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NORTON, I Eg Broad-Street, NEWTOWN. j? •ma||uAM3H|A| 'isjiuaqo 'S3IAVO HDflH 'Souaqojsd A q;jM ippo Ilo2out-mqo uA pejpnp A 1 -og BpA3 nau lialoq A -39 's e 'D^l "Si 'ipojB ^BS3U ^Sj3 -:iJn.lO A ule2 ,Iajnlx!W Poole aujzjEg., 0 P!1?1 -a^oq qoMuXui'jnquiujBDe 1 3/w.ip paBM o nppjL-1 uA '•oTj'pouAppuad'nvun|op 'AAjnos luielle pBjjo; 'said ■'s -uiid 'bj.sA 'qonje uaojSK ub3 iml|o j;u{|q so puo 3! Pa W lu alud 001 saujOjpayM ;ua^d 33>(UEA jA |a^ 'qjad qod e||8m3 I moq uA MA pi^j -||BJB uijpe'neqjojs ia uA „ajnj -X1IAI pooia aujZJBg,, A 9EUJ A uAn JABUAQ—and Q3VMO V HOVI NBOUO » —w CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS COMPANY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE. TREATY, the several stacks of well-harvested HAY, of the growth of 1008 (except where otherwise stated) standing at the under-mentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less, also under- Mentioned, viz.:— Est'd Est'd STATIONS. Wght. STATIONS. Wght. Tons. Tons. Welshpool No. 1 41, Harlech (1908) .8 No. 2 5 £ Talsarnau (1908) 8 Towyn. 61 Aberereli (1907) 5 Harlech (1907) No. 1 5 „ (1908) 81 For further particulars, and to treat, apply tc S. WILLIAMSON, Oswestry, July, 1909. Secretary. NO DOUBT YOU WILL HAVE OBSERVED THAT you can buy FOUNTAIN PENS and STYLOGRAPHS at almost any price. We thoroughly test all Fountain Pens and Stylos before placing them in stock. You can therefore rely upon the quality of those bought at the FOUNTAIN PEN HOS- PITAL, 19, Broad Street, Newtown, HAVE YOU A BAD LEG With wounds that discharge or otherwise, perhaps surrounded with inflammation and swollen, that when you press your finger on the inflamed part it leaves the impres- sion ? If so, under the skin you have poison that defies all the remedies you have tried, which, if not extracted, you never can recover, but go on suffering till death re- leases you. Perhaps your knees are swol- len, the joints being ulcerated; the same with the ankles, round which the skin may be discoloured, or there may be wounds; the disease, if allowed to continue, will deprive you of the power to walk. You may have attended various hospitals and had medical advice, and been told your case is hopeless, or advised to submit to amputa- tion; but do not, for I CAN CURE YOU. DON'T SAY PERHAPS; BUT I WILL. Because others have failed is no reason I should. Send at once a P.O. for 2s. 6d. to L. N. ALBERT, 73. FARRINGDON STREET, LONDON, and you will receive a box of GRASSHOPPER OINTMENT and Pills, which is a sure remedy for the cure of Bad Legs, Housemaid's Knee, Ul- cerated Joints, Carbuncles, Poisoned Hands, Tumours, Abscesses, Sore Throat, Bron. chitis, Bunions, and Ringworm. (Copyright) OF COURSE EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT IF AN Up-to-date WEDDING CARD is wanted, there is one place where you are CERTAIN to obtain it.—A Post-card will en- sure a Specimen Book.—19, Broad Street, Newtown.

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