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Vicar of Mochdre and Disestablishment.

The Evening Schools.


The Evening Schools. Sir,—I am very pleased that you have spoken I, out strongly against the abo'itior of the evening schools, which must be publicly deplored. Was a falling off of nine scholars at Ilanfair sufficient reason for closing a school the tenefit3 of which were being enjoyed by 76 young folk ? Really, sir, I think the Higher Education Committee are s deserving of censure. Evidently they do not want to be bothered with evening schools, and took the opportunity of decreased attendance to close them up. Of course the Committee are not alone to blame as you very pnpsrly point out in a none too severe reproof of those indifferent parents for whose children thee continuation classes were arranged. If parents and shop- keepers, and other employers <f labour would only try to realise what ali of thjm stand to gain from persuading young people to attend such classes we should have laic-ely ^tended evening schools throughout the country You are right: Why didn't the Committee sei about the re- organisation of the schools instead of ^ecermining upon their extinction ? Would it not have been wise, also, to issue a notice contai>mg the warning upon their extinction ? Would it not have been wise, also, to issue a notice contaillng the warning that the schools would be abandoned unless attendances improved ? I have nterested myself in the administration of eveninsjschools, and seen the capital work they were doir, and, therefore, it is I lament their abolition, yhich I sincerely trust is but temporary.—Yours tuly, PROGRESS.

The Vicar of ff ochdre.

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