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Sales by Auction. By Messrs David & W. J. Price, (formerly David Price and Williams). MB. DAVID Price.] [11R W. J. PRIOB. Friday, July 26th.—Sale of Breconshire Farms at Castle Hotel, Brecon. Friday, July 26th.-Sale of Llandefalle Farms, at the Castle Hotel, Brecon. Friday, July 26th.-Sale of Freehold Shop and House in the Borough of Brecon. Monday, July 29th.-Talybont Auction Mart. Tuesday, July 30th.—Brecon Auction Mart. Wednesday, July 31st. Sennybridge Auction Mart. Friday, August 16 th.—Sale of Country Residence, Farms, Accommodation Land, Villa and Cottage Property at Brecon. TALYBONT AUCTION MART. MONDAY NEXT, JULY 29th. M FSSRS. DAVID & W. J. PRICE will ■ conduct the Weekly Mart on the above date. 6, Bulwark, Brecon. BRECONSHIRE. Sale of Attractive and Valuable Freehold Farms. V/lESSRS. DAYID & W. J. PRICE are '*■ favoured with instructions to offer for Sale by Auction, at the CASTLE HOTEL, BRECON, On FRIDAY, the 26th day of JULY, 1918, at 3 p.m. (subject to conditions of sale), as follows LOT 1.—All that very Desirable Freehold Farm, known as PENTWYN,"in the Hamlet of Trawscoed, within easy distance of Brecon and Talgarth, containing by admeasurement 174 a. 0 r. 18 p. or thereabouts of Productive Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, now in the occupation of Mr. Rees Phillips upon an annual tenancy at the rental of £ 135 per annum. LOT 2.—All that Desirable Freehold Farm, T' known an FFOSDDL, in the parish of Llywel, about H miles from Trecastle, con- taining by admeasurement 62 a. 2 r. 29 p. or thereabouts of good Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land. now in the occupation of Mr. bltTid Edwards upon an annual tenancy at the rental of £ 30 per annum. LOT 3.—All those Valuable Freehold Farms known as "BER THEALL Y together with TIRBACH and TYNWERN "'adjoining, situate in the parish of Modrydd, 3 miles from. Brecon, containing by admeasurement 117 a. 2 r. 4 p. or thereabouts of Productive and Feeding Meadow. Pasture and Arable Land, now in the occupation or Mr. William Morgan, upon a yearly tenancy at the rental of 910") per annum. LOT 4.—All that Desirable Freehold Farm known as BLAENGWRTHYD." in the parwhett of Penpont and Glyn, i miles west of Brecon, containing by admeasurement 99 a. 3r. 19 p. or thereabouts of gool Arable, Meadow and Pasture Laud, now in the occupation of Mr. James Alfred Price and Miss Catherine Price (joint tenants) upon all annual tenancy at the rental of JE70 per annum. Appurtenant to each Farm is a Valuable Right of Mountain. For further particulars and plans apply to Messrs. "Gwilym James" Charles and Davies, solicitors. High Street Merthyr Tvdvil, or the Auctioneers. Bulwark. Brecon. BRECONSHIRE. t Sale of Three Capital Freehold Farms. JV/l ESSRS. DAVID V\ J. PRICE have been instructed to Offer tor Sale by Auction, at the CASTLE HOTEL. BRECOX, On FRIDAY, the 26th day of JULY, 1918. at 3 p.m. (subject to conditions of sale to be then produced), as follows :— Lot 1. All that valuable freehold farm, known as 'LOWER TRAWSCOED," situate in the Hamlet of Trawscoed, midway between Brecon and Talgarth and less than a mile from the main road, containing 120a. 2r. 22p. or thereabouts of excellent meadow, pasture and arable land, now in the occupation of Mr Alfred Morgan, as yearly tenant, at the apportioned annual rent of £ 99 9s 8d. 