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DOCTOR BEAVER, of Carnarvon, having determined on changiug his residence, to a distant part of the kingdom, will introduce, (to most of. the respectable families in and abovt Car- narvon, and also Anglesey) as successor, a Medi- cal Gentleman, of competent education and ahi- lity. Letters (post paid) addressed to ROBERT BEA- Yh, M. D. CartiarVoti,, will be duly noticed. OLD CRANE WHARF, CHESTER. THOMAS GREEN, BEGS leave most respectfully to inform the Merchants and Tradesmen of Chester and North Wales, that he has taken and entered "upon the WHARF and PREMISES lately occu- lJÍed by Mr. W. Field wlie,-e I has every con- venience of safely Landing arid Warehousing any 'qu,iiiit,y or qtiality of GOODS and he trusts, %*y strict assiduity aiul attention to merit a share ►6f Public patronage. DIS?6IXTION OF PARTNERSHIP. cl E ',t r partnership lately carried on at Ban- | jror Quay, near Bangor, under the Firm of 'It AS BROOK-awl Co. was this day Dissolved by "mutual consent. All persons indebted to the said 'concern, are requested to pay the amount of their debts immediately, to John Jones, at Bangor < £ Muy aforesaid and all persons having any de- mands Bpon the said Partnership Concern, are requested to send an account of their demands to the said John Jones. Dated this 5th day of No- vember, 1814. JOHN RAS BROOK. THOMAS JONES. JOHN ROBERTS. FEWIS IIUCIIES. QUICKSETS, FOREST AND FRUIT TREES, &c. A Million and upwards of fine one year old, and two years old Quicksets many thou- sands of two an;l three years old Black Italian Poplars, Larch, and other Forest Trees; a great variety of the most choice Fruit Tree Plants, of established reputation, for size and flavour, and a great number of Evergreens, protected from the severity of the last winter, growing on the estate of a Gentleman who wishes to dispose of them, "will be sold considerably under the current prices. Apply to BENJAMIN PO.WELI, Gardener, -C,,O,-nLUOI) flall-faiic, Cliester. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE siT G00T) GALLIOT CORN is r OF CHESTER, per Register 55 tons, will 2 carry 70. Rigging ^excellent order, and hull in. prime con- 'dition buil( about, three years ago. Apply to Mr. JoFiN LEWiS, Custom-house, Chester; or Mr. RICHARD JONES, Old Ilall- street, Liverpool-. > Also 'to be disposed or, the Good FLAT the FLORA, Imrthell per register 72 tons, but she carries 84 tens.—AppHeat ion to he made s ahove. GOAT fNN, tCJ'STLE-GJ.tEEN, CARNARVON. TIJOMAS WILLIAMS- HARBOUR RJASTEft, EESPECTFULLY intortus his friends and the public, that he has opened the auove convcnient IlIn, for the accommodation of Gen- tlemen, Commercial Travellers, and others, and 'hopes, by every attention in his power, to merit a ■share of public patronage. The best Port and other Wines, Foreign Spi- n's, and home-brewed Ale. Stall stabliHg and toach-houses. 03" Ordinary every .market-flay, half after one. Carnarvon,Mth Nov. 1814. tJ, LLANRHAIADIt IN KlNMERClf IJVCCOSURE. if THE tsndersigued, the Commissioner ap- L, 5 pointed by an Act of Pai lia.ment, passed in I he 54th year of the reign of his present Ma- jesty, intituled, An Act for inclosing lands in the parish-of Llanrhaiadr in Kintuerch, in the county of Denbigh,1' ic-e Bo hereby give jVotice, That my second public sitting for putting the said Act into execution, y/ill be held at the dwel- ling house of Margaret Evans, at the village of Llanrhaiadr in Kiuinerch aforesaid, ollSalurda) the 19th day of November next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, when and where all persons and bodies politic, corporate or collegiate? who,shall j):HC or c!airn any common or other right, in or tspou the said commons and waste lands to be allotted and inclosed by'virtue of the said Act, and who have not delivered in their claims tome at my former meeting, are-required to deliveror cause to he delivered to Ilie, an account or sche- dule jo writing, signed by them or their respec- tive husbands, guardians, trustees, committees, or agents, of such their respective rights or claims, and herein describe the messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments, in respect. whereof they shall respectively claim to be entitled to d m,. .