A quaJron 9g.a.ui ad' Aurapo. h. On*, Ö¡¡"ri\tions Mt M bilf hne nul heel) successful. The Heroes /was blown mo and olhei daioa^e'sost"ii». d, the Documents relative to the Negonat<ou it Gbao), makes an nssei lioo which 's proved by "lhe Docnmenlg themselves to be pTiectb faise. He says, 1 lay before Co«gre~s c>in- iDunicationsj'usl re eived I rum the pt 'ivpw tenliaries oi the United States. c!il I) negotiating peace with (Ireat BTil¡¡.i7¡ s!ievk' iii^, the Coridiiioiis i>;» wincti a.'ontt that (jov *<-i .iiu al .h willing to put an nmi to tlio^vMr.* i*t«e yiiiy Hi, ■.ve proposed a* a sin." qui, non was I!it ih. ;u nus siio;i| b" included in the Ne^t,cation An extract uf a pt<*au' letter from Vienna states that Talleyrand had presented a ne.> note, the contents of which were uo! known and meritioning,at a nimocir, thai the opmioiH of the different, powers <ip»n se.orj p its ■were much at variance. 'Oshei a,;>cl m '-on. Vienna sLlte, that Ihcces¡on "rEMit Frics- land to Hanover is to be a Co .,eq ie>ic" of the acquisiliou of Saxony by Pru8¡a.lndthat Ausi' 11 is to have, the c»iu.'y of Gntr, and a jrart of Upper Silesia. 11, i <• u-osud !li-i!l'<> RIwcrorof Austria will be fos <>»'1; oeiaim ed Emperor of G>-r na.<y ->u j J, oj |, j || hionfb The left back the ls in a fiehna artile ()f ih 6 h, is t > be du J •! heiween Prussia, kingdom" or Bclgium. PRICE <>¥ STOCKS. I i)er ct. c-ollsols c)-i 3 1.7er Cf. tied. thH per.

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