'Lot 2. All that freehold property, known as "TIR-Y-LEASE," situate in the hamlet of Trawscoed, containing 27a. Or. 3f>p., now in the occupation of Mr Alfred Mo r trail, as yearly tenant, at the annual apportioned rent of 926 10s 8d. Lot 3. All that freehold known as "WERNDDYFWG," situate in the hamlet of Trawscoed, north of Lots 1 and 2, containing a total acreage of 200.i. 2:. or ihcrcr-bcuts of very useful meadow, pasture and arable land, with valuable hill rights, now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Williams, as yeaily tenant, at the annual rent as follows Area. Rent. a. r. p. £ s. d Farm 179 3 18 112 10 0 Woodland 20 2 22 6 0 0 estimated Total 200 2 0.. £ 118 10 0 Lots I and 3 are well equipped with good houses and farm buildings. The tithe rent charge on the whole is low. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Jeffreys & Powell. S licitors, Brecon, or to the Auctioneers, Bulwark. Brecon. SWANSEA. Beautiful Sands, Scenery. Amusements and Safe Bathing. Guide and List of Apartments.—Postage 2d. PUBLICITY OFFICE, 4, Prospect Place. Sales by Auction. By Messrs. David & W. J. PPice. TOWN OF BRECON. MESSRS. DAVID & W. J. PRICE have received instructions to Sell by Public Auction, On FRIDAY, the 26th day of JULY, At the CASTLE HOTEL, BRECON, at 3 p.m., the following Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, subject to Conditions to be then produced :— Lot 1—All that SHOP and PREMISES, known as BRIDGE HOUSE, Ship Street, Brecon, now in the occupation of The United Yeast Co. Ltd. as yearly tenants at the very low rental of 920 per annum. The Tenants pay rates and taxes and do all inside repairs. Lot 2.—All that DWELLING HOUSE and PREMISES, known as WELL HOUSE, The Avenue, Brecon, now in the occupation of Mr Kelly, at a weekly rent of 6/ Landlord pays rates and taxes. For further particulars apply to Messrs Jeffreys & Powell. Solicitors, Brecon, or to the Auctioneers, The Bulwark, Brecon. _d By instructions of the Trustees, acting under an order of Court. BRECONSHIRE. Parishes of Maescar, Senny, Glyn and Modrydd. Valuable Freehold Residence I and Agricultural Property- known as the "Maskelyne Estate," situate in the above Parishes, containing an area of 3066 Acres. 0 roods, 7 Perches or thereabouts. jyiESSRS. DAVID AXD W. J. PRICE are instructed to Sell bjr Auction at the CASTLE HOTEL, BRECON, On FRIDAY, the 16th day of AUGUST, 1918, At 2 p.m. in the afternoon, the above Valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, divided as follows, and comprising the RESIDENCE, VILLA, COTTAGES. ACCOMMODATIOX LAND, WOODLAND. FARMS and SHEEPWALKS, known as— LrOT..A. H. P. 1 Glanwysk Residence 8: Grounds 5 21 lA Woodland 0 1 8 2 Milestone Cottage and Garden 0 1 20 3 Pasture Field 3 2 5 4 Castelldu Houses and Land 8 1 3 j 5 Castelldu Cottage (No' l) 0 0 131 6 Castelldu Cottage (No. 2) 0 0 13 7 Castelldu Villa and Garden 0 1 4 8 Pasture Field and Land. for- mcrly Wood 17 3 37 9 Accommodation Field 3:2 9 10 do. do. 3 2 19 11. Pasture Field. Woodland and Plantation 40 2 9 12 Forest Lodge Farm and Fan Frynieh Sheepwalk .1588 3 9 13 Pentrenaboth Lands 72 3 8 14 Gyfartha Lands 57 3 12 15 Gyrn Sheepwalk 650 2 38 16 Gwernllaitai Farm 14.3 3 20 17 Blaenbrynieh Farm .275 2 32 18 Senny Mill and