&ny, and which of sucli rights in and upon the same commons and waste lands, of any part thereof, with the name or names of the person or persons then in the actuat possession thereof, and the particular quantities of tire same in sta- tute measure respectivelyi and of what nature or extent such rights are, and also in what right and for what estate and interest they claim the -s,tine respectively, distinguishing the freehold from the co py hold or leasehold, or on non-com- pliance thereof every of them making default therein, shall, as far only as respects any claim so neglected to be delivered, be totally barred and excluded of and from all right and title in and upon the said commons and waste lands so to be divided and inclosed, and of and from all benefit and advantage in or to any share or allot- ment thereof, unless I shall for some special reason think proper to allow further time for delivering to me an account of such rights and claims. And I do hereby also give Notice, 'That all proprietors of estates claiming to be interested in the said commons and waste lauds, intended to be allotted and inclosed by virtue of the said Act, are required to deliver to me at the said meeting, regular plans and surveys of their respective estates, or in default thereof, I shall proceed to get the same surveyed at the expeuce of such person and persons respectively, who shallnot deliver to me such plans as aforesaid.— I)a?vd I he 30th day of October, 1814. WALTER JONES. ABERDAROJV, Sfe. HVCLOSURE. l' I The Undersigned, Commissioner appoint- £ ed in and by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 51st year of the reign of his I present Majesty, entitled, -1 An'Act for Inclos- ing Lands in the parish of Aberdaron, Bryncroes- "and other parishes, in the county of Carnarvon," Do hereby give Notice, That for the purpose of defraying the charges and expences of carrying the said Act into execution, I shall cause several Lots or Portions of the Commons, in the several parishes of Aberdaron, Rhiw, Bryncroes, and Llanengan, to be SOLD by AUCTION, on Wednesday, the 30th day of No- vember next, at the Crown and Anchor Inn, in the town of Pwllhely, between the hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale. Particulars of the several Lots may be bad of me, the said Commissioner, or at the Office of Mr. ROBERT GRIFFITH, Solicitor, Pwlltrelj. I' R. ELLIS, Commissioner. ■Pwllhely, Oct 25th, 1814. NEVIN,&c. INCLOSCliE. WE, the Undersigned Commissioners, act- ing under an Act passed in the 52d year of his present Majesty's reign, intituled, an Act "for Inclosing Lands in the parish of Nevin, and other parishes and places therein mentiou- ed, in the county of Carnarvon." Do hereby give Notice, That in order to defruy the charges and cxpences of carrying the said Act further into execution, we shall sell by Public Auction, at the house of I Griffith Roberts, in the village of Clynnog in the said county, on Thursday the 8th day of Decem- ber next, between the hours of three and five o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, sundry Lots, part of the Commons and Waste Lands situate in the several parishes of Llanaelhatarn, Ctynnog, and Llatillyfni. Particulars will appear in a future papee.-I,ii, the mean time, particulars may, be had, and maps of the respective Lots may be seen by applying to Us, the said Commissioners, and at the Office of M r. ELLIS, in Pullheiy, and at the Office of Mr EVANS, in Carnarvon. Dated the 25til day of October, 1814. ROnHRT RIc!lIAJ-lD^ELLI^$Commissioners. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Buil's-head Inn, in Llangefni, in the coun- ty of Anglesey, on Friday the 18th day of No- vember next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, (unless disposed of in the mean time by pri- vate contract, of which duenotice will be given) ALL that capital and compact MESSUAGE TENEMENT and LAN DS, with the Dwel- ling-houses and A p purteuallce thereunto belong- ing, commonly called or known by the name of Cefn du, situare in the parish of Llziiirliy(l(tlad, in the said county of Anglesey, now held on lease under the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ban- gor, for the term of 3 lives, of the respective ages of 63, 41, and 32 years, and containing by ad- measurement 148a. Or. 9p. or thereabouts, be the same more or less, aud now or late in the te- nure or occupation of Rich. Williauis ari(lot-liers, subject to an annual rent to the Bishop of. Ban- go.r of 10s. lOd. a~- Thcpremisés are subject'to a lease ffc the pre- sent occupiers, of which about 8 years are now unexpired, at the annual rent of £10. The premises are capable of considerable im- provement, aud the lease from the Bishop is re- newable on theL death of any of the lives, or on changing a life or lives, on the usual term*, on which Bishop's leases are renewed. The respective tenants will shew the premises, and further particulars may he had on applíeatiolJ to Messrs. ROBBIlTS and HUGHES, at the Regis- ter Office, Bangor, where a map of the .premises may be seen. CARNARVON, NOllTH WALES, TO BE LET, And entered upon the 13ift day of November next, f HAT capital INN, called the Hotel,orthe B Oxbridge Arms, most conveniently and de- lightfully situated at the entrance of the town of Carnarvon, on the road leading from the City of Bangor, now in the holding of Mr. WakeuianS| who is about to retire from public business. It consists, OH the ground-floor, of alarge.par- lour, and three others of suitable and convenient dimensions a spacious kitchen, and ot'her office-. adjoining together wikii good sized bar, most judiciously placed, so as to overlook the kitchen,. the entrauces to the house, and to the different parlours, as well as the whole of the court yard, to which a bay-window is introduced. On the first floor is a large room, which con- veniently accommodates a dinner party of eighty, and which, by means of partitions and folding doors, forms two excellent drawing rooms, each coomrnanding a beautiful view of the Menai and the Island of Anglesey.- Ther are, besides, on the first floor, as well as in the attic story, a suitable number of exceeding good bedrooms; and the cellars under ground are extensive and commodious. In the rear of the house, and contiguous there- to, is a spacious court-yard, comprixing a very large coach-house, with a room of equal size above several stables, co"-hotise,Iar(lerl(laii-y, laundry, servants' bedrooms, malthouse, brew- house, and a variety of other offices, all arrang- ed with great judgment; and within a few yards of the house, is a large walled garden, with a smallpr adjoining. The tenant may be accommodated with any quantity of land, within a convenient distance, not exceeding 100 acres. There being an excellent market at Carnarvon, the house may receive a constant supply of every necessary article, especially fish, of the best sorts. Independent of the regular travelling to Car- narvon, and the several public meetings held there within the course of the year, the very ge- neral resort to that town, in the summer season, affords a source of considerable emollimelit,to the innkeeper—and all circumstances taken into con- sideration, there can hardly be a doubt but that a person well conversant in the business, may, by becoming tenant of the Hotel at Carnarvon, serve himself and the public, with very great advalitage to both; especially at this time, when there hap. pens to be a good opening. The tenant may be accommodated with all the valuable household furniture, plate, linen, china, horses, and carriages, and also with the crops and produce of the land, at a valuation. And further particulars may be had by apply- ing to THOMAS, JONES, Esq. at Bryntyrion, near Bangor Mr. JOlIN WILLIAMS, at Plasnewydd, Anglesey; or to Messrs. POOLE, Attorneys, at Carnarvon, or at their Office at Peocraig, m An- glesey, ON SALE, I THE Cargo of the brig Halcyon,from Pic ton, consisting of Yelhnv Pine Timber and Plank, and a few tons of Black Birch, of excel- I lent quality. Also, Riga, Swedish, and Quebec Timber, Oak Staves, Mahogany, Red and White Deal ends and Laths. Apply to JAMES HARRIS, Jun. Beaumaris, orat his Timber-jard, Market street, Carnarvon, where a constant supply will be kept. Nov. 8th, IS14. (One Concern.) FLINTSHIRE ESTATES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MSI. EDWARDS. At the house of Mr. John Howes, known by the tiaiiie county of Flint* on Thursdtty, tlw day of November, iai4, between the ho'if of three ami six. o'clock in the afternoon, WS^ject.tocou- j ditions then to he produced, theunderrnclirion- FREEHOLD ESTATHSof INHERITANCE I y we 11, situate in the parishes of Haikin and Jjjly well, j in the county of Flint, in the following or such j other lots, as shad be agreed upon at the (iine of sale, unless disposed of in the mean time bj private contract, of which due notice will be given, viz. LOT I. ALL tfiat capita! and respectable MANSION1 HOUSE, called Ha'.kin Hall, being (he re- sidence ol the late Colonel Hughes, the then own- er in his life time, together with all the Offices and Buildings, and the parcels or LAN D thereunto belonging, now in the holding of Mr. Thomas Eyton, called by the several names, and containing the quantities hereinafter-mentioned, viz. No. on Lols and names of Quantity. Plan. Parcels. A. A. R. P. 1. Mansion-House* Buildings, Garden, &c 2 0 39 2, 3, and 4, Plantations. -4 0'21 5. Pans y Rhedyn. 