Land 15 0 32 19 Plasyfan Farm or Mynyddbach 70 3 8 20 Landcalledl\Ivnvddbach'Coeclea 35 0 37 21 Mynyddbach Woodland and Plantation 46 3 15 2? Piece of Land known as Cae Gorslwyd 17 2 20 23 Piece of Land part of Frvnich 6 3 9 I The right is reserved to offer the property as set out above or in lots as determined prior tq or at the time of Sale. Further particulars may be obtained upon application to Messrs. Frere, Cholmeley and Co., Solicitors, Lincoln slnn Fields. London H. Phillips, Esq., Estate Agent, Castelldu I Villa, Sennybridge or to the Auctioneers, 6, Bulwark, Brecon. By Mr. T. J. Phillips Monday. July 29th.—Hay Auction Mart. Tuesday. July 30th.—Brecon Cattle Market. Monday, August 5th.—Talybont Mart. Tuesday, August 6th.—Brecon Cattle Market. Sale of harness, traps, etc. Oct.—Annual Foal Show and Sale at Brecon. i HAY AUCTION MART. I MONDAY, JULY 29th, 1918. Weighing at Blue Boar Yard from 8 to 11 a.m. I Three at a time. Grading at 9-30. j Entries respectfully solicited. T. J. PHILLIPS, Ship Street, Brecon. Auctioneer. ■■■■■■MMiaflnHHRaHmaaBnBBi GWILLIM'S j MAGGOT LOTION. I FOR MAGGOTS IN SHEEP. I Kills instantly. Does not injure the | wool and the Fly will not attack after | its use. In handy tins, l/9, 3/ 4/6, 7/6. ONLY OF Walter Gwillim, M.P.S-, Agricultural Chemist, BRECON. j SECOND-HAND FURNITURE. WANTED to buy privately, for cash, any quantity of SECOND- HAND FURNITURE. Best prices given. FOR SALE. various lots. We are always adding to our stock. Don't miss ""just what you wanted." Inspection invited at THE ARCADE, BRECON MARKET. BOWN CON 33, HIGH STREET, BRECON. Sales by A action. By Messrs Millor A Powell. July 26th.—Sale of Dwelling Houses and Accommodation Land at Brecon. July.Sale of Freehold Farms at Builth Wells. BOROUGH OF BRECON. ESSRS. MILLER, POWELL & CO. will Sell by Auction, at the CASTLE HOTEL. BRECON, I On FRIDAY, the" 26th day of JULY, 1918, At 3-15 p.m., subject to Conditions, the following I Freehold Cottages and Market Garden. -Lot l.—All those Freehold Messuages and Garden, situate in ORCHARD STREET, LLANFAES, and numbered 44 and 46, now in the occupation of Thomas Williams and Mrs James, at the annual rejital of £ 13 and £ 7 5s. Also all that FREEHOLD PIECE OF LAND (now used as a Market Garden), situate at the back of the above premises, with the Outbuildings belonging thereto, now in the occupation of Mr R. W. Phillips at the annual rent of £ 5. Lot 2.—All that FREEHOLD PIECE OF LAXD, the siis of a Dwelling House, adjoining Lot 1, with the garden and premises thejpto belonging, now vacant. For particulars apply to the Auctioneers, or to Messrs. Jeffreys K- Powell. Solicitors, Brecon. UOROUGH OF BRECON. Sale of Freehold Dwelling Houses, [yjESSKS. MILLER, PO WELL 0c CO. have received instructions to offer for Sale bv Publie Auction, at the CASTLE HOTEL, BRECON, On FRIDAY, the 26th JULY, at 3-15 p.m., All those Three Freehold Dwelling Houses, being Nos. 33,34 & 35, ORCHARD STREET, LLAX- FAES, BRECON, in the respective occupations of Messrs. R. W. Musk, W. Parry, and T, Griffiths as monthly tenants. For further particulars apply to the' Auctioneers, Castle Street, Brecon, or to Messrs Jeffreys & Powell, Solicitors, Brecon. ——<——————<———.—— July 29th.—Hay Auction Mart. July 3()rh.—Talgarth Auction Mart. August 5th.-Hay Auction Mart. August arth Auction Mart. August 13th.—Talgarth Auction Mart. August HHh.-Hay Auction Mart. September 5th.—Talgarth Annual Special Ewe Sale; September 12th.-Hay Annual Special Ewe Sale. September 23rd.—Sale of Penybank Farm at Lion Hotel, Builth. Oct. 9th.—Sale of F liming Stock at Pentwyn, Brilley. October 14th.—A lua Foal Show and Sale. Hay Auction Mart. On MONDAY, JULY 29th, 1918, for Fat and Store Stock. Grading at 9 o'clock. Francis Geo. Price, Auctioneer, Talgarth. Talgarth and District Farmers' j Uuiuu Auction Mart. On TUESDAY, JULY 30th, 1918, for Fat Stock only. Grading at 8 o'clock promt. j Francis Geo. Price, Auctioneer, Talgarth. i Talgarth Ewe and Ram Sale. ] On THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 5th, 1918. I Early Entries Solicited. Francis Geo. Price, Auctioneer, Talgarth. .c.. Breconshire Lighting Times. Light up. Subdue. j P.M. P.M. July 25 9.45 11.15 „ 26 9'44 11.14 ,7 9.42 11.12 28 9.41 11.11 „ 29 9.39 11. 9 I „ 30 9'38 11. 8 „ 31 9.36 11. 6 Aug. 1 9.33 11. 3 j I Public Notices. Brecknock Rural Food Control I JCommittee. otiSAit FOR FRESERVinG. H OLDERS of Permits for Preserving Sugar who now find that owing to the failure of the Fruit Crops they will not need the ^ucUitity of Sugar allotted to them for the special purpose named are requested to return their Permits to this Office for cancellation or revision as the case may be, and thus enable the Committee to re-allot such sugar. To use for any other purpose sugar acquired for Pre- serving is an offence under the Defence of the Realm Regulations. B. L. PRITCHARD, Executive Officer. Food Control Office, Brecknock Rural, 21, Castle St.. Brecon, 24th July, 1918. BRECONSHIRE WAR AGRICULTURAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Harvest Binders. .FARMERS requiring Men and Binders for ■ reaping purposes should immediately apply to the District Executive Officer for the district in which they reside, from whom terms can be obtained. Brecon and Talybont Districts—Mr. Llewelyn Williams, 14, The Watton. Brecon. Builth and Llanwrtyd Districts—Mr. Daniel Jones, Penrhiwmoch, -Garth, S.O. Sennybridge, Ystradgynlais, Hirwain and Yaynor Districts—Mr. Ivor Price, Abercray, Sennvbridge. Talgarth, Hay and Crickhowell Districts— Mr. David Powell, Enig Villa, Talgarth. Oreoonshire War Agricultural I Executive Commit tee. PRISONER OF WAR LABOUR. FARMERS desiring to employ Prisoners of War as whole-time workers, boarding and 1 lodging them on the farm, should send their applications to the Breconshire War Agri- cultural Executive Committee, The Elms, Struet, Brecon. The current local rate of wages will be charged in respect of prisoners so engaged, subject to a deduction of 15/- per week for board and lodging. BRECON GAS COMPANY. ;\1 OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the ORDINARY MEETING of the Shareholders of the. Company will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 7th day of AUGUST next, at 12 o'clock noon, in the BOARD ROOM, LION CHAMBERS, LION STREET, in the Town- of Brecon, to receive the Directors' Report and Statement- of Accounts, and other Business. Vr.Wo is hereby further given fiT 'IVrMiciW Books of the Company will be closed for Fourteen Days prior to the above Meeting. By order, W. A. WRIGHT, July 17th. 1918. Secretary.




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