5 0 37 6. Ditto Pellaf 5 R 4 7. Coetia'r Pump Bach. 1 6 8, Coetia uiawr f; 210 iiaf (j 2 i 10. Ditto uchaf 3 0 2 11. Coetia'r Odyn Frieks, 4 1 38 12. Ditto yr Felyn wynt.. 7 38 13. Ffrith fawi 13 031 14. Ditto bach 1 134 Containing iu the whole, 60 3 11 LOT II. In the holding of——Pierce, wi'dow, except the last parcel which is occupied by the said Mr. Eyton. A, IJ. R. P. 20. House, Yard, Gardeil, &c. 0 I 21. Y GroiFtytld v.1.—». 5 021 122. I 24 23, Rhydfydr bach 4 3.30 7 2 26 15. Coetia'r Dafarn Dovvyll. 4 3 14 LOT nr. Q9. I 21 In the occupation of the said Mr. EyHjn, A, It.p 16. Stone Style Field a 2 35 17. Coetia'r Coed Ferwd.V. 4 2 26 '18. Coetia Beech., 7 0 9 li>. Coetia Canol 8 1 17 20. Traws dir. 2 0 32 21.. Guinea Field 2 0 8 22. Coetia Griafolen 6 1 30 23. Ditto'r Coed 11 2 37 24. Ditto Llougle 3 2 13 LOT rv. 51 3 9 B. In theholdiug of Thomas Parry, A. R, P. 1. Hou<e, Yard, Garden, &c.. 0 I 24 2. Erw'r Odyn. i 2 4 3. Cae Cefn Ty Downing. 2 I 17 4. Coetia pentre isaf 3 0 30 5. i)itto uctitr 4 S 22 7. Cae tan y Ty. 2 2 10 S. Cae Canol. 1 2 31. 9. Cae'r Coed. 2 2 7 10. Cefn Coch uchaf 3 0 9 j 1. D11 to isiif. 6 LOT v es 2 27 B. In the same occupation. A. R. P. 12. Wcirglodd v N ant 3 2 0 > 13. Ei w benallt. i 3 37 14. CLLE liodge 2 3 37 S 133; A. LOT VI. 25. A Dwelling-House and Gardens, in A. R. P, the occupation of Anne Bradsiiaw, 0 I 14: A. LOT vii. 27, 28, and 29, Two Dwelling-Houses, Scite of House, and Gardens, in- the occupation of William Jones, John Bagnall, aud Robert Edwanis. 017 B. LOT VIII. 15, and 16,TwoDwelling-Houses,in the occupation of Thos..Downing and William Vickers ♦ !>. LOT IX. 17. A Dwelling-House, in the occupa- » tion of Edward Jones. 18. A L) welliijg- I-louse, and Garden, in the occupation of Thomas Hughes. 19. A Uwelling-Hou,e, in the occupa- tion of Cadvvalader Hughes. LOT X. n. In the ocGupaiiou of Thomas Amos. i5. House and Garden 0 0 34 26. Croft (j 3 2S 27. A Dwelling-iiouse, and Garden, in the occupation of Thomas Jones.. 0 0 7 28. A Dwelling-House, and Garden, in the occupation of Edward Mostyn. 0 0 6 29. A D welling-House, and Garden, in the occupation of Peter Phillips.. 0 0 7 30, and 31, Two Dwelling-Houses, in the occupation or John Owen, and Lucy Edwards. • 112 The above Estates are beautifully situated, commanding an extensive view over an arm of the sea, into Cheshire and Lancashire, aud are sur- rounded by the most valuable Lead Mines in the county of Flint, and Lead Ore is now actually raised ou parts of the premises. There are abuuifcince of Coal, and Lime Stone, to be obtained within a short distance of these Estates; and the turnpike road leading from I Chester to Holywell, through Ilawarden, Nor- thop, and Halkin, passes through them. The tenants will shew the lots in their respec- tive occupations and further particulars may be j! obtained, by application to Mr. JONES, Solicitor, Denbigh, at whose office plaus of the Estates are left, for the inspection of persons desirous of be- coming imrgJtiasers. HAZARD, EURNE, and Co. respectfully H inform the Public, that Tickets and Shares for the ensuing LOTTERY are now on Sale at their Office, No 63", ROYAL EXCHANGE. The Lottery, consisting of only 4,000 Numbers, with Two Tickets of each, wiU be drawn on the 30th instant, and contains 'I 2 Prizes of £ 16,Q00each 2 Prizes of ^?5000 2 .3,000 4 l,000,&c. Letters (post paid), duly answered, and Orders from she Country, accompanied with Re- mittance, punctually attended to. Government and all other Public Securities Bought and Sold by Commission. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. WHEREAS JOHN JONES, of Liancad- waladr, in the county of Anglesey, Shopkeeper, hath by a certain Indenture bearing date the sixth day of August, 1814, assigned over all his Effects to Trustees, tor the equal benefit of all his Creditors, in case they shall accept of the Provisions therein, contained, aud execute such Deed within four mouthsfrufil the date thereof. ."Police is hereby Given, That the said Indenture of Assignment is now deposited in the Office of Mr." H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon, for perusal and execution by the Creditors. Carnarvon, 30ih August, tSM, ALL IN ONE DAY, 30th OF Tli IS MONTil, (NOVEMBER, 1314.) STATE LOTTERY CONSISTS OF ONL Y 8000 TICKE TS, AND THE SCHUME CONTAINS 2 .Prizes of = £ 16,000 2 Prizes of. 3,000 2 Prizes of. 2,000 4 Prizes of.' ),000 6 Prizes of 500 6 Prizes of 800 10 Prizes of 200 Besides 1,572 Prizes of ^100, = £ 50, j £ 25, & = £ 16, the whole of which will be drawn in ONE DAY, 30th INSTANT; (NOYEM!3Eft.) Tickets and Shares are selling by SWIFT & Co. the Contractors, at their London Offices, No. II, Poultry No.SI, Aldgate High- 12, Charing Cross; Street Also by their